Dafuq, did he call me?

By: Austin Ramsey

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 17th Sep 2021

Friday, September 17, 2021
7:00 p.m.
Hearst Tower
Manhattan, NY


“Dafuq, did he call me?”


”Two hours into this fucking lockdown, and Iím bored to the core. Toddy is over there playing Suzie fucking house maker, and Iím over here trying not to go insane..er. Is insaner a word? It is now because Austin “MFíin” Ramsey said it was. This week has been shit. I almost went to jail because I wanted to fight Kyle Higgins, the little shit, he called me Todrickís husband at that food and clothing drive. That was SO disrespectful, little fucking turd burglar. He knew my fucking name because it was on my goddamn shirt.”

Austin turns bright red and takes a sip of his Jack and Coke. He stews and wants to knock something off the table, but he controls himself because he doesnít want to clean it up, and if he and Todrick got into an argument, there was no escape because they were on lockdown in the tower.

”I get that rules are rules, but I have a house in Manhattan. Why do I have to stay here? We arenít even in the Manhattan Suite like we are supposed to be. Toddy didnít want to bother Joe Montuori because he knew his mind was on Mia, and he has been spending a lot of time at the hospital. Toddy said we wouldnít die staying in our current room until Joe had room to breathe. He fucking earned it, and Joe throws money at everything else, so why not this?”

Toddy sees Austin brooding and walks over and wraps his arms around him, and kisses him on the cheek.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: Honey, youíre brooding, and I thought you said that tonight #NiceAustin was keeping the driverís seat in your head.

Austin playfully grabs Todrickís arms and pulls him over the couch, and Todrick hangs on, and the two fall on the floor. They laugh and stay on the floor next to one another and stare at the ceiling.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: AustinÖ

Austin Ramsey: Yeah, Babe.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: A couple of things. Now please hear me out and donít get upset. First, I know you are going stir crazy right now, and I appreciate you being a trooper about this. We honestly had no choice if we didnít want to get fined and/or suspended. I also appreciate you being respectful of my decision not to bother JMont about the Manhattan Suite move. He really has a lot going on with Mia being in the hospital, and we are okay to wait. We have everything we need right here anyway.

Austin Ramsey: I get that, but you earned it. I donít want people to start thinking you are a weak champion that can be pushed over. The suite is yours, and you should have it. Heíd hire guys for something he wanted.

Todrick rolls over and looks into Austinís eyes, and gently plays with his beard.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: Babe, is this about the Todrickís husband stuff?

Austin Ramsey: Perhaps, we havenít really come to terms with that. The #Austins tried to have a meeting about it, but emotions were too high, and it didnít work. There was only one person that was okay with it, that jerk #ThePhoenix but everyone yelled at him, and he cried but was silent.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: Babe, why are all the #Austins so mean to him?

Austin Ramsey: Because he is so annoying. His only job is to come out in the wrestling ring, and he is always so happy and cheerful. Everyone up here hates him, and no one wants to be upbeat about this Todrickís husband thing. Letís be honest, I know that I got what I deserved by not competing in the last few shows. I made my bed, and I had to lie in it. But I still have a lot to offer. My star is falling, and before you know it, Iíll be competing with MDM for the Queenís Championship. If Iím not already at that point. Fucking kids are calling me Todrickís husband.

Donít get me wrong, you know I love you, and Iím not remotely jealous of your success or intimidated by it, but with one sentence, I became Bobby Brown, and you are the Whitney Houston of the relationship. I want us to be Jay-Z and Beyonceí, each of us mega superstars in our own right. Iím not kidding, I wouldnít be surprised if I saw my name in a match with MDM soon. Iím not happy with what Iím doing at Fight. Iíve been getting beat up at every turn, and then I retaliate, but Iím ready to be the one to incapacitate bitches.

Everyone is dividing up, thatís clear, but Iím not going to be looked at as my team’s weakest link. I canít be that Toddy. I let Dickless Dane get the drop on me last week, and he dropped me on my head on the concrete. That should not have happened. I wasnít going to let our boys in Dynasty get jumped, but I also failed you at the same time. I shouldíve been there for you, but we are gonna have to choose a side soon. I see the writing on the wall. We are friends with the guys in Dynasty. You got other things to worry about, but I need to be that provider for my family and stand in the gaps with Dynasty.

This is gonna get nastier before it gets better. You already got a massive target on your back, so let me be there for you now. Promise me that to the best of your ability; youíll stay out of the Faction War that is brewing. Not because you canít handle business because you proved that, but I need this, Toddy. I need to feel needed and wanted in that ring again. I need to get people to look out for the Ramseyís the same way you are looking out for Joe. The same way you look out for Paul and Ricky. You have a good heart, but if bullshit happens in your matches, we need the support. This time, itís not us against the world, my love.

Todrick searched his eyes and could see the truth, love, and genuine concern there. He needed this, and suddenly he understood that Austin was feeling emasculated. It all clicked now.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: Austin, you know you are my perfect man, right? Nothing will ever change that. You are the greatest champion, the one who has my heart, and that is the greatest championship around.

Austin Ramsey: I know that, but my name is all I have. Plenty of people have worked hard to tear me down all my life. Look at Twitter, look at the outright lies that are spewed about me by Amonte, AíLeah, and Keon on the Life NY. Drugs destroyed my life, but every time you turn around, they are trying to tell the world that Iím a meth head. Itís shit like that…my nameís all I got, Toddy. I canít lose that. I canít lose my identity. Itís what shattered the inside of my head, and the #Austins all have a purpose. Iím afraid to think about what would happen if I lost what little bit I got.

Austin sighs and scoots closer to Todrick. Todrick instinctively changes the subject before Austin goes to a dark place.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: Babe, is there a moment in your heart that you treasure more than anything else?

Austin grunts, and his mind begins to wander.

Austin Ramsey: Iím assuming you mean outside of giving you my last name. Yeah, I suppose so. I think by now, most people know about my shitty childhood and what my parents did to me, but that meant I didnít go to school. You canít go to school when you are being sold for sex so they could get high. No one expected me to get any type of education, and I was another statistic that would follow in his druggie parents footsteps. But I met a friend, and I called him Mouse cause he never really spoke up much and was really timid. Mouse worked at the library and taught me how to read and write. I protected him on the streets, and he taught me stuff he learned in school.

I stole food for us, and we would eat and study. I had to hide it from my parents, of course, but I was going to be better than them. Mouse graduated, and I was happy for him, but I wanted that. One day he walked up to me with a grin on his face, and then he handed me the money that I would need to get my GED. I was so nervous that I missed the first two appointments because I didnít believe in myself. He kept checking out GED prep books and kept believing in me. I took the test finally and passed with flying colors on my first try. I always perform well when someone believes in me. My life has been such a disappointment that I need that.

You have always believed in me, even when I was a complete asshole. Thatís why you got to actually meet the real Austin. The other #Austins were against it, but I knew you would take care of me and never hurt me. You are definitely something I got right, and Iím proud of. Iím okay, Toddy. You donít have to worry about me. Iím here in this Tower with you, and I got all I need.

Austin rolls over and kisses Todrickís forehead, and the two just lie there quietly.