By: Dane Preston

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 18th Feb 2022


It was a solid plan.

Force everyone into a tighter, more confined space.

A spark here, a spark there, flames roaring everywhere.

Pick off anybody who got in my way.

It was a solid plan…

And then of course SHE showed up.

Until it wasn’t.

So many things were left unsaid.

So many more hurtful things said instead.

I wanted to tell her how much we missed her.

But HE had other plans…

Oh, you mean when we did our fuckin’ JOB?

I didn’t even have a chance to speak…

HE just acted…

And just like that we were moving on…

So much for the Happiest Place on Earth…

Yeah, uh, that one’s on us, our bad.

I’m beginning to think letting HIM drive was a bad idea

But if nothing else, at least HE’s efficient.

I had no clue how many people were left.

Until I stumbled across them.

SEB, Warstein and Raven.

We were the Final Four.

And we owed Warstein for the Christmas party.

Damn right we did.

After Countdown, we needed this win.

No, I needed this win…

And in a moment of weakness…

I took control and ranted like I was a supervillain…

In the middle of a fucking war.

And then it was GAME OVER, MAN.

Okay, that one, that one’s not on us.  Your bad.  Not ours.

Getting back to the hotel, I realized that I smelled like I’d been standing in the middle of a smokestack.  Hell, after what I had just done, I might as well have.  I was steadily coming down from the adrenaline high, and I noticed how badly my eyes, nose and throat hurt.  Then I saw Allison with her head in the bathroom sink, being cleaned up by Bella.  Her eyes were red and puffy, swollen shut, and there was glitter all over her face.  I noticed some bite marks as well, I decided to hold off and ask about those later.

“Hey babes, how’d we fare?” I thought it best not to bring up what happened to Allie’s eyes right off the bat. “That goddamned MEATBOL threw glitter in my eyes and I can’t fucking see!” Okay, so she decided to rip the bandaid off on her own.  “Let’s get her cleaned up and we’ll take her to the ER, see if they can’t help us flush her eyes out.” Bella nodded in agreement, “You owe me $500 babe, I told you he’d want to take you to the hospital for this.” Right when Allie was about to protest, I turned the faucet on and all we heard was garbled gibberish.  Bella smacked me in the arm.

And you call me the fucking Monster.

“Shut it, Fix.  FUCK, now I’m doing it!”  Bella looked at me inquisitively, “What’d he say?” I shrugged it off, “implied I was a Monster for turning the water on.” Bella let out a little chuckle.  “I thought it was funny.” Then we hear Allison, “fuck you both!  Can we just get to the hospital and get this over with?  I’d like to know if I’m ever going to be able to see again.” And off we went.

After checking Allie in with the intake nurse, we were swarmed by a handful of FIGHT! fans, who were there for a family member.  Apparently the intake nurse took pity on us, because we were escorted to a private exam room by security personnel.  Once we were settled into the exam room, Allie curled up and laid down on the bed.  Bella and I walked over to a loveseat across from the bed.

A few minutes had gone by when Bella nudged me, “so how are you going to surprise us for Valentine’s Day?” I looked at her with a crooked brow, “You’re just going to have to wait and see.” A low growl came from Allie’s direction.  I immediately winced, “sorry babe, bad choice of words.” Without so much as a look, her hand shot up, middle finger extended, and all we could do was laugh and empathize.

A half an hour had gone by when the ER doctor came in and checked out Allie’s eyes.  “Thanks for your patience, I’m Dr. Lim.  So, I understand a cloud of glitter went in your face,” glancing down at the intake form, “Allison, is it?” All she could do is nod, it was late and we were all exhausted.  Dr. Lim looked over at us, “Glitter bomb gone wrong?” I shook my head, “Co-worker thought it’d be funny to throw a handful of glitter in her eyes after she kicked his ass.”

Dr. Lim’s eyes went wide and glanced between Bella and me, Bella just kinda shrugged, “Not the most unusual thing to happen in their line of work, I assure you.” With an uncomfortable nod, the doctor turns his attention back to Allison.  “Okay, I’m going to need to take a look at your eyes, judging by the swelling, I imagine this is going to be painful.”  Looking over his shoulder at us, the doctor nodded his head towards Allison.  Message received, Bella and I took a seat next to Allie on either side and each of us held one of her hands.

“OW! Ow ow, fuck that hurts!!” The doctor spread each eye open, one at a time and practically blinded her with his light.  “Okay, you can relax now Mrs. Preston.” I almost missed it, but at the mention of my name, Bella slowly took her hand back and lowered her gaze to the floor.  “So, I’ll need a few moments to set up, but we have an eyewash kit to flush the residual glitter from her eyes.” Allie sat quietly, squeezing my hand until the doctor was ready.

“Okay, if you two would be kind enough, please help Mrs. Preston to the sink.” The flushing process was quick and easy.  Dr. Lim gave us some eye drops to help with the pain and sent us on our merry way. “I swear to God, I’m going to kick Joe’s ass the next time I see him,” Allison snarls as she stomps her way out of the hospital. “Glad you can see at all, love.  I might have to punch Joe in the mouth for you on principle.” Bella chuckled.  “I just want to get back to the suite and go to bed, this has been a long day for all of us.” I nodded in agreement and we climbed into the limousine to head back to our home for the next few days.


Back home in Manhattan, I’m dressed and ready to take my loves out to a lovely pre-Valentine’s Day dinner and some of the nightlife across the water in New Jersey.   I’ve been ready for half an hour, a simple black suit with a red dress shirt.  Now, I love my ladies, but if there is one thing that chaps my ass, it’s that they take so damn long to get ready.  I sometimes think they do it on purpose just to rile me up for our bedroom activities. “Can you two please hurry up?!?  We’re going to be late for dinner!”

“Like Aunt Voo is going to give our table away!” Allison shouts, followed by the well timed, methodic high heeled footsteps making their way down the stairs.  My jaw damn near dropped when I saw both my girls in matching sequined red dresses.  Revealing in all the right areas, but enough to force your imagination to work overtime.  I take each of their hands and raise them up high.  “Let me get a good look at the two of you.” Spinning around nice and slow, I take in everything I can, and my heart is racing to the point I’m ready to cancel the night’s activities and stay in.  

Bella smiles, “Down boy.  You look like you’re ready to peel these dresses off of us.” I nod my head and shrug at the same time. “The thought definitely crossed my mind.” The gals threw on their black fur coats as I slipped into my overcoat before taking their arms. “Don’t worry, there will be plenty of time for both of you to enjoy the night…” I cocked my head as I glared at Allison. “Why did you have to go and ruin the moment?” In my head I hear Fix laughing his ass off.

Because you’re not the only one getting some tonight, bitch!

The ambiance in the Velvet Rabbit and all her sister venues within the building are amazing.  Each area has its own vibe and color palette that change your mood to fit your surroundings.  Dinner at the Empire Room was nothing short of amazing, the girls enjoyed some red wine dinner which included Prime Rib and lobster tail followed by Wagyu filet and raspberry cheesecake that is to die for.  I stuck with a Coke, because I’ll be driving us to our next venue after our chartered chopper drops us off in Jersey.

A twenty minute cab ride later we arrived at HeliNY, before we were whisked away to the other side of the Hudson River.   We land at our own private airstrip which also acts as a storage facility for our cars and bikes.  The Demonhunter (custom built, pro-touring 87 Monte Carlo SS) was gassed up and warming up for us when we hopped out of the chopper.  I had to stop for a minute and rub at my temples, I almost doubled over.  “Fix, is that you?”  Allison asked.  We nodded yes.  “We’d like to come out and play.  This is one of our shared pleasures.”  And just like that Dane took a back seat to us.  “Who’s ready to have some fun?”

We opened the door for the girls and then climbed into the driver’s seat.  With a rap on the gas, we looked over our shoulder to see our beautiful babes, “Buckle up nice and tight, we’ve been waiting to blow off some steam.” Without another word we punched the pedal to the floor, tires got squirrely as they broke loose and burned out before we shot down the airstrip like a rocket.  

Ripping through parts of New Jersey we’d seen while hauling supplies to the new shop, we knew where the boys in blue liked to hide.  We had about a half hour before we’d get to our next entertainment venue for the evening.  “So, we’ve got ourselves a match together tomorrow night.  We look at it like this, we’re getting paid to have a good time.  You still bitter about it, Bellz?”

“I was at first, but you’re right, we will make a good time out of it.  Just know that as much as I love the two of you, I’m kicking both your asses.”  Allison scoffs, causing Bella to be taken aback.  “Good luck with that babe.  You’re tough, but I’ve been training my whole life.”  We couldn’t help but chuckle as we hit the throttle some more. “Oh, you have something you’d like to share, Fix?”  We take our eyes off the road and blow her a kiss before turning our attention back to the road laid in front of us.  “You’re both bad bitches and we cannot wait to get our hands on every…supple…inch of you both, before we throw you around the ring just like we do in the bedroom.”

They both crack up laughing, “What’s so funny?  What did we say that made you laugh?  Do you think we can’t beat you?” Staring Allison in the face, “we already beat you and Lauren when we were teamed with your boyfriend the Meatbol.”  Then I called over my shoulder, “and the only reason we didn’t break your ex-boyfriend’s neck on that beach is because we were impressed by how well you handed him his ass.  That doesn’t mean you can beat us.”  

“But don’t think for one moment that we’re not looking to come out on top of you both.  This is the Way.”  We chuckled to ourselves when Allison interrupted, “did you just talk shit to the two of us and quote the Mandalorian while doing so?”  I pointed straight ahead.  “We have arrived at our next stop.” Once we parked, Allison took our face and turned it so she could look us in the eyes, squeezing our cheeks into our teeth, “Oh, we’re not even close to done with this little chat.

We’re beginning to think more drinks and ax-throwing might not have been the best idea, especially not where our health and safety is concerned.  We may have irked the babes unintentionally.  Perhaps some of the sweet nothings that Dane is so well versed in will do the trick? “Now, remember babes, we love you both.  More than life itself.  You are our sun and moon, our Sugar and Spice…”

“Oh no you don’t.  You think you can sweettalk your way out of this.  I don’t think so!  It’s time for us to see who’s got the better aim.” Bella says as she points her ax at me.  “Of course we can, we love you.  We just know our strengths and skills.  And we have a habit of dominating in bed.”  Over our shoulder we hear a couple of drunks make comments about us being a pretty boy and how we must be Allie and Bella’s gay BFF.

Don’t do it dude.  We’ve gotta be on a plane in the morning.

Fine, we will sit on our hands until it’s our turn to throw.  The next ten minutes go by without a hitch, the girls have been running their mouths as we took our turns throwing axes.  Like we said, we kicked their asses, and they weren’t very happy about it.  “Be right back, we gotta take care of a plumbing issue.” Taking leave to relieve ourself, we were not expecting to come back to see the babes being harassed by the drunks from earlier.

“Yo, asshats.  Leave our babes alone before you get hurt.”  The guys turned their attention to us when three more guys stood up and made their way over to us.  “What did you just say, pretty boy? the Alpha of the group spat, drunkenly.  “We said to leave our babes alone.  Before you get hurt.  Did we stutter?”  We looked at Allison and Bella, “We didn’t stutter did we?”  Both of them smiled and shook their heads.  “Run along boys, we’re having a really nice night with our ladies.  Be a shame if we had to ruin it because of your stupidity.”

That was all it took for Alpha bro to take a swing at us, which we ducked with ease.  Two of his buddies grabbed us from behind, next thing we see is Allison and Bella throwing hands with the other two, laying them out pretty quick.  Then they came and took on the two guys that were coming at us, leaving Alpha bro all alone to hisself.  “Need your bitches to fight for ya, eh sissy boy?” We smirked at him, “Thank you.”  The look on his face was priceless when he swung wildly at us once more.  This time we dodged and he punched one of his buddies in the face, when elbowed his elbowed his other buddy in the mouth and unloaded a right cross, laying Alpha bro out cold before he slammed into the bar and crumbled to the floor.

We turned our attention back to the babes to see them fighting off the other guys.  Two at a time for each of them.  We’d better do something about it.  “Yo barkeep, give us another beer would ya?  We’re gonna enjoy the show.” One of the dudes fell into us after Bella roundhouse kicked him in the face, so we shoved him back into the fight.  “You’re really going to sit there and drink while we fight?”  We shrugged at Bella, “we handled ours already.”  Then we went about enjoying our beer.  Two of the guys we dropped were crawling over to help their buddies with the girls.

Even with four on two, the fight couldn’t have been more one sided, Bella grew up in a Mafia family, with brothers and goombas all her life.  She learned how to fight early on.  Allison grew up in a wrestling family, her uncle had been abducted by Mafia goons, her mentor and stepmother abducted by an old family friend.  We know the story well, but we also know how damned talented our wife is.  So we sat back and watched, intervening only if we had to.

Almost like watchin’ a movie, the girls were grabbed from behind, arms pinned at their sides, as the other two goofs started making their way over.  That was our sign to intervene, and the goofs didn’t even see us coming.  So we low blowed ‘em both and then knocked their cavemen like skulls together hard enough that they went down in a pile.  Gesturing at the two dudes on the ground, we rolled our hand to the girls to hurry up and finish.

Both girls broke out of their assailant’s grips, and lit them both up like the sky on the 4th of July.  A superkick from Allie and another roundhouse kick from Bellz and the dudes went to Neverland.  Walking over to us, the girls had evil in their eyes.  We turned to the barkeep and asked for two more beers, which he was more than happy to oblige.  Turning around, we handed the beers to our babes, ample breasts heaving, faces red from their hardfought battle.  “Come on loves, that deserves a round of drinks, don’tcha think?”

Taking their beers, we pounded them back.  Right when we were about to ask for another round, the Alpha bro was back on his feet.  We rolled our eyes and smashed our glass over their head, sending them back to the floor, right when New Jersey’s finest walked in the doors.  An hour later we’re riding the pine in a cell all to ourselves, “That was not the best decision we’ve ever made.  But we’re damn glad to be in a cage with two fine specimens such as yourselves.  If it’s all the same, we’re gonna take a nap and let Dane back out.”

I shook my head, and looked at both Allie and Bella, sitting with their arms folded over their chests.  I put my arms around them both.  “Hey it could be worse, we could be stuck in jail with JMont.”  That drew a nice chuckle from all three of us.  “Why didn’t you step in sooner?” Bella asked.  “You didn’t need me to.  And besides, I know you both well enough to know when you’re out of your element.  That wasn’t one of those times.  Just keep in mind, I have fresh fight footage in my head.  I’ve got your numbers now.  Just you watch.”  I pulled them close and kissed the top of their heads.  “I had better be getting paid for this shit…” Bella groaned.

A thought crossed my mind, “did either of you call Damon?”