Dear Diary #5 – Date of a Lifetime *INSERT HEART EMOJI BUT RICHIE A HATER*

By: Paul Montuori

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 28th Jul 2021

Dear Diary.. What a crazy couple of weeks..

Letís start with Venom #1..

What the fuck? What the actual fuck? Venom #1 was supposed to be my night. The night I claimed the top spot. The night I redeemed myself from BLOOD MONEY The night I faced off against Vincent Black in a match for the ages. The biggest match since Stephen Stratford defended his title on the very last OPW show. Wow, what a match, huh? But that was Stratís moment. My moment to prove I belonged at the top was supposed to be at Venom #1. The world was watching, or however many have access to FITETV. Awaiting what should have broken the Internet. Vincent Black against Paul Montuori! But no, here comes the fucking Cure, again. Sticking their nose in my beeswax. Fucking my shit up. All in a horribly lame attempt to get noticed. To get attention. Well it worked. I made sure they knew they got my attention..

But it doesnít matter. As disappointing as BLOOD MONEY and Venom #1 were, I have something to look forward to. Something better on the horizon. Beating people to prove my worth isnít important anymore. Not after Venom #1. Not after I cashed in some of my BLOOD MONEY and became the new #1 Contender for the Empire Championship. Not now that I have Dickie Watson shook. Dickie Watson, enjoy holding that belt.. Fuck a bid. Fuck an auction. Fuck whatever they were trying to do. I put it all on the line. Betting on myself. Putting all the chips in. Making it so no one could even attempt at taking my title shot away from me. My chance of redemption. My moment to shine as bright as the ring Joe gave Allie.. Weíre like diamonds in the sky..

Venom #2, what a fucking show for the ages. It definitely kept the momentum going for FIGHT!. A show that definitely didnít disappoint, except if you were Dollface. Poor Dollface, Iím so confused. But not as confused as she was when I took off that mask.. I hope I used the right pronoun.. How easily people are fooled. A simple mask and a bun and no oneís the wiser. At least not Dollface. But boy did that piss Brandon off. I wonder if heís more pissed that I stole one of his masks. Or that people actually thought I was him. Or if he still thinks I banged Michelle and knocked her up. Michelle says we never waxed. I donít know..

Oh, how could I ever forget Vincenzo Black coming to my rescue. Preventing Dollface was hitting me from the back. Wait, thatís not.. Vincenzo, a Black Knight in Shining Armor. Such a handsome devil. Came back to repay the debt of when I laid out Dollface for putting her hands on him. Wait, does that mean I owe Vincenzo Black now? I hate being indebted to people, but to him I might enjoy it. That sounded sexual. Do I care if it did? I donít think anyone could resist Vincenzo. Not me, not Vhodka. Not Voo. Oop..

And who could forget my brother and I embarrassing Dickie Watson and Dane Preston in their match? But bruh.. Who could forget Dickie Watson dropping an L to Dane? Dane Preston, of all people. And Dickie is supposed to be THE MAN around here. Nah, title shit canít come soon enough. FIGHT! needs a real Champ. A real leader. Not some punk dropping matches to fuck boys. Thank gawd it was a non-title match. While itíd be fun to crush Daneís short ass title reign, redemption against Dickie would be oí so sweeter..

But donít let me get ahead of myself. Letís look to Venom #3. The next stop on my way to Dickie Waston and taking that Empire belt from him.. MDM. Member of fYa.. Murphy, Murphy, Murphy. I donít know his entire name. Iím sure MDM stands for something right? Something Irish tho. Surprised he didnít change his name to Wolf, or itíd be Fagan now. For sure thought that maneater of a woman Sarah wouldíve broken him into submission by now. She probably fucks like a Champ..

How is he going to let Dane drag him into this mess? Dragged into something that has zero to do with him. I mean, zero to do with me as well. But at least Joeís my brother. And Allie is going to be my sister-in-law. So really I have no choice. But Muprh, Murph on the other hand, has a choice. Wait, heís Daneís BFF for life right? So I guess he has no choice? He has to stick up for Dane. Thereís billions of people on this planet and he chose Dane as his boy? Scotland must be full of lame fucks. Ireland? The UK? One of those countries hates it when you group them in with the UK. Iíve seen Braveheart a few times, I should know this..


But alas, here I am. The battle against Dane and fYa and Murphy and.. Is there anyone else in the group? Wait, wasnít Jason Riggs supposed to join? But I think the Clique ran him out of the business.. The drama surrounding Joe stealing Daneís wife Allie continues. Dragging everyone in its path. First it was Bella who was crushed that Joe only had true eyes for Allie. Their little poly-whatever-relationship was looking like it was coming to an end. Then there was Allieís Dad, Damon Riggs. But that was bound to happen, Dameís a nosy fuck. Heís got nothing better to do in retirement. Why heís back commentating.. Then it was Murphy. Having to don the mask and join Dane at OPWís last show. That happened at the last show right?


Itís a terrible shame that Murphyís getting dragged into this. Wait, Murphy is married to Sarah Wo.. Fagan. Brother of X and Vincenzo. Could Joe and Allieís relationship cause a ripple effect that leads to the destruction of three families? Riggs, Fagans, Montuoris.. Holy Family Warfare..


Iím being dramatic. Like Dane. Poor Murphy must have to listen to Dane cry about losing his wife all the time. Always there to lend his ear. Help Dane through this terrible divorce. Losing his wife and kids to Joe. Such a shame. But he shouldíve been a better husband. Like Murphy. Dane should have been looking at Murphy as an example on how to act right. You know what, Iím starting to think Murphís not a bad guy. Putting up with all of Daneís nonsense. Always being there for him. Coming out to help fight his fights. Which is why Iím going to let the fact that he put his hands on me slide. Iím trying to become a better man. Evolve. Change. I donít think that means the same thing..


You get what I mean. If youíve gotten this far into the diary entries, Iíd hope youíd get me by now. If not, if youíre new. Iím a reformed as.. Rerforming asshole. See I used to be this big dick. Kept to myself. Avoided people. Trusting few in my career. That lack of trust, that avoidance of having the people that I trusted in my lives.. That led to my banishment from professional wrestling. And then from Hollywood. And every other place. Which is how I ended up wearing a lucha mask and fucking on film. Hey, I donít have any complaints. It helped keep my lifestyle up, kept me working. Kept me being able to bang without investing any feelings..


But that led me nowhere. For over a decade that lack of trust in people ultimately led me to live a life alone. Fuck that. Being alone is boring. You can only jerk off and watch TV so many times before it gets old. I had all this success from the adult film industry with no one to show it. Not anyone I really cared about.


But thatís no life..


Hearing a commotion, I stand up from my chair and walk out of my office. People are piling in and out, carrying various objects. I grab one of them by the arm.


”Whatís going on here?” I ask.


”Weíre setting up,” the worker replies.


”Setting up? For what?”


”Iím not sure. Iím just a hired hand,”


the worker says before walking off. Somebody has to know whatís going on. I got to find Alessandra. Or Madison. Yeah, Madison should know. Sheís nosey as fuck like Machelle and Michelle.. The Two Mich.. Nah.. The M&Mís. Thatís wack..


Walking into the kitchen I see a few people dressed in chef outfits are busy in the kitchen. I go up the stairs, taking them two at a time. What the fuck is going on? I push open the door to the roof to see more workers. Some are stringing up lights as others are setting up bouquets of flowers. I spot Madison and Joe talking to someone. I walk over.


”Joe, what the fuck?” I ask as Joe turns around.


”Little bro. Glad you made it. One more second though,” he says and turns back around.


“No one gets paid until this place looks perfect. My brother has a hot date tonight, gotta make sure he gets laid.”


”Ew gross. Iím standing right here,”


Madison says.


”Sorry,” Joe says as he turns back around to me. ”So, what do you think?”


“Whatís all this?”


”This, little bro, is going to be the greatest date youíve ever been on. You’re a MONTUORI You deserve the best, always as well,” Joe says with a huge grin on his face.


”Date? Iím taking her out to dinner at a fancy restaurant.”


”Not anymore. Your date is going to be here tonight. Everything should be done with time to spare. We have Madison here as the hostess, TK as the waiter and would you guess who the Head Chef is? Fucking Pierre. Who knew he was a Michelin Star Chef.”




“Yeah, studied in Paris at some point. The guy is amazing. His cooking is going to blow Alexis away. And hopefully sheíll blow something away. The return of the MONTY PYTHON.


”Ew,” Madison says. Sheíll learn quickly Uncle Joe has zero filter.


”Alright well let me call Alexis and tell her the change of plans.”


“No need. I already took care of it. Let her people know thereíd be a car sent to pick her up. A Rolls Royce Limo to be exact.”


”You didnít have to do that.”


”The fuck I did. I owe you for sticking with me after Focus broke up. This is the least I can do,” he says as he pats me on the back. ”Letís get a drink. Itís YOUR TIME TO SHINE.”


I follow him back downstairs and to my office, leaving Madison in charge. Boy was she a bossy boots.. I sit behind the desk as Joe walks over to the wet bar, making us drinks.


”Tonightís the big night. You ready?” Joe finally asks as he hands me a drink and sits down across from me.


”Not at all. I donít think Iíve ever been on a real date before. Itís always just been, hooking up at a party or at a bar, or on set. And then just continuing to hook up. Until we werenít. I never had a dinner with a chick where I wasnít fucked up on something.”


”Just be yourself. Thatís what I did with Allie. Now look at us. Jallison.”


”Jallison.. I donít know, what do I even say? Wish someone could just give me lines when I get stumped.”


”Why canít I?”


”Why canít you what?”


“Iíll be back.”


“No, no I was just joking.”


“Youíre 100% right. What time will she be here? 8? Iíll be back around 7:45,” Joe says as he stands up and downs his drink. He looks at me and laughs before running out of the room. I had a bad feeling..


The time just seemed to drag on as I paced around my office. Normally Iíd just keep drinking, but this time was different. I didnít want to be a drunken mess. I wanted to remember the night and not make a fool of myself. I mustíve tried on a 100 different outfits. Each time I came out and modeled, Madison would either scrunch up her nose at me or just flat out lie. She didnít think it was appropriate to wear a suit with no shirt. I thought I looked good. Rock n Roll. What does she know anyway?


So I settled on a purplish suit. I looked good. Hair looking good. My skin, flawless. All over sexy as fuck. And I had to be. No way was Alexis going to date some schlub. I had to bring my A game if I wanted her to spend the night. I just put some fresh sheets on the bed, brand new pillow cases. All the mirrors fleshly cleaned with no streaks.. As the time grew nearer, I found myself standing at the wetbar in my office. With me was Madison and TK.


”I need a drink. Iím nervous,” I say, uncorking a bottle and pouring myself a drink.


”Dad, relax. You donít need to be nervous. Youíre awesome. Sheís lucky to have you,” she says as she takes the bottle from my hand.


”Sheís right you know,” TK says as he fixes his bowtie in one of the many mirrors in the room. What can I say? I love seeing my handsome face.


”Thanks TK,” I say. What a nice guy to help out like this.


”Anything for love,” he replies.


”You have nothing to worry about little bro,” I hear Joe say as he comes walking in with a grin on his face and a bag in his hand. He sets it on the counter.


”Whatís in the bag?” I ask, even though I really shouldnít.


”This bag?” Joe replies with a smirk on his face. He opens it out and takes out a box. He opens the box and takes out an ear piece. ”This is for you. Put it in your ear and..”

”And youíre going to feed me lines?”




“Joe, I was just joking.”


”Itís a great idea. I know how to talk to the ladies. How do you think I took Allie from Dane?”

”He really didnít get Allie,” Madison says.


”Shh, live the gimmick,” I say, cutting her off as she rolls her eyes.


“Whatís the worst that can happen?” Joe asks.


“You make my Dad say something stupid, Alexis freaks out, goes to the press, sues for sexual harrassment. He loses everything. I end up back living with my Mom. Or worse, your brother Joe,” Madison says, matter of factly.


”Exactly!” Joe says, all enthusiastically and shit. ”And itís Uncle Joe.”


”Yeah no. Weíre not there yet,” Madison says.


”Youíll come around. Iím a great guy. Paul, you ready?” He holds out the earpiece in his hand.


”Alright fine, Iíll put it in. But the moment Iím over it, the earpiece comes out. Deal?” Joe nods with a huge grin on his face.


”Iím going to go in the other room, let me know if you can hear me,” Joe says as he rushes out of the room. I pick up the earpiece and put it in my left ear.


”Itís in,” I say.


”And thatís what youíll be saying later tonight after Iím done with you,” I hear Joe say in my head. This is a bad idea..


”Alright Dad, youíre going to be fine. She should be here any minute. Go downstairs and wait for her. And remember, open the door for her. And compliment her. And if Uncle Joe says something dumb, donít repeat it.”


”Got it,” I say as I turn to walk away.


”Dad,” Madison says as I turn around. “The flowers.”


”Right, of course,” I say, scooping the flowers up with one hand and giving her a thumbs up with the other.


The elevator ride down seems like an eternity. Standing on the curb, waiting for her to arrive is even longer. Left with my own thoughts, playing every worse scenario in my head. What if I burp? Or drop a bomb? What if she does it? What if I choke and die right there at the table? Or have some crazy allergic reaction to Pierreís cooking. What if he poisons me? I thought we made up, but he always looked a bit shift..


The Rollys Royce Limo finally pulls up to the curb. I open the rear passenger door as a perfectly manicured hand reaches out. I grab it and help Alexis out of the limo, closing the door behind her. I reach in for a tight hug, smelling good as usual. Gotta keep it together. Canít let her see me so riled up. Play it cool.. I take a step back to look her over. Alexis is wearing a form fitting black dress with a gold belt and long slits up her legs. She has on gold heels to match her belt and her curls are flowing. She looks at Paul and flashes him a bright smile.


”Tell her she looks sexy and you canít wait to see whatís under that outfit,” Joe says. ”If she even has anything on under it.”


”No, Iím not saying that,” I whisper.


”Excuse me?” Alexis says.


”Oh uh, you look absolutely beautiful tonight.”


”Well, I have to look good for you, love, you are legendary.” Alexis says, batting her eyes.


”Sorry for the last second change plans.”


”Itís OK. This is a more intimate setting and I like that. Are those for me?” Alexis asks, motioning to the flowers.


”I was going to give them to the driver.. No of course,” I say as I hand them over. ”Letís go up.”


I offer my arm. She takes it and we walk into the building and ride the elevator up, all in an awkward silence. I keep trying to steal glances at her but she keeps catching me. So more awkwardness ensues as I look away, obviously caught. We reach the fifth floor and step out.


”Sorry, the elevator doesnít go up all the way. We gotta take the stairs.”


”Stop apologizing for everything, stay strong and confident,” I hear Joe say in my ear.


”OK.. Let me put those flowers in water for you,” I say as I take the flowers from her and lead her to the kitchen. I set the flowers down and look for a vase I know I saw somewhere.


”So you live here with your daughter?”


”Yeah. Madison. Sheís 12. No 13.. 12. Except for the weekends when she goes to her grandparents. With FIGHT! live every Saturday, I donít want her hanging around here.”


”Thatís sweet of you,” she says. Damn sheís hot. I find a vase in one of the cupboards and start to fill it up with water.


”That kid is a pussy magnet. You shouldíve had kids years ago. If I was single, I would bring her out with me,” Joe says in my ear.


”Bruh, shh,” I whisper as I put the flowers in the vase. ”Shall we?”


”Absolutely,” she says as I lead her to the stairs.


”Alright, be careful. I donít want you to fall.”


”How about you walk behind me, and make sure you keep an eye on me?” Alexis says all sexy. Wow, sheís beautiful. And I did just that. I walked behind her, not able to keep my eyes off her as she climbed those stairs. She shouldíve walked behind me because I always tripped a few times. Did I tell you how fucking hot she is?

”Daamn,” I say as we step onto the roof. It looks completely different. Thousands of lights strung up. Flowers everywhere. A quartet is off to the corner, playing some music. Soooo romantic. I look over to see Madison waiting to greet us.


”Bienvenue Monsieur et Madame,” she says. I give her a thumbs up, impressed with her French skills. ”Par ici s’il te plait.”


We follow her to a table set oh so elegantly. Or atleast, I think itís elegant. What do I know? I pull the chair out for Alexis as she sits. I slightly push her chair in and sit down.


”This is beautiful,” Alexis says.


”Just like you,” I somehow blurted out. Madison shoots me a look to relax.


”Your waiter for the evening will be Tomas. I hope you enjoy your dinner,” Madison says as she walks away.


”Is that your daughter?” Alexis asks.


”Yeah, thatís Madison.”


”She is adorable.”


“Thank you. Just like you.. I already said that. Sorry,” I say.


”Donít ever apologize, you need to stay Strong. Your the MAN,” I hear Joe say. “Women dig confidence.”


”Good evening,” TK says as I look up. Heís now standing at the table looking sharp in his suit. ”My name is Tomas and Iíll be at your service this evening. May I start you off with a glass of 1982 Lafite Rothschild?”


”That sounds good,” I say.


”Excellent choice sir,” TK says as he pulls a bottle out and uncorks it like a pro. He pours Alexis a glass and then myself. ”The Chef has prepared a 7 course meal tonight for your enjoyment. I hope you brought your appetite. If you would excuse me, Iíll be right back with your first course.”


And with that TK disappears, leaving us alone.


”Alright, itís your time to shine little bro. Ask her if sheís ever seen any of your movies or wrestling moves.” Joe says in my ear.


”Iím not asking that,” I whisper back.


”Asking what?” Alexis asks.


”Oh uh.. Are you a vegan?”


”Uhm..” she replies, looking a little confused. ”Do you see all this body ody ody? I eat meat, and have meat in all the right places.”

”Tell her sheís all the meat you need, THE MONTY,” Joe says in my ear. But in like Barry White, trying to be sexy, voice.


”So howíd you end up on the Life: Atlanta?” I ask. Anything to keep from hearing Joeís sexy voice again. Wonder if thatís really how he got Allie.


”I design a lot of clothes for celebrities and one of my clients thought this would be a good way to promote my brand to grow. At the time I was also trying to get Amariís career off the ground so I inked a deal for both of us to star on the show. The cameras loved me and here we are.”


”The cameras donít lie,” I say.


”Bro, that was lame,” Joe says in my ear. I finally had enough. I pull the earpiece out of my ear and put it in the glass of water. Alexis gives me a look.


”Whatís that?”


”Thatís uh.. Alright I have to tell you something,” I say, taking a deep breath. Here we go.. “That was an earpiece. I was a little nervous about tonight so my brother thought itíd be a good idea if I put it in and he fed me some lines. But he had terrible lines.”


”So all of that whispering..”


”To him.”


“Oh thank gawd. I thought you were crazy.”


”Nah.. I mean, yeah a little.. But not like crazy crazy..”


”Itís OK, I know what you mean.”


And I shouldíve never put that damn thing in my ear. As soon as I took it out, all of the nervousness went out the window. Iíve hung out with Alexis before, there was no reason to be nervous. She was into me, and I was into her. We had more in common than I thought. Conversation was easy peasy. Just flowed naturally. And she laughed at all of my dumb jokes..


Is that JC from Nsync? And Nelly? Damn Joe pulled out all of the stops. He steps up to the table.


”Good evening. My name is JC Chasez. And this is Nelly. And we hope you two are having a wonderful date. Paul here is a really great guy. And he wanted us to dedicate this song to you. Hit it boys.”


The quarter starts to play a song. A familiar song.. Alexis looks at me and giggles as they start to sign ĎGirlfriend.í I shrug and stand up, holding out my hand. I help her up and show her my awesome fucking moves.. The rest of the night is so damn dope. We had so much fun. We ate, drank, and danced the night away. JC and Nelly even stuck around after dinner. We took it down to the third floor and partied. Dope ass time. Who wouldíve known TK had great dance moves? Guy can cut a rug.. But more importantly..


I woke up, looking over at the clock. 6:15AM. Early as fuck. I look over to see Alexis sound asleep next to me. It wasnít a dream. I slowly crawl out of bed, not to wake her up. I go to her side of the bed and lean over, brushing the hair from her beautiful face, giving her a peck on the cheek. Damn she fine..


I find myself standing on the rooftop, sipping some vegan coffee, watching the City come to life. Thinking about the last few months. How everything just continually gets better in my life. Damn I shouldnít have that said. I better not have jinxed myself.


”I take that back Universe! Ya hear me? I take it back!”


”Who are you talking to?” I hear Michelle say as I turn to see her staring at me. She looks like sheís seen better days.


”Oh, nobody. What are you doing up?”


”Canít sleep.”


”Whole pregnancy thing?”


“What the fuck do you think Paul?”




”No, Iím sorry. Itís the damn hormones.. Listen, we have to talk.”


”Iím a grown man. I can have sex with whoever I want.”


“Ew gross. You had sex? Gross.”


”Wow, that’s rude.”


”No, I donít care or want to know about your sex life.”




“Itís private..”


“Say no more..”