Dear Diary #9: Fuck Gang Gang, All About Dickie – Dyna$ty

By: Paul Montuori

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 12th Oct 2021

Dear Diary..

I think I’m going to have another kid.

Well, not really. But I felt like I really was. Remember my last diary entry, where I told you about my match with Voodoo. And how we had a little thing once. Well, more like she had her way with me. I felt so powerless. But O M G, in our match at Venom, bruh.. I don’t know how I didn’t uh.. Ejaculate? Is that the PC term? I don’t know how I didn’t ejaculate all over her doing the match. At one point she was like straddling me, I knew she felt all that is the Monty Python, or at least most of it. Took me back to middle school when Brittany Lambert touched the Monty Python on the way back from a field trip. Yowzers.. But that doesn’t matter. That’s over and done with. I beat Voo, well Vhodka helped, then Alexis helped me alleviate the uh.. Pressure that was built up. Yowzers Dub Dub..

But really, that doesn’t matter either. The attraction that everyone has been waiting for has finally come. The time is upon us. The match has been officially made. The date set. I finally have an opportunity to get revenge on Dickie Watson. To take back MY Empire belt. Ascension. Saturday, October 16 at 9PM. The date that will forever be etched in the history of FIGHT!, no, in the history of professional wrestling. Ya know, nah. In the history of this fucking universe. Bigger than Vinnie Black and Paul Montuori, even though we were fucked out of that match. The biggest match in FIGHT! History, because let’s be honest, there really hasn’t been a huge marquee match yet. Xavier Fagan has been doing everything in his power to protect his little Champion for as long as possible. His match against me is his first title defense. After what? Four months? Trying to get on my boy Strat Strat’s level, that dood went a year without defending that OPW Title. I still love him though..

Recently I’ve been staying at my apartment at FIGHT! Tower. Wanting to get away from all of the distractions at home. I have to focus on my big night, my fucking moment finally arriving. And I couldn’t blow it. Not again. Not against Dickie. I had to get away from everyone to clear my head. Too much running through my head. So much drama. So much bullshit. All over nothing. We’re running out of time. Ascension is around the corner. Where we rep Dynasty against Cure and fYa and the uh.. Exalted Ones? Chosen Ones? The fuck is Dickie and Warstein’s crew called? Does it really matter? After Dickie loses on Night One their little crew’s morale is going to be destroyed. All sad and shit. They added some Australian chick, I guess Dickie’s little tag partner. Cute. Won’t matter.. Night Two means fuck all right now anyway. What matters is Night One, where I have my shot at taking back MY belt. I can’t think about gang gang, I got bigger.. A small fish to fry? Doesn’t really roll off the tongue the same. Not that I’m some fucking giant either.. Dickie’s no chump though. There’s a reason why he’s the Empire Champ. Mostly because he hid in a broom closet until the very end at Dinero de Sangre, where he sprung out all fresh and shit. After I put in all that effort, brawling with fucking everyone and their momma. And he just chilled til the end with Warstein. Those fucks.. Er.. After Ascension, that story won’t matter anymore. No need to dwell on the past. Especially when the future looks so fucking bright. If I can just focus on Dickie and not have to worry about Dynasty imploding before then..

I found myself leaving my apartment and sneaking out of the building. I needed to get some fresh air. Needed to get out of that apartment. Too much on the brain. Needed to try and clear my head. Get my mental game back on track. Which is weird, because until recently, I never took any of this seriously. Winning and losing didn’t matter to me. Fuck, as Dub Dub Brandon Moore and I lost the tag straps to Dark Tiger and that chick. Or was it Dark Tiger’s girl and a chick? That’s how memorable it was. I wrestled under a lucha mask when I first came back. All I cared about was talking shit and the spotlight. Spotlight is everything. I craved the spotlight so bad. I missed it so bad. But now, as I’ve climbed my way up the top of this business, ready to take my rightful spot at top.. It feels so dope. I’m no longer a pariah. I don’t have to fuck on film for money anymore. And I’m going to be the Empire Champ. Feels so dope to be on top.

Something about walking at night in the City somehow helped me put things into perspective. I found myself looking up at the billboard next to FIGHT! Tower, Dickie and myself on the big screen hyping our match at Ascension. All the work I’ve put in over the last year, making my comeback. Finding the real Paul Montuori, not a rehash of what worked during my last run. Real growth. It’s all going to pay off. The excitement starts coursing through my body, feeling I haven’t felt in years. Really giving a fuck for once. Eye of the fucking Tiger..

The picture then changes to an ad for the gang match at Night 2. I see Dynasty up on the screen. And it all comes crashing back down. All the anxiety and stress and drama and nonsense. Beef with Joe and Michelle. Ricky and Joe’s beef over fucking Sahara. Who loves Dane but Dane somehow has two chicks, but should be focusing on Aliie after the whole bullshit with Joe. Which still isn’t resolved between those two. And Sahara attacked Joe’s new girlfriend Mia, throwing her through a glass table. And Joe’s been going off the deep end, threatening to kill Sahara and supposedly cops came to FIGHT! Tower. And Sahara is in fYa with Dane who’ll be at Ascension. Out of nowhere Ricky’s dating Sahara now. So what’s Ricky going to do if they end up being the final two? And Michelle’s married to Brandon Moore who’s in the Cure who’s another team at Ascension. Todrick is awesome, but it depends on which Austin she has to deal with. Austin’s a great dood, well some of the Austin’s are good doods. But lately it seems his drama has gotten Todrick off her game.

I turn to some cameras in my face. Lately local press and bloggers have been camping outside of FIGHT! Tower, trying to get some views and clicks anyway they can. Even if it means pissing off some of the wrestlers. FIGHT! Security has done wonders shielding Joe from them, who knows what he’s bound to do or say.. I stop and pose for a few moments, smiling my beautiful smile. I’ve learned, of course from experience, that it’s been to give them what they want. The bigger the dick you are, the worse it gets. You stop, let them snap away, maybe answer a dumb ass question or two. And the dumb questions were hurled at me.

“No, I did not ejaculate on myself in the match against Voodoo.”

“Yes, she’s hot. I addressed all rumors weeks ago, you can go to FIGHT-NOWdotcom and watch it again.”

“No, I’m totally focused on Dickie. The issues everyone keeps making up about Dynasty are all lies. We’re good, we’re not going to implode before Ascension. My focus is 100% on Dickie,” I answer to the last question I take, clearly lying through my teeth as I walk away. No way they couldn’t tell I was lying. No way in hell do I think Dynasty’s going to make it to Ascension without the cops being called to FIGHT! Tower, again. Not unless I do something about it..

Ugh.. Why do I suddenly have to be an adult? I loved it better when I only had to worry about myself. Now people are looking to me, inside and outside of Dynasty, to keep the group from going off the rails. Keep Joe from getting into it with Michelle. Keep Joe from getting into it with Ricky. Fuck, if I can’t get Joe onboard, then there’s no point in even showing up at Night Two of Ascension. Not with all the drama surrounding Joe. I have to talk some sense into him. Finally, I have to get him to stop the bullshit. At least until the PPV. He’s been a ticking time bomb lately, especially after the whole Sahara/Mia issue. Which I’m still confused about. Did she or did she not attack Mia? Joe seems to think so. He keeps threatening to break her legs. Even worse after what she just did to him at Venom. Joe’s the wild card though, the one that I need to get onboard or we’ll never stand a chance. I have to get Joe’s mind right if I ever have any chance at beating Dickie. It can’t wait. The sooner I get rid of the distraction of Joe, the anxiety, the worry, the sooner I can focus on Dickie. Sooner I can get my mind right..

I turned back around, heading back to FIGHT! Tower. I heard Joe’s been holed up in his penthouse suite, making sure Mia is safe before Ascension. Sure he’s got on some Boyz 2 Men, setting the mood. I might be able to catch him in time before he uh.. Gross. I find myself stopped, staring up at the billboard of myself and Dickie again. No way I wasn’t leaving the PPV without MY belt. Not after I let him win at Blood Money. After he pulled bullshit. Kudos to the kid though for being smart enough to hang out until the end. I was dumb enough to think I had to fight my way through everyone. Like the amount of people I eliminated fucking mattered. Sure it got me my title shot at Dickie, but I could’ve been the first Empire Champ, I could’ve been holding MY belt this entire time. Instead of watching Dickie be a boring Champ. Fucking snoozefest. Entertain the fucking masses for once Dick. Do something exciting..

The billboard changes to the gang war ad, anxiety and stress flooding me again. I have to get this shit resolved ASAP. It’s hanging over me like a dark cloud.. Lucky for me the entrance of the building has cleared out by now. I make my way into the building and onto the elevator, riding it for what seems like forever before it stops on Joe’s floor. I bang on the door a few times before it swings open. Joe stands, looking at me confused, dressed in nothing but a robe with a bottle of champagne in his hand.

“Paulie, what the fuck?”

“Joe, who is it?” I hear Mia say from the bedroom.

“It’s Paulie, he’s only going to be a minute. Stay ready,” Joe says.

He lets me in and leads me to his office where I sit down on the couch. He starts making drinks at the wetbar.

“So, what’s up?” He asks as he hands me a drink and sits down across from me. I’m careful not to look as he sits spread eagle. One wrong move and I’ll see all of his business under the robe.. With Joe, I have to choose my words wisely. Especially recently. Whole business with Sahara has him unhinged. I chug the drink he made and set it on the coffee table in front of us. “Oh, it’s that bad?”

“We gotta talk about Dynasty.”

“It’s about damn time brother. I know you have a lot on your plate with Dickie and the Empire Title, which you are going to win, but look at the clusterfuck we have here in our own ranks,” Joe says. Here we go.

“Yeah it’s a clusterfuck. But a lot of the issues revolve around you. The shit between you and Ricky..”

“Me and Ricky? Don’t forget me and you took little Ricky in and been by his side since Day 1. We always had his back and did right by him but now he wants to fuck around with my biggest enemy, other then Dickless Dane, which is Sahara.”

“I get it. Ya hate Sahara. But Ricky’s into her.”

“Does he realize what Sahara did to my girl Mia? Does he realize that I don’t care if he is dating or fucking her raw, she is going to get hers. She got lucky last week that the cops and security cut me off, tasered me and arrested me. I was going to take her head off with that bat. Then what would Ricky do? Attack me brother? And can we trust him now? He’s playing with the enemy.”

“I talked to Ricky earlier. He said he has our back at Ascension. And I believe the kid. He’s never given me any reason to doubt him. Never gave us any reason to doubt him. He just happened to fall for a chick you’re beefing with.”

“Beefing with? That’s putting it lightly.”

“I know how you feel. But your issues with Dynasty go beyond Ricky and Sahara.”

“Shouldn’t it? We have another one playing with the enemy and her husband is definitely not fond of me and you. FOCUS was the best but that’s long and gone. Brandon and Michelle are all about THEMSELVES. They don’t care about the CURE or DYNASTY. You see how she acts towards me. One day we are good, next she’s on my shit. It’s like she is bi polar. Also friends with Sahara as well.”

“I trust Michelle 100%. She won’t be a liability.”

“And the fifth person? You know I have a lot of respect for Toddy and Austin, and I trust them, but will they show up? When they do, they are good to have with you but that’s the million dollar question. Will the crazy and not stable minded Austin show up or the one that we can count on to have our backs and perform? And same with Toddy. When he is on his game, one of the best but which one are we getting? The Champ or the lay down?”

“I’m going to have that conversation with Todrick. She knows there’s a lot on the line. She’s had a few bad outings, I don’t know if any of that had to do with Austin, but I’ll get them handled.”

“You want a crazy idea? I got one. Let’s get rid of them all and bring in these 3 Champs that I know will come with us. It’s a war out there, and right now, we are losing it because of all the hostile turmoil in our own group. We are all we got right now. We have our trust but do we have theirs?” And there it is.

“Joe, I’m not going to boot everyone. We haven’t even been tested as a unit yet. We could come together. Ricky and Michelle could surprise you. They could prove their loyalty to you. You have to trust they’ll do the right thing. Regardless of Sahara or Brandon..”

“Brother, just remember what Sahara did to MIA. Imagine that was Alexis. Ricky and Michelle still hang out with her and praise her and trust her. But what does that mean for us? Just keep that in mind when we are in this battle with everyone in FIGHT.”

“Just promise me you’ll keep your eye on the prize, winning at Ascension. Winning both nights.”

Brother, anyone else I would probably say FUCK YOU, I will do whatever I damn well please. But like I told you when we first came back together. I want to see you win a world championship and be at the top. So we are going to win this thing, even though I will have to watch my back with our own. Brothers always and let’s do the damn thing. If I can win a toxic tag war with Dickless Dane Preston, there is no reason the Montuori bros can’t win at Ascension,” fair enough.

“Joe! Hurry up,” I hear Mia say. I stand up and let myself out as he goes running to the bedroom..

I left feeling better. I said my peace. I think it really sunk in with him. I think Joe knows what’s at stake. What I have at stake. And say what you want about him, about our relationship, but he genuinely wants me to beat Dickie. He knows how important it is, how much it means.. Now with Joe onboard, I guess that counts as being onboard, in Joe’s own way. That means everyone else should fall into place. Joe’s the main instigator, and he knows that. He does it on purpose, enjoying being the bad guy. How he made a career so can’t fault the guy. I just need to know he’s not going to blow the group up before the PPV.

The next few days after my talk with Joe were actually pretty good. I was sleeping better. Able to have the focus on the whole gym thing. My mind was all in on Dickie, on Night One of Ascension. On getting back MY belt. But the deeper I delved into, the more something Dickie said once started sticking out to me. No matter how hard I tried to get it out of my head, there it came again. He said I needed to focus on myself if I wanted a chance at the belt. Pft.. Pretending he knows me. He doesn’t know me. He doesn’t know Paul Montuori. He doesn’t get to think he’s better than me. Smarter than me. Wiser than me. Thinking he can try and drop jewels of wisdom on me. ON ME?! Who does he think he is? I need to focus on myself if I want a chance at the belt.. I need to focus on myself, if I want a chance at his belt.. I need to focus on myself. If I’m ever going to win that title.

That little fuckers right.

Dammit, I hate when people are right about me. Except when they say I’m handsome. Or awesome. Amazing too. Fuck, any good compliments, I’ll even take decent compliments like it looks like I condition my hair. Mane looks sheen as fuck..

There are entirely too many distractions in my life right now. Michelle’s baby. Joe and Dane’s beef. Joe and Sahara’s beef. Joe and Michelle’s beef. fYa. The Cure. Alexis. I can’t juggle it all, and more importantly Madison. She should be my only concern. That and beating Dickie for his belt. My belt. That’s my fucking belt. But the little fuck is right. Too many distractions..

But I gotta put that all behind me for the time being. Michelle needs me. Course I’m horrible at dates, planned Michelle’s baby shower on the lead up to me and Dickie finally going at it. If I would’ve just checked fight-nowdotcom I wouldn’t have to stop my preparation to attend a baby shower. Full of people who we’re going to be facing at Night Two of Ascension. Michelle’s sister to Damon Riggs, so he’ll be there. And Brandon Moore repping the Cure. And Joe. I hope Joe pulls it together..

The baby shower started off great. Who knew having so many people who are going to tear into each other soon could be so cordial. I tried to be on my absolute best behavior. I owed that much to Michelle. I’ve been acting like a right dick lately. She didn’t deserve it. I needed to talk to her. Probably wait until the shower is over. Didn’t want to mess up her day. Even though the baby is already born. Kid’s gotta be a month old by now. Sorry, it was hard to plan a baby shower for a pregnancy that lasted three days. At least not one that was tacky as fuck. And I know Michelle doesn’t want a tacky baby shower, or she’d ask Sahara to plan it for her. And nobody seemed to care. Weirdos..

That’s when I see Dane Preston sitting at a table by himself across the room, eating a piece of cake. I knew this was my chance. I down the rest of my drink and walk over to him. He looks up, glaring at me as I see the whites on his knuckles from gripping the plastic spork. He must still be holding a grudge, especially after the last few months. A beef that I was dragged into by the way. Sort of. It was Brandon’s idea to attack him back in OPW. Guess we put him on the shelf for a little bit. Think he was pretty pissed about that. Then everything with Allie and Joe. Which I thought Joe was sincere about.. I said some horrible things. Things I shouldn’t have said. Ugh, fuck this nice guy shit..

“Can I sit down?” I ask him. He seems to think about it for a second before motioning me to sit down. I sit down and nervously fumble with my hands. “Listen, I wanted to talk to yo..”

“Smart, approaching me at Michelle’s Baby Shower. But don’t think I won’t reach across that table and choke the life out of you,” Dane says as he leans in towards me, half whispering half ready to choke me out. And the look in his eyes confirms what he’s saying.

“Look, I’m not here for that. Not here for any of that. I’m here to uh.. Apologize.”

“Apologize?” He leans back in his chair, the expression on his face relaxing a bit.

“Yeah. I’m sorry. For everything. For attacking with you B back in OPW, putting you on the shelf. I was a huge dick back then. Running in Dub Dub brought me back to a person I don’t want to be anymore. And all the shit with Allie and Joe. What do you expect? Joe’s my brother, no matter how fucking ridiculous he is. And I know it got a little out of hand.”

“A little. That’s my family you were fucking with. My family you were bad mouthing. You think I’m just supposed to forget? All because you’re telling me you’re sorry?”

“No, I don’t expect you to accept my apologies. I just wanted to let you know that I am sorry. And if it makes any difference, he tricked me too. If I would’ve known he really wasn’t into Allie, I would’ve never gotten involved.”

“What’s your play here?”

“No play. I have a lot of heavy shit weighing down on me. I wanted to get it all resolved before..”

“Before you face Dickie Watson? Ha, ah I get it. You think if you apologize I won’t do anything to cost you your shot at the title. Maybe I’ll even take it easy on you on Night Two.”

“Nah, well, damn I wish I would’ve thought of that. But no, I’m serious. 100% serious. I’m sorry,” I say as I stand up. I offer my hand to Dane, who stands up as well. He stares down at my hand suspiciously before grabbing it in a death grip and pulling me towards him.

“If you’re trying to play me, you’ll wish you were never born,” he whispers in my ear.

And that’s how the meeting with Dane went. I thought it was a success. Hopefully he accepts my apology. He probably won’t. I’m sure the moment he sees me at Ascension he’s going to put his hands on me. But at least I gave that off of my mind. At least one thing I can check off the list.. The rest of the baby shower went great. I was riding high. Joe was behaving. I’d squashed the issue with Dane. I did slap Brandon, which I felt bad about as well. But overall I was having a great time.

Until Joe stopped behaving..

He just couldn’t control himself. Had to be Joe. And I lost it. In front of everyone. Ape shit. And I hate losing my cool in public, in front of people, in front of anyone. I pride myself in being drama free, and here I was acting a fool. But Joe deserved to get yelled at. So close to Ascension and he’s pushing Ricky into the fucking cake I had custom made. Bruh, I had a glass of milk ready that I was gonna smash with the cake. Nobody wants to eat cake after someone’s been in it.

I found myself on the roof, drinking, smoking by myself. Looking out at the city skyline. New York City is a horrible place, but it sure looks beautiful at night. Thinking about that day. About Joe letting me down. About why I continue to care. Why I don’t just say fuck them and do me? Why don’t I just say fuck them and do me? I have something more important to worry about than Joe and Ricky wrestling into a cake. I don’t need to be worrying about them..

“Dad,” I hear Madison say behind me. In a ninja move I flick the blunt over the side of the roof, fanning the smoke that billows out of my mouth again. I turn to face her. “I know you’re smoking. You don’t have to hide it.”

“Smoking? What?”

“Dad, I’m not stupid,” she says. Thankfully she didn’t take after her mother. “You OK?”

“Me? Of course,” I reply. The look on her face says she doesn’t believe me. “You wouldn’t understand.”

“Try me,” she says. Walking over and sitting down next to me.

“Do you know about my match against Ascension?”

“The biggest night of your career. Your moment to take back YOUR title. The night the world changes. Uh.. The night professional wrestling changes.. Did I miss any?”

“The night the universe changes. But not bad.”

“OK and?”

“Well.. I have a lot of anxiety.. Ya know, like super nervous..”

“I know what anxiety is.”

“Well, like.. It’s the biggest night of my career. And not just like since I came back. But like, ever. I’ve never been in a World title match, at least not in a place of any importance. I’ve never been around long enough to be a World Champ. Places would always fold. Or the promoters kept me buried down the card. No way they wanted someone like me, someone like I used to be, to be the face of their promotion. I don’t ever remember being any type of Champion, except for two early on in my career and the one’s from OPW. Outside of that, zero memory, zero recollection. Which must have meant they were of zero importance. Not like the Empire Championship. It’s different somehow. Maybe because I want to prove to myself I deserve to be Champ. Maybe I want to impress you. Or prove to the entire world I’m not just some fucking joke.”

“No one thinks that.”

“Everyone thinks that. Or thought that. Before I started to prove them wrong. I’ve put in the work for the last few months, since you came into my life. I knew I had to be better. I knew I could be better. And I’ve been showing just that. Climbing my way to the top. Building up the momentum going into Ascension. Now people are expecting me to win. Like a lot of people. And like I expect myself to win too. But what if I don’t? Dickie is good, from what I hear. He wouldn’t be Empire Champ if he wasn’t. So what if I can’t beat him? Then what?”

“Then.. You lose.”

“Yeah,” I say, utterly confused. She doesn’t get it. She doesn’t get the magnitude of Ascension. She doesn’t get how much it means. To me. Valifuckingdation that I can be the Big Dog, I CAN GET ON TOP AND STAY ON TOP. I can carry a fucking promotion on my shoulders, as it’s leaders. More than just a punchline, a guy with a pretty face and a big dick. Beating Dickie means everything. And she doesn’t get it. “You don’t get it.”

“I don’t get it? You think you need to win, so you can prove to everyone you’re more than just the sad clown. But beating Dickie doesn’t change who you are, Dad. You’re amazing with or without that belt. And I’ll always love you, Champ or not,” she says, as she places her hand on my shoulder. Such a wise kid, no way she gets that from Machelle

“Wow. That’s uh.. That’s so cute and I love you, but fuck that. Paul Montuori needs that belt around his waist,” I say as I stand up as I see her roll her eyes.. “Where’s Michelle?”

“She’s leaving back to the Island. She’s getting the last of her things.”

“I gotta talk to her before she leaves. Maddy, love you kid,” I say as I kiss her on the top of her head and bolt down the stairs looking for Michelle.

I couldn’t get a hold of her lately, no matter how much I tried. She was still pissed about what happened at the hospital. I sort of, kind of, stupidly, showed up to meet my Godson a little intoxicated. I don’t know why, but for some reason I felt compelled to get shitfaced right before. I literally got hammered down the block from the hospital. Michelle was not happy. The smell of liquor on my breath as I tried to kiss the newborn baby was the last straw. Well that and I tried to pick a fight with Poptart. Guy weirds me out..

I can’t miss her before she leaves. Can’t leave things the way they were between us. I might not see her until Gang Gang, and by then it’ll be too late. She’s my homegirl, Co-Captain of all this. And I wanted nothing more than for her to be there, rooting for me against Dickie. Watching me win, watching me take the belt that’s rightfully mine. Watch me become Empire Champion. It hurts that shit’s been weird between us. Hurts me more, knowing I wasn’t there when she needed me the most. I turned some weird jealousy feeling out on her.. I go down a flight of stairs and barrel through the door, almost running over Michelle’s assistant.

“Ew gross,” she says, giving me the dirtiest look ever. “You’re still here?”

“I live here.. Where’s Michelle?” She stares daggers through, sure wanting to rip my throat out. I don’t blame her. “Where’s Michelle? I have to talk to her.”

“Ugh, she’s in your offi,” I didn’t even let her finish before blowing right passed her. I gather my breath at the door and walk in. She’s standing, looking at the pictures I have up all over the wall. I do one of those fake coughs as she turns around.

“Oh no,” she says as she rolls her eyes. “Listen, I don’t have time for this.”

“I know I’ve been a dick. But please, just hear me out.”

“No P, I rather not. I’m tired of hearing you talk bad about Brandon. I don’t get what your problem is with Brandon. You guys were like brothers,” she says. I shake my head, completely frustrated with her. With myself. “You used to always say Dub Dub was for life.”

“It has nothing to do with Brandon,” I blurt out, almost yell it at her. She’s shocked at me raising my voice. But only for a few moments.

“What do you mean it has nothing to do with Brandon? You started to act like an asshole once I got back with Brandon. Once I got pregnant. Wait, are you jealous of the baby?” I sigh, standing up and walking over to the wetbar, pouring myself a drink. “P, come on. That’s low, even for you.”

“It’s not the fucking baby. It’s you,” finally. “It’s fucking you. It’s always been you.”

“Me? What did I do to you?”

“What did you do? You got back with Brandon.”


“And.. And I always thought we’d end up together. Having our own family. After you and Brandon split, we started hanging out a lot more. And I started.. I thought we..” I down the drink I made in one gulp, making another one. Michelle doesn’t say anything for what seems like an eternity, and I’m too embarrassed to turn and look at her..

“P,” she says as I feel her hand on my shoulder. I turn around to face her.

“Listen, I know it’s crazy. I’m with Alexis now. And things are good. And you’ve never really given a hint that you were interested in me. You made it super clear after that one night that we were never going to be anything more than just friends. But.. I don’t know..”

“I don’t even know what to say.” she said.  “You have been there for me through some rough shit, you helped keep me sane when B lost his shit and left us and you even let me live with you. Like, I love you so much P, but you know we would never work.”

“I know, I know. We’re way better off as friends. I know this. But it’s not just that. I let you down when you needed me the most. I was a complete dick, not there for you during your birth. I put my jealousy in front of our friendship.. I’m sorry,” I say, too ashamed to look at her. She reaches over and pulls my face up.

“It’s OK P,” and with those three words, the waterfall opens. “Oh, stop being a little bitch and pull it together.”

“I.. I..” I don’t bother finishing the sentence as I wipe the tears with the back of my sleeve. I pull her in for a hug, and for once she doesn’t try and pull away. She finally pushes me away. I turn around and make myself another drink. “And don’t you dare tell anyone.”

I hear Michelle giggle, not that normal one. The evil, mischievous laugh. I turn to see her on her phone, typing away.

“Wait, are you tweeting?” I ask knowing damn well the answer.

“Oh no uh,” she says before finishing up and putting her phone in her purse. “That was nothing. Business stuff. So, what about B?”

“What about him?” I ask, again full well knowing what she meant. And she knows what I know what she meant by the dirty look on her face. I nod.

“Go to him,” she says. And I do. I run out, not bothering to wait on the elevator. Taking the stairs three at a time, five flights down. I reach the ground floor and push my way back through the glass doors on the street outside. I startle Poptart who turns around to face me, ready to fuck some shit up. I stop in my tracks.

“Listen, I need to talk to Brandon.”

“No way,” he says, ready to throw down.

“Brandon! Brandon!” The door of a blacked out SUV parked out front opens as Brandon Moore steps out. He stands, eyeing me suspiciously. His face said ‘fuck you’ but his eyes, his eyes said ‘I miss you.’ I miss you too papi..

“B,” I say.

“P,” he replies. I step up to him, I can see him stiffen up, ready for anything. I’m not sure what to say, how to say it. All the bullshit over nothing. “Listen, I’m sorry abou..”

Brandon steps up to me as I stiffen up, ready to get laid out. I deserved it. After being such a jealous dick over nothing. He lifts his arm up. Here it comes, please don’t fuck up my face. He then puts his index finger against my lips.

“Shh.. You had me at B,” he says, lowering his arm. I don’t know what to say. There’s nothing to say. I lean in and hug him.

“The fuck?” I hear Poptart say.

“Wanna burn?” He asks.

“I thought you’d never ask,” I say.

And burn we fucking did..


Dear Dickie,

It’s really not a personal thing between the two of us. You hold the belt. As such, you’re considered the man. The one everyone is gunning for. You’re the Empire Champion. And you have what I want. What I need. What FIGHT! needs. What professional wrestling needs. Paul Montuori holding that title, holding that belt after Night 1 of Ascension. THE PEOPLE DESERVE A REAL CHAMPION A Champion of the People. Out there shaking hands and kissing babies. Amongst the masses. Who’s going to be out there, repping FIGHT!. Not hanging around, listening to Good Charlotte and feeling like he doesn’t deserve to be the Empire Champion. I don’t ever wanna be you, don’t wanna be just like you..

So I think it’s time you let me just relieve you of that burden you feel deep down inside. That burden that is being the Empire Champion. I know you sit at home, feeling that anxiety crushing over you. That feeling of restlessness as you lay in bed at night, trying to figure out how to continue to stay one step ahead of the competition. Let me relieve you of that anxiety, and stress, and overwhelming feeling that you really don’t deserve to hold that belt. Not when there’s someone as talented as I am in the same promotion as you. And that’s OK kid. It’s OK to feel that. Hell, you’ve had one hell of a run. You’ve had your little moment in the Sun, your little fluke victory helping you gain some spotlight. Must’ve gained a few dozen Twitter followers. And that’s so great for you, good job sport. But it’s time Dickie, it’s time to step aside and let me, let Paul Montuori claim his rightful place on top. On top of FIGHT!, on top of professional wrestling, on top of the fucking world.

Let me do you that favor. You can go back down to the mid-card, where you belong with your other little friends and enjoy yourself again, enjoy professional wrestling again. Get your smile back kid. You’ll be leaving the Empire Championship in the best possible hands. Who’s better than Paul Montuori? Maybe with your free time, you can take that spin class you always wanted to take.

The little charade has gone on long enough. Everyone’s ready for the next chapter of FIGHT!, with some fucking excitement. Not snoozefest Dickie Watson. FIGHT!, no, New York City. No.. The world is in need of a great Champion. In need of having someone to look up to. Someone majestic. And beautiful as fuck. With beautiful hair. Instead they’ve you kid. I mean, honestly, you’re no slouch. Yeah I said it. But you’re also not the guy to be the face of this promotion. Your face is good for the cover of a Fall Out Boy album. We’re going down down..

And that’s OK kid. It really is. No shame in that. It’s just, the sexy story going into Ascension is Paul Montuori winning. Not Dickie Watson retaining. No one cares about that. No one’s invested in that story. They’re all invested in me, in Paul Montuori. The comeback story. Down from the dredges, pulled himself up by his dick and fought his way back to the spotlight. Back to the top. And no better way to cap that story than by taking what rightfully belongs to me, what was STOLEN from me at Blood Money. My fucking Empire Championship.

I’m so fucking dope, it must sicken everyone.

I’ve taken enough of your time.

Dickie, bruh, Ascension man. The time is upon us. Your first REAL test as the Champ. My first REAL chance at being a Champ. Two fucking worlds colliding. Let’s get it..