Diary Entry #4 – The Battle of the Big Dogs

By: Paul Montuori

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 14th Jul 2021

Dear Diary..

FIGHT! NYCís first show, Blood Money, finished hours ago. Iíd been sitting in my private locker room mere moments after I first saw Dickie Watson crowned the Empire Champion of New York. I couldnít sit around and watch the theatrics. Watch Xavier Fagan with that silly grin on his face as he put that dope ass belt around the waist of Dickie. I had to get out of there.. I know Iím not supposed to be a hater anymore, Iím trying to turn that corner. But Iím also not going to lie and say it didnít sting a little. Which is weird. Because I never gave a fuck about any belts. I was around for a hot minute before I took a Ďhiatusí from the business, and I never cared about being a champion. I was ĎKing Of The Midcardí my entire career, the top belts never matter to me. And Iím not going to lie like Strat and say I was never the top Champion in promotions, because Iím sure I held a belt or two for some outlaw mud shows sometime in my career. But I never held one that actually fucking mattered. At least mattered enough for me to remember the name of the promotion I won it in..

Michelle and TK stopped by sometime after the end of the show. Joe was rushed to the infirmary inside the Tower with Allie. Was sort of romantic how they would be in the infirmary togther.. While I was in no mood to be around anyone, I put on a brave face and celebrated with them. They deserved to celebrate. It was a big night for us. As a unit we came out strong. Michelle knocked out her niece and Joeís future wife, my future sister-in-law, Allison Riggs-Montuori. We went toe-to-toe with the Cure and fYa. Dane Preston didnít stand a chance against us. Neither did Murphy. We showed out. Stuck up for each other and had each otherís backs. I was proud of how we performed. Let me know I wasnít wrong bringing the three of us together. Especially after all the drama that went down between Joe and Michelle. And Michelle hates TK. And who can forget me finishing as a runner-up. Oh so close..

After a few bottles of some fancy champagne Joe had waiting, TK and Michelle went on their way. Leaving me with my thoughts.. So I sat in my locker room, drinking and icing my fists, while replaying Blood Money over and over again. Holy fuck, Iíve never thrown so many punches in one night. Not in a decade at least. And my face. I got popped good. And didnít help that Dickie stomped my head in.. The sheer chaos of the night. Even as I re-watch Blood Money again, the night is still a blur. Moments throughout the show where I see myself and I have no recollection. Itís like seeing parts of the night for the first time. A bit eerie. I try and dissect every moment, every step. Trying to make sense of the night. Trying to figure out where I went wrong. But as I drink more and more, it all starts to mesh together. A haze. A fog I canít see through. It just becomes† a blur on the screen as I fall deeper into my thoughts..

Sometime into the early morning I finally ran out of liquor. My body ached as I got up from the recliner Iíd sat in for hours. Hopefully this wasnít going to be the format for every show. No way my body could take a match like that every week. I didnít like getting hurt. Not like B, he loved that shit. Loved the taste of his own blood. Iím too pretty for that..

I somehow find my way out of Hearst Tower and onto 8th Ave just as the sun is starting to rise. The streets are just beginning to stir as I stagger my way south towards Hudson Street. Going over the events of Blood Money in my head over and over. Maybe if I hadnít exerted so much energy on Dane Preston, I wouldíve had more in the tank against Dickie. He played it smart. He laid low, making sure not to get dragged into all of the bullshit. Heís a fresh face in FIGHT!, so he was lucky he didnít bring in a bunch of beef. Iíve battled most of the current roster for a year now, not really settling any of the issues I had. Just creating more problems with people. Seems like I havenít been able to shake Apathy and her band of misfits all year. And Dane being salty because he lost his family to Joe. Buddy had to go and recruit a Fagan. That whole Riggs family could never stand on their own two feet, always searching out top talent so they could ride their coattails.. What if I actually took my training regime more seriously? Or even had a training regime? When was the last time I hit a gym? Iím so used to being stuck in the mid-card, used to getting by on my natural talent. Thatís not going to cut it anymore, not if I wanna rep that BIG DOG STATUS I keep claiming. Itís time to take this seriously if Iím going to finally get up to the next level in my career. Fun and games are over..

I finally arrive to the building, 44 Hudston Street. Still crazy that I inherited a building. I got a dope ass crib in the Hills of Hollywood, but itís not a building in Manhattan. Thatís some next level Fagan Clan shit.

I let myself in and ride the elevator up to the 5th floor. That was too easy, anyone could just stroll in. Good thing I have the Cousins coming in today.. All the lights were still off. Madison must still be asleep. And my cousin Alessandra Montuori, who I just brought up from South Jersey to be my assistant/watch Madison when I had business to handle. Sheís a smart girl but lived in South Jersey. Going nowhere fast. So Joe and I talked and decided to bring her up. I pulled some strings and got her into Columbia. So sheíll be working part-time with me while going part-time at Columbia with the hope that she eventually gets her law degree. Building an empire here, we need to start investing in our future..

I quickly shower, no way did I want Madison to see me like this. Blood, mine and who knows who elseís, caked to me. Caked to my beautiful hair. I definitely had to Vidal Sasoon it.. As Iím putting on my sweet ass robe, I know I have to move on from my loss, or at least look like I have. I couldnít let Madison see me pouting. I had to put a smile on my face. So thatís what I did. I put on a huge smile and started cooking breakfast. Madison always wakes up hungry and grouchy.. I turn on the TV in the kitchen to the FIGHT! Network, seeing Denzel Porter talking about Blood Money. About how I had it in the bag. Until I didnít. Well no shit. I mute the TV just as Madison walks into the kitchen.

“Good morning,” I say, all enthusiastic as fuck. Madison looks annoyed as she crosses the room and sits at the kitchen counter.

“Ugh, why are you so happy?”

“Itís a new fucking day! The sun is shining, the cars are honking. What a great day to be alive.”

“Ew gross. Does this have anything to do with when you disappeared for a few days last week?”

“Disappeared? I didnít disappear. I was around. You hungry? I made eggs, bacon, sausage and some fruit.”

“Whatever. And Iím vegan. You know this. I told you like a million times.”

“Duh, all the food is vegan,” I say as I put a plate down in front of her.

“When did you learn to cook vegan?”

“I took a few cooking classes while you were at your grandparents. Figured since it seems like youíre going to be sticking around for a bit, I should probably learn how to cook so we didnít live off of takeout,” I say as I see a slight smile come across her face. She quickly realizes sheís smiling and wipes it off her face. But too late, I already saw it.

“So whatís the plan for today?” she asks while she takes her first bite. She chews cautiously at first before realizing I got skills in the kitchen.

“Putting the last finishing touches on the building. You should be meeting TK and GOAT and Pierre later today too.”

“A middle-aged man that plays video games and hangs out with an oompa loompa that talks to a goat. This should be fun,” she says, all snarky and shit.

“No need for snarky comments. Heís a good dood. And uh, there was something else I think we should do today.”


“Yeah. If youíre going to be living here, youíre going to have to go to school. None of that online bullshit. Real school. And thereís a couple private schools in the area.”


“Yeah, private. No kid of mine is going to some janky PS 420 or whatever the fuck. I have a tour lined up for us later today. Itís like a block down the street.”


“OK, I can work with a maybe,” I say. At this point, Iíve learned you have to be diplomatic. You canít just go dictating orders, thatís one way to get a guaranteed Ďfuck youí right back to you. “Foodís good right?”

Thatís when Iím interrupted by the gawd awful buzzing signaling someoneís downstairs. Right when I had her cornered, no way she wouldnít be able to compliment the food. She was smashing. As I stood there, waiting for her answer, the buzzer goes off again. She motions for me to get it. She thinks sheís slick. Like I canít outwait a pesky Jehovah Witness. Nah bruh, I donít wanna hear about your kingdom.. And there goes that horrible buzzer again. They were supposed to upgrade the system, I wanted some eye retina scans and palm print readers. But Iíd settle for it to be connected to my phone so I wouldnít have to stop what I was doing to hike across the floor to the intercom.

“Waddya want?” I say into the intercom. Static for a few seconds before I hear a familiar voice crackle through.

“Paolo! Sono io, Flavio. E Vincenzo,” a gravelly voice says over the intercom. I buzz them up. Wait, did I tell Madison about them? Donít want to freak her out with two doods just showing up. She’s already on edge over Alessandra A little too late now. Fuck it, ride with it. I hear the elevator doors open as out steps my cousins Flavio and Vincenzo. Two tough guappos fresh off the boat. These guys have seen and done their fair share of dirt. Which is half the reason why theyíre here, other is to make sure no one does me dirty while Iím in the City.

They give the typical Italian kiss on each side. I still find it weird. I donít know where their lips have been. I lead them into the kitchen as Madison looks up confused.

“Who are these two?” She asks. Wait, whereís her plate? Did she eat all of the food? Bruh, sheíll never admit it now. Probably lie and say she couldnít finish it all. I know the truth tho. P. Monty got skills in the kitchen. Shoutout to Todrick for the tips.. “Hello?”

“Oh uh.. These are my cousins, which make them your second cousins? Or your first cousins, twice removed? I don’t really know..”

“Why are they here?”

“Theyíre going to be here for a while. Helping to look over the place. Keep you safe.”

“This is weird.”

“Itís not,” I say. Please donít argue with me in front of them. Better say something before she does. “Flavio, Vincenzo, questa e mia figlia Madison. Madison, this is Flavio and Vincenzo.”

“You speak Italian?”

“Duh, Iím Italian.”

“I thought you were one of those Jersey Shore Italians.”

“How dare you.”

“Please donít tell me theyíre living here too. Itís bad enough you invited your stoner friend and your cousin from South Jersey.”

“Youíre from Jersey.”

“Not from South Jersey.”

“Whatís the difference?”

“Ew, donít be gross.”

“Whatever, and I already told you before, TK isnít a stoner. Or at least I donít think he is. I never really asked.. He enjoys his adult beverage with a Jolly Rancher once in a while. Nothing wrong with that.”

“So where are they staying?”

“If your nosey ass must know, I got them an apartment down the street.”

“Wait, first you fly them here from Italy, give them jobs and now youíre paying for their apartment?”

“Are you the one with the bread? I didnít think so. Start bringing in some chips and then you can tell me how I can spend mines.”

“Whatever, go play with your weird cousins. Iím going to take Piggie Smalls on the roof. Bye losers,” she says as she walks out of the kitchen. My cousins look confused as they stand around awkwardly.

“Vuoi mangiare?” I ask, pointing toward the food. They nod approvingly and sit down.

And what a breakfast that was. My Italianís rusty. Ever since Mom passed, I haven’t had any use for it. Kinda shied away from it. She was the one that kept me speaking it. So who knows what I said to Flavio and Vincenzo. Iím sure I said something inappropriate, at one point they gave me the look Michelle always gives me. That ĎYou dumb fuckí look. But I know she loves me. Sheís the best. So I let it slide.. I was able to hash out business with them. They would be in charge of security for the entire enterprise. Make sure one of them is with us at all times. Well, with Madison. She just doesnít know it yet. These guys are going to be fucking ninjas, Italian Ninjas. Hide in plain sight. Usually I live a thousand miles away from wherever I conduct my business. But living in New York, and being in FIGHT!, based in New York. Shitís too close to home. I talk too much shit. Joe talks too much shit. But itís not really about me anymore. I canít risk anything happening to Madison over some dumb shit I started. I donít want her to end up like a Fagan. That family has been through the ringer..

After breakfast I found myself standing outside of Dynasty Headquarters, that’s what I’m calling it. That is until I find a cooler name. Anyway, Iím standing, watching workers and movers come in and out of the building, putting the finishing touches on the place. The moment I found out it was mine, it hit me what this building needed to be. A place for Dynasty to come together and become that cohesive unit we need to be. To learn and grow with each other in a suitable environment. Tommy Kain is a new wheel in the cog. We were able to come together at Blood Money, but we werenít as a cohesive unit as we could have been. None of us came out the winner.. Not being a cohesive unit was the problem with Focus. We were in a group together, but at times it didnít feel like we were on the same page. And after seeing how everyone showed up at Blood Money, thereís no time to waste in getting us firing on all cylinders. Itís a luxury we donít have with the amount of talent thatís found its way into FIGHT!. This isnít OPW anymore. FIGHT! is making all of us step up our games. Shit, Vinnie Black stepped his game up and got married to Vhodka. That lucky bitch.. Vhodka Black sounds cool. Not as cool as Allison Montuori-Riggs. Now thatís a dope ass name..

“Not bad. Congrats,” I hear Michelle say. I look over my left shoulder and sheís magically standing there. Wait, did she just say congrats? Did Michelle just say something nice to me? Am I living in the Twilight Zone? Is she finally starting to respect me and be nice?

“Congrats? Really? Thatís nice of y..”

“Yeah, congrats on your mom dying and leaving you a multi-million dollar property,” she says as she sips from a Starbucks cup in her hand. She smiles behind the cup and hands me one.

“Annnnnd there it is. Nice to see you too.” And as quickly as I thought she was finally starting to show her nice side itís quickly gone. I knew Michelle couldnít just say something nice and leave it at that. But I saw right through her. She loves me and she thinks this place is amazing. “Thanks.”

“Figured you needed it after last night. By the amount of alcohol you consumed last night, you didnít seem too happy.”

“Are you crazy? I was stoked. We showed everyone we werenít a joke. We dominated Blood Money. We..”

“Come on Paul, I saw it in your eyes. I know how much winning meant to you. I know you saw Blood Money as a fresh start for you. But youíll get another shot. Youíre the best thing going in FIGHT!, everyone knows it. Even if they donít want to admit it.”

“I appreciate that.. Looks like you took a beating last night,” I say as I brush the hair from her face, revealing bruising.

“Another day at the office,” she says. Always acting tough.

“You know, I put rooms on the 4th floor. Youíre more than welcome to stay here.”

“Yeah no. I donít need to catch any bedbugs from staying at your place.”

“Bed bugs? I had this building cleaned from top to bottom. And you think Iím going to find a mattress on the side of the road? All memory foam all day bay bay.”

“Yeah Iím good. What are you doing with the rest of the floors?”

“Glad you asked. This first floor is a retail space where we can sell our merch and hold fan events. Iíve already filled it with some of my dope ass merch and Joeís sending some of his ĎDickless Daneí shirts. TK should be bringing some of his stuff when he comes. Thereís also a studio in the back so youíre able to cut some promos. Second floor I put up a ring, a gym with some showers and a sauna. Third floor is the party floor with a huge bar, DJ booth and a stripper pole. Get you up there showing off your moves.”

“Gross, I would never.”

“Never sober.. Fourth floor will be the living quarters for whoever wants to crash and the fifth floor is where Maddy and I are living.”

“Whereís Maddy by the way? I got something for her.”

“Inside. Bossing people around.”

“Ata girl.”

“You want a tour?”

“From you? No thanks, Iíll have Maddy show me around. Whoís that creep?”

“Creep?” I knew exactly who she was asking about. Flavio was being a horrible Italian Ninja. He was leaning up against the building, smoking a cigarette. Five minutes on the job and heís already taking a smoke break.

“That guy, smoking the cigarette, like a creep,” Michelle says, making it a point to make sure I knew she was talking about Flavio.

“Oh him, thatís my cousin. Flavio. And heís not a creep.”

“Wait, your cousin? As in, a Montuori?”

“Yeah, Flavio Montuori. He comes from my fatherís side.”

“Oh no, please tell me thereís no more.”

“Well, his brother Vincenzo is around here somewhere.”

“Please gawd no.”

“And my cousin Alessandra is upstairs.”

“The Montuoriís are multiplying like Riggsí,” she says with a groan. Such a hater. Wait..

“Arenít you a Riggs?”

“Donít remind me,” she says just as ĎLa Cucharachaí begins to blare from a horn. We look over to see TKís Winnebango pull up. “And thatís my cue.”

“Where you going? Stay, letís give Tommy a warm welcome.”

“Hard pass,” she says as she limps into the building.

I turn myself to the Winnebango as the door opens up. Tommy Kain comes stepping off, followed by GOAT and Pierre.

“TK, ya made it,” I say.

“Damn right I did muchacho,” he says. We have that awkward moment where one of us goes in for the hug while the other goes for the dap. Then the other tries to hug while the other daps. We end up just shaking hands.

“Weíll work on that.. So welcome to Dynasty Headquarters. I set aside a room for you and for Pierre. More than welcome to stay or sleep in the Winnebango. Joe took care of the parking situation, you can keep it parked out front as long as you like. Also put up some grass on the roof for GOAT. And thereís a park right around the corner if he wants to stretch his legs.”

“The hospitality is very much appreciated,” Pierre says as he holds out his hand. I shake it and give him a slap on the back. I look over to Alessandra walking up.

“Excuse me fellas,” I say as I turn to Alessandra.

“Remember, you have the tour with Madison in an hour. The movers have also moved all of your stuff onto the 5th floor. Everything has been unpacked except for the boxes in your office that you said you would take care of.”

“Thank you. Do me a favor, show TK, Pierre and GOAT around,” I say as I turn to TK. “Tommy, this is my assistant Alessandra. Sheís going to show you guys around. I have to go be a parent. If you need anything, ask her.”

“Will do,” TK says as he turns his attention to Alessandra. “Well nice to meet you senorita.”


“GOAT says hey too,” I hear TK say as I walk back into the building..

The tour was better than expected. Madison actually liked the Portfolio School to my surprise. She really dug the electives they offered. For $40k a year, they better have some dope ass electives. For $40k they better uh.. I got nothing.. But I was just happy the school was mere blocks away. I wouldnít have to worry about her being far away at school. So I got her enrolled, which was easier than I thought.

I find myself in my office, unpacking a box of pictures while Madison plays with Piggie Smalls in a chair across from my desk. Itíd been a fun day. Iíd completely forgotten about Blood Money until I started to unbox some of my stuff..

“Sorry about last night,” Madison finally says.


“Michelle told me you took the loss pretty hard.”

“Did she? Michelle always had a big mouth.”

“Sheís just worried about you. I am too,” she says. I nearly drop the frame Iím hanging. Sheís worried about me?

“You donít have to be worried about me. Iím a big boy. Iíve dealt with bigger losses in my life,” I say as I hang up the frame. Madison looks over my shoulder at it.

“Wait, you have a Ph.D. in Political Science from Columbia?”


“So, youíre like a Doctor?”

“Yeah, why do you sound so surprised?”

“You donít seem like the studious type.”

“Your Grandmother made me promise that if I was going into the family business, that I needed a backup plan.”

“Family business? Like the Mafia?”

“Mafia? No, well, sort of. I was talking about professional wrestling. Your Grandfather was George ĎThe Animalí Montuori, the most famous wrestler of his time in all of New York City,” I say as I show her a picture of him in the middle of a ring in Madison Square Garden. “People used to come from all five boroughs to see him battle in the ring.”

Thereís a knock on the door as Alessandra comes in.

“Do you have a minute to go over your schedule for the week?” She asks.

“Yeah, what do we got?”

“The contractor will be here tomorrow to finalize everything. Heíll be expecting the rest of his pay. I spoke with your accountant, heíll be sending over a check. Cousin Giuseppe will be here tomorrow from Staten Island.”

“Which one is that?”

“Uncle Marco,” she says. I have no clue. “The one with the eye.”

“Ah, Uncle Marcoís kid. Why didnít you say so? Whatís he going to be doing?”

“Heís going to be your driver from now on. I know you said youíre tired of taking Ubers and Lyfts. Flavio is going to pick him up from the train station. They want to know if you want a car sent over from California from your garage or youíd like something different.”

“Let me think about that and Iíll get back to you. What else you got?”

“Thursday you have the gym session with Alexis Hunter and her trainer at 11.”

“Wait, the Alexis Hunter from that bar? With the butt?” Madison says. I wave her off as she laughs.

“You also have some confessionals you have to film for Moment In Life: NY. Iím working with the producers to schedule filming around your match on Saturday.”

“I have a match Saturday? Already?”

“Yes. I was told the card came with this package,” She says as she sets a box on my desk. “Itís from FIGHT!. It was just dropped off by a courier.”

“Thanks Alessandra,” I say as she nods and walks out. Madison stands up and picks up the package.

“What do you think it is?”

“I donít know. Why donít you open it?”

“Really?” She asks, excitedly. Before Iím able to nod, sheís ripping off the outside packaging. She pulls out a flyer and an envelope. She hands me the flyer and rips open the envelope pulling out a letter. She starts to read it as I look down at the flyer.

Venom #1, Live on FIGHT! Network on July 17th. This Saturday. Theyíre not messing around. Young fella Amari gotta shot for the Brooklyn Championship. Looks like heís impressed management. Iím not surprised. I was big on the kid the first time I saw him in F2B. But not in a sexual way like that dood Miles with the gossip column thinks. I can appreciate talent. And that kid has talent. Itís only a matter of time before he really blows up.. P. Mont vs Vincent Black.. Holy fuck.. P. Mont vs Vincent Black. Ay, weíre about to break the Internet..

“Itís some letter from Xavier Wolf. Thanking you for coming over to FIGHT! And for your performance at Blood Money,” she says, unimpressed. What? A thank you letter? Whatís that?

“Let me see that,” I say as I grab the letter from her. And Iíll be damned, it is a letter from Xavier Wolf. And heís thanking me for coming over to FIGHT!, that Iíve helped bring more prestige to the promotion. And heís thanking me for my performance at Blood Money. For putting it all on the line. Telling me I had a great showing and was excited to see what Iím going to continue to bring.. Wow, I donít know what to say. Iím speechless..

“Are you crying?” I hear Madison ask. I blink as a teardrop hits the letter. I quickly wipe it away and look up.

“Nah, allergies.”

“Yeah right, youíre crying. Why? Do you secretly love this Xavier guy? Michelle told me you two are secretly BFFís when no ones looking. That you have a crush on him. That you even kissed him.”

“Thatís the other brother.”

“The other brother?”

“Yeah, X is the one Iím supposedly secretly BFFís with. Vincent Black is the brother people think I have a crush on.”

“Why would they think you had a crush on him?”

“Well, because we kissed.”

“What? You really did kiss..”

“Look, itís a long story. Maybe for another time..”

“So youíre crying over your love of Xavier Wolf and Vincent Black? Iím pretty sure that incest.”

“Iím not in love, infatuated ma.. Look, theyíre great guys and.. I donít have to explain myself.. And so what? I got a little emotional. Sue me.”

“But why?”

“Does it matter?”

“To me it does,” she says. I canít believe Iím about to open up to a little girl..

“OK so, uh.. I sort of, never have, had anyone really thank me for anything. Never had anyone tell me theyíve appreciated me. Appreciate what I bring to the table. Not in a very long time at least.”

“What? Are you serious?”

“I wasnít always this super nice guy. I spent a big part of my life being angry, carrying a huge chip on my shoulder. I carried that into the business. It got worse when my brother screwed me against your Uncle Strat when I was barely out of puberty. I didnít trust anyone so I took that out on everyone. I was a huge dick. I thought I was better than everyone. I alienated myself, and didn’t trust anyone. I treated everyone like shit, it didnít matter who you were, other wrestlers and management alike. I burned every bridge I crossed, leaving a scorched Earth. I thought I was invincible. But I wasnít..”

“So youíre emotional because someone thanked you?”

“Itís not just that. It sort of represents how far Iíve come. Iíve said and done a lot of horrible things when I was younger. Things I regret. And I donít know if I want to be that guy anymore. I know I still have tons of work to do on myself, but itís a sign that I definitely made the right decision.”

“Right decision about what?” Oh boy, here we go..

“The decision not to run out of my lawyerís office that day when he told me I was your dad. The decision to stay. The decision to bring you home with me to LA. And the decision to move back to New York with you. For you. The decision to be your dad,” I wipe another tear from my face. Oh gawd, sheís going to think Iím such a ho. Paul Montuoriís not supposed to cry. Iím supposed to be strong, a fucking GOAT, Big Dog.. I finally look up, bracing myself to see Madison pointing and laughing in my face. Instead I see tears in her eyes. She comes around the desk as I stand up. She hugs me. Iím unsure of what to do next. So I do what my mom wouldíve done in a situation like this. I hug her back. Tightly.

“Iím glad you made the right decision too.. Dad.” Holy fuck. She called me Dad. I lose it. The floodgates open. Are these tears of happiness? Is that such a thing? I donít think Iíve ever cried tears of joy. Honestly, I donít think I can say Iíve ever really been.. Happy. Not for a long time. Not since Mom died. All the drugs, all the women, all these years, searching for this feeling. Searching for the warmth Iím feeling coursing through my body. At this moment, I can honestly say.. IíM HAPPY..

She finally pulls away as I turn my back to her, trying to wipe the tears and snot bubbles from my face.

“Yeah, so I got work to do,” I try to say, trying to choke back the tears.

“Me too,” she says, sounding worse than me. She hurries out of my office, closing the door behind me. I sit down and wipe my face dry with some tissues. Weird, Iíve never used tissues for tears, always just for cleanup..

And I ruined the moment..

I put the letter from X back into the envelope and stick it in one of the desk drawers. I pick back up the flyer and suddenly Iím brought back to reality.


Only one thing I can do in a situation like this. I pick up a remote from the desk and activate the camera, which comes down from the ceiling as my face suddenly fills the 90″ TV on the wall across from me. On some baller ass shit. I look down at the flyer again, taking a deep breath before pushing record.

Usually I start these things with a sort of, recap of whatís happened. Go over what been going on in the life of Paul Montuori. But I think Iím going to switch things up. Blood Money is over, Dickie Watson is the Empire Champion. Congrats kid, you earned my respect.. But that was last night, the past. I canít change the past. I canít redo that fight. So whatís the point of dwelling on it? Itís a new day and Iíve got a new mantra. Sort of more like a new lease on life. Eh, I donít think one statement fully covers how awesome Paul Montuori has become..

So weíre on to the next. Back at Hearst Tower for Venom on Saturday night. And bruh, guess who your boy is facing? Vincent Black himself.. This is a momentous occasion. Paul Montuori vs Vincent Black. A match for the fucking ages. Once in a lifetime. Two of the best in the business right now going at it. This is what FIGHT! is all about. Bringing the best of the best and making them compete. Has this match ever happened? I really donít know. I was on a lot of drugs back then. Thereís always different people coming up to me, talking about how they beat me. Sure Riggs, sure you beat me. And Joe isnít taking your daughter from Dane Preston..

But before I go any further, I want to clear up one thing. Ya know, with this opportunity in FIGHT!, itís like having a fresh start. And before I can make that fresh start, thereís something I have to address. And Vinnie, I know weíve talked about this, but I think everyone should hear..

I never meant any disrespect towards Vinís relationship with Vhodka. When I first took off that mask, I was way too eager to reestablish the Paul Montuori brand, to get all the attention back on me. Itíd been so long, nobody outside of a handful even knew who I was. I was a relic, a has-been, washed up. A flake. I hadnít shown my face in public in over a decade. Not that I didnít want to, nobody wanted to see me. Years after the incident at the Academy Awards, people were still hurling insults at me when they saw me on the street. I couldnít go anywhere, hence the reason for the lucha mask. It was the only way I could work again.. So I remember watching you going through your issues with coming clean with Voodoo over your love affair with Vhodka, and you professing your love for Vhodka. And thinking the world needed the old dick Paul Montuori, I thought itíd be a great idea to try and interject myself into your relationship. In a pitiful attempt to get more eyes on me. Boy did I fail miserably..

I think I started off easy, like telling Vhodka to come holla at me. Usually shade, youíre married so she deserves better. But you had to go and no-sell. So I started ramping it up, the more you completely ignored my comments, the more outrageous I got. Next thing I knew, I was professing my undying love for her. Having hallucinations of her. No offense, but sheís not really my type. I like ass. Even though sheís been hitting them squats lately.. I dug myself a hole I couldnít get myself out of. People truly thought I was in love with her. My brother Joe even thought I was in love with her. Vhodka even thought I was in love with her. She tried to be all nice and let me down easy. “I can see us being friends.” Ha, bruh, embarrassed the fuck out of myself, all for what? The wrong kind of attention? Nah, itís dumb Vinnie. After everything, you deserved better from me. With that being said, Iím sorry Vinnie if you ever felt disrespected by any of my antics. Vhodka too..

But it wasnít all terrible. If it wasnít for my ridiculousness, I wouldnít have gotten cool with Vhodka. As weird as it is, we sort of became homies. Wait, am I breaking kayfabe? Does that exist in FIGHT!? I think at this point it doesnít matter. The pics of us doing the Tootside Slide at Todrick and Austinís wedding are bound to come out.. And of course, more importantly, WE WOULDNíT HAVE SHARED THAT KISS

Oh, how dreamy that kiss was. For that moment, I knew how Drew Barrymore felt when she finally got her first kiss with the English teacher. So magical. So romantic.. And whatís some bullshit is I wasnít on my A game. I just woke up, my breath wasnít so fresh. I was hungover. Caught completely off guard. If I wouldíve known, I 100% wouldíve rocked his world. He wouldíve been like “Vhodka who?” Wait, here I am talking about this magical kiss and some of you have never seen. Letís roll the footage..

Freaky Friday, But Freaky As Fuck – 4-28-2021 – Outlaw Pro Wrestling

Paul nervously walks up to Vin and tries to give him a peck on the lips. Vin grabs him close again and shoves his tongue down his throat. For a moment, Paul seems to be enjoying the kiss before he opens his eyes and sees Vin. He shoves Vin off of him.

You learn a new trick with your tongue?

(horrible high pitch voice)
I uh.. Was watching TED Talks last night. I wanted to surprise you..

Let me see that trick again.

(horrible high pitch voice)
You really have to go. Later tonight, I promise you, you uh. Sweet, sexy thang you.


Paul shoos Vin out of the apartment, closing the door behind him as Vin attempts to protest. Paul leans on the door, breathing a sigh of relief.

(horrible high pitch voice)
Now I see why everyone thinks heís such a dreamboat..

Is it hot in here, or is it just me? Wow.. How else can I say it? Youíre just so.. Amazing. And wonderful. And beautiful. You give me a run for my money as being the best looking in FIGHT!. No one even comes close to us. Could you imagine the babies we could make? Well, not could, because itís sort of impossible. Right? Is it though? Iíll have to look into that..

Sorry to break the news to everyone. Thereís no hate between Vincent Black and I. No hate with his family. Except for his brother Kal, fuck that guy. Heís always been a dick. And I guess Murphy has to hate me now, running with WEAK ASS DANE PRESTON Poor guy. Getting dragged into something he has nothing to do with. Daneís losing his marriage to Joe so he has to bring everyone into it. Weak..

But this isnít about Dane, itís about you boo boo. Alright that was too far..

Letís go out there and do the damn thing. Itís been a long time coming anyway. Iíve been back from hiatus a year now, surprised this is the first time weíre getting it on. Again, that was too far. Seriously though, the first match between us in gawd knows how long. And unfortunately for you, Iím going to pick up that Dub. Dub Dub. Ay, you donít have to feel bad about it. You know the real Paul Montuori, you know what you should really expect come Saturday. You know weíre going to break the Internet. This is what the people want. TWO BIG DOGS BATTLING Holy fuck I got chills just thinking about how fucking dope Venom is going to be. The show these fucks are going to get. No disrespect to Amari, I got love for the young fella,but everyone knows WHAT THE REAL MAIN EVENT IS

Wait, what if you hate me? Come out and bash me. Oh, how my heart would ache..

“Dad, your cousins are going nuts,” I hear Madison say as I look up to see her standing in the doorway.

“Waddya mean?”

“Something about Italy winning. Theyíre watching some soccer game.”

“Oh shit. Italy won? Suck it England!”

Vinnie Black, letís make history..

I turn off the camera. I really should get like a cool hand gesture whenever Iím done. Itíd totally enhance the whole Paul Montuori package..