Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.Ē

By: Amari Kent

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 30th Jul 2021

“It just wasnít that long ago when things were different.”



The scene opens up inside of Amari and Alexis’ apartment they share together, Alexis is shown sitting on the couch with Amari in between her legs on the floor, heís looking down hiding the tears from his eyes while Alexis runs her fingers through his unbraided hair.†

ALEXIS HUNTER: Iím so sorry that ever happened to you baby, iím really speechless right now and donít know what to say.†

Amari sat there silent, there were so many words he wanted to express but for some reason the words couldnít leave the tip of his tongue.†

ALEXIS HUNTER: But Iíll do whatever I need to do to make sure you heal baby, I promise you that I will always be here for you.†

AMARI KENT: I didnít know how you would react or if you would still want to be with me, sometimes I feel so broken and I struggle with some much internally that the only thing that keeps me happy is the wrestling and you, with wrestling I can let out all that aggression while with you I find the comfort and peace within my soul, I know it sounds crazy.†

ALEXIS HUNTER: No baby, it sounds perfectly fine and I agree with you wholeheartedly. I always knew you struggled with some demons, but what kind of girlfriend would I be if I didnít stand by your side and help you not only get over those demons but deal with them along the way.††

AMARI KENT: My life is all fucked up right now.†

ALEXIS HUNTER: No it isnít babe, think of me as your peace and the reason why you want to succeed. And lets not forget you might be a father so that’s an even better reason to want to let all that shit go in the past and move on.†

AMARI KENT: I thought I did when I first got away from Dante but it seems like everywhere I go this fool pops up, how the hell does he know Iím in Atlanta?

ALEXIS HUNTER: You arenít really discreet about your location boo, I mean you always post your club popups on social media so if heís stalking your social media then heís going to find out where you are, maybe you should chill with that.†

AMARI KENT: Thatís how I make my side money. You know that, if Iím hosting at someone’s spot then I gotta post it to attract the people, how do you think we live like this?

Alexis can feel Amariís body tense up, she shakes her head at the thought of him thinking she was being negative when she was only trying to help. She pushes his head forward like if she was mushing him from the back.

ALEXIS HUNTER: Well if you’re scared then hire security, Iím only trying to help.†

AMARI KENT: Iím not scared so you can kill that noise, but heís talking about he got damaging information that could possibly put in me in jail and right now my career is booming, heís fucking jealous.†

ALEXIS HUNTER: So pay him something and get him out of our lives with his ole dusty crusty teeth looking ass.†

AMARI KENT: Iím not paying him shit, all this money is mine.


AMARI KENT: Yeah that’s what I mean.†

ALEXIS HUNTER: Mmmhmm, I caught that, it’s cool though because I make my own money so I really donít need yours.†

AMARI KENT: Ah so you’re about to make this about you and turn it into an argument, can we have one day where it doesnít turn into a fucking argument.†

ALEXIS HUNTER: You’re the one getting mad, Iím not.†

AMARI KENT: Just forget about it. I donít want to talk about it anymore.

ALEXIS HUNTER: Ok then well Iím about to go shopping because the energy in this room just shifted that quick and I donít like it

AMARI KENT: Yeah do what you do best and thatís spend money.

ALEXIS HUNTER: Fuck you Amari.

Alexis jumps up from the couch knocking Amariís head forward, she grabs her purse and heads out the door slamming it behind her leaving Amari still sitting on the floor shaking his head in disgust.

AMARI KENT: Man fuck that hoe.

The scene fades.

“”Winning is not a sometime thing; it’s an all time thing. You don’t win once in a while, you don’t do things right once in a while, you do them right all the time. Winning is a habit.”



NORTH WYNTERS: Baby Iím ready, I got the camera set up and everything, we gotta make this one good.†

The scene opens up inside of Amari and North buckhead home, North is shown setting up the camera with the perfect lighting ready to shoot Amariís promo. Amari makes his way out of the bathroom and kisses North first before positioning himself in front of the camera.†

AMARI KENT: Remember babe donít say too much because everyone thinks you’re doing all the talking for me, I guess they canít handle a real supportive woman behind them so theyíre jealous of me and the relationship we share..

The two laugh.†

AMARI KENT: But you might as well get used to it because if my girl wants to jump on the mic or in front of the camera then sheís going to do it. I know it hurts some of yíall in the back knowing you canít have a chick like North.

NORTH WYNTERS: Itís jealousy baby.

AMARI KENT: But onto important matters, on Venom I get the chance to get some revenge on poor Apathy, she was lucky enough to eliminate me at Blood Money but on Venom she wonít be so lucky.

NORTH WYNTERS: Teach that HOE a lesson BABY.†

AMARI KENT: And thatís exactly what I plan on doing, listen Apathy I can already hear the echoes of your promo talking about how you beat me and made sure I didnít make it to the end but I donít respect how you went about things, after I dropped Valkyrie, my attention was set on Druscilla who of course was mad because I eliminated her little friend, I get it but thatís just how the game goes. Apathy knew my attention was on Druscilla but she took advantage and thatís the only reason why you eliminated me.

Amari starts to clap.

AMARI KENT: I applaud you though, you did what you needed to do to try and win the match but sadly just like me you walked out a loser. But here we are facing one on one at Venom, for me itís sweet revenge and for you itíll be another loss to add to the list. You see, my goal as the Brooklyn Champion is to win, title or non title. I plan on showing the world that NEXT BIGGEST SUPERSTAR is a threat.†

North walks over to Amari and hands him the Brooklyn Championship, he looks at it and a smirk grows across his face.†

AMARI KENT: You see this Apathy, this right here proves that all the hard work Iíve put in finally paid off, this right here is a fuck you to all the haters and the nonbelievers in the back and the outside world. This right here proves that Iím ready to take on anyone that thinks they can test my “gangsta” and if you donít understand that then you will after beat you on Venom.†

NORTH WYNTERS: I feel bad for baby girl, she shouldnít have knucked because she should have known you were going to buck back.

Amari shrugs.

AMARI KENT: Some of them are still delusional, they donít believe I have what it takes to be here even after winning this title. Apathy has been quiet though, maybe she doesnít have much to say because she knows she fucked up when she came after me at Blood Money, the only thing I can say is that she better be on point because Iím not holding back.

NORTH WYNTERS: And let the haters know Iíll be ringside cheering you on and if anyone has a problem they can suck my whole asshole.

North chuckles and Amari just shakes his head but in a playful manner, he tosses his belt back to North who places it over her shoulder.

AMARI KENT: This Amari reign just wonít let up and it got a lot of yíall disappointed, dudes like Austin and Mason stressing out, I know you two thought you could bring me down but here I am still standing and a CHAMPION.

Amari chuckles.

AMARI KENT: Then you got dudes like Samuel Chatman who I practically begged to face me one on one, and to be honest I looked up to dude and his ability to compete, once I stepped back in the ring I wanted that opportunity to not only show him but the world that I had what it takes to fight with the big dogs. He declined because he felt like I wasnít good enough, but clearly I proved that wrong, call me cocky but I know what Iím worth and what I can do when it comes to wrestling.

NORTH WYNTERS: Tell them baby.

AMARI KENT: And Apathy is just my next victim on my list to greatness, and at Venom Iíll leave the winner and Iíll sit back and watch my name leave yíall dick suckers, meaning yíallís mouths.


The two laugh and North stops the recording, she walks over to Amari and the two embrace, she raises his shirt and starts rubbing on his chest and the make out session continues as the scene fades.


“Are you scared? ‘Cause I am, too

This fear in my head

Has been there for too long

We sleep now with the light on

But shadows make shapes in the light

And I don’t know what they might be

I’m trying, I’m just trying to be brave”


“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.”



Bronx, NY

Gianniís AirBnB

The scene opens up inside of Gianniís Airbnb, Gianni is shown wearing just a pair of Versace briefs and a chain, heís nervously sitting on the edge of the couch as if heís waiting for something to happen, a few seconds go by and a knock is heard at the door. Gianni grabs both the wine glasses that were sitting on the counter and he rushes to the door, standing on the other side is Amari who stands there looking Gianni up and down.

AMARI KENT: Ummm, whatís going on here?

GIANNI AVANT: Come in silly, I wanted to celebrate you winning the Brooklyn championship, but I wanted us to celebrate alone.

AMARI KENT: Without North? I donít know if thatís a good idea bro.

GIANNI AVANT: Stop being a pussy and come in here.

At first Amari hesitates, Gianni hands him the glass and reaches for Amariís hand. Amari placed his hand in Gianniís and the two walked in.†

GIANNI AVANT: I know we all celebrated but I kind of wanted us to celebrate alone, itís like I never get any alone time with you without North being around.

AMARI KENT: Iím confused because I thought that was the plan, thatís what we all agreed too. You already know how I feel about anything solo happening between us, I need my chick to be involved.

The frustration grows in Gianni and it shows, for the longest time Gianni only put up with the three way relationship because it was his only way being close to Amari but he wanted Amari to himself. Gianni could tell Amari was a little nervous and that was the last thing he wanted him to feel.

GIANNI AVANT: Just drink some of the wine and relax, I promise I wonít take advantage of you even though I want to.

Gianni playfully rubs his hands up Amariís bare leg, almost hitting the top of his knee before Amari pushes Gianniís hand away.

AMARI KENT: If North ever found out that me and you messed around without, she would probably kill me. I just canít do that to her man, I love her too much.

GIANNI AVANT: You said that about Alexis and that didnít stop you from texting my phone.

AMARI KENT: I was texting you about my relationship, donít even try it man. I like how things are. I’m the ride right now and I donít need any unnecessary drama right now, I get Iím a hot commodity and everyone wants a piece of me but Iím only a one chick man.

GIANNI AVANT: With a supermodel dude as yíallís side piece, make it make sense.

AMARI KENT: It wasnít a problem in the beginning so it shouldnít be a problem now.

GIANNI AVANT: I think Iím catching feelings for you Amari.

AMARI KENT: Nah, that was never the plan.†

GIANNI AVANT: I canít help it.

AMARI KENT: Are we celebrating or are we going to sit here and be all sad and shit. I really donít know what you want me to say other than itís either we keep things the way they are or Iím going to have to cut all ties with you man, nothing is worth tearing my relationship with North apart.

Gianni doesnít say a word, he sits there silent for a second before taking a huge sip of his drink. He looks over at Amari whoís scrolling through social media admiring all his chocolateness. He wanted to pounce on Amari and give him all his goodies but he knew Amari wasnít having it.†

AMARI KENT: So, nothing to say?

Gianni shakes his head “No” before taking another sip.

AMARI KENT: I donít want you to be mad at me G, because I do like you, but I love North and thatís my girl.

GIANNI AVANT: I just feel like if you have these feelings than you should act on them, youíve been struggling with them for the longest and youíve finally found someone who might be opened with you exploring that side, I mean she did invite me into yíallís bedroom and we all have swapped some type of liquid with each other so I donít understand why we canít see what kind of magic me and you would make.

AMARI KENT: Liquid though?

GIANNI AVANT: You know what I mean, stop playing Amari. I want you!

Gianni leans over Amari resting his bare body against Amariís body, Gianni places his drink on the floor beside the couch and he leans in on Amari getting face to face with him, Gianni takes his fingers and rubs through Amariís hair before forcing his lips on Amari, for a second Amari kisses back but then pushes Gianni off of him.

AMARI KENT: You’re doing too much bruh.

Amari jumps up with his drink still in his hand and walks toward the door, he looks at Gianni who has a huge smirk on his face and he just shakes his head.†

AMARI KENT: Thatís foul bruh.

GIANNI AVANT: You liked it though, I can see it through your pants.

Amari shakes his head and opens the door storming out, the scene fades to black.