Doll X Parts

By: Anicka Swan

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 13th Aug 2021

I am doll eyes, doll mouth, doll legs
I am doll arms, big veins, dog beg

Yeah, they really want you
They really want you, they really do

Yeah, they really want you
They really want you and I do too

It’s late evening and on the 45th floor, inside a glass room there was a meeting going on with the Board of Swan Imports. There were a dozen men and women dressed in business suits sitting around the table, each one going over their monthly report as the “owner” of the company, Anicka Swan listened. She sat in her chair at the head of the table leaning back into it with her elbows on the arm rests, hands clasped in front of her. She was swiveling back and forth as she listened to everyone. She was dressed as businessy as you could get her with a short black skirt and a white button up shirt with the top three buttons unbuttoned revealing a generous helping on her cleavage. She no longer doodled on a note pad like she had before, but all meetings were recorded for transparency reasons now and it’s a good thing, because right now, Anicka’s mind was somewhere else.

Her thoughts were on Xavier and Le’Andra, when Chan called her and told her that there was a problem with the twins and that when Xavier and Le’Andra were ready to actually talk about it, they would. But until then, for her to stay away and give them some privacy. All he told her was that there was a complication with the twins that they were coming to terms with. Ani didn’t really know what that meant… complications. That could mean anything with babies. She had gone on the internet and seen some horrible things and she shuddered to think about anything like that happening to their babies… to her babies. She was taking her role of Godfather as serious as they came, VooDoo and Vincent had made her the “honorary” GodAni to their kids, but Anicka just felt this role this time was more serious. Maybe it was because she had been there when “it” all happened, but she felt something special for these two… as if they were somehow hers as well. She’d make a bargain with God, if he still listened to her, but she knew it would be a wasted breath if she tried asking him for something now. Maybe she will call her sister? Sister Mary-Butch was on speaking terms with him at least, maybe Ani can get her to switch her prayers for protecting Ani to prayers to protect the twins? Then again, maybe prayers were just wishful thinking for those who need to believe in something?

Her thoughts turned to Allison and Dane… Speaking of needing some prayers, what the fuck? People say that Ani does some fucked up shit. What was Allie thinking? JMont? Really? Man, all Ani knows, she better never ever bring up Johnny Sylez to her again and Ani’s bad choice with him after she left Roger for him. Come on, we knew it was all going to happen sooner or later with Ani and her Ani ways. If it wasn’t Johnny it would have been someone else, everyone knows this, it’s Ani 101. And it was better for it to happen now, than later, would be less harder on Marie. Ani kinda feels shitty, but she knows deep down inside, it was the best for everyone. And Dane… really? Shit, what the fuck was he thinking? What were they both thinking? They both know that test and JMont and Shara are all full of shit. If ever there were two people that Ani KNOWS wouldn’t be fucking around on one another it’s them. Ani doesn’t know what JMont did, but Ani thinks she’s going to find out. Or kill him either one. Both are also on the table as an option. And Sahara, Ani knew that bitch was going to be trouble, even back in OpW. She came all in trying to slide up on Dane’s cock even back then. Ani knows she was just waiting for her time… she got what she wanted. And for what? To prove something to the world, to ARP, to Dane… that she could dick with Dane Preston? Ani’s dicked with Dane Preston, Bella’s dicked with Dane Preston. Join the list of women that’s been dicked by Dane Preston.

She’d give a clap if she wasn’t in a boardroom full of people, but she was so she didn’t… but that didn’t keep her thoughts in the boardroom. No, her thoughts still wandered elsewhere…

Her thoughts were with her upcoming match with a woman, who has joined forces it seems, with another woman, who’s been a pain in Anicka’s ass. Really all Anicka needed was more pains in the ass that she’s not even enjoying. She thought about her and Enforcer’s match against Dollface and Eion O’Rouke, two people that Anicka, herself had taken out at Blood Money. She thought about how foolish she had been to trust Big Man E after all. Trixie had warned Ani on twitter, but Ani waved it off. She thought their time in the Syndicate had been enough to where she and him had laid the past aside. But she guesses not. Ani took a helluva beating two on one while Dollface sat perched on the corner of the ring… That’s okay, this week, she won’t be getting a bird’s eye view of the beating, no, this week, she’s going to have to be the one giving the beating. Ani hopes she was watching, hopes she was paying attention… to put Ani down she’s going to have to give one helluva beating.

Lana: Ms Swan?

Anicka looked up. She had been so wrapped up in her thoughts that she had no idea what they were talking about right then and she was suddenly glad she decided to record the meetings. She had two choices… fake it or own it.

Anicka Swan: Ani’s sorry… She’s going to be the first to admit, she’s not really here. She’s thinking about Xavier and Le’ and the babies.

Lana: Yeah, it’s been the talk on all of the floors. They haven’t even told you anything?

Anicka Swan: No. She shook her head no. And that worries Ani cause they tell her just about every damned thing.

Lana: Well, the meeting actually came to an end. I can have the recording sent to you asap for you to listen to when you can. Why don’t you call it a day?

Anicka sat there for a moment as she thought about what to do and decided that maybe Lana was right? Call it a day. Finally she nodded.

Anicka Swan: That sounds like what Ani’s going to do. She stood up. Ani apologizes, like she said, she’s got a lot on her mind. She will be better next month. Ani’ll listen to the tape and send out her thoughts just as soon as she can.

And with that, she was making her way across the glass meeting room with everyone telling her goodbye. Her thoughts went back to the first time she walked through them nervous and scared that the task that Xavier had put her to was too big for her, too much for her to handle; and she was walking out of them as the person who is running the damned company.

I want to be the girl with the most cake

I love him so much, it just turns to hate
I fake it so real, I am beyond fake

And someday, you will ache like I ache

She went to the main elevator and pressed the button and waited for it. Everyone who passed her said hello and wished her good luck on her match this week. She would nod and thank them and hope they didn’t want to stay and chat longer. When the doors finally opened, she breathed a sigh of relief when it was empty and quickly slipped inside and pressed the close door button before someone could come in with her. Quickly tapping in the number to her floor, she crossed her arms over her chest and stared at her distorted reflection in the gold surface of the elevator doors.

When VooDoo called Ani a few years back and told her about this sweet contract deal she had with aW for her and Allison as FemDom, Ani thought, sure, why not. Why not step back in the ring and bring Voo’s dream to life. She’s always done Ani right over the years, let Ani pay her back and do her a solid. For almost a whole year, Ani sat back and watched as they put Allison through the wringer match after match and all Ani could do was sit back and watch and be there for her if they thought they were going to fuck her up. Like no shit, Ani was benched. They didn’t take her seriously, they just thought she was Allison’s sexy bestie or some shit like that. Things changed though and they finally started taking Ani seriously as soon as the tag team division ramped up, we put down team after team, until we did what we said we were going to do when we walked in the joint, and that was take the tag team belts.

She smiled at her reflection.

And then it was back in Ani’s blood, the winning, the having the belts and soon she would find herself in New Edge Wrestling and found herself among familiar faces, some she hadn’t seen in a while. Ani grabbed the TranAtlantic title from Blair Buchanan and some bitter battles renewed from long forgotten feuds from a time and place that most had forgotten about, some that would finally come to a head in Outlaw Pro, the place that Johnny Stylez had opened after he brought out the NEW contracts. Some people were smart enough to say fuck that and broke their contracts right off the bat, but there were those of us who decided, what the fuck else have we got to lose? Little did we know…

She shrugged her shoulders.

Despite everything that happened there, Ani wouldn’t change a single thing. Ani was chosen as the People’s Champion and she went on to win the Immortal title. She was the first ever to hold it and the first ever to hold it two times. It was Ani’s first world title ever and her title reign before the place shuttered for good was unmatched. What does that mean now? Nothing, except that proof that Anicka knows her way inside the ring and after the match with Eion, she knows her way inside of a pit.

The elevator stopped and Anicka glanced up at the floor number. It was not hers. The doors opened and a group of people started to step in, finally leaving from their work day, but all stopped when they saw her standing there in the middle of the door with her arms crossed blocking the way, but yet not blocking the way. No one said a word, no one moved, including her, they just stared at one another until after the doors were fully closed then everyone on the floor looked around at each other with an embarrassed smile and some taking a nervous sigh of relief. Inside the elevator, despite her somber mood, Anicka couldn’t help but laugh a little. A lot of the lower suits were scared of her since she came in and took over the company in less than a year, with the previous owner, Xavier Black’s father, Thomas Marke coming up missing. Becoming serious once more, she found her voice.

Dollface, Dollface, Dollface… What on earth did Ani do to you? Did she fuck your ol’ man at some point in the past and she doesn’t know about it? Father, mother, brother, sister? What? Is that you, Blair? Too dumb to be Michelle coming up with something like this because of Damien Dunn.

She paused for a moment.

Ani doesn’t know what it is, but she’s had enough of it and your shit. She really has, because this is starting to feel like it’s kinda personal. Feels like you’ve made Ani a target since you’ve come up in the place. You want a fucking target, you fucking got it, just make sure when you hit it, you hit it on the bullseye. You didn’t have to go through this whole sing and dance sneaky shit either, all you had to do was tell Ani you wanted a piece of her. Shit, Ani would be happy to step into the ring with you. Anyone…

The elevator doors opened and Anicka stepped out on her floor and instead of turning right to go to the main part of the house, she turned left and headed straight to her bedroom. With the mood she was in, she knew what the best thing for her to do… Hit the Empire Room and find a new Dog for the Pound.

Imagine how awesome it would be for Ani… She began as she stripped off the white shirt and skirt and left them in a pile just inside her dressing area as she walked over to one of the closet doors and looked through her wardrobe trying to find the outfit that just seemed right for the night.If she walked out with the belt? See, Anicka Swan is not here to win the most liked award, she is not here to win friends, she’s not here to impress people… Anicka Swan is here for one thing and one thing only, that Dolface is here to…

To Win
…And deliver the Pain…
Yeah, baby, time to Buck Up if you wanna Knucke Up.

As only Ani knows how, and Ani’s not like all those mother fuckers that you get to torture and deliver your own pain to. Ani’s going to be able to fight back and if it’s one thing that you know without a single shadow of a doubt, Ani knows what she’s doing when it comes to fighting, she knows what has to be done to bring someone down.

She finally settles on a tiny white number that she knew made her caramel skin pop and quickly shimmies into it, before walking over to the vanity table and taking a seat to touch up her make up for the night out.

Just like she knows how to take pain… So when you step into that ring with Ani, you better make sure you bring whatever pain it is that made you the woman that you are today, the woman that everyone sees in those promos, because if you don’t bring that woman, you, will fall short; just like you and Eion did at Blood Money, just like Eion did at Venom #2…

She cocks a half smile.

Ani admits you got her at Venom #4 though, yeah, she does. She really didn’t see that one coming. Enforcer and Mrs E had a great night out Ani thought. Ani’s staff was on point, the food was on point, little did Ani know, he was doing it all for show. Had Enforcer not done what he did, you would have fallen short then, too. The Cures record against Ani has been falling short, looking like one woman against a whole damned stable. She smirks. And you wanna say that Ani’s not the leader that Apathy is, when her stable can barely bring one woman down? Have you ever thought that maybe Ani doesn’t want to be a leader, hell, it doesn’t even look like Apathy wants to lead half the time. And can you blame her with the group that she’s trying so hard to make into a winning stable… shit, she’s lucky she has you because you’re the only one of them that’s worth a shit. Girl, Ani doesn’t know what to tell you except that you picked the wrong team. And for the record, Ani did have a stable, Freak Show… It was a pretty good stable that just as soon as we were getting ready to announce ourselves, the damned place closed.

She sticks up her middle finger.

So, fuck you with that nonsense… Ani doesn’t want to have to worry about anyone one but Ani. Just like tomorrow night in the Pit, you’re going to have to worry about Ani. Ani knows the fans are all waiting for FIGHT! To hit the airwaves so they can find out which one of us is going to make it with the Bareknucks title.. To see who gets to be number one… They are wondering which one of us has the ability to get the job done; Ani doesn’t know about you, but she is here to get it done. She always has in the past and she’s got going to stop now. Don’t believe me?

Step up.
…So Ani can slap you back down…
She’ll try not to crack that pretty mask.

Anicka slaps out at the air as if she was slapping someone down before she got up from where she was sitting and pickout out a pair of white boots that rode up just past her knees.

I am doll parts, bad skin, doll heart
It stands for knife

For the rest of my life

Yeah, they really want you
They really want you, they really do

Later that night we come back in at the Empire Room, the BDSM club that was owned and operated by one of wrestling’s most known of faces, the Femme Fatale, VooDoo. As with every night at the Empire Room the place was alive and jumping. Lights flashed insanely on and off in an array of colors as the house band, Blaque Majik rocked a hard set out that had the slave girls dancing their asses off above the dance floor in their cages.

Anicka Swan sat at her usual end of the bar, in a corner with her back against the wall, she liked being able to see everyone who might be coming in her direction. That white spandex dress was so tight you could have sworn someone spray painted it on her body before she stepped outside and indeed beneath the neon lights it did make her skin pop. She sat on the bar stool with the usual pyramid graveyard of shot glasses in front of her. She started out with five on bottom and slowly worked her way to the top, stopping at 15 shots, when her pyramid was complete it was time to go home for the night. She was three away from the top. She spotted the reporter just as soon as he walked through the door and she watched as he made his way through the crowd of people to the bar and slowly made it’s way over to her. She could always tell who they were, just by the way they looked around. Not like they were checking out the people and the crowd, but as if they were looking specifically for someone; and in this case it was her.

She reached for the silver case that sat on the bar and picked it up and opened it. She pulled out a blunt and a thin lighter, pressing the blunt to her red lipsticked lips, she lit the other end with the lighter careful not to set her blood red nails on fire. She glanced over at the reporter as he came closer, she eyed him up and down, taking a little extra time on his package, so much time that he in fact felt himself getting hard. She exhaled the smoke with a slight smile on her face.

Anicka Swan: Can Ani help you?

Dude: Yeah, I’m Mike Bently with Online Wrestling World News and I was hoping that I could get a couple questions about your match this week with FIGHT! Against Dollface?

Anicka Swan: Sure.

With the name alone, Anicka tapped the top of the bar and the bartender stopped doing what he was doing and began to hook her up with another shot. Mike pulled out his cell phone and hit hide and began to record, carefully panning down as Anicka turned in the bar stool, crossing one darkly tanned leg over the other, leaning onto the bar with her left elbow, resting her head in the palm of her hand. She smiled slightly as she took a long slow hit off the blunt, he slowly raised the camera taking in a slow shot of her body as he traveled back up to her face.

Anicka Swan: So, what would you like to know? She blew the smoke out in little rings as the bartender sat the shot down on the bar in front of her. Anicka picked up the shot, gave Mike a little wink and tossed the shot back like a pro. You’ve got two questions, before Ani’s going to find a Dog for the night. So, shoot your shot, kid.

Mike Bentley: Can I be your Dog?

Anicka had given him a once over when he approached, he looked like he could handle the position.

Anicka Swan: Sure, why not..

Mike Bentley: Does that count as one of my questions? He hoped his boss understood and was okay with only one question, if not, with the night he was about to have, he could be fired for all he cared.

Anicka Swan: You know what, Ani’s feeling generous since you offered yourself up as tribute tonight. Bring on the questions.

Mike Bentley: So, Ms. Swan, how are you feeling about your upcoming match with Dollface for the Bareknuckle title. She’s caused quite a few problems for sure since she joined up with Apathy and the Cure.

Anicka Swan: Ani’s feeling like she’s feeling with every match she goes into… she’s got one thought on her mind and that’s making it out of it as the winner. This time it will be Ani and Dollface one on one. There’s no one to come in and save us when things get too out of control. It’s just the two of us and our barefists.

Mike Bentley: With the things that we’ve seen Dollface doing in some of her promos, we’re pretty sure she’s used her fists before.

Anicka Swan: Ani certainly hopes so, lord knows Eion was totally unprepared for it, she doesn’t know if he was too worried about failing Apathy and being replaced by someone else more stronger and powerful in her eyes, someone more dominant, but if he wanted to prove himself to her, he should have won the match. Maybe Dollface can do the job for Apathy with what he failed to do, by bring down Ms Swan and really bringing a belt home to the stable.

Mike Bentley: Wow, thank you, Ms Swan. And I was just kiddin’ about being your Dog thing.

He was kidding but not kidding, then Anicka slipped from the bar stool, with a devilish smile on her face.

Anicka Swan: Ani wasn’t. Let’s go, Doggie.

The bartender began to clear away Anicka’s empties while he looked on after them as they made their way through the crowd to the front doors. He made a sign of the cross after them and wished the guy good luck. He chuckled, wishing he had caught the guy’s name to see if a missing person’s report came up on him.

I fake it so real, I am beyond fake
And someday, you will ache like I ache