Don’t Come For Me, If I Did Not Send For You

By: Todrick Tabor-Ramsey

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 12th Dec 2021


Monday, December 6, 2021
11:15 p.m.
FIGHT Medical Area
Manhattan, NY



“When The Party’s Over”


Todrick Tabor-Ramsey and Austin Ramsey lie on beds next to one another, holding hands. The medical team is removing pieces of glass from Todrick’s body and attending to the bleeding cuts on her body. They are working on the bleeding cuts on Austin’s face as well. A camera crew is filming this moment, and Todrick looks at the camera and begins talking.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: Well, ya girl had a good run, but Manhattan belongs to Miss Michelle now. I went out there and gave my all as usual, and I think we had the match of the night. She was the better competitor, but I’m not broken, and I will certainly be back. Todrick Tabor-Ramsey will be back, my Rockstars! I won’t let this setback ruin all the changes that I have been making within myself. Keep following my journey because it won’t disappoint.

Todrick lies back as the doctor finishes pulling glass out of her legs. She squeezes Austin’s hand to reassure him that all is well. He had been sitting there quiet, and she didn’t know if that was a good or a bad thing. Austin doesn’t look over because he doesn’t want to watch what is happening, but he squeezes her hand back. The scene fades as the cameras stop recording and move to a new location.



Tuesday, December 7, 2021
7:30 a.m.
Manhattan Suite, FIGHT Tower
Manhattan, NY



“Moving Day”


Both Austin and Todrick are moving slowly because they are sore and in pain. Silent Fight was not their night, and they had the battle wounds to prove it. Despite that, Todrick did not want an awkward situation with Michelle about the suite, so she wanted to move out of it as quickly as possible. She had packed a lot of stuff during the night because she couldn’t sleep. The sheets touching her skin was painful anyway; even the clothes she wore hurt. She had on a cutoff shirt and boy shorts because she had to wear something.

Austin was clearly fighting demons in his sleep, so she gently kissed him on the forehead and got out of bed. She looked around the suite and nodded. She needed the stuff out by 9:00 because she had hired a professional crew to clean the suite from top to bottom. It was the decent thing to do, and the match outcome didn’t affect the Ramsey’s relationship with the Moore’s. She began moving boxes to the new room while Austin slept. He wouldn’t be happy with that when he woke up because he didn’t like her doing things like that. He felt like it was his job. It was one of the few traditional norms in their untraditional relationship that he held firm to.

Todrick finished moving everything, and Austin was still asleep. The dogs had taken advantage of Todrick leaving the bed and were sleeping on Daddy’s chest. They looked so peaceful. Todrick ordered breakfast and went downstairs to meet the delivery man. She moved slowly and winced at each step she took. She wore oversized shades to hide the pain in her eyes if anyone saw her. She got back in the elevator and went back to the suite. She heard Austin in the bathroom and set the food down on the table.

Austin was looking at his bruised and battered face in the mirror. She worried because Austin was funny about his face. After all, his face was important growing up. He looked at her in the mirror, saw the bandages and battle wounds, and forgot about himself. He turned around and put his arms around her. His touch was meant to be comforting and supportive, but it hurt. Todrick winced, and Austin took a step back. He took her hand, led her to the bed, and sat down.

Austin Ramsey: Good morning.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: Hi there.

Austin Ramsey: I know how I look, but you should see the other guy.

They both chuckle, and Austin takes Todrick’s hands into his own.

Austin Ramsey: Battered but not broken, Baby. We have both come a long way, and we can’t lose what we’ve learned along the way. We are starting at the bottom again, but we’ve climbed before and will do that again.

Austin kisses her and stands up, and puts on shorts and a t-shirt, and Nike slides as he takes the dogs out. Todrick looks into Austin’s eyes and sees the hope and fighting spirit in them. She sees the love and warmth that she hadn’t seen in those green eyes for quite some time. This was the Austin she fell in love with, and she was falling in love with him again. For the first time in a long time, she felt like all was right in the world. With this Austin by her side, she would conquer the world again.

She gets an alert on her phone and sees the new match card for Venom #15, and when she sees her match, she looks at the special stipulation, and her heart sinks. Austin was forbidden to be in the tower. This was not going to end well. She would finally be able to get her hands on “Chronic” Chris Page and avenge herself and her family for all that he had been putting them through. She sits down in on the couch.

”Oh my god! It’s like the world is trying to kick a bitch when she is down. The match with Page is something that has needed to happen for so long, but what in the world does banning Austin from the tower accomplish? As if I don’t have enough to deal with getting ready for the match, now I’m going to have to deal with Austin spiraling out of control all week. He is going to do something foolish come the night of the show. I just know it. It’s like they were intentionally messing with him like he’s been saying. I’m not going to sit here and take this like a punk bitch. Since I have a huge distraction, then I’m going to give Chris Page one as well.”

Todrick picks his phone back up and opens messages, and pulls up Centurion’s text thread.

Text from Todrick: Hi there, I wanted to personally extend an invitation to be my guest at Venom #15. I’ll have a seat reserved for you in the front row so you can watch my match with Chris Page. I want him distracted and uncomfortable. Hope to see you soon. – T.T.

The old Todrick would never have done something like that. She would’ve just gone out there without any games and put on the best match that she could. The new Todrick was ready to get down and dirty, and if that meant manipulation and war game tactics, then she would hold nothing back. Chris Page fancied himself a gamemaster, but he was playing the wrong game. Todrick was determined to show him that once and for all on Monday, December 13th.

Austin walks back inside the suite and smiles as he takes the dogs off their leashes. He sits down at the table and begins eating his food. Todrick knew that he hadn’t looked at his phone yet and was unaware of the stipulation. She got up and went into the bedroom and picked up his phone, and cleared the notification about the match card. She sat down at the table, and Austin wanted to feed her food. She allows it, and he beams with happiness. When they finish eating, they gather the trash and the dogs, and both stand at the door of the Manhattan Suite and look around for the final time. Austin takes her hand, and they exit the way they entered when she won the championship. The door closes behind them, and the scene ends.



Friday, December 10, 2021
9:00 a.m.
AIRE Ancient Baths New York
New York City, NY



“The Perfect Gift Does Exist”


Austin gets out of his car, walks around, and opens Todrick’s door. He takes her hand and helps her out, and shuts her door. The two clasp hands and walk towards the door. Austin hadn’t freaked out in front of her when he saw the match stipulation. He had been working it out with Dr. Cook quietly all week. The week had been a roller coaster; they both had made a lot of recovery from their intense battles at Silent Fight. He didn’t want to add to her stress. She needed to focus on the business that paid her and shut Chris Page up once and for all.

Austin opens the door for her, and they walk inside the spa. They walk up to the counter and are greeted by a bubbly blond named Jenny.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: Good morning, Jenny. I am interested in some spa treatment for my husband and me. What I’m most interested in is do you have gift certificates for the spa because I have this work thing where I have to buy a gift.

Jenny nods and goes through the spa packages, and she selects the wine bath – experience for two. The package was designed exclusively for AIRE Ancient Baths, and this is a unique and unforgettable experience that offers the opportunity to submerge yourself completely in the antioxidant properties of the Spanish Ribera del Duero red grapes. Afterward, an detoxifying, hour-long massage with grapeseed oil will transport your mind to another place while your body benefits from its purifying and invigorating effects.

This experience revolves entirely around the sophisticated universe of wine and the multiple antioxidant properties of the polyphenols of the Tempranillo grapes. This experience also includes the signature Ancient Thermal Bath which will allow you to enjoy our bath area at your own pace, with baths at different temperatures including the Caldarium (Hot Bath 102ºF), the Frigidarium (Cold Bath 57ºF and Ice Bath 50ºF), the Tepidarium (Warm Bath 97ºF), the Balneum (Bath of a Thousand Jets), the Vaporium (A steam Room with aromatherapy) and the Flotarium (Salt Water Bath).

In this experience, they work with products by Esdor, the cosmetic line by Grupo Matarromera, whose products come from the best grapes in the Spanish wine region of Ribera del Duero thanks to the most advanced technological methods.

Todrick was proud of the gift, and she hoped whoever got it would appreciate it. Austin pulled out his credit card and paid for the gift certificate and the same package for them. The two of them are led off to their adventure, and the scene fades.



Friday, December 10, 2021
3:40 p.m.
Redline Studios
Manhattan, NY



“I’m Going To Give you Exactly What You Have Been Asking For”


Todrick and Austin aren’t completely healed, but there was no reason for the rest of the world to know that. Expensive make-up would take care of that. Austin had arranged for the two of them to record a message about Todrick’s upcoming match with Chris Page. There was nothing that he wouldn’t do for Todrick. Todrick wanted him to be there next to him to show that the Ramsey’s were a unified team and they were still standing strong. They finished with make-up and were seated in director-styled chairs with their names on them. The green screen was behind them, and they would pick the visual they wanted when they finished filming.

Austin leaned forward and gave her a quick kiss before gently taking her hand. The lights were positioned, and Todrick was positively glowing. The camera counts down, and the red light glows. The Ramsey’s look into the camera and smile.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: Hello, my Rockstars. I want to thank you for all the love you have sent my way since my hellacious match at Silent Fight. I read every tweet, every letter, and every DM. Your love carried me high and gave me the strength I needed to get up and get back on the horse. I had a great run with the FIGHT Manhattan Championship, and I have nothing to be ashamed about. Black don’t crack, baby, and I’m about to give you all some black girl magic at Venom #15 when I fight for my honor and my family’s honor against Chris Page.

Chris Page ran his mouth and said horrible things about my family. It was all a joke to him, but no one was laughing. The last straw when he had me sent to jail for “heterosexual bashing,” I woke up the next morning, and I knew I had to do something. He took things way too far, and he pushed me to a place where I’m no longer the good girl who was going to sit there and take it. I was born ready and tried to warn him, but apparently, the message wasn’t clear so let me make things really clear.

You expect me to quench your thirst, and you are running around acting like a dehydrated female. You really are the worst, you came in like a bully, but you picked the right one. You came in and looked straight to the top, and like a true hater, you had to look up. You are probably sitting there wondering why your attempts haven’t been enough. Because I eat people like you up for dinner. When you want to come against me, you forgot that I come to work, I come to slay, and that true queens don’t play.

I didn’t break the way you thought I would break. To say that I’m sick of your games is the understatement of the year. Baby, when I get my hands on you, I’m going to blow you up with flames. Did you think that you would distract me by having Austin banned from the tower? Look at him, he is sitting here calm as a cucumber, and that’s how he has been all week. But I have a little surprise for you; as you saw on Twitter, I personally invited Centurion as my guest this for Venom this week. I know that burns your asshole up, and that pleases me.

I am going to channel all the rage and anger for all the hate and lies you have thrown at the Ramsey family. We sit here before you and the world as a united front that will not be broken. I will stand up to the bully and show everyone around the world that you don’t have to take shit from anyone. No one likes the bully that comes up to you on the playground and messes with you. You won’t take my lunch money today, honey. You are nothing more than a raunchy and vulgar bastard. You saw me on the TV and decided that I was below you. If I am so low, then why did you keep watching. I’ll tell you why because I am mainstream, and you know it.

You will curse the day that you came at Todrick Tabor-Ramsey the wrong way. My quest is to fly higher than I ever have before. I will leave you behind me in a pile of ashes after I burn you. I yearn to see your face red with anguish as I decisively defeat you. I’m going to leave you there to lick your wounds and cry, “woe is me,” because you are good at crying. I’m going to show the world that you talk a lot of shit, but baby, we all know that you can’t walk.

It’s time for me to throw these blows; it’s time for me to start stomping you out. I’m ready to fight. I’m through with the gum popping, and enough is enough. It’s time to act a straight fool in that ring and give you every ounce of attention that you have been seeking. I’m going to bust your head and then throw you away for wasting my time. At Venom, prepare to get that wig split. And that’s on Mary Had A Little Lamb!

Austin smirks, and Todrick makes a cut gesture as she moves her hand under her chin. They stand up, and Austin pulls Todrick close to him and kisses her. They walk to the segment producer and select a black background with red flames flowing. They are pleased with the final product and post it to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They walk out of the studio, and the scene fades to black.