Dru’s Charade Has Consequences

By: Austin Ramsey

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 3rd Dec 2021


Monday, November 22, 2021
9:42 p.m.
Manhattan, NY



“Flag On The Play”


Austin Ramsey beelines for the interview area after his match with Henry ended at Venom #14

Austin Ramsey: So you mean to tell me this entire time this bitch was alive? What in the entire fuck? Where do I begin to unwrap what just happened? I’m knocking Henry silly, and here she comes like all is well, and they double team me. She wasn’t fucking remorseful at all for everything she put me and Toddy and the entire world through. She made Toddy cry, and she made me cry. I don’t fucking cry. The shit I’ve been through in a day would make most people curl up and wish for death in five minutes. She got off the elevator like it was all okay. Like she didn’t need to be forgiven for her crap.

I hate her; oh yes, I hate her with all #28 Austins now. When I face her at Silent Fight, she is one, and I am 28, and she will feel the force of the collective. I’m naming my new finisher the Cunt Death Punch, okay, the new guy called it that, but he isn’t wrong. It’s my one hitta quitta. It will help me bring home the FIGHT Bareknuckle Championship. She can’t do what she did and think that she deserves to be a face for the company.

Your face was on a fucking obituary and a funeral program. You let Vincent Black be a fucking pallbearer. You allowed the entire fucking roster to mourn your death. You left me to pick up the pieces for Mario and Toddy. I was their rock while I silently hid my emotions. Oh, I hate the word, but I don’t know what else to call her but a cunt. What she did was immoral, and well, it needs a powerful word. Then she strolls back in like, “Hey Bitches, surprise” No, no, no! No fucking surprise, you heartless hyena.

You definitely graduated from Disney villain to Bond villain. But how hypocritical, you heartless harlot. Weren’t you the same one that gave me so much fucking grief this time last year about how I hurt Toddy? Now here you are, doing worse than what I did. I cheated, but you let her believe you were dead. You let us all believe you were dead. You are worse than gum underneath a shoe. You are worse than a broken heel on a shoe on a night out.

You should be stripped of everything and made to walk the walk of shame. You are a fucking disgrace for this. How hard would it have been to reach out to your friends and family and ask us not to say anything? I’m pretty sure the entire planet outside of your blood is ready for me to knock you silly. I’m going to do just that; if you didn’t catch what I threw down, I’m bringing all 28 #Austins to our match, and you better knock each one of them out, but the new one is on deck. I’m not saying one word to him. He has complete freedom to do as he pleases with as much malice and violence as he can muster.

You aren’t forgiven for any of this. I want an apology, I want your spit and blood, I want to see you under my heel before I will think about forgiving you. I will crush you and take away that title your family holds so dear. After what you did, you ain’t shit. You are worse than shit; you deserve everything I’m going to give you at Silent Fight. You deserve to lie there in a pool of your sweat, spit, blood, and tears as what you did flashes behind your closed eyelids.

I’m going to give you that sweet release. Fuck love, get this money, and get this belt. You didn’t care about my love when you did what you did, did you? You thought that my love for you would make me soft? Naw, you didn’t, so my love is canceled until after I end you and take my Bareknuckle Championship.

Fighting like this is my release, and people don’t see that. It’s what I need to express myself, and I’m quite good at it. I’ve beaten you before, and I’ll do it again. Are you good at what you do? Sure, but not good enough to combat what I’m bringing this time. I’m not the same Austin that you’ve faced in the past. You aren’t ready for this beast. Oh, and Toddy ain’t said one word to hold me back. She unleashed me and said, do whatever you have to do. You lost her too, Dru. Does that sadden you? Do you feel remorse anymore? Or did you mean to hurt her as well?

I think you are so selfish you didn’t care. Now she doesn’t care, and she took my leash off. Do you realize what that means? All 28 #Austins with no restrictions? No one there to stop the legion but you, just you facing us. Your odds are shit, and we both know it. There’s always the Queen’s title for you. It’s what you deserve now, you piece of shit. You are the bottom of the barrel, and I’m going to send you to Hades with a bow.

Austin storms off the set, and the scene cuts to commercial.



Friday, December 3, 2021
9:00 p.m.
FIGHT Christmas Party
Manhattan, NY



“The Interview, Thank God For Pheely”


Austin Ramsey walks into the FIGHT! NYC Christmas Party alone. He grew tired of waiting for Todrick to get ready, and he was in a foul mood, which wasn’t unusual for him these days. He shoves his hands into his black leather jacket pockets. He wore his read NY Yankees hat, a red t-shirt, black jeans, and red Christian Louboutin sneakers. Todrick wanted him to wear a Santa hat, but he refused. He wasn’t really in the festive mood. He wasn’t coming to the party, but Todrick had lied to him and told him it was mandatory for all wrestlers. It was another reason he was in such a foul mood; he hated being forced to do things like this.

Todrick knew that it would be a gamble, but Austin wasn’t going to question it. He would only find out if someone else said something, but why would they? Austin heads to the bar and orders a drink, and sits down with a brooding look on his face. Some of the other wrestlers saw him, but when they did not see Todrick, they steered clear of Austin. They didn’t know how the interaction would go without his “handler”. The look on his face certainly didn’t do him any favors.

Austin tries to hide in the corner of the room, but he feels a hand on his shoulder, and he turns around to see Mrs. Ophelia Pain-Pinkston smiling at him. He musters up a smile, and she points towards an area with lights, two chairs, and a camera crew. He nods and heads in that direction.

”If this were anyone other than Pheely or maybe a few others, I would’ve said fuck off. I don’t want to be here, and I don’t want to run into Dru or any of the other “wolves” I can’t see her until Silent Fight. I don’t want to deal with any nasty emotions. Sigh, let’s do this thing and worry about other shit later.”

Austin sits down in one of the chairs and puts his arms on the chair. Pheely sits down next to him and goes through her cards. She talks to him, and he is nodding but not really listening. He was doing his best to pull it together. She nods at the camera, and the red light clicks on.

Ophelia Pain-Pinkston: Season’s Greetings out there, I’m here at the FIGHT annual Christmas party with Austin Ramsey, and all of the #Austins have agreed to answer a few questions for us. Welcome, Austin.

Austin Ramsey: Thanks for choosing me for this. It’s nice to interact with someone that I don’t typically get to talk to regularly. Tonight, I will be open and honest with my answers and let you and the others get to know more about me.

Pheely nods, and Austin clasps his hands in front of him and fidgets with his thumbs.

Ophelia Pain-Pinkston: In three words, describe your career thus far.

Austin Ramsey: Three words, huh? Well, the first would have to be amazing; when I started wrestling over at F2B, I met many people here in FIGHT, and I met the love of my life there. I had some incredible matches there and at OPW before it closed its doors. I have always excelled when others put me down, and I enjoy rubbing people’s noses it that fact. It brings me joy to make those predictions fall flat on their face. I’ll make a believer out of them all.

The second word I will use is surreal. I was never supposed to make it off of the streets of New York as a kid. I was never supposed to amount to anything. Shitty parents, shitty life, and shitty odds. Trafficked for sex, drugs, and alcohol is my first memory in life, and that kid is not supposed to become a wrestler. I couldn’t afford a meal most days, so how was I to afford wrestling school? Sure, I could street fight, but wrestling takes art, skill, and finesse. I worked my ass off and saved every coin I got to go to school for wrestling.

Most days, my one meal consisted of Vienna sausages and maybe a can of beans. It was all worth it because now I’m signed to one of the hottest companies on the market, and I’m getting my first opportunity to challenge for the Bareknuckle Championship at Silent Fight. That’s pretty amazing and surreal.

The third word I would use is creative. I have creatively reinvented myself several times over the years, which keeps me interesting. People cheered the nice guy that stepped onto the scene and pursued Todrick that wasn’t afraid to do so publicly in a sport that hasn’t always been kind to men in the LGBTQ+ community in their locker rooms. Then when I got him, things were good until my accident that caused me to have facial reconstructive surgery.

My life was shit, and so was my confidence and what I did to Todrick made me a villain with a lot of heat. I owned that and fought my way through it until all was well again. That took a lot of creativity because I had people hella mad. Then we got to FIGHT, and I didn’t have to be a gimmick, but my personal life was exposed to the world from reality tv on #theLIFENY, so I was just me, and people found out about my mental disability. It ain’t a storyline, it’s my life, and I have to get creative to control the #Austins in certain situations. So amazing, surreal, and creative. Final answer.

Ophelia Pain-Pinkston: What has been the toughest point in your professional career?

Austin Ramsey: Probably right now. I feel like I’m living in Toddy’s shadow, and I got nothing to show for all the hard work and dedication I have to this business. People think I’m a joke, and that pisses me off. That anger is not always manifested in a productive manner. I get reckless and see red and go for the jugular. I thought Dru was dead, but she showed the world how much of a bitch she is to play dead and let us all mourn her for weeks.

I can’t wait to release all my frustrations on her face at Silent Fight in our Sugar Plum Bareknuckle Match for the Bareknuckle Championship. I’ve beaten Dru before, and I will do it again. What she did pisses me off to no end. I truly cared for her, and she could’ve told her family and close friends what was up. We wouldn’t have said anything. I don’t cry much, but the bitch made me cry. Now I’m going to knock her ass out, and this time my tears will mean something.

Ophelia Pain-Pinkston: How do you think you’ve grown since this point last year?

Austin Ramsey: This time last year, I was broken with no self-esteem. I had always used my looks for my survival. A smile and these green eyes had gotten me out of some tricky situations. It was the reason I could eat when I had no money in the streets. It helped me when I needed a warm shower or a bed to sleep in. Sure, I was selling my body, but that didn’t matter to the harsh New York winters. My parents taught me this way of life when they sold me to all of my “uncles and aunties”.

I had come to rely on my looks heavily. My body has always been nice, and the only thing small on me is my height, so I’m pretty fucking confident. My face was my everything, and that was taken from me. I didn’t recognize the man in the mirror, and I took it out on the one that was closest to me. I nearly lost Todrick then, which affected my career in a big way. Toddy is my everything, and I don’t know what I’d do without him.

This year, we are married, and our marriage is stronger than ever. I’ve taken control of my career, and I’ve already had more matches in season 2 than I did in season 1. I’m no longer the joke that everyone made me out to be. The name Austin Ramsey is taken seriously. If it isn’t making people bring their A-Game, that’s on them; when they find themselves knocked out and rolled over, they will see.

Ophelia Pain-Pinkston: Who is your dream opponent? Living, dead, retired, etc.

Austin Ramsey: So this is gonna sound like a wasted opportunity but facing Dru at Silent Fight is the dream opponent because it gives all of this meaning for me. My dream is to be a champion in my own right, so facing a champion is my dream. Beating her is my dream. The sound of my knuckles cracking against her the bones in her face. The sweet release of the spittle being knocked from her lips and flying as her head twists sideways after the Cunt Death Punch. Yeah, your boy got a new finisher.

Justin Beiber found out the hard way when he slapped Toddy’s ass that night. It’s a one hitta quitta. I’m going to debut it during this match officially. I want Dru to feel every ounce of pain she put me through. I want to multiply that by 100 with each blow for the pain she put Toddy through. She hasn’t even called to apologize. That’s fucking rich, right? So my dream opponent is Dru; I want her to feel every ounce of this rage I have in my body. My prize is that Bareknuckle Championship.

Ophelia Pain-Pinkston: Other than your match, let’s get some predictions for the rest of the card?

Austin Ramsey: Alright, the first match is Joe Montuori vs. Jennie Fenix for the Queens Championship in a candy cane match; my prediction is Joe Montuori. Nothing against Jennie, she is no slouch in the ring, and she is one hell of a competitor. I’ve watched her matches, and she will give JMont a run for his money. But JMont is family now, that’s my brother, and I always support him. JMont had been training hard, and he is more focused than ever. Mia has been so good for him, and the world is his oyster right now. My boy is back, and he is coming out on top.

The next match is Ashlynn Cassidy vs. Alice Knight in a Mrs. Claus Match; my prediction is Ashlynn. I’ve been working with her behind the scenes, and I know what she is capable of. I’ve seen her at her absolute best, and she won’t be anything but that in this match. Alice Knight is good, but her owl is a distraction. Ashlynn will use that weakness and capitalize on it. Ashlynn is about to set records and take no prisoners. Her star is on the rise, and everyone will see that at Silent Fight.

Now let’s talk about Kasey vs. Anicka vs. Eion vs. Enforcer; my prediction is Ani. Look, deep down, my heart really wants to see Kasey Winterborn win this match. There is something about her that makes me want to see her succeed and go places in this business. She has the will, passion, and skill, but I just see Ani pulling this one. Eion and Enforcer will try to outmuscle one another and do stupid things. The ladies will be smart enough not to engage in that foolishness. Ani has a history with the others, and I can see temporary alliances forming and then Ani stealing the win at the end.

Alright, a match I am looking forward to, Dave the Dinosaur vs. Ricky Rodriguez for the Bronx Championship in a Gingerbread Hell In A Cell; my prediction is Ricky Rodriguez. Look, the guy can be a blind idiot when it comes to Sahara and all her bullshit, but that aside it’s Ricky’s time. Dave won in a fluke because Michelle HAD to drop that title to challenge Toddy for the Manhattan Championship. He is a pussy with tiny arms and a tail whip that is laughable.

Ricky has been training with me, Big Ass Bobby, and many others, and he is ready. That one thing that was holding him back has been beaten out of him. Fuck being the nice guy in the ring; he understands the assignment and is ready to do what must be done to pick up a win. People sleep on Ricky’s moveset, but he has a killer moveset, and with his speed and agility, he can topple the biggest powerhouses. He is no slouch in the ring. He may be stupid in love, but you can’t hold that against him. He still has Similac behind his ears. You got a professional lady of the night throwing it at him, so what do you think he’d do?

It’s his night, and he will have a firm grip on the Bronx Championship until Michelle is defeated by Toddy and comes back for it. Then he has the fight of his life on his hands. She is gonna want gold, but I think my boy will stay on top for quite a while, as long as he continues to say “fuck off” to Mr. Nice Guy.

The next match is probably my bathroom break, but it’s “Chronic” Chris Page vs. Aiden Reynolds; my prediction is…I’m trying not to vomit…Chris Page. That took so much out of me. Nothing against Aiden Reynolds, who I really really really want to win. Snakes like Page seem to slither their way to a victory when it totally isn’t warranted. He will cheat his way to the victory. Aiden is gonna whoop that trick, though. Like, he’s gonna beat him really, really bad. I, for one, want to see it. I see Page with some outlandish antic that will help him secure the victory, though. Aiden, when I see you, buddy, drinks on me.

This next one is hard to call, and I like both for winners in this match. It’s Betsy Granger vs. Anne Boleyn; my prediction is a draw. Don’t get mad and think I’m indecisive; hear me out. Both have passion, and I love watching their work each and every week. I get so excited to watch their promo work, and I LIVE for Anne’s tweets. For that reason, I’ve analyzed them, and they will probably both do something spectacular that sees neither of them making the ten count to get up. Whoever booked this one, knew they would potentially steal a huge part of the show.

Outside of the two championship matches, that shoulda been higher up on the card but whatever. If I wasn’t going to win a championship and Toddy wasn’t going to retain one, easily match of the night.

Alright, you said not my match, moving right along, the match that shoulda been the main event because wifey is in it but also cause Miss Michelle is in it. These two work hard, and they are more than capable of delivering a PPV main event caliber match. It’s Todrick Tabor-Ramsey vs. Miss Michelle for the Manhattan Championship; my prediction, and yeah, I’m biased, but that doesn’t mean I don’t believe it with all my heart is Todrick Tabor-Ramsey.

Toddy has had a lock on the Manhattan Championship for a while, and she is nowhere near ready to let that go. She wouldn’t give her haters or her #1 fan Chris Page that satisfaction. I’ve seen how she has worked her ass off for every match she is in, and I had to beat that friendship shit out of her head again. She is quite fond of Michelle, which has no place in this match. Michelle has weaknesses, and Toddy needed to draw on that.

We know Michelle loves Brandon, and he is my brother, and I’d take a bullet for the guy, but Toddy needed to hit home. B disappears on Michelle, which bothers her, making her feel insecure. Toddy tapped into that insecurity before the match, and she will do it again during the match. Michelle has a new family dynamic with Ezra that will always have a part of her attention. Toddy must tap into those “jailbird” instincts and use that shiv when the opportunity arises.

Michelle is no slouch in the ring, and we all know that, so I’m not gonna say this is gonna be a cakewalk, but my baby is no slouch, and she has proven that her name is etched in with the good ones. Bloggers and haters say otherwise, but Todrick Tabor-Ramsey is a force to be reckoned with, and Silent Fight will be another notch on her best in the “W” column.

Whew, three more to go. Alright, let’s get on with it then. Paul Montuori vs. Apathy in the Naughty List Match; my prediction is Apathy. Look, I don’t know what is going on with Paul right now, but he is a hot ass mess. Some blame me for being the straw that broke the camel’s back at Ascension, but fuck that noise, my five-minute interaction with Paul didn’t do all of that. The dude was off his rocker before I came along. I didn’t cost Dynasty the match; Paul did.

Apathy has her issues, sure, and the three of us squared off before for the OPW Southern Heavyweight Championship the night OPW closed its doors, and so in Paul’s current state, Apathy is going to win. Now it may be by DQ, but that is not a knock on her skills. Paul just doesn’t give a fuck anymore. I know because of how he’s treating the people that care about him, like Madison and Alexis. They are his ride or dies but look at what he is doing lately. Apathy got this one because Paul will continue to be an idiot. No need to waste any more time on this one.

Next is Sahara vs. James Raven in a Santa’s Secret Stipulation match; my prediction is James Raven. James Raven is everyone’s new chiseled and shiny toy. Sahara is used goods, and everyone is drooling over this Raven guy. Plus, Sahara is so easily hateable that you want to see someone else win over her. Her insecurity is her greatest weakness, and it’s why she always acts like such a bitch or hides behind pills or fucking her doctor. Yeah, I said it, and I ain’t sorry. I’m constantly trying to be nice to her stupid ass, but she insists on being nasty all the time. I’m over it.

I want Raven to kick her teeth down her throat so that she can’t get cleared to compete since FIGHT has a real doctor now. No one to give her those pills that she craves so much. Before anyone gives me the Austin, you shouldn’t make light of her addiction; I gives ZERO fucks; she makes fun of my mental disability all the time and encourages others to do so. Raven, please understand the assignment and do what must be done.

Finally, we’ve reached the end. Watson/Warstein vs. Preston/Moore in a Santa’s List Match; prediction is Preston/Moore. Look another match where family is involved; any match that Brandon Moore is involved in is a BMoore victory. The rest of them are there as his pawns. I’ve faced Dane, and he is excellent in his own right, but if he follows directions from Brandon, this is a no-brainer.

Look, I get it; I’m a rude dude but is anyone surprised that Dickie didn’t have to defend his title yet again? It’s a PPV, for crying out loud and so let’s give him Warstein to carry him, and that will make everyone ignore the fact that he is clearly giving Miss F something she can feel to escape being a fighting champion. I know, focus Austin, right? Okay.

You are giving Brandon weapons to use, and my bro is the king of deathmatches; this is his element. NSQ can be beaten, and Preston and Moore aren’t scared of them. Dane has shit to prove, so he better go out there and do just that. So you beat Joe, move on from that and prove that you can beat someone else. We are tired of you talking about Joe. He is living rent-free in your head. Focus on toppling what people say is unconquerable. You can do it.

Ophelia Pain-Pinkston: Any last comments, Austin?

Austin Ramsey: Yeah, I got a final prediction; it’s me as the Bareknuckle Champion. I’m about to break Dru’s heart and face like she broke all of her hearts. This match is for all the people that Dru hurt in her game. You don’t play with people like that. She had Mario lovesick and hurt, she hurt her family, she hurt her friends, she hurt me, but she hurt my wife. Now I’m gonna hurt her and take what she holds dear. I’m a killa baby, and I’m coming for you.

Pheely nods at the camera, and the segment ends. The two stand up and exchange a hug. She had gotten pure gold out of him, and she loved him for it. Austin was in a better mood because he felt heard finally. He was glad she was the one to capture it. Toddy walked up to them in a beautiful red gown and stilettos. She hugged Pheely and then looked at her husband.

Austin was taken aback and couldn’t formulate words of move. Toddy knew that she understood the assignment and did what needed to be done. She kissed him on the lips and the two disappeared into the party.