Dru’s Final Chapter.

By: Druscilla White

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 11th Oct 2021

🐺🐺Parental Discretion is Advised.🐺🐺
The following scenes will make use of foul language, rape, abuse, gore, sex, drugs, rock and roll, and adult themes.
If any of this disturbs you or causes you to feel scared, awkward, sad or triggered;
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The writer reserves the right to utilize the aforementioned techniques to further a storyline.
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, events and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
💋You Have Been Warned.💋

It all has led to this…

I smirked as I led Eoin into the trap. I always knew what I was doing or what needed to be done. This ape needed to be caged and what better way to do that, than utilize my surroundings? A box container. It was the perfect place; his reach was insane, but cooped up in here, this was where I reigned. I was smaller. More lithe. Able to duck and dive as necessary to catch him off his axis. His expansive reach meant fuckall in here. Without the ability to get a fully powered swing, he stood no chance. We had danced around one another all night, each taking a few hits from the other. Eoin, himself, received some massive ones from me, but in turn, I felt a few bruises beginning to form from his fists. He was damn near twice my size. But where I was smaller, meant I was more light footed. Frame toned and ready like a predator.

He couldn’t throw a punch in this container, not an adequate one, but I could. We traded hits, and by the time he knew what was going on, it was too late.

He railed back, as far as he could, and threw what would have been a damning blow had I not been able to dodge it, but I countered with a hell of a left hook to his jaw. I grinned as his skull bounced off the inside of the container. The squishy thud was delicious music to my ears! However…

He was knocked out!

Boo! I wanted to play more! Bah! Fucking pussy! Sad now. Damnit. I was fairly certain the ref and the OCCHI system could see my disapproval of Eoin’s weakness clearly on my face.

I yanked him as far as I could, by his hair, and tried to pull him out of the box, but he was massive! An Irish piggy! He had been led to slaughter, so I suppose that was apropos. I did what I could and dropped him, his head just outside the container. Those damned cameras focused on us and I grinned. Sadistically. I flipped a bird to the OCCHI system and made sure my voice resonated throughout the pit!

As I was proclaimed the winner, by knockout, I wiped my hands on his shirt and climbed out of the pit. Roscoe, Diesel and surprisingly Henry waited for me. Henry took my hand and raised it high in the air as the crowd came alive! Chanting my name, it was deafening! My heart… Oh, my heart felt like it would explode! It really had all led to this…

The hallways seemed clear at the moment. All you see was me walking down the hall, with my small entourage after a hard fought victory over Eoin when suddenly, from around the corner, it’s none other than J Mont. He stopped me in my tracks and extended his hand to me before even saying anything. I looked at him and wondered if this was a trick or an actual gesture. Everyone knows J Mont is the mastermind of games. Especially recently… But I took my chances, and shook it back.

”Great job Dru. I always knew you had it in you. I know we have different allies and friends but I always knew you could bring it to anyone here in FIGHT. Also, I’m glad to see you and Mario are doing well. That’s my boy, so make sure you take care of him because I know he will take care of you. I taught him well.”Joe Montouri fixed up his collar in mid conversation. I watched every move the man made, I was leery of him, given what had transpired between him and my friend, Dane.

”Just keep doing what you are doing and before you know it. You will be a champion here and on your way up to the top. And when you win that gold, I will hopefully be invited to the Championship party with Mia, but no Sahara if you want to keep the party intact. But that’s for another day. Keep it up Dru. I will be watching.” As he strolled off down the hall, I stood there in silence. Henry, Roscoe and Diesel, like me, just blinked. Confused as to what just happened.

Must be the season of the witch… Ever since I had been signed to FNYC, my career had taken a turn. From the bottom of the pit to a title shot… They believed in me. I believed in myself, finally. I was so close, the top had begun to come into view. The clouds were parting, and the view looked amazing! I looked between Roscoe, Diesel and Henry and while I was excited for the win, in pain from the fight and high on the crowd’s emotions; I couldn’t help but wonder. Where the fuck was Memphis??? I hadn’t seen him since after Venom #8…

”What was that about?” Henry, skeptical, had a stern look on his face, looking down at me. I shrugged and went back to walking down the hall back to my room. Henry nodded to Roscoe and Diesel as the security guards finally caught up to us. Deep in conversation with one another.

”You were amazing, kid.” Henry clapped me on the back, I winced, Eoin hadn’t landed too many shots but the ones he did, fucker made them count. My whole body was shaking; not simply from pain but I was still amped. Still full of adrenalin. I knew it would stop soon, but for now, I was twitchy. ”Now, we rest for a day or so, but then, we train. Hard. I’ve reviewed a lot about this Sarah Wolf…. Pip?”

I flung the towel over my head like a shroud, and stopped for a moment. Security behind us, my Wolves ahead of us. I was in the Now. Not the past. Not the future. The now. I had just won a bare knuckle match! And frankly, I had just received some damned wicked reviews from Joe Montouri himself! How could Henry push past that so effortlessly? Did he not realize what this meant for me?

”Look, Henry, I love that you’re stoked, I love that you’re here. Really, it means a fuck– It means a lot, but, can we please be in the now, for now? Celebrate. Enjoy the high? Then, I promise, I’ll throw those blinders on and focus on nothing but the cunt, Sarah.” I watched his face grow stern. I could hear the lecture in my head about not swearing but this time, something different happened. He lifted the towel, kissed my cheek then linked his arm with mine and continued down the hall to the apartments.

”Come on Pip, let’s enjoy the night.” He patted my hand and as security grew closer I finally started to overhear their conversation.

”Dude, shit was fantastic, didn’t you watch?” Terry’s excitement was obvious in the speed at which he blathered his words! He nudged his partner as they followed us, keeping an eye on things.

”Nah man, I was grabbing grub. You know Dru has amazing shit brought in, dude.” The two large brutes laughed at one another as one handed the other a sandwich. Yes, I made sure my VIP’s were taken care of. I catered from a lovely delicatessen, had my personal supply of DruBrew brought in, as well as whatever baked sweet was being made that day. I spoiled my crew, for sure. Especially my security team. Why shouldn’t I? They worked hard!

”Bruh, I thought she was a goner when he downed her! But she crawled into this little box container… man, genius! He couldn’t defend himself!” Then Terry laughed, slowly unwrapping his sandwich. I could smell the corned beef. I could smell the sauerkraut. Honestly, I began to salivate a little. I was hungry, but I was also still flying from the fight. I don’t think I could have eaten at this moment.

”Fuck, that is genius! She’s a little thing, full of “duck and weave”, didn’t he realize what she was doing?” The other man, whose name was Carlos, bit into the sandwich and I could literally hear him purr! ”Bro… it’s still warm!” Yes, I spoiled them terribly. They loved being assigned to my routine, hell, they probably opted for double duty just to be on my detail! I don’t blame them, of the whole in FNYC, I was one of the nicer fighters. I also didn’t stir many pots, unless I had reason to.

”Nah, Eoin’s all brawn man, very little smarts. She’s going straight to the top, man, seriously!” He clapped hands with Carlos in a hard high-five and laughed. ”She’s a legend, man, and we get to watch her rise! Can you believe it?” He looked to his partner, who nodded his head vigorously, still chomping on the fresh, still warm reuben sandwich.

They laughed again. I looked at Henry and then peered over my shoulder. ”Hey, you two off after Venom or you pulling an all-nighter?”

”Actually, I’m off at 10 and Carlos is off at 11.”

I smiled. ”Ok, so you two don’t have girlfriends or wives, right? I’m not trying to pry or be mean, just getting a headcount for dinner tonight.” I watched their faces light up, and Henry patted my hand again. One thing I had learned working with Robi all these years was to always treat your people like family. Terry and Carlos may not have actually worked for me, but when I was in Fight Tower, they followed me everywhere. So, in a way, they were family. ”You know where Krew Tower is, just come on up. I’ll have places waiting for you two. Least I can do is feed y’all proper food.” I smiled, there was a method here. I wanted to see the top, I wanted to be the pinnacle and in order for that to happen, I needed the support of everyone around. Plus, these guys worked harder than most security guards. Especially since Dane and JMont still hadn’t settled their beef.

”Oh… Miss White…”

I raised my hand to stop him. “It’s Dru.”

He took a breath and nodded. ”Yes.. Mi-… Dru. We .. We’ll be there.” They both nodded as I opened my door to my Fight apartment. Henry, Diesel and Roscoe had already walked inside. Reaper let his presence be known as he meowed, loudly and jumped onto my shoulders. Gods he was heavy! I winced as he landed on a bruise, but smiled as the two gents petted him before they excused themselves to finish their duties for the evening.

As I closed my door, that was when the adrenalin failed me. My knees grew a little weaker. I had to lean on Henry, heavily, to make it to the couch. I sighed softly, Roscoe brought an ice pack for my ribs, the main shot Eoin had scored. They hurt terribly, but in truth, I had felt worse. Much worse. I loved wrestling, more than pretty much anything I’d done in my life. But Jesus, it took a toll on you. I wasn’t weak, by any means, but when you come down from the adrenaline, it shows you your mortality.

”Boss, Mario called while you were busy… said he’d like it if you called him back, I think he’s smitten with you.” Cela, ever the smartass. If I didn’t love the mother of my niece and nephew so much… Ah, nah. I wouldn’t do anything. I give her shit for being with my brother, so I expect some payback.”Hell… by the looks of it, I’d say you’re just as smitten…” I glared at her, but really what could I do? This woman packed up her entire life for me. To be my second in command.

”Oooooo, Boss has a boyfriend!” I was going to kill Diesel… I flipped him the bird and scowled as he grinned and bounced into my kitchen for Gods know what. I was fairly well stocked, so whatever he wanted I most likely had. And if I didn’t? He could call the offices. Harass them.

Henry’s head spun to look at me at the mention of a boyfriend. ”Look, we aren’t doing the whole “title” thing. We’re dating, okay? Vultures. All of you!” Then Tara’s voice echoed in my head “I’m team Marscilla!!” And while it made me smile, I wondered, were we at that serious point? Had we become boyfriend and girlfriend? Or were we still keeping things light and playing it by ear? I did spend a lot of time with him, at his shows, him at mine.

Had things begun to morph and I did not realize it? — I seriously needed to stop binging Sex and the City… I wasn’t Carrie Bradshaw; I was Dru. I wasn’t going to chase a man to fulfill my life; I could fulfill it without one. Look what I had done? My wrestling career. My businesses. My club. All without relying on a penile bearing creature.

I wanted a man who wanted to be with me, honestly, earnestly. Not one I had to beg. Not one who if he walked away, I fell to pieces, one who wouldn’t want to walk away. As for falling to pieces, if that happened, I might for a while, but later I’d stand back on my feet and keep doing what I did best; survive.

I sent a text to Mario and leaned back into my couch. As he texted back, a goofy smile pulled at my lips. I replied again and grinned as I tucked my phone away. We had made plans for me to spend some time with him down in the Keys. Needless to say, I was excited. Overly so. I needed the break, and he was just the person I wanted to run off with for a while.

I grabbed a joint from my weed box and lit it. Sighed softly partly from contentment and partly from hurting. This was my more potent blend, a special concoction, I needed the relief. But, in a pot induced haze, who knew where my mind would wander…

Or, when I should say…

Fall Back

New Orleans, even in winter, was beautiful! Danny and I went everywhere, from cemeteries, to Occult shops to every single Cajun eatery in the city and even some outside of it. We watched four of Louisia Massacre’s matches, and each one amazed me more and more. I wanted so badly to be like her! I watched her with a vibrant tenacity that even her small promotion caught. They had offered to let me sign up for their juvenile program!

”Please Danny! Oh, Please! I’ll never ask you for anything ever again, ever!” I tugged his hand, I wanted this so badly, I could literally taste it! His face grew taut, he shook his head, again. My heart stopped. Tears fell from my eyes as I continued. ”Please… Danny, please… This is all I’ve ever wanted in my life! Please… Don’t… Don’t be like dad…” I wept, my scrawny body shaking softly with each sob. Maybe dad was right… Maybe I was worthless… ”Danny… please..” I begged him, my eyes not their normal bright crystalline but a dull, jaded grey. “Please…” My voice broke, cracked from crying and pleading with him. When he didn’t answer, I looked down at my manky shoes; their torn fabric and duct tape covering some holes. In the grand scheme of the trip, I had had more fun this week than I ever had in my 15 years! But, this trip also gave me the one thing I knew was part of who I was to be. Something I couldn’t have just yet, apparently.

Danny lifted my chin, gently and sighed. ”Bug, I can’t. I’m not dad. A guardian has to sign… I’m your brother.” I cried harder, this broke my little heart. Deep down, I knew I could do this. I knew I could be a wrestler. But, Danny was right. He always was. I wiped my eyes, my mascara and liner having racoon’d around my saddened eyes, leaving a trail of black down my face. “Bug… I know you can do it. You can do anything you put your beautiful mind to.” He grabbed me in a hug and smiled softly. ”Look, promise me this. When you’re older and out of the house, make this dream come true.” I looked up at him, confused. ”Bust your ass and become one of the top wrestlers of whatever promotion signs you.” I didn’t quite understand…

But maybe that’s how Fate works. Maybe Danny knew his time was short on this earth, and he wanted to give me the one thing I’d need to continue on living. A promise to him. “O.. Okay Danny… I promise.” I was still a little perplexed, but it made his face soften. I didn’t want to go home, now. I wanted to stay here in New Orleans and learn to wrestle! However, life had other things in mind…

I had no idea, at 15, that I’d lose my brother the following year. I had no idea, at any age, I’d be a wrestler for one of the hottest promotions to ever open up. Hell, I had no idea I’d be president of my own charter, owner of three powerful businesses and have all of the proverbial holes in my chest sewn up. A shot at a major title. Friends in every circle. Safe enough to let my guard down. Things had really spun on their ear. I could stand where I was in FNYC and look down at where I was a year or two ago.

Sure, I wasn’t at the top yet, but I had my shot. I knew what I needed to do to accomplish my goals and I was set down the road to winning. For a brief moment, a sliver in time, I was where I needed to be. Where I wanted to be. Like I said before, I could use Eoin as a springboard, and I did. His smug fucking Irish face was squashed beneath my ringboot as I jumped…

Time marched on, and the memories faded in and out. The apartment was full of noise and laughter, but my head zeroed in on another memory, one that cut to the core.

One that still ripped me open.

”You’ll never amount to a damned thing, girl!” His words were harsh. My heart, though I realistically knew it couldn’t, it broke. Shattered. Dad was always yelling, specifically at me. Especially since the accident. I hid my tears, but he must have seen the look on my face before I turned or hell, smelled the sadness emanating off me. He reached out and caught my shirt collar, spun me around and slapped me clear across the face. I fell backwards, cutting my hand on the broken glass at mom’s feet. I had dropped a glass of milk, when dad startled me, and that was a cardinal sin in our house.

It was my fault. I knew it. I tried to apologize, but not even Diesel could save me. My hand, split wide open, bled profusely and I tucked it into the hem of my shirt. If I ruined the carpet, he would never let up. Mom turned to walk away, taking Diesel with her. Dinner was ready and they were going to set the table to eat. I had a feeling this would be one of the many nights I went to bed hungry…

”I’m sorry, daddy!”

Dad yanked his belt from his pants and the resulting rustle of leather sent shivers through me. ”It should have been you, you worthless gash!” He railed back, I screamed an incoherent apology, holding my hands, even the bloody one out to shield myself. ”DADDY NO!” I screamed, but all the sound did was echo into the caverns of my mind, and as the belt slammed downward, it launched me into another fit of memories…

Two years. Two years I had spent in fear, and pain. But Gotti didn’t care. My parents would never come looking for me. I was his plaything. I had come to New York to get away from them. To try and live. To try and make the promise I made Danny come true. I wanted to wrestle. I wanted to be like Louisa Massacre but… all I found was pain. Why? Gotti found me first.

The restraints cut into my wrists, the goosebumps ran down my entire body from the sheer cold of the atmosphere. Gotti knew how to keep someone off balance. He came at me again, this time, pliers. He tightened them around my left top canine. I swallowed hard, my eyes focused on him. I was bloody. I was tired. I was naked. I was freezing. But he never let up, he never let me catch my breath. He was making sure I was his pet. Ensuring I would never be pushed over the edge of spilling every single thing I knew about his enterprise. He yanked, my head jerked downward and a sickening *SQUISH* echoed in the cement room. I screamed, I couldn’t hold it back, the pain shot through me like a laser. The *CRACK* as the root dislodged from my jaw… It echoed. Reverberated off the walls and tortured me further. He dropped my tooth to the ground and stood over me.

”Ahh… Good girl.” He patted my head, I wept. I shook from the pain, from the cold. I looked up to him and spat a mouthful of blood in his face. ”I guess you don’t want to.. Wrestle.” He leered at me, I saw the twitch in his slacks. Yes, I wanted to become a wrestler, not his fucking cum-dumpster. I wanted to be on the top of the world. People across the world recognize me and want pictures. I wanted to make Danny proud. But, he’d never be proud of me if I stayed Gotti’s fuck toy.

”Fuck… You…” I grunted, shivering from the waves that throbbed through my whole body. He wiped his face with my shirt and smiled that disgusting smile. He bent down, put his hand on my thigh and pressed his lips to mine. Forcefully. My whole being wanted to lash out and get away, but the restraints kept me from clawing his face. The pliers now shoved back in my mouth kept me from biting his tongue off.

”Now, now, Cilla…” He tightened them around my right top canine… ”You know better girl… I can make your career… Or I can break you…” Before I realized what he was doing… he yanked downward and my head slammed forward. I don’t remember much after that…

But what I did remember would haunt my dreams for the rest of my life…

The soft voice of Mama called to me as I awoke in my dingy cell. She had cleaned my wounds, sewn what she could and clothed me. I shivered but as I opened my eyes, I fought her, I cried in pain and like a wild animal I lashed out. She caught my hands and hushed me. ”Kachanie… Shhh… Calm…” She looked over her shoulder, I saw Dane standing in the shadows, keeping watch presumably. They weren’t supposed to be down here. Gotti made it well known I was to be left alone until I could obey… She gave me some water, but the cold chill on the freshly raw sockets hurt so badly, it made my body involuntarily throw up. Well, dry heave. I hadn’t eaten in several days.

All I had was my memory. Diesel. Danny. Darcy. Darlene. The only ones who kept me going. I cried, my whole body ached, my mouth was on fire, and I knew he’d be back tonight for another fuck fest. I could still taste blood in my mouth. This was the life I had run away from home and ended up with. I left one abuser and traded up for another, it seems.

”Shh, hurry!” Dane’s voice was urgent, hurried and scared. Mama cursed in Belarusian and tucked what she had brought behind the loose brick behind my pillow. She grabbed my face. ”Kachanie.. Mama sorry, Mama must go… Kachanie… Let him do it, no fight.” There were tears in her eyes, she didn’t want this for me, but we both knew I’d be dead if I didn’t let it happen. She sobbed with me for a moment before she kissed my forehead and stole away into the night. Dane, quick on her heels. How had this woman found me, and why had she decided to care for me? That was a whole separate memory.

I could hear his heavy footsteps coming down the stairs. I tasted the fresh blood in my mouth again and I could feel the twinges of raw flesh sewn together when I moved. What choice did I have? Die and let Danny down? Or lay here and let him do what little he could to my body and live? As the cell door groaned open, and the sound of a zipper being undone resonated… I had made a choice.

This particular snippet of my life still turned my stomach. To the point of making me hurl. My apartment had long since cleared, and I found myself clinging to the porcelain ring; the images of Gotti and my earlier life… They weighed so heavy, they almost, almost, eclipsed the work I had been doing in FNYC. I had to redirect my mind; Sarah Wolf. She was who would reap the rewards of my fuse having been lit.

Once I stepped into that pit with her, I would leave it all behind, or I’d die trying. Another wave of nausea overtook me, shredding me viscerally. I heaved, and threw up not only the little food I had eaten this evening, but also the dread and woe I held within me. I owed it to Xavier to fight. I owed it to Vhodka. To Robi. To Vincent. Fuck, I owed it to myself to show up and show out at Ascension…

But, I also had more to reexperience, to fuel the fires deep within me. In order for me to cherish what I had now, I needed to remember what I had back then, and what ripped my heart from my chest. Words hurt, even from years ago, but the only way to learn was to remember. The good. The bad. Even the ugly…

The pages turned and finally, I had come to the light. Years of Gotti’s employ, I had earned my place among his highest favored men. Yes, I killed people for a living. Yes, I embezzled off his businesses. Yes, the sick pig still raped me when he felt frisky. But I was alive. I had survived the worst of the torture, platinum fangs replaced missing teeth, tattoos covered scars. And the sad, weak little girl had died, giving birth to the stone-faced woman before you. I paid my fucking dues.

I suffered at the hands of a madman for 5 years before he let me leave his compound. For five years my bed was his each night. But once I had earned enough leash to live on my own, I began to thrive. I hadn’t spoken to Diesel in years, and had resigned myself to being a distant memory to my ex family.

But, where I lost the White’s I gained Lukas. He was a fellow employee of Gotti. One of his personal drivers. We had grown close. Very close. He stayed in my apartment most days. For the first time in forever… I felt loved. I felt wanted. I felt some shred of normalcy. At least, that’s what I thought… Of course, he knew I still belonged to Gotti. And that at whatever time of day, should the sick fuck call and demand my ass, I had no choice but to go. Even five years later, he still made me feel like a worthless creature, just a quick fuck to abuse. How I retained my humanity, to this day I’ll never know. I still remembered my promise to Danny. I remembered Louisa Massacre. Maybe they were what kept me from turning. I think Danny and even Louisa were my saving grace.

Yet, the last time I returned home covered in Gotti’s spunk and sweat, this man preferred my walk of shame be extra shameful, Lukas had had his fill. That was when he came at me. His eyes were crazed. He was incoherent. But the knife he wielded said everything that needed to be said. And it said it loudly! I hit the ground as he launched at me, I tried to block his attacks but I was so beat from the previous endeavors with the Fat Man, that Lukas landed a few blows.

Blood spilled all over my white carpets, Thor and MeowlMir bolted to the bedroom, they were babies. I screamed, I could feel the knife pierce my shoulder and exit the other side. I clawed at him, shredding his face as my guards stormed in. Gotti always insisted I have them seated outside. Now this was the one time I was thankful for them. He leaned on the knife, sending it deeper through my shoulder, as if crucifying me to the floor. His blood mixed with mine.

As if in slow motion, I grabbed Lukas’ throat and wrenched myself from the floor flipping him to his back. Blood poured from the large wound in my shoulder. I pulled the knife free. I saw nothing but red. I didn’t see the gun until it was too late. I had stabbed Lukas right through the heart but I felt the red, hot, searing pain of the bullet before my brain registered the gunshot.

My guards yanked us apart, but it was too late. Lukas’ death rattle hissed as I landed on one of the large men. Bleeding. Covered in fluids no one should be covered in. And I faded in and out of consciousness. Sending me further down into the Twilight Zone. Surgery. Recuperation. Pain. Abuse. Upheaval.

Spring Forward

Time was an erratic concept, in the world of misery. Minutes became hours. Days became years. Years were centuries.

I spent the majority of my time working for Gotti, being his good little blood-thirsty bitch but when the other shoe fell, I succumbed to the law. The world changed. I changed. Prison can change anyone. The years were not kind to me, nor was I to them. I fought tooth and nail for anything I ever had. From my years at “home” with the White’s to Gotti’s reign of terror over me to my freedom with The Wolves to the platforms of Fade2Black, Outlaw Pro and Fight! NYC.

Memories play, like a movie in black and white! Showing my determination. My stoicism. My stubbornness and my avid inability to quit! I never backed down! From anyone! Fade2Black was the first promotion to take a chance on me. They signed me and every single week, shoved me out the gates and let me spread my wings. My career was bright, certainly, even though it was a short lived contract with Fade2Black. I fought with my heart. I clawed my way up the ladder rungs with every single match.

I bled for them. I broke bones for them. I destroyed my opponents for them. Even though they closed their doors with almost no warning, I hold no ill will to that promotion. They were my first chances. My origin story.

Clips of what I handed out, and what I received began to played through my head;

Down went Vhodka; I was gaining on her. I stood; yanking Vhodka to her feet. A few chops across her chest then I whipped her into the corner. She rushed forward, and sprung into a Stinger’s Splash! Before I let her go, I hauled her body to the top rope; up I went and leaped off, grabbing Vhodka’s head with my legs! Avalanche Frankensteiner!


I made the cover!




I am absolutely stunned! I stood up, yanked her up again by a thick handful of her hair and I pulled her to me. My lips met hers and I smirked!

Dalton King ; “What the hell just happened? Druscilla kissed Vhodka! What’s the purpose of that?!

Jada Freeman ; “Vhodka doesn’t look happy. In fact, she looks DISGUSTED!”

I go for a quick hurricanrana, but it turns into a sitout powerbomb from Vhodka! She’s quick to her feet but I’m reeling. I struggled to my knees as she rushed to the corner and jumped off the top rope! I stood… she dove for me in a diving corkscrew stunner!


She got up, I couldn’t move. I think, briefly, I was out cold for a moment but tried like hell to recover. But there came Vincent! With a party size bag of Funyuns and fucking bag of Oscar Mayer bologna!

Jada Freeman ; “Why in the hell does Vincent have those.. ”

Vhodka laughs, before she moves to the corner, hopping onto the top rope! She took flight..Corkscrew Shooting Star Press! I was fucked. Without lube.


She connects, and rolls into the pinfall!

I was knocked out. Flat.




Kacie Banks ; “Here are your winnerrrrrrrrrr… VHODKA MARIE!”

I remembered these fights vividly. Their intensity. Their ferocity. How could I forget? Hell, I heard a rumor my match with Serotonin ended her career! That was an award I would always cherish. Now, I had no issues with Serotonin outside of work. I respected that everyone had their own talents and careers. Some are higher than others. Some are more vicious than others. But when it came to those four corners? They were mine, and I would fight to the death. As poor Serotonin found out…

As fucking Sarah Wolf would find out…

The bell rang, and… what the hell!!!

I flashed my right hand, and I had the brass knuckles I took from Brandon Moore at the Thankless Intent pay-per-view!

Dalton King ; “Oh shit! I forgot she even had those! But wait, what does she plan to do with them, exactly?! This isn’t an xXx rules match!”

Serotonin looked a little worried at first, as she backed herself into one of the corners of the ring, grabbing the middle rope in case she needed to escape altogether. I paced forward, only to fall backward to taunt Serotonin as I laughed.

Dalton King ; “It’s been a tough week for Druscilla, and after being humiliated by Vhodka Marie who insisted on throwing bologna and Funyuns at her after defeating Dru, you know Dru came to F-I-G-H-T!”

Serotonin charged forward, and she slid between my legs. Serotonin took me down with a chop block, as I’m the bigger competitor and dropped me on my back. Serotonin lifted my legs from the canvas, constantly dodging me as I leaned upward trying to strike at her with those brass knucks! Serotonin fell backwards, as I catapulted myself upward, my face meeting the turnbuckle. Serotonin followed this up with a roll up.



Serotonin pulled back as I attempted to escape by striking her with the brass knucks. Serotonin started arguing with referee Skylar Nash, suggesting that she takes the brass knucks from my possession. Good fucking luck, kid. I crawled up from behind and CLOBBERED Serotonin in the lower back with a fist full of knucks, which the referee couldn’t see as she was being distracted. I stood, wrapped my left arm around the head and neck of Serotonin and yanked back, ultimately slamming her down, back of the head first, with a reverse DDT.

I went for the cover.


Skylar Nash forced me to wait, as I wanted to attack Serotonin before she could even make it back up. Serotonin stood, with a mean hobble. I kicked her in the mid-section before taking her down with a snap suplex. I rolled through, arms still locked. ANOTHER snap suplex! I rolled back and over Serotonin for a cover.




As I turned, Serotonin met me with a kick to the mid-section followed by her Tiger Driver!!!


Serotonin went for the cover!


Jada Freeman ; “HOLY SHIT! Druscilla White just kicked out following the Adrenaline Dump! That’s.. Unheard of, Dalton!

Fans cheered Serotonin on, as she spun, looking out at them before taking to the turnbuckle in the nearest corner. I started turning my head, studying my surroundings as
Serotonin leapt off the top rope with her Shooting Star Press! BUT WAIT A MINUTE!!!
I pulled my knees up slightly, CLOBBERING Serotonin along her side with the brass knucks and the referee was on the opposite side so she didn’t see it!

Jada Freeman ; “OH NO! Druscilla got her with the knucks, Dalton!!!”

Serotonin rolled off, as I jolted up to my feet. Oh I yanked Serotonin up with ease, kicking her and setting her up for my modified Tombstone Piledriver and I LAND it with SO MUCH intensity!!!


Dalton King ; “It’s over!”

Druscilla hooks the leg.




Kacie Banks ; “Here is your winnerrrrrrrrrr… DRUUUUUUSCILLA “PROPHET” WHIIIIIITE!”

That was the heat. The hot-blooded thrill of the fight. But then, another promotion came my way. Mr. Johnny Stylez himself proposed a contract, luring me to his herd of fuckery. And once again, week after week, I doled out bloodcurdling matches. I took my lashes, but I certainly changed the path of my career under his banner. Outlaw Professional Wrestling. My second home. Again, one I resided in for a short amount of time. But while I was there, I learned something important. I never stopped going. Even when I fought Brandon Moore, well, especially when I fought Moore. That demented fuck didn’t know it, but he set me down the road to where I was now. He sent me to the top.

Moore had the chair in hand that I dropped only moments before and he smacked it into my back with a sickening thud. Once, twice, a third time. I rolled on the mat in agony but each time once the initial pain of the impact subsided, I pressed my bloody hands into the mat, pushing my battered body to rise and face down the man in front of me. Brandon Moore had a look of incredulousness on his face as I brought my beaten body to a fully erect position defiantly pressing my nose right up to his own. I was nothing if not filled with moxie; pure chutzpah.


I swayed on my feet, smiling in the face of an increasingly frustrated Brandon Moore. Moore suddenly lunged forward catching me directly in my beautiful face with one hell of a headbutt. Blood erupted from my nose, on all hands and fours began to cough to clear the blood draining down the back of my throat. Again, I begin my ascent to rise. Once more, I come face to face with Brandon Moore.


Another chair shot sent me flying back down to the mat. Followed by another, and another, a barrage of chair shots to my back and head. I still try to rise once more to meet the monster in front of me, face to face.


I ignored him, this time clearly struggling to even get my hands beneath me to push my body up. I tried but fell to my side, resting for a moment before rolling back over and again trying to bridge my body up so that I may stand. Brandon Moore beside me let out an inhuman scream of frustration before dropping down to the mat and rolling out of the ring in search of something.

[ Taj Escobar ]: What the hell is that Moore is shoving into the ring?

[ Mason Moore ]: I’m no plumber but it looks like he’s going to have to throw everything AND the kitchen sink at Druscilla White to get her to lay down long enough for the pin.

[ Taj Escobar ]: Wow. You have got to give it to White, she’s really shown what she’s made of here in this match tonight.

Moore was back in the ring, the muscles in his arms are cording as he lifted the kitchen sink up off the mat and stumbled towards me, while I made it to all fours. Moore hesitated, but only for a moment before bringing the sink crashing down on the back of my skull. I moved no more. He went for the pin.

I Lived for the fight. I could taste the blood in my mouth, even hours before I stepped foot in the ring. Kevin Jameson found out the hard way. I wasn’t just Druscilla. I was Druscilla, the Wrestler. Whose fans came from all over to see me fight. I had begun to make a name for myself. Once more, though, it was short lived. When OPW shut off the lights, I didn’t know what would happen. The memories still flashed through my head, and yes, they still made me smile.

[ Mason Moore ]: White slaps the taste out of Jameson’s mouth as he starts to stir.

[ Taj Escobar ]: Jameson’s pissed, though, he reaches up and grabs a handful of hair and now he’s manhandling Druscilla!

He threw me into the turnbuckle and then bolted for me, hitting a running leg lariat. He got his energy up now and he came off the ropes and nailed me again with another leg lariat. And then monkey-flipped me into the center of the ring. He climbed the ropes, now staring down at me in the middle of the ring.



I slid out of the way and then immediately grabbed a hold of his neck, and started driving fists into the side of his head and face, and then I ran and springboarded from the middle rope..


Missile Dropkick / Military Press Slam!





But, that brought me here. To Fight. The, hopefully, final promotion to take a chance on me. Xavier had discussed my contract with me, and though it felt like a Faustian deal, this place became my home. This place became the real deal. It gave me a reason to stay in the ring. In a way, Xavier saved me from myself. And in a way, every single person in Fight saved me. From Vhodka to Dane to Brandon to JJ to Sahara to Asher to Vincent, and especially Robi. My beloved Toddy. #NiceAustin. Joe Montouri even had a hand in keeping me from stumbling over myself. I owed a lot to my fellow Fighters.

Damon had bumped into me in the hall once. And his voice was oddly calming. “Nice job, kid. Look forward to seeing you perform more.” His words rocketed through me. Just the fact he knew who I was was enough to keep me going, but knowing he watched me? I couldn’t stop now. If I was knocked down, Damon gave me enough to rise.

Though the drama surrounding Dane was heavy, we’d shared a few simple words but they were ones that mattered. ”You got fire, Dru. Use it. Don’t look down.” He was right. I had enough fire in me to burn the world; but I needed to learn to harness it. And I was beginning to learn.

Joe Montouri. The blowhard. The walking ego. As it turned out, at least for me, he wasn’t just an asshole. He showed some kindness to me earlier this week. After Venom. ”Great job Dru. I always knew you had it in you. I know we have different allies and friends but I always knew you could bring it to anyone here in FIGHT.” When he had approached me, I was wary, but afterwards? I had started to see him in a different light, perhaps it was Mario rubbing off on me, or perhaps, Joe had genuinely meant what he said, and was changing in front of us all. Whatever it was, I had begun to see Joe as an ally, and quite possibly a friend.

Their simple words of affirmation kept me going. I replayed them over and over in my head, whenever I doubted myself. Which lately, has been a lot. Like I said, if something knocked me down, they were part of why I stood back up.

These people, in their own fucked up way, cared. Not just about the business, but about those of us who signed on the dotted line. Those of us who took the leap with Xavier into the unknown. None would ever admit it, of course, I certainly wouldn’t; but we were a fucked up, dysfunctional family. Well, except for Sarah Wolf. I absolutely loathe this twat, and I am determined to put her down. For good.

The time I spent with Vhodka after Sarah had committed the atrocity was but a log thrown onto the hate fires of my soul. We had a standing lunch date every week where we got together, ate cotton candy sundaes or some such creation of Vhodka’s desires and talked about what’s going on in our lives. Sure, we texted most of the time as we were both busy women, but we made time for one another. Every week. But this one was different. This time, Vhodka chose to share with me exactly what Sarah had done to her, and her family. I sat across from her, as she picked at her plate of nachos drenched in that thick, orange cheese. A river of which had begun to ooze its way off her plate and over to my own. ”That cuntaroni and cheese deserves everything she has coming to her. She mailed an aborted fetus to our daughter with a note saying “this is how your father wanted you”, like I get you have problems with us and that’s whatever, but that? To bring our child into it? Her own niece, at that? That’s unforgivable.” She flicked a cheese drenched tortilla chip like a football in the direction of one of the waitresses. Hitting her directly in the ass. Center mass. Center Ass? It plastered itself to the woman’s backside. I stifled a laugh as best I could! It was like something straight out of a cartoon! My lunches with Vhodka were anything but boring. She was never, ever the mundane “basic bitch” that waltzed around New York nowadays.

”Not even counting the shit she’s put Vincent through physically and mentally. I’m just honestly fucking disgusted I ever called her my best friend.” My poor, dear friend. I couldn’t fathom what she and Vincent had gone through over that ordeal, or their daughter. But I could reassure her, it would all be dealt with soon. I could empathize with her, show her I truly did care. Let her know, I’m here if she needs anything; which I was. I’d drop everything and come running, fully loaded if this woman needed me. And Vhodka knew it. I’d be there in a blaze of bullets and bikers if she sent up the signal.

”Fuckssake Vhodka, she did what? That’s terrible! What did y’all do? Wait, I thought I was your best friend?” My utter shock was blatantly across my face. I almost knocked over my Dr. Pepper as I reached for her hand to grasp it tightly. ”I am so sorry, can I do anything?” As she looked at me, I knew. I knew she wanted to tell me to kill her. I could feel it. But as she poured herself into slurping that neon green Mountain Dew to wash down what I assumed was anguish and loathing, she said nothing. She just looked at me with those soulful, looney tunes-filled eyes of hers as she stuffed a couple nachos in her mouth.

But I knew. And I took it upon myself to right this wrong. It’s what friends do, after all. Right?

”You are my bestie! Now, tell me about the dream you had, Druble.” So innocent. So insane. I laughed as she brought that dream up! And I won’t even go down the road with that nickname. I guess it was better than something to do with Funyuns.

”Well, it’s you and me. A kiddie pool and duct tape bikinis. Like real classy duct tape bikinis. Yours is this super retro pink duct tape and mine is Mario Bros duct tape.” I could tell just that alone had her snuggled in for the story. Who wouldn’t be drawn into a story like that? Women, duct tape bikinis and a kiddie pool? That immediately smelled like a winner. I smiled. ”And 70 gallons of nacho cheese…”

”OhmahGod Yes! All of it! Yes! Let’s do it! I will bring it to X immediately!” She perked right up, thumping the table between us, knocking a few broken chips to the floor.
I arched a brow and laughed, shaking my head as she began to vibrate with excitement. This woman legitimately vibrated in her seat! Did she not want to hear the rest? There was loads more to share with her.

”It’s like a Mexican Fiesta for Fight. You know? Well, I mean, there’s also tacos, burritos and tons of….” The human memory was a fantastic creation! Able to draw up a specific moment in time at any given moment, and that was exactly what had happened now.

This spot in time, though having just happened, sent shivers up and down my spine. Exciting shivers. Sexy shivers. Tantalizing shivers about being able to scratch the eyes out of Sarah’s fucking skull.

The Shoot

I was in my office later that week, in the clubhouse. The rest of the Wolves were either working filling DruBrew orders, or playing pool and enjoying the day. I was due to fly out to Florida this evening. My bruised ribs were healing but still tender from the fight with Eoin, but I ignored the pain. I leaned over my desk, joint brought to my lips, I took a drag. But then, I looked up, the camera focused on the framed articles of my matches hung on the walls, framed photos of me in the ring, fan letters and portraits and my original patches from Baton Rouge. Even clippings in newspapers about Tara’s Charity Cruise were framed and on my walls. This life is what I was proud of. Not the past events that shaped me, but what I chose to do with the strength and courage from that past. Wrestling was my life.

As I exhaled, slowly, the smoke billowed around me like a noir villain. My voice was soft, my words chosen for their truth.

”I won’t compare scars, we both have our fair share. I won’t bother unearthing the skeletons in our closets, I’m sure we both have a few. Perhaps more than a few, in my case. Nor will I compare the amount of blood in our respective ledgers; I’m sure it’s a flood. But, what I cannot do is, I cannot compare who we are as people.”

I was a predator, I moved with purpose. I leaned back in my chair, propping my boots up on the desk, took another toke from my joint and sighed gently. My fangs sparkled in the overhead lights, no one knew their origins, but they were a part of who I was. They became my trademark.

”Because I may be crazy. I may be demented. I may be fucking batshit. But, honey, I am not a fucking disgusting deviant.”

”You, kitten, are a special type of fucked up.
An unnatural creature borne from the swollen, shit-filled bowels of Gabriel; who squatted over a fucking cloud and shat you down upon this earth as a colo-rectal reject.

Then, I stood from my chair, walked around to the front of my desk; the camera following every single step I took. I grabbed my beer, a fresh, cold DruBrew and took a sip. I set the bottle back down and took the final drag off my joint. As I snuffed it out in the ashtray, I grinned. What a lovely image; snuffing Sarah Wolf out. I’d personally dig the hole to drop her corpse in, if necessary.

”Now, the type of person who sends a little girl, a child, a fucking fetus… that is a caliber of depravity that must be burned and extinguished from this earth. Who does that?? And who does that not expecting some form of retaliation. But, how would one retaliate?” ”That’s where I come in, booboo.”

I stopped moving about a quarter of the way to the cameraman, I knelt down. A laugh erupted from betwixt my crimson hued lips. As the laugh grew heartier, I tilted my head to the side, a crazed, twisted look in my crystalline blue eyes. My arms slid around myself; tucked in the confines of my leather Wolves cut. I seemed crazy. Literally, teetering on the ledge of insanity and I was ready to drop off. Spread my leather, torn wings and fly into the minds of the millions who’d seen my face on Fight’s own network.

”I am the personification of the retaliation your brother and sister-in-law have sought to rain down on you. I am the witch who’ll cast you from this earth, banishing you to burn in the flames of the deepest, most traumatizing circle of Hell. I will fold you up and shove you into the cavernous asshole of Hitler himself. I am the Prophet of Retribution. I am the Voodoo Queen. The Redeemer. I am your worst damned nightmare, dressed as a daydream.”

Within mere seconds, my hands ripped from their hiding place; both knives yanked from their sheaths and glistened in the fluorescent lighting. Their blades, sharp enough to skin Miss Sarah alive, the engraving of “Redemption” and “Away” shown perfectly.

”Face it, Sarah, your reign of terror is at an end. The era of sleight of hand, black goo and sadism is over. Welcome to the new world. And here? Here, it’s my domain, bitch. Ascension will be your end, and it’s appropriately named, because that’s what will happen. I will take your title and I will ascend. Spread my wings and soar. Straight to the top. The coveted “through the clouds” place. Where I have aimed to step foot my whole life, Sarah. This isn’t solely about who is the better fighter. Or who the biggest shit-talker is, this is about who Wants it most. My whole life has led to this moment. Every fucking thing I have survived, conqwuered or overcome has set me on the path to this place. This tip of the iceberg, looking over into paradise.. That is where I belong. I belong up there with the greats. The ones who came before me, paved the way for wrestlers like me.”

I shook my head, placing my beloved blades back in their sheaths. I licked my lower lip, trying to center myself. I hated Sarah, and I hated few. I wanted to do her great harm; I wanted to end her career, hell, her life. One of the few things that could bring out the killer in me was someone harming a child or ruining a child’s innocence. And that is exactly what she had done. Vhodka was one of my dearest friends and when she shared with me what had happened… It was everything she could do to keep me from lashing out then and there.

But, I bided my time, and I waited for the perfect place. And then it came. Ascension. Her title was up for grabs and thanks to a… friend? I placed my bid and the plan fell into place. I wasn’t doing this for myself; solely, I was doing this for Vhodka. For Vincent. If it meant I walked the road of suffering, I was fine with that. A Prophet was a divine hammer used to snuff out the wicked. I had seen this war in my dreams. I knew it would end bloody and I wouldn’t walk away unscathed but it was worth it. The view from above the clouds, from Valhalla, was beautiful and I wanted to take my place among the ones who came before me.

”I will take your skull and keep it on my mantle, little girl. Two of us walk into that pit at Ascension, only one of us will leave. Make damned sure you know what you’re getting into, The Cure won’t save you. Just like I won’t be merciful. You can fucking count on it.”

But this was the showdown, the credits were about to roll. Or, maybe, just maybe this was the final act, and I was due one more, one final surprise. Because, I hadn’t noticed the white SUV parked in the alley across from our clubhouse. I hadn’t thought for a moment about the man who came in and had asked for directions this morning. I was focused on what mattered to me.

My family.

My career.


The other shoe was about to drop…. ”Hello Cilla….” The man in the SUV whispered gravelly, hidden behind a blacked out window and a few hundred thousand bucks of bullet proofing, and sneered. When I walked out of the pit at Ascension this week, and touched down on the deck of the charity cruise later on; I had no earthly clue that it might be the last time. But the collapse had already been put in motion, and this was a bone-crushing boulder I couldn’t escape. Not in one piece…

I hope everyone knows exactly how much I loved them…

Ascension was certainly going to start things off with a BANG!

Gods know what the charity cruise had in store…

As the video went to snow, my cackle, that unholy laugh, echoed before the whole thing cut to black.

This moment.

This opponent.

This championship.

This company.

It has all led to this.

This is the final chapter.