Druscilla White and the Lost Christmas.

By: Druscilla White

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 12th Dec 2021

Austin tried to get away from me. I sneered. He wanted this fight. He begged for this fight. I wasn’t about to let him crawl away. The word “BYE” had somehow magically been spelled out in shattered peppermint and blood specks in front of him.I knelt down, briefly whispering “I fucking told you, Austin, this was MY pit!” A CRACK to his jaw struck as I used that force to stand back up, leaving the poor schmuck unconscious now.

I smiled, prancing as I kicked his legs out, and then his arms. I was creating art, Godsdamnit! I dipped my fingers in his blood and splattered it everywhere around him, humming to myself. Ta Da! A Blood Angel! My best work! I was damned proud, I held my belt high above my head as Miss F handed it to me, again. This shit belonged to me. And as promised, I had defended it with blood. Leaving the arena, I felt no remorse for what had just occurred. Why should I? I hadn’t challenged him. I hadn’t done a Godsdamned thing to Austin. But he stepped to me. He threw the gauntlet and I answered the call. He’d regret it in the event he woke up…


As I walked back to my room, the stench of soapy snowflakes, sugar-free icing and blood-coated peppermint hung in the air. Christmas came early. I retained my title. I had defended my father. I had returned home after surviving the most deadly game… But, I felt off. I felt weird. The one person I wanted so desperately to run to, to hug and share stories with… I couldn’t. I had hurt her so deeply. I knew it in my broken heart. Priscilla opened the door with a large smile, she’d watched the match with Mama and Henry up in our suite, and hugged me. She ignored the blood and peppermint candy now covering her shirt and just stayed there. I patted her back and kissed the top of her head as I shut the door behind me. I heard their congratulations, I saw their happy faces but the one who wasn’t there… was Todrick. She would be tending to Austin, and most likely cursing my name. It hurt. But what I had done was far worse. I admitted that. After my shower, some dinner and conversation with the family, I excused myself to my room. Where, I sat at my boudoir table and thought. I had pen and paper and I knew it needed to be done but I was scared. She had to hate me, I couldn’t blame her if she did. But, this needed to be done. I picked up the pen and started writing… ”My Dearest Todrick… I am so deeply sorry for the hurt I have caused you, I truly am. What I did on that cruise was… Awful, but I did it to keep you and my other loved ones safe. I don’t expect to be forgiven, at all, but I wanted you to know why I did what I did. I want nothing more than to keep you safe. To keep the rest of the Wolves safe. You all are my family. You are my family. I won’t call you a sister, because I have some I wish I didn’t, but you’re so much more than that. You are my Gods given solace, Toddy… The one person whom I can bare all to, and know that not only will you not judge, but you will always be there to listen. You are the light to my dark, Todrick. I should have reached out. I know that, but had I… It would have put you and Austin in someone’s gun sights. I told no one, Toddy. Only two people knew the truth. And they looked over their shoulders this whole time. Know that I never, ever meant to hurt you. EVER! I did what I thought was best for everyone in my life. From Diesel to Robi to you. I did what I thought would keep everyone I loved safe. I knew it would hurt you, but I don’t think I completely knew to what extent… I’m not writing this to seek redemption, I know I’ve done too many things, in the dark, that prevent that. I’m writing this because I wanted you to know how much I love you, and to share with you the one thing that kept me going. The one thing that kept my light. It was you. Do you remember when we met in Fade2Black? When we first stepped into the ring together? For that promotional shoot? We became fast friends. I have that photo. We hugged and someone caught the greatest shot ever, and you signed it for me. Do you remember what you wrote? “To Dru, my Rockstar, Run to those Dreams. Love, Toddy.” That is what kept me. I held that photo close, through it all. It survived being shot. It survived being beneath the ocean, it survived being airlifted from Poland to Belarus into Russia. That photo, Toddy, stays with me wherever I go. I love you, girl, and I am so truly sorry for the dismay, for the hurt, for the sadness and grief and anger I have brought you. I hope, in time, we can begin our laughter again sometime. Where I can show you the old photo and hug you tightly. Being the time of year, one I normally love, of giving, I have a gift for you. One I had made specially for you, love. It’s not much, but it’s to show you how much I love you. I miss you, Toddy, I miss you so much. Please, for me, do not rush to forgive. The depth of sorrow and anger you’ve processed over my stupid ass, don’t rush to forget. I deserve all the anger you have, and I know you felt betrayed. I am sorry, my love. So very sorry. With all my love, Dru” I folded the letter and sighed as I sat there, looking at the small gift for her. I wept, softly, as I folded the paper around the two patches I’d had made for her. Patches for the Wolves. She was an honorary member, and these two strips of fabric and string granted her the same respect all of the Wolves had. The New York chapter was blessed to have her, in any way, in our ranks and we loved our Honorary Wolf to death and back. When I had brought up the proposition at our last club meeting, it was a unanimous vote. She was loved. She was respected. She was Our Rockstar. And if she chose to walk away from us, we’d all respect it, but she would always have a place here. The Wolves were ever loyal. The next day, I slipped the envelope under Austin and Toddy’s door in Fight Tower as I headed out. I had work, training and business to deal with before I met up with Robi and Knox for Fallout… Robi and I put them through the ringer, bashing Nick and Logan into oblivion. But, I slammed Latoya with a Mooncraft Prayer, setting Robs up for her lethal top rope, Gungnir(coup-de-gras). Poor Latoya. She’d been truly fucked over this match, she hadn’t expected how deadly Robi and I were together. How bloodthirsty. The bitch was down, Robi slid for the pin and as the three count was called, she wiped blood from Hixx’s head onto her belt. The Ascension belt had blood from every single victim to fall to Valkyrie. As we were announced the winners, Robi and I grinned at one another. Sure, we were both bruised and bloody from our own dance with one another, but this event cemented a life-long bond. Being back in the ring with one another was one of the few things that felt normal to me lately. But, I still felt … off. As I wandered the halls of the arena, heading to my dressing room to shower and change; one of the attendants caught me. I had been summoned to the Boss’ office. Peachy. I spun on a booted heel and headed to Arik’s office. Grumbling. Diesel fell in tow behind me, and as we approached the office, he patted me on the back. Evidently loyalty stops at Arik’s door. Pussy.

I walked in. We exchanged a few pleasantries, but soon it was down to business. He reached into his pocket and pulled something out. With a metallic “ting” he flipped it into the air and I caught it. Flipping it in my hand, I looked at him quizzically. It was the P-Token Robs found at The Purge. ”What’s this for?” I asked, arching my brow.

”Robi and I talked and she thought for the time being, that she has her own Division to conquer. Possibly to keep you away from HER title…she gave me her P-Token back and asked that I give it to you instead.”

I sat there, rather perplexed and slightly annoyed. Now Robi and I needed to talk. I was going to fight for a championship at Project: Honor’s pay-per-view, and I had to defend my own title in Fight. I was going to be busy this christmas. Fuck. The following days had me busy as hell. Gathering intel on my opponents in Project: Honor. Researching Apathy and her fight strategy for her shot at my title. I was going to be beat to Hell and back before this year was over. And I still had to contend with Roscoe and his ilk!!!

I snarled as I wandered through my days, in a fog of remembrances, business and bullshit. From working at the Auto shop, to DruBrew contracts and Krew Tower applications. From training to late night discussions with Mama and Priscilla to fights with my brother.
I was wounded. I was battered. I was broken, but the thing I was not was greedy. I had gifts to put together and get sent.

Priscilla and Diesel had been on my case about decorating for Christmas, and I hadn’t. I refused. I was not in the Christmas mindset. I. Fucking. DIED! How could I be expected to dress in Holly Jolly Spirit? If they wanted to decorate, they could trim the Godsdamned Auto Shop and Krew Towers in tinsel for all I cared. I was not going to celebrate. However, a special gift crossed my desk. A fully paid for 2 week vacation for two at one of the more elite spas in the Alps. I wrote the note for the recipient and smiled a bit. Now, I was known for many things, especially in Fight, but one thing I held above all other accolades was my generosity. This person and I had shared some angry words. We had fought. We took some time to get to know one another and both came to the same conclusion; we were good friends. We were similar in ways. Loyal. Defensive. Protective. Vicious. But we also were both vindictive when necessary. Being friends was better. Now, I added to the envelope a few other surprises for them; passes to a movie opening in Los Angeles, a VIP gift of being able to meet the stars and two sets of keys. The Wolves had been busy crafting some beautiful additions to a 63’ Harley and a 2021 Shelby GT500. Which were hidden at Wolves Auto’s backlot. Reserved for them. Now, normally I adore Christmas. Decorating. Parties. Dinners. Gifts. But this year, it was dark for me. I was alone most of the time. I had lost a lot of people I cared about, including Mario. I really wasn’t in a celebratory state of mind. But, I could fake it. Shower my loved ones with affections and baked goods, as I always did. But inside, I wasn’t feeling it. I just wanted to fight. To shed blood. To make people bleed and bow to me in the ring. I wanted to skin someone alive and hear them SCREAM for mercy; Oh Wait… I already did that. I wanted to see Roscoe’s brain splatter against the walls and watch as whatever “soul” he had left his body. But, I had no clue I wouldn’t get that opportunity. It would be stolen from me. That would become another obstacle I had to overcome, and I had no fucking idea it was coming. Betrayal. But until then, I had Wired Consequences II to look forward to. I had Countdown to look forward to. I had skulls to crush and bones to break in the coming weeks. I would just have to let that ease whatever storm was inside of me. If it could be eased… If I could ever return to the normality of who I was before that Charity Cruise, but that was a big if. I may have been doomed to scorch the world with my seething hatred and absolute rage. Austin had seen that first hand. Twice. Project: Honor had begun to see the monster they’d unleashed. Would anyone survive? Would I survive this? Only time would tell…