Druscilla White: The Next Chapter.

By: Druscilla White

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 26th Jan 2022

The top of the cage gives way as Julius and Elena fall with the cage top and the ladders, to the mat below. As the dust settles and the flashes of cameras stop…we see Jason Long holding onto the star. He looks down and with a deep breath…unhooks the little ball of light…dropping down into the wreckage below.


Medics run out of the back, blowing past Havoc, to check on the absolute carnage before them.

“And your winner…JASON…LOOOOOONNNNGGGG!!!” Clara Olson boomed and echoed as I fell.




Till I hit the pavement. **SMACK**

I sat in his lap, blood drenching my pale skin as I ran my claws down his flayed flesh; watching as he cringed, his eyes begging me to stop. I grinned, sickeningly. ”Now, now, Ros… If I stopped now, where would the fun be?” I smirked, leaning closer to his ear to whisper. ”Next time you sell someone to the devil, make DAMNED sure they’re fucking dead…”

I disregarded the others around me, Diesel and Robi had been ripped from the room by my own thugs; this was MY time. I pulled my gun from its holster, my beloved Chiappa Rhino 60DS, and ran it down his cheek. His blood dripped below the chair we sat in, he had been rendered unable to move hours ago. Tetrodotoxin was a wonderful thing. It took the victim’s ability to move away, but left all of the luscious nerve endings alive and ready to receive pain.

Roscoe begged me, pleaded with me, for hours. He cried. I laughed. I had so much anger and hatred burning inside me, clawing away at my humanity. Robi had warned me that if I went down this road, there was no going back. I ignored her. I waved off her warning, as I had a thousand times.

I really shouldn’t have.

I should have listened…

My gun barrel was pressed against his temple, and I was slowly edging the hammer back on my weapon as I heard the commotion outside. Screams of terror ran through my veins, and for a split second, I thought about stopping but it was all too late.

When I pulled the trigger and the bullet BURST through Roscoe’s skull, sending brain matter and bone shards against the wall, and all over myself… That was when I heard it.

That shrill, bloodcurdling scream that shattered the world around us; Cela’s voice. A second gunshot rang out and stopped my blood cold and made my heart stop dead… I heard the thud. I heard the chaos.

I heard everything, as if it were in slow motion, and this was all because of a choice I had made. One that went against everything I ever was, or ever could be. I shot up from Roscoe’s lifeless, limp body and rushed the doors. When I threw them open, that was when I saw Diesel’s corpse on the ground, Cela having thrown herself over him. My breath caught in my chest. What had I done?

Robi was fighting with one of the thugs, she was fighting tooth and nail. Stabbing him. Slicing him. Clawing his face. But in the blink of an eye, before I could even react when I saw it… Her head rolled from her body. Tumbling over the snowy grounds, drenching the snow in red, it stopped in front of me. Glaring at me. ”NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I shrieked as I leapt at the men, I no longer cared about myself.

A flash of red and a scream pulled my eyeline to the west just in time to see Priscilla fall from a tree…. Stopping short of the ground. My soul died when I saw the rope. My throat clenched up and I felt weak. I felt sick. When the thug grabbed me around the waist; I threw up.

Heaving every single ounce of regret and sorrow from my body. I was helpless now. My family was dying around me, because of something I had done. Something stupid and careless. I had hired the same fucking men Roscoe had trained to guard him. I didn’t know at the time, because I wasn’t thinking clearly. I was letting my emotions get the better of me. I wasn’t listening to the person who knew me better than I honestly knew myself.

Robi’s death was on my head.

Diesel’s death was my fault.

Priscilla’s… Jesus….

I tried to fight back, as they carried me closer to my family. Cela, sprawled across her husband’s chest, took a bullet to the back of her skull all because I had to be the one to end Roscoe. All because I thought I needed to prove to myself that I could do it…

As the men continued to carry my struggling ass to the larger building on the compound, I watched as the rest of my club fell.






What the fuck had I done?!

The doors opened, and it took my eyes a moment to adjust to the different lighting but I saw the tall, thick figure. I spat in his direction and hissed as he turned to look at me.

Luke Fucking Gotti.

Daddy’s little fucking criminal.

”How the fuck did you find me?” I snarled, headbutting the thug that was strapping me down into the chair. I kicked a heavy boot into the skull of the other one. I grinned. ”Such a feisty cat you’ve become…” He sneered, leaning over the glimmering silver table in front of him. My tool kit was laid out on the table.

All of it.

Including the tetrodotoxin..

This wasn’t going to go well, but all I needed to do was pull my wrist free of the strap…

”Now now, kitty, calm down.” He took a syringe and the vial of Robi’s barbiturates and pulled a few CC’s. I growled as he walked closer to me. I wriggled my hand, I wasn’t even going to try and hide what I was doing, nor was I going to try and distract him.


I shook my head softly. I heard something… Something weird. ”What’s wrong, kitty cat?” He straddled me, brushing his hand against my cheek. I snarled and lashed out, having freed my hand I dug my claws into his face. He cringed! ”Whoa kitty!” He hissed, as blood began to drip from his face. He grabbed my free hand, and pinned it between his thighs. ”Don’t make me break your arm, kitty. I would hate for my investment to lose her career.”

My eyes went wide with fear! ”Who do you think paid for your contract in Project: Honor, kitten?” He brushed his hand down my cheek again, this time resting it on my breasts. “What? Did you think they signed you because you were good?” He belly-laughed in my face. “You did!” He cackled, and my heart sank. I had thought they signed me because I had what it took. Evidently… I was wrong.

He slid the needled in my neck as I hissed, wanting to turn my hand over and grip his balls in a vice… ”Calm down, kitten…” He stroked my breast, as if he were petting a damned dog.

”Dru… please come back to us…”

There it was again… As the sedative mellowed me out, disabling me from struggling further, Luke took this as an opportunity to rip my shirt. ”Finally…” he whispered. He was exactly like his fucking father.


The voice echoed in my mind, and the world began to spin. I moaned, feeling sick to my stomach again as the drugs began to fog my mind..

My career was a lie…
My family was dead…
Everything was…


My breath was a heavy gasp as my eyes snapped open. As he irises dilated and I focused on the person in the room with me, my heartbeat quickened. It was Cela!


I watched her die… I watched Diesel and Robi die…

”Whoa Dru…” Cela put both hands on my shoulders as I started to force myself to sit up. ”Whoa.. you took a wicked fucking hit…” I struggled to speak. My throat was dry… Diesel stood up and poured a small cup of water. He handed it to me as he sat on the edge of the bed. I took it from him, eyes wide. This couldn’t be real.

I had dissociated from what Luke was doing to me, that was it. It had to be.

I felt Diesel die. I felt our twin-thing dissipate. That bond.

”How…” I croaked out, my throat still very much hurt. My hand was shaky, my head spinning.

”Look Cill… I know now isn’t the time but, we need you. We need you to get better. The Wolves need you. Fight needs you. Blood Money 2 is coming up at Disney World and well… THEY need you.” What was I? Fucking Sleeping Beauty? Diesel’s voice was a comfort to me, especially after that terrible nightmare…

They were right.

This shit ended now.

This was who I am.

This was the career that chose me.


I could hear a shrill whistling sound, though. Like something was falling…

Something screaming in my head…

Falling… Falling…

It grew louder as I watched my VP and my twin exchange solemn looks at one another.

Cela nudged him as he trailed off, he sighed.

And then came the BOOM

”Also.. While you were unconscious… Robi was in an accident…”

My. Whole. World. Exploded!

Everything shifted in that moment, every single thing I thought I knew, blew up.

Everything I felt, fizzled and died.

Everything I remembered was torn to pieces in a heap of crushed metal, blood and bone.

I had signed myself out AMA a few days later, and shamefully and morosely trudged back to New York. I had lost. Not only that, but the news of Robi’s accident flowed through every single Wolves charter. Shockwaves rippled out from California to New York, from Europe to Norway. From Valhalla to Hel.

My best friend, maybe my last real friend in the world.. was in a fucking coma.

She was gone…

Damnit, Robi..

What was going on?

I was broken. I was absolutely lost. That woman was the pillar on which I hung my own morality; my life. But without her… What was I? Who was I?

Slinking back to my apartment, ignoring the notes at the front desk, where I had been summoned to numerous places by several different people, I had fully intended on camping out in my place for a while. I had everything I needed, booze, weed, frozen pizzas.. I was going to veg out, contemplate what to do next, pray to my Gods and Goddesses that Robi return to me.
But the incessant knocking at my door, and someone repeatedly ringing my doorbell…

I finally said fuck it. I needed peace. A kind of peace I couldn’t get here in New York, let alone my apartment. I packed my rucksack and left. Priscilla had been staying with Mama and Henry the last few days, while I had been out of town, so that was a bullet dodged. But, that wasn’t the only one. Diesel tried to chase me down, but I wasn’t the one with two kids at home, and more on the way, so dodging into oncoming traffic wasn’t a huge deal for me.

What about wrestling?
Who fucking cares?

You were on a roll!
And now I’m not.

Blood Money 2 is coming up…

You know damned well, Bug, they need you.
Do I?

Vhodka needs you.
She’ll be fine,

Dane needs you.
He’s got ARP and Bella.

Ophelia needs you.
Bhourbon has her back.

Druscilla Anne…
Do not full name me… You’re a fucking voice in my head!

What about your family?
They’ll fucking move on. They’ve done it before…

I heard Danny in my head, chastising me heavily, but I just couldn’t do this. I felt I had lost it all. Absolutely everything.

My title.
My wrestling career.
The man I thought loved.
The family I fought so hard for.
My businesses.
My daughter.
My charter.

What I didn’t realize was, I hadn’t lost any of it. I was hurting. Sure. I was hit and down for the count. Yeah. And I was supposed to be rising, but I was tucking my tail and running. I was falling into my own patheticness.

Cela was blowing my phone up, and I knew she was having A.J. ping my location, but after thirty calls, I FINALLY answered her.

”What?” ”What the fuck are you doing?” ”Nothing.”

”Druscilla, This is NOT funny… We need to discuss what to do for…”

”I’m sorry, did you hear me laughing?” ”….”

”Look, I just– I’m going out with the coven, I’ll be back soon.” I was copping out. I knew that. I needed to step up for Robi and the Wolves but, how could I when I had no idea what was even going on in my own head? Before she could reply to me, I hung up abruptly, chucking my phone into oncoming traffic. I was angry. I was at a loss, unsure of what would happen next. I needed to get away. I needed to either smoke myself away or run, and I was choosing to run.

And run I did…. So far into the sticks, that from the tallest tree you could see nothing but trees and rivers and lakes.

I had spent this time with my coven. Deep within the woods. Undisclosed location. Our rituals were unique to our group. To my friends. We cast the die, my coven and I, when we moved to New York and lately, that had not fared well for any of us. I, myself, had been on a painful, horrendous downfall of my own making. This was all horribly my fault. I was reaping the rewards of fucking up my life. I had uprooted myself and everyone I cared about, just because I thought I could fly in the world of wrestling.

I had flown, briefly, but now, I was spiraling desperately out of control. Death was imminent.

I had taken what I wanted, I held it in my hands. I defended it against Austin Ramsay… twice. But then… then I let Apathy fucking rip it from my hands.

The entire time we had been out in the woods, we heard wolves howling in the distance. Not unusual for the spot we chose, but as the days melted by, I had begun to see a large ivory wolf around our site. I was curious as to why. Lone wolves weren’t unheard of and this one didn’t seem to follow the pack but…

Something was pulling me…

Or rather, someone was pulling me…

One evening, I broke away from my coven, their chants echoing into the darkness and I wandered in the direction of that white wolf. I felt it calling me. I heard it beckon me. There was an unnatural pull in my heart that I absolutely had to follow. As it ran ahead, I struggled to follow it; dodging branches, leaping over fallen logs, wading through brooks and still, I couldn’t catch it.

But, that was when the voice echoed over the rippling river. “Can you feel it, my dear Druscilla? Who you truly are? Do you even know who or what you even are? Or want to be? Do you know why you’ve fallen off the path that you once walked so gracefully, like a ballerina on a pointe across the barre.” This voice… I could feel it trying to frighten me, but it sent no shivers. It struck no chord of fear. What the voice DID feel like, it felt familiar. Very familiar; almost warm. “What are you so afraid of?” I growled, standing at the bank of the river, my ritual gown ripped and shredded from my chase with the elusive wolf.

I was defiant. I wasn’t about to let some disembodied voice strike me down! I had had enough of that in the past weeks. I may have been wounded, but I was not going to stop. ”I fear nothing!” I yelled into the darkness, not really expecting an answer. But soon, I was answered. The white wolf came forth, from the shadows across the river. It’s head held high. It stood on the opposite bank, staring at me before that voice screamed in my ears. ”A dark lotus growing, festering in this wound of humanities filth; I am the death of arrogance and I have watched you, Druscilla. From the highest of mountain tops, I have seen you fly. From below the crashing waves of the sea, I have seen you fall. Would you like to know why I have come calling now?”

I arched my brow. ”Enlighten me…” The wolf sat down, still his eyes stayed fixed on me. ”Take my hand, my one true love… Let me show you the way. Show you the truth.” Once again, I arched my brow. What the fuck was this dog going on about? ”Come, Druscilla.The wolf stood and walked across the river, towards me. I sighed, just going to go with it. This was either some especially strong weed, or I had finally lost my Godsdamned mind. Regardless of which it was, I laid my hand to rest on the wolf’s head. His fur was genuinely soft and sent a spark through my fingertips.

”I’ve been with you your whole life, Druscilla. I have seen everything you have done, and everything you have gone through. You have endured much, little one, and it has saddened me for too long. So I had to act.” The wolf looked up at me, briefly, and I could see the sadness in his eyes. What the fuck was going on? ”From your time with the White’s, to when you met John Gotti. I have been there, Druscilla.”

“Guarding you.”

”If you were guarding me, why the fuck didn’t you step in?” I glared down at him, obviously hurt in my eyes. I saw the wolf sigh. ”I was not permitted, little one. Had I stepped in, had I shown myself to you, your story would have ended. Had I struck down those who harmed you, you would not have learned to stand on your own. You would not have become the beautiful creature you are now.”

Beautiful creature?” Was he stoned now?

This must have been some SERIOUS weed… Was this dog complimenting me?! Before I could respond, a white light engulfed us and briefly blinded me. The wolf stayed close, I could feel his fur touch my fingertips, reassuringly. I grunted, rubbing my eyes attempting to recover my sight.

”Right here, in my arms. Clutching you close to a heart not worth beating for except when it’s the grand premise of fortunate truths and secret trysts written in four words through every constellation illuminating the midnight Black Sky above..” “I’VE ALWAYS LOVED YOU”

”Your beautiful and gory lonesome eyes that were completely savaged in pain captivated this wild and inspired beast to take your hand and ask that you never leave. This was when I first saw you, Druscilla… I had finally found meaning in this tragedy.” When I opened my eyes, blinking a few times, I saw it. My childhood. Diesel was learning to ride his bike, mom and dad were rushing around him, cheering him on. Keeping him safe. Danny was standing on the porch with Darcy and Darlene. But me.. I was by the tree on the side of the house, crying. I cringed. I was 5. Our birthday had come and gone, Diesel having been given a brand new bicycle.. And me? I’d gotten a new bruise across my ribs from asking my father if I got one too.

I did not.

”This story isn’t a new one to me, darling one. Every breath I take; every muscle that flinches; I remember it. Vivid detail. Dolby surround sound. I don’t– I don’t think I can do it anymore, not alone. But I’m always alone… Always…” I closed my eyes, biting my cheek. The wolf, once more, sighed. “Not anymore, babygirl, not anymore. My love, this cruelty of injustice was a visage I would no longer tolerate. It was time for your old life to be snuffed and shown a better way. This was when I realized you needed me, just as I had needed you. Do you remember hearing a howl? The one that sent your spirit into a free fall of disbelief because in your very core the raw possibility of escape was within reach. And you were taught to always retreat by the liars and scoundrels that led you away from me, your peace.” I shrugged sadly, I remembered but I wasn’t about to admit it. “Ever since that day, I have always been close with all eyes and signs pointing towards you. A neon billboard above your head exclaiming, “COME AND SAVE ME!””

The more we watched, the more it drove daggers into me. Diesel’s bike began to wobble and I watched as our mother and father ran to catch him. It broke my heart again. Watching those people who were supposed to love and care for me ignore me and shun me… Yeah. What fun. I always wondered why I had never fit into their family. Why I had been so hated. Now, I know why. They purchased us. They bought Diesel, and unfortunately for them, I came along with him. Package deal. But, in the contract, nowhere in it was it written that I had to be treated the same way they did Diesel.

Fine print was always needed in contracts. Hopefully Mama knows that now.

That bright light swarmed around us once again, and I was blinded. I saw stars blinking in my eyeline as we shot through time and space once more. I groaned, dizzy this time. The wolf stood beside me, he was large, that was for sure. His shoulders came just above my hip. I leaned on him, to catch my balance. I felt the wolf, but I felt the man behind the wolf. I felt his aura; dark and mangled. I felt his skin, thick and warm. I gasped when I touched his hand, briefly looking up I saw the man. His face, skewed by a mist behind the facade. What should have terrified me, oddly, soothed my heart. Who it was, was still very much a mystery to me, but regardless I felt at peace. The wolf felt more beast than wolf, more man than canid.

Voices, muffled, slowly cleared up around us.

I could hear our parents crying, but it wasn’t until I heard Diesel yell, and saw myself move from my hiding place on the roof. When my younger self dropped from the landing and heard my father yell… I was right back in that moment. I gasped, softly, leaning harder into the beast behind me. I felt him surround me, guarding my heart. ”It should have been you!”

Mother collapsed, sobbing brutally. Diesel looked at the younger me. I grabbed my chest, a sob caught in my throat. ”Daniel died…”

Younger me heard him and she began to stumble. I wanted so badly to step in, to change what was going to happen, but I was frozen. ”Wha… what happened?” Diesel sighed, tears began to fall from my eyes. I watched as Diesel shook his head.

The beast looked at me, he sat around me and allowed me to lean on him. I held a hand over my mouth, this whole scene… It broke me further. I had forgotten most of this day. When our sisters died, the White’s focused all of their hatred and hurt on me. But when Danny died… Things became even worse.

”His unit was heading to their FoB when insurgents hit them.” The younger Diesel was so meek, so caring towards me and I was so full of self-hate and confused. I watched as my younger self hugged Diesel, as our father began yelling again. ”Druscilla, it should have been you!”

My heart sank, and my body failed me. I fell against the beast, feeling his arms grab me and hold me close. I closed my eyes, I wanted nothing to do with this memory he was showing me. I knew it served a purpose, what that was, I had no idea. We said nothing. In this moment, we were both silent as the grave. In this fleeting time; we looked into one another.

The only people in her family that liked her, even a little, were her brothers, and a literal handful of cousins. Our father continued ranting, blaming her for more things than realistically could be her fault. Taking her photo off the family mantel, he threw it into the fireplace, shattering the frame and glass. Sending small shards into the younger Dru’s legs. ”You’ll never amount to a damned thing, girl!”

”I’m sorry, daddy!” Dad yanked his belt from his pants and the resulting rustle of leather sent shivers through her. ”It should have been you, you worthless gash!”

I cringed, hard, when the scene continued to play… As he whipped the younger me, the scars that left behind began to throb on my body.

”It wasn’t my fault…” I heard the younger me whisper and cry as I watched her run up the stairs, her Jnco’s flapping with each step, leaving some small blood drops as she did.

”Did you have to show me this? Have I not suffered this shit enough?” I whispered, my voice shaking. My hands instinctively rubbed the scars on my leg where the glass had been embedded. I never bothered to get them removed, at the time. They stayed there for a few years until Gotti decided he wanted to try his hand at surgery.

The beast bumped his head against mine. I could feel the love he radiated, but I was confused. I was hurt. I was unsure of so much in my life… I closed my eyes, whimpering gently. ”He was right.” My voice was a husky, deep pain filled sound. ”I am fucking worthless…”

The beast’s head snapped back up and he glared at me sternly. ”Don’t you dare put down the most amazing creature I have ever seen again. As he rots in his fiery prison, you have only just begun to spread your wings.” I could feel the anger in the voice. I started to apologize but stopped when the scene began to fade to black.

”I’m out D.” the younger me called out…

Her voice echoed as I remembered everything. I had climbed out the window. Leaving behind my phone. My bank cards. Everything I knew, to run somewhere else and be exactly what the White’s wanted. I was dead to them.

More memories flooded my mind, more times where my father had used me as a punching bag for his own anger. More times I went to bed hungry, or bleeding. Times when I wondered if I could actually slit my wrists and just let it all go… But then, we melted through the years again. And where the beastly man-wolf took me this time, damn near killed me. Literally. I still had no fucking idea how I survived this. I watched, stunned in silence…

The beast walked through the scene, staying close to the younger me for now, but watching my eyes.

The restraints cut into the younger me’s wrists, the goosebumps ran down her entire body from the sheer cold of the atmosphere. Gotti knew how to keep someone off balance. He came at me again, this time, pliers. He tightened them around her left top canine. I swallowed hard, as the younger me had her eyes focused on him. She was bloody. She was tired. She was naked. She was freezing. But he never let up, he never let her catch her breath. He was making sure she was his pet. Ensuring she would never be pushed over the edge of spilling every single thing she knew about his enterprise. He yanked, her head jerked downward and a sickening *SQUISH* echoed in the cement room. She screamed, she couldn’t hold it back, the pain shot through her like a laser. The *CRACK* as the root dislodged from her jaw… It echoed. Reverberated off the walls and tortured her further. He dropped her tooth to the ground and stood over her.

As I watched, I rubbed my jaw. I had fangs implanted later on, as a result of this event. I looked at the beast and growled. ”You have a real sick sense of life, don’t you? Claim to love me, claim to want to protect me and you bring me back to the worst moments in my life. How can I begin to heal and let all of this shit go, when you yank me right back?” He sighed, but said nothing, at first. The images simply continued, like ripples in a pool. His hand touched my own, his thumb rubbing across the scars on my knuckles. Lovingly. He took my hand in his. ”Oh, dark beloved, I bring you here to show you all you have burned through. To illuminate to you what your wings can carry. My love, this night, all those years ago, I fell harder and faster for the creature that was being born right in front of me. The creature that was born this night was one so depraved, so gore-filled, that I bowed at her feet. I still do.”

”Ahh… Good girl.” He patted her head, she wept. She shook from the pain, from the cold. She looked up to him and spat a mouthful of blood in his face. ”I guess you don’t want to.. Wrestle.” He leered at her, and she saw the twitch in his slacks. Yes, she wanted to become a wrestler, not his fucking cum-dumpster. She wanted to be on the top of the world. People across the world recognize her and want pictures. She wanted to make Danny proud. But, he’d never be proud of her if she stayed Gotti’s fuck toy.

I sniffled, wiping tears from my eyes; this whole thing was absolute torture, damn near on par with that Gotti had been doing at this point in my life. ”Damn you…” I growled, not wanting to see anymore. I wanted to leave. I wanted to run. I remembered this day with such vividness, I wanted to be sick. I could FEEL the pain, I could TASTE the blood… But the beast kept me in place. The beast wrapped himself around me, his life-source vibrating with my own. I felt different, I felt warm. I felt as if I were supported. I felt.. Loved.

”Fuck… You…” She grunted, shivering from the waves that throbbed through her whole body. He wiped his face with her shirt and smiled that disgusting smile. He bent down, put his hand on her thigh and pressed his lips to hers. Forcefully. Her whole being wanted to lash out and get away, but the restraints kept her from clawing his face. The pliers now shoved back in her mouth kept her from biting his tongue off.

Before he ripped the second canine the beast swept me around, shielding me from the events, and the scene faded away. “I was here, Druscilla, next to you. The whole time. Your strength amazed me, Druscila. I was ready to rip his throat out, but when you flashed that life-force at him, that undying yearn to survive… I fell even harder. If that was possible. For you. My love, the adoration I have for you, is timeless. That was when I realized, Druscilla, what magical things you were capable of. That was when I sensed what a real Queen you were… And what I needed to do, to show you.”

I blinked. ”Who are you…?” The beast dodged the question as we hurdled once more through time… Back to a promotion I remembered with anger. Outlaw Professional Wrestling. The company that took me in when Fade2Black folded. That ironically folded themselves not long after that…

I took my lashes, but I certainly changed the path of my career under his banner. Outlaw Professional Wrestling. My second home. Again, one I resided in for a short amount of time. But while I was there, I learned something important. I never stopped going. Even when I fought Him, well, especially when I fought Him. That demented fuck didn’t know it, but he set me down the road to where I was now. He sent me to the top.

It was my fault I was spiraling.

It was my own doing that would reveal my ineptitude on the streets of Disney World when Fight’s Blood Money 2 aired. Well…


I watched with a mixture of pride and horror as He and I battled. He slammed a steel chair into my back, and as I watched him do it 3 times and the other me rolled in pain, I cringed.

But, I was never one to give up. I watched as I forced myself to stand back up. The other me rolled on the mat in agony but each time once the initial pain of the impact subsided, I pressed my bloody hands into the mat, pushing my battered body to rise and face down the man in front of me. He had a look of incredulousness on his face as I brought my beaten body to a fully erect position defiantly pressing my nose right up to his own. I was nothing if not filled with moxie; pure chutzpah.


I swayed on my feet, smiling in the face of an increasingly frustrated opponent. He suddenly lunged forward catching me directly in my beautiful face with one hell of a headbutt. Blood erupted from my nose, on all hands and fours began to cough to clear the blood draining down the back of my throat. Again, I begin my ascent to rise. Once more, I come face to face with the Devil.


I ignored him, this time clearly struggling to even get my hands beneath me to push my body up. I tried but fell to my side, resting for a moment before rolling back over and again trying to bridge my body up so that I may stand. He was beside me, and let out an inhuman scream of frustration before dropping down to the mat and rolling out of the ring in search of something.

He was back in the ring swiftly, the muscles in his arms are cording as he lifted the kitchen sink up off the mat and stumbled towards me, while I made it to all fours. He hesitated, but only for a moment before bringing the sink crashing down on the back of my skull. I moved no more. He went for the pin.

This was the beginning of my career, well, the beginning of when I took it seriously. Standing up against Him made me understand exactly what I could do. Exactly who I was in the ring. And outside of it.

”This, my love, was when I knew you were ready. I showed you the truth. I bathed you in the blood of those who doubted you, and you never faltered. You are this fierce creature, who fears nothing. Who stops for nothing. When everyone thinks you are done, you stand back up. Every single hit, my lady, you burrowed deeper and deeper into my heart. Can you feel it? Can you feel the vibrations between us? Our hearts are the metronome of the World. You belong in my heart. You belong in that ring. You are the QUEEN in that ring! You are the QUEEN of my black, grotesque HEART!”

Sure, I didn’t win that match but, I earned massive respect among my peers. Names like Preston. Riggs. Moore. Montouri. They all looked at me with equality.

I earned my place among their busts. The wrestling pantheon has become my home.

The beast watched me as I remembered it all. He watched as every emotion washed over me. The love I held. The fire within me. The hatred I felt. The rage that burned deep, down inside of me. The lust I had for life. The absolute ZEAL with which I conquered every single fight I had ever undertaken. In every arena.

He watched with pride. I was flying, my body spun and writhed in the ether; it was all coming back to me now. Everything. As if some dark God had looked down through the heavens, I felt who I was bubble to the surface, I felt it all. He took my hand as my own retribution had unfolded before him and led me down the steps of mortality.

I found myself.

This was some damned good weed…

As if I were a Queen, this man helped me hold my head high. He adjusted my crown. We would sit on thrones of the bones of our enemies. Their vitae would stain the world. Had I truly found my other half? Has my Romeo finally come? Who was this man who stood with me?

We embraced, I could feel my heart leap with his; this unnatural thing. But what surprised me, was how absolutely normal it all felt. How in sync we were with one another. He looked at me with love in his eyes, and I looked at him with pure adoration. This creature had healed me. This beast, whose name I still had not found, sewed up each visceral wound and led me back to life.

He SAVED me…

But before any more could be said, I felt another unnatural pull. This one is pain-filled, strong, but weakening. The beast looked at me and stood up. “We must go. You are needed, Druscilla.” His voice was stern, but still caring. The pull wasn’t a fearsome one. It was a feeling I’d felt once before. When I walked down Freedom Lane leaving prison. She was pulling me.

“You must focus, Druscilla. Not only do these mortals need you, not only does your Club need you; but I do as well. And right now, Robi needs you. I can feel her teetering on that precipice. I wish to see you fly, Druscilla. In life. In wrestling. Will you fly for me? Fly to Robi, my little one. Fly!”

Before I could respond, I snapped awake in my cabin. My phone literally blew up, despite my remembering I had pitched it into traffic. What the fuck was going on?! Diesel. Cela. Rori. Shanna. Ram. Rav. Everyone has been calling me. My head hurts… That batch of weed needed a fucking warning label…

Robi had taken a turn for the worse.
”Bitch, don’t you dare do this… I took a fucking bullet for you!” I whispered into the nothingness. I took the briefest of moments to gather my thoughts, before… ”Whoever you are.. I love you… Thank you for bringing me back…” Who was my Prince Charming? Who was the beast who showed me the truth about who I was? All of this, and more, I wondered as I grabbed my bag, threw my helmet on and I was gone!

I needed to get my ass out of here and to Minnesota now. And then, I needed to set my sights on Disney World. Blood Money 2. I was going to bring a GodsDamned Bloodbath!

This is who I am; This is what I was meant to be; This is the Real Story.

The Prophet was back…


The darkness was my friend. It has always been my friend. I loved it in the dark; it was peaceful. It was where I could think. The shadows always seemed to bend for me, to enshroud me in their loving embrace. It was always like this, but tonight, tonight it was extra special. I looked up, above me, at the blanket of ebony with a smattering of glittering diamonds. The sky was crystal clear. The moon, bright and high, cast its glow on the freshly fallen snow around me.

Tonight, things became serious.

My coven fell in tow behind me as we gathered around our ritual circle. Inside, a small fire and my beloved altar. Their voices were low; barely above a whisper as they began their chant.

We asked the Gods, this night, to Bless me with their strength and allow me to cut down those who opposed me.

As I was being adorned with the ceremonial paints, I watched the horizon. My own voice lifted, softly…

”This past year has been a rollercoaster for Fight. We’ve seen the rise of NSQ. We’ve seen the entrance of fucking James Raven. But, we’ve also seen titanfall. I watched as Raven fell to Moore and Montouri. I witnessed Betsy lose to Sahara. I watched Dickie damn near kill Dane Preston. Been a hell of a year for you. But, come Blood Money 2, you’ll see why Disney World is the most Lethal Place on Earth. I’m not here to make friends. I’m not here to kowtow to the fucked off “Status Quo”. I’m here to reclaim what is rightfully mine. I’m here to plant my own fucking flag firmly in the foundation that is Fight NYC.” I growled, pulling the hood to my robes down, glaring at the world around me. My covenmates fell into a circle as I entered the center, the ritual had begun. Their whispers grew slightly, their chant, in perfect unison, echoed among the snowdrifts.

I took the dagger from the altar, its beautiful chrome blade glimmering in the moonlight, it reflected the beams softly highlighting my eyes. They sparkled. Something they hadn’t done in almost a year! This creature that stood before everyone was one that was known and beloved by all.

I was back!

The Druscilla my coven followed.

The Prophet who took Fight by STORM!

”Last year was a glorious one for me. And a hideous one. I won a championship. I watched my best friend claim her own crown; and keep it. But, I also watched myself die. I saw the end of a horrific piece of my past, but in doing so, I also witnessed my own death. And my funeral. And the ripples that caused every single person I care about. Hell, I watched as it affected even you all here in Fight. None of you fucks will admit it, but as much as you don’t want it to be true; I am a part of your lives. I am a piece of who you are in this community. Think about how we all are. Warstein likes to come off as an asshole, but he’s really just a nice guy hiding behind that douche facade. Michelle, always the bitch, never the sweetheart. It doesn’t take a genius to see through that charade. Ashlynn, you’re a sweet girl, but fire in the ring. I see you, lady. Sahara, Yeah I know what people call you. Slut. Whore. Ever think they’re jealous? You’re making moves they wish they could… Or, you really are just a whore. Could be either, could be both… I also watched myself lose my championship. I fucked up. That’s on me.” I lifted the dagger to the skies, beckoning the Gods above. I bid them see me! The sky darkened and grumbled low as I dropped my robes around me. ”That’s what I’m here to rectify. Apathy’s blood will paint the park when I take that belt from her fucking cold, dead hands!”

”You know, we’ll be in Disney World this time… All of the damned Disney princesses flaunted their goods around, showing their independence, strength, mind, beauty or whatever else their claim to fame was. But, I just realized… Who I am in this place… I am fucking Maleficent. My wings were stolen by a man. A depraved man. My heart was crushed. So as retaliation, I cursed everything around me.”

”But now?” I grinned, wickedly, those fangs just glimmering in the firelight. My whole body was painted in symbols, runes and words. Everything about this night had been carefully planned and now was ensuring my force. The life-force the Beast had come to love. And the life-force I had remembered and found once more.

”Now, I’m learning to fly again. Stronger than before. Smarter than before. I’m sitting on my throne, and I’m done watching from the sidelines. It’s time for war.” The dagger remained in my hands as my covenmates revealed their offerings to the Gods around us. Wolves howled in the distance, as if accepting our gifts. A young Doe had been grazing on a small patch of grass but now crept closer to the fire. She was being called.

”Joe, outside of this arena, we’re friends. Hell, my club works on your bikes. But in this ring? I will put you flat on your back. Mia knows I don’t mean it personally, you know it’s not personal. It’s just business. Toddy, my love, if we cross paths, I will not hesitate to hug you and then slam you into the ground. I adore you, but this is my place. How about after Blood Money, we go hit a spa for a weekend? My treat, love. I owe you. Austin, I throttled you twice already, but don’t think I won’t do it again. Xavier gave us this great place to be who we all are. He bought a building for us to run amok in. He built this promotion with us, and we have let him down. The NSQ is still standing because of all of US! WE let them run in and take over. No one stood up to their power of being the only stable in Fight. But, that’s not going to happen anymore. Why should we cower before them? Look at their leaders? Dickie Fucking Watson. What sleaze pit did he crawl out of? If Emo had a face… Yeah, it would be his. Shawn Warstein. If ever there was a mindless twat, you fit the bill, Princess. Always hanging on Raven’s ballsack. Does it give milk or beer? Christ Almighty, we have some of the strongest fighters in the wrestling world in our company; and we let YOU fucks run slipshod!?” I snarled, watching the Doe out of the corner of my eye, she grew closer. I smirked. Lightning crackled across the sky as my covenmates continued their chant, still holding their offerings high. The Gods were listening!

”What a fucking DISGRACE!” Thunder bubbled through the clouds as lightning split the sky!

”Look, in this past year a lot has happened. We’ve all grown. But, it seems some of you have become complacent. Believing this whole “Holier than thou” shit is real. Well, I’m here to throw the Gods down off their fucking clouds and let them see the truth. I am here to reclaim my Godsdamned championship belt and sit on MY fucking throne! Your blood will RUN RED through the streets of Disney World, and the NSQ will FALL! All of you. It’s fucking Open Season on Fighters. My history is testament; I Do NOT miss when I’ve got you in my sights. I’ve had some stumbles recently, but I’m here. I’m standing on my own two feet, and I am here to take all of you on!” I began to walk around the circle, eyeing the Doe like a predator. She still came closer. The muscles in my body rippled and lax with each chosen step. I was who I was. I was far from perfect; I had scars over almost all of my body that were laid bare for the world to see. I had tattoos everywhere. I had piercings. But what I was, was perfect in my own way. I was perfectly who I needed to be.

I had lost that somewhere along the way, but now, I had regained who I was meant to be. And this show was going to be my announcement to the world; Dru has returned. The Queen of Fight was home!

”You will fall, and I will Rise.” It was simple. Those who saw themselves in power, were going to watch their kingdom come tumbling down. I had set my eyes on where I wanted to be. Back on top. I would regain my title. I would defend it against any who challenged. I wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice!

”It’s time for change. It’s time for absolute rage to conquer this arena. And I am just the person to do it. You doubted me. You shunned me. You STILL look down your fucking nose at me. That will be Your downfall.” The Doe came even closer to the ritual circle, just as I knew she would; and the wolf’s howls added an eerie touch to the scene. My coven parted slightly, allowing the Doe further access to the center circle; where I stood. Waiting.

Lightning crackled across the sky once more as the snow began to fall, heavy, around us. The Gods were indeed listening! And they were beginning to answer!!!


”Dane, my dear Dane… I sat in the hospital room with you, with Allie and with Bella… I listened to the doctors. I watched as Allie and Damon ordered the staff around to find answers. Sure, I wasn’t there when you woke up, but you know I was. We’re family, bro. I’m glad you’re back among the land of the living; but, much as I love you and much as we joke about it… if we cross paths at Disney World, I will beat you within an inch of your life and leave you in the fucking Mad Hatter’s Tea party ride broken and bleeding, I’m sorry Allie. It is what it is.” I smiled, the fire’s flames lapping at the frigid air as the snow continued to fall, seeming to cast a bloody sheen over my mostly nude body. The Doe came into the circle, willingly, and I gently stroked her head. Thunder rolled around us, ebbing and flowing around the Heaven’s.

I looked upwards, the snowflakes landing tenderly on my body, sending a delicious shiver down my spine.

”As for the newcomers, like Chris Page, among others… Whose names I don’t care to learn… I’m your worst nightmare. I’m a woman with a mind. A bitch with a ‘tude. A creature with blood-lust boiling. This is no tiptoe through the tulips match. This is a fucking vicious free for all that ends with the strong ones standing, covered in blood, and whatever bits of flesh strewn over them. Can you handle that? Can you be brutal enough to break someone’s spine? What about ripping their bicep in half when you force a pinfall? This is all par for the course in Fight.” I smirked, again, this time I looked far more sinister than before. This time, I looked downright evil as the lightning flashed overhead; the electric charge flowing through the air and into my body.

”This is the backyard red-headed step-child of the wrestling world; and we’re damned proud of our brutality. We belong here. Do you?” I arched a brow, canting my head slightly to one side. No one belongs here more than I did. I shed blood. I shed sweat. I shed tears. I died for this. I lived for this.

This arena was where I excelled; this was my home!

”Michelle, you’re no queen. You’re just a skeezy bleach-blonde twat who got lucky. Except… Who took your title, pixie? Hmm? You were throttled. I admit, it made me smile. But, if you step to me come Blood Money 2, I’ll put you directly in your place. In the gutter. Where you belong, cupcake.” I pulled the Doe close, as my covenmates chant’s grew louder, and once they threw their offerings into the fire, I placed the dagger at the Doe’s throat and PULLED it across. Her blood washed over me, warm and fresh. The snow fell harder. Thicker. The thunder growled louder as the lightning struck around us.

The Gods were answering.

They were blessing me!

As the Doe went limp, her eyes closing as her life faded, I held her close. She gave her life, so I could fight for my own. I held her. Ushering her into the next world. I was surrounded in light; from the fire, from the moon, from the unnatural lightning that zapped and crackled around me. I was whom the Gods wanted, I was their daughter. I was the one who would show the world the way.

I am the Prophet.

”Someone showed me the way. He showed me the light. He reminded me of who I am, and who I was meant to be. I now know exactly what I can do, and no one can fucking stand in my way. I am Druscilla, The Prophet! And I am here to fuck you up, leave your skull in the street and paint the world fucking RED!”

As the scene faded from view, the voices rose once more as the wolves’ own howls swelled with pride. The pages of the story turned and may have been torn and frayed; but the story was far from over. With each passing day, more and more was written in the book that was my life. I was a fool to think my tale ended with my death. I was far too stubborn for that.

I had a purpose. I had things I hadn’t finished yet. Things I wanted to do. And now, this second chance with my life, was allowing me the time to do them. I would conquer the world, as it had tried to crush me, and I would prove to everyone along the way; that I was undoubtedly worth it!

I was going to show the people who took a chance on me, that they had done the right thing. From Vhodka to Vincent. From Xavier to Miss F. Every single person gave me a chance, and this was my time to show them what I can do.

I was a part of Fight!; and I was a fighter.

Now, it’s time to FIGHT BACK!