Empire State of Mind

By: Enforcer

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 6th Aug 2021


::Enforcer wakes up with the rising sun blaring in his eyes as he is sitting on the curb of a New York City sidewalk. He looks disheveled and confused as he looks around at his surroundings, Enforcer picks himself up off the sidewalk as he raises his hand up as a yellow New York City Taxi cab speeds by him. Enforcer looks at the cab with both hands in the air.::


Enforcer:What the fuck man?!?!?! Do you not like money?


::Enforcer puts his hands on his hips. As he stands there on the sidewalk deep in thought he feels that his cellphone is in his left hands pocket. Enforcer takes his cell phone out of his pocket to see a text message from both Anika and his wife Justice Cross. Anikaís text message asked, “Are you good?”::


Enforcer:(Texting back)Iím good. What happened last night?


::Enforcer then looks at the text from his wife, Justice. The text message read, “I went home after it was evident that you had too much to drink.”::


Enforcer:Shit! Iím going to have some explaining to do.


::Enforcer tilts his head back and mouths to himself, “Fuck.” He then slides his phone back into his pocket and starts to walk down the street shaking his head.::


Enforcer:(Thinking out loud in a whisper)What the hell did my dumb ass do last night?


15 Hours earlier

::A cell phone that is laying on a granite countertop digs to signify a text message. A hand reaches over to pick up the cellphone and as the camera pans up to see Enforcer standing there looking at his cellphone. He sees he has just received a text message from Anika Swan, inviting him and his wife to dinner at her restaurant, Black Swan. Enforcer walks down the hallway to the master bedroom and pokes his head in the room to see his wife, Justice Cross, sitting at the edge of their bed looking at her phone.::


Enforcer:Hey, babe. Donít worry about dinner tonight. We just got invited to dinner at the Black Swan.


Justice Cross:Wow, I have always wanted to eat there. How come youíve never taken me there before?


Enforcer:Oh, I never knew you wanted to eat there.


Justice Cross:Weíve been together for fourteen years now. That is more than plenty of time for you to realize where I like to eat.


Enforcer:(Sarcastically)What was I thinking?


Justice Cross:(Sarcastically)Doesnít seem like too much thinking was going on.


Enforcer:That hurts my heart, babe.


Justice Cross:(Cracking a smile)Well…donít mess with me then.


Enforcer:Noted. We’ll meet Anika there at seven thirty.


Justice Cross:Thatís fine. Iíll start getting ready in just a little bit.




::Enforcer walks back out into the hallway and starts walking towards the living room.::


8 and half hours later

::Enforcer is stumbling out of a New York City Bodega with a bag of a family size Nacho Cheese Doritos under each arm. He reaches into one of the bags that is open and grabs starts eating some Nacho Cheese Doritos.::




::He yells out and begins slurring his words.::


Enforcer:None of you marks better tell Vhodka about this shit!


::The people around him look at Enforcer strangely and or quickly walk past him.::


Present Time

Enforcer:This is fucking madness!!! What the hell happened last night?!?!


17 Hours earlier

::Enforcer is straightening his tie and Justice walks out of her closet in a blue Armani dress.::


Enforcer:You look great, babe.


Justice Cross:I know.††


Enforcer:(Chuckles) I love the confidence.


Justice Cross:It is one of the many things you love about me.


Enforcer:Itís true.


Justice Cross:Tell me about Anika. I donít know much about her.


Enforcer:Ani is Ani. She is a tough as nails bad ass.


Justice Cross:I can see that just by watching her on television. What is she like?


Enforcer:She is a great person. What do you want me to say? It is not like we sit around braiding each otherís hair while telling all of our deepest darkest secrets. If that ever happened there would be a news reporter telling our story on the eleven oclock news with the caption, “Slumber Party turned into a tragedy” and the reporter ending the story, “after she shot him she turned the gun on herself.”†


Justice Cross:That is pretty dark.


Enforcer:That is why she and I get along. Look, Iíve known her mentor, VooDoo, for almost twenty years from our time in xWa and WWL.† I met Ani at some point along the way. You know me, babe. I have always kept my circle relatively small. Especially when it comes to people in this business of ours. So just the fact I am willing to socialize with her outside of a working environment should tell you something.


Justice Cross:This is true.


Enforcer:Now that your mind is at eaze and you look so damn sexy. Are you ready to go have dinner?


Justice Cross:Letís go.†


Two hours later

::Enforcer is drinking wine straight from the bottle and serenading the people dining in the Black Swan with his suit a bit wrinkled.::


Present Time

Enforcer:Sweet mother of God! No fucking way!!!! Seriously?!?! What is going on? When the fuck did I turn into a lightweight pussy? This is ridiculous!!!†


3 Hours earlier

::Enforcer is sitting next to a trash can in Central Park having a conversation with it.::


Enforcer:Go to hell, man! You can go straight to hell, Watts!!! You make no sense, you werenít able to beat me after two thousand two, you are a stage five clinger,† you got some major halitosis issue, and I am pretty sure you got a mangina.†


::Enforcer pauses and looks at the trash can.::


Enforcer:Itís a thing. Believe me!


::Enforcer quickly gets up, walks four steps, then trips over his own feet, and falls to the concrete.::


Present Time

::Enforcer wakes up on his couch inside his Central Park West high rise apartment. His phone is laying on his chest and slides down to his lap as he sits up to look around.::


Enforcer:What the blue fuck is going on?


::Enforcer rubs his eyes.::


Enforcer:I think I was dreaming. At Least I hope I was but what a weird and total randomly specific dream.


::Enforcer picks up his cellphone and opens it to see an open text message from Ani inviting him and his wife, Justice, to dinner at her Black Swan restaurant.::


Enforcer:Oh ok. This makes sense now.


::Enforcer stands up and walks into the hallway towards the master bedroom. He walks into the bedroom to see Justice in a towel after she just got out of the shower.::


Justice Cross:Look at you, sleepyhead.†


Enforcer:What? I was tired.


Justice Cross:Quit being so sensitive.


Enforcer:Sensitive, me? Please. I ainít the one.


::Justice rolls her eyes.::


Enforcer:So, I got an invite from Anika for us to have dinner with at her restaurant, Black Swan, tonight.

Justice Cross:I know. Since you were in a coma and didnít respond to her she worked her magic and was able to get my contact info then called me. She was a pleasure to chat with.


Enforcer(A bit stunned)Oh ok.


Justice Cross:You better go take a shower. You donít want to go out tonight looking like a drunk who slept in the park last night.


::Enforcer looks over at Justice with a perplexed look on his face.::


Justice Cross:What?




Justice Cross:Alright, I am going to get dressed.


::Justice walks into her walk-in closet aka a room that was converted into her closet. As Enforcer walks over to a mirror and looks at himself.::


Enforcer:Tonight we break bread and tomorrow night we kick some major league ass.†

::Enforcer rubs his jaw as he walks away from the mirror.::


Enforcer:As much as I have wanted a match against The Cure for all the bullshit they have been throwing my way over the last several months I wasnít sure if it was going to happen. I thought that way because this has been something that has been going on before the switch to Fight! NYC took place. They saw that the Syndicate was crumbling before the world to see, stare at, and enjoy our fall. So when they saw Johnny get taken away in shackles, Vodka was tired of our devious ways, they saw I was the last one standing, and chose to take me out themselves. What they didnít count on was a former two time Immortal World Champion, a woman who has associated herself with nothing but the best since VooDoo laid eyes on her so many years ago. They didnít count on Ani standing side by side with me to bring The Cure to their knees. Well, I am sure you could all imagine what happens then. Tomorrow night it is that raging bitch, Bride of Chucky wannabe, Dollface stepping up with her albino buddy, Eoin O’Rourke to grow some balls and look us straight into our eyes and tell us they want to fight. Which is so unlike the Cure with their bitch made ways but hey do your things guys and girls. Rest assured though that bitch made shit you all like to do in The Cure doesnít phase Ani nor myself which is why she and I will be the ones who come out on top.† You two will simply be the opening salvo as we eradicate Fight! NYC of a cure that does nothing for this company. That my friends is a fact of life because our dominance not only Cure but the entire Fight! NYC is simply inevitable.


::Enforcer walks into the bathroom and shuts the door behind him. Moments later the sound of the shower starting is the only that can be heard.::