By: Eoin O’Rourke

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 26th Jan 2022

-After losing to Dave the Dinosaur Eoin O’Rourke retreated to the backstage area, bleeding heavily. He found the local hire doctor and he was getting treated for his cuts on his head, and shoulder. While he was getting tape bandages, a female security officer appeared in front of him.-

“Mr. O’Rourke? Would you please come with me?”

“What? Now? I’m getting treated here.”

“I’m afraid this cannot wait. Please.”

-Eoin audibly grunted as he waved the doctor off and stood up to follow the guard-

“Alright lass, lets go.”

-Just as Eoin started to follow the guard, he heard the announcement of Apathy arriving to the ring. This reminded Eoin of his mission to give everything he had to defeat Dave for his championship. Eoin looked down in defeat as he contemplated how he would face her again with nothing to show for his efforts. His mind wandered off and got this sick feeling of deja vu.-

“Hey, have we met before?”


“Really? Your voice sounds awfully familiar, and look the same as someone I met before too.”

“Must have one of those reconizible faces Mr. O’Rourke.”

“Heh, oh yeah girl? Where are we going?”

“I’m not sure, just please follow me Mr. O’Rourke.”

-Eoin stopped himself-


“Mr. O’Rourke please, I’m only doing my job. We’re almost there.”

“No, because you’re leading me into a trap. I know where this goes.”

-The female security guard turned and gave a compassionate stare at Eoin, using her charming looks to convince the Irishman to go with her, but Eoin looked back, and even took a few steps backward-

“Please, Mr. O’Rourke…”

“I’m not taking one more step. I’m going to my apartment in this bloody tower.”

“I’m afraid I can’t let you go there…”

-The guard pulled out a pistol and held it towards Eoin and moved closer to him-

“You have to come with me Mr. O’Rourke, it is for the best. *to a walkie talkie* Suspect is non-compliant, I’m bringing him in.”

-Eoin looked around and saw a exit from the hallway on his right-

“Hey girl. Tell Mal he can shove it up his arse!”

-Eoin tossed a lamp and a small table at the guard and ran as fast as he could towards the hallway exit, which led into the main lobby. He bolted outside to the shock of some pedestrians. He turned back and saw the guard talking on her radio and chasing after Eoin. Seeing few options, Eoin ran through traffic and sprinted down the street.-

-It was a footrace until Eoin got out of their sight. He quickly flagged for a Taxi cab and jumped in the back seat.-

“Woah hey pal, what’s going on?”

“Nothing, just drive! Out of the city! Just go mate go!”

-The driver obliged and began driving, as the guard and several others started looking around, trying to see anything suspicious, but as the cab pulled away, Eoin peaked over the window and saw that they were dumbfounded.-

-When the cab pulled out of view from the guards, Eoin exhaled a breath of relief. He turned and watched the city of New York slowly pass by as he relaxed-

“So uh, where we heading to pal?”

-Eoin heard the cab driver’s words and responded, but the sound was deaf, quiet. He fell out of consciousness from exhaustion, and blood loss-

I’ll tell you something kid, you really have a monster deep inside you. Deep in you, you have a killer that has no bounds, no restraints, no morals, no care. Its in all of us, O’Rourke’s, Libby’s, McDaniels’s it don’t matter, its in there. It’s in every Irish man, woman and child. But you have to hold it back lad. Letting it out will destroy you from deep inside. And then… It’ll hurt everyone you know, everything you’ve known… Don’t let it out unless you know what you’re doing lad.

“… hey! EOIN! HEY!!”

-Eoin woke up from his trance and saw his godfather Craig, while still in the taxi-

“Eoin son! What happened, what are ya doing here?”

“Craig…? Oh shite.”

“Hey, whose payin for this ride? I gotta pay my bills here.”

-Craig seeing Eoin bloodied, and still in his wrestling gear walked over to the driver side and paid the driver the owed fee. He went back over to help Eoin get out of the cab and walk him into his house. Craig helped Eoin sit in a chair by a fireplace-

“Come on old boy, thats it… Yeah. There.”

-Eoin was feeling the pain from his injuries caused by Dave-

“Jesus bloody Christ lad, what are you into? “

“… It was from the Feds.”

-Craig was surprised to hear Eoin’s response-

“The who? The FBI? Why would the Feds want you?”

“This lady… I don’t know who she is, but she… She led me into a trap that was made by them. A couple of months ago, they did the same thing to me then. It was the same lass, I know it.”

“But why would they want you?”

“Theres a top investigator on the force… We were friends in the orphanage years ago. He wants me to bring him Liz, because apparently she’s a wanted terrorist. They want to bring me in for “information”… But Liz has been so distant and I think they wanted to remove me from their plan. They held me away for sometime, interrogating me… And I ran because I knew they wanted to get rid of me… I’m a loose end.”

-Craig leaned back against a wall and listened to what Eoin had to say. After a few seconds of silence, he nodded-

“Alright… Alright, your not safe there lad. You’ll have to stay here. For now. I have a retirement home out of state, in Jacksonville, Florida. I’ll book us a trip out that way. You may want to consider other job opportunities. Because if you’re gonna keep working for this wrestling shite, your gonna have to book your own flights back and forth. And watch your own back.”

-Craig went and grabbed a blanket off a couch, and put it around Eoin and left him to rest up.-

“Oh, and before you fall asleep, I thought you’d like to know that, your supposed “terrorist” girlfriend is a champion now.”

-Eoin audibly sighed and passed out-


=December 31st=

-Eoin finally woke up from his sleep ten minutes till the new year. The pain he endured forced him to sleep the whole day and most of the night. Even though he was still in pain, he was able to walk on his two feet. He walked around the house only out of curiosity. When he walked by Craig’s room, he saw the old man have two airline tickets on his nightstand.-

-Continuing through the house, Eoin found the kitchen and grabbed himself a bottle of water. Not caring for what the time was, he walked outside to get some fresh air. He took a long sip of the water, before being stunned by an explosion that happened in downtown New York City. He looked as a building crumbled from view. As he looked at the cloud of dust rise from the crumbled building, a wonder in his mind of where the location of the building was. He studied for a minute before realizing it was in the same area as the FIGHT Tower was, although he didn’t think it was the Tower itself. After composing himself, Eoin walked back inside the house-

=January 1st 2022=

-Eoin pondered how many people could be hurt by this, he hoped whomever was hurt, it wasn’t either Liz nor his brother Eric. While he held deep resentment for his little brother for taking Eoin’s place, he still loved him. As for Liz, she was still his world of love and couldn’t bare her being in that collapsed building. Eoin decided that this could wait till morning to discuss with Craig, and went back to the couch in the living room and decided to go to sleep-

-The next morning came and Craig was shaking Eoin to wake up-

“Hey! Eoin wake up! We have to get out of here!”

“Wha? Whats going on Craig?”

“It’s your workplace, its bloody gone! We have to get out of here, they’ll come looking for us! I know they will, come on get my suitcases to the trunk!”

-Eoin had no time to think, he moved as fast as he could to get the suitcases in Craig’s car. Although he was still hampered with his pain, he gathered as much as he could. Craig picked up the slack though and when the last suitcase was loaded, Craig began driving away from his house. Eoin finally took a moment to break down what Craig woke him up to.-

“Its gone…? The Tower is destroyed?”

“Yeah lad, the whole bloody thing collapsed in on itself, its all over the news, the radio, everything.”

“Anybody die from it?”

“Oh no doubt, but they ain’t saying who was in it when it fell apart. But we can’t worry about that now, we have to get to this airfield I know about just a few miles from here.”

-As Craig drove as hard as he could without getting pulled over, Eoin sat next to him, fighting off his own tears that people he may have known could have perished, and that his life that he built in that building was completely destroyed. Once again his life had been ruined by destruction, and he had nothing to do with what happened at the Tower. It rattled him at his very core.-

-An hour later, the distant family members arrived at an unmarked airfield. The runway was made of dirt and there were few planes. The two gathered what belongings they had and Craig turned in the tickets. After waiting another half hour, Eoin is seen visibly upset and Craig padded him on the back-

“It’s alright mate… I’m sure this lass of yours is still alive. No doubt she would bolt outta there if she won gold.”

-Indeed Liz was all on Eoin’s mind. He couldn’t bare the idea of her being dead. After the last visit that they had together, it rattled him to his very core that this year has already started very poorly for him. Not only is his place of work gone, but so is his home and possibly the love of his life. He wiped his face as the plane finally came through the runway. He took what he could carry to the plane and loaded up and sat in the back while Craig and the pilot conversed on where they were going. Craig gave Eoin a thumbs up and Eoin responded with a nod and a fake smile-

-The plane took off and Eoin could still see the smoke hovering around the area of New York City and he wiped his face. All he could contemplate is what may’ve happened, who could’ve done it, and who is gone. It clouded his entire mind and couldn’t think of anything other than that for the whole trip.-

-Eventually the plane came to a stop and the bump broke Eoin out of his trance and he saw a setting sun. The temperature was very different and he was wobbly once again. Craig had arranged their own transportation to where their going, which was still a mystery to Eoin.-

“Hey, where are we going anyway Craig? You never told me.”

“Oh, we’re going to my retirement home, I bought a house down here thats supposed to be part of an entire housing development plan in Jacksonville. My house is finished, but there are still those that need to be finished. So we’ll be off the radar and safe and sound.”

-The drive from the airfield to this house was only twenty minutes, but to Eoin, it felt less than five. He was losing time, and recovery, as the injuries were not being treated nor care for. When they got to the house, they found it half furnished. There were beds, couches and tables and chairs, but a few lights and no decorations.-

-As soon as they unpacked, Craig got a phone call and left Eoin alone to rest. It slowly started to dawn on Eoin that he was residing, not just on a house, but land that was bought by Craig, it was almost like a plantation. A place that was so big that it ecompasses his Tower apartment, twice over and there were people who could help treat his injuries. As Eoin finally got proper medical treatment, he could finally live a life of peace. Yet, still in his heart, he knew something was missing.-

=Some time later=

-One day during a cooler than average day in Florida, Eoin was reading a book comfortably. His wounds were finally healing up, and suddenly a doorbell rings.-

“I wonder who the hell that could be. It’s private land and we still have them bloody bells.”

-As Eoin walked to the door, he shouted out to his godfather-

“Hey Craig, were ya expecting company?”


-Eoin opened the door without looking at it, as he turned back he shrugged and his skin went pale-

“Les salutations mon beau stór.”