Every Rose Has a Thorn

By: Anicka Swan

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 18th Feb 2022

It was Sunday night, the 3rd night of Le’Andra Black’s babyshower and the party bus that Candice “VooDoo” Wolf rented pulled up outside of the Swan Imports building. People walking and driving by the bus could tell by the thumping sound of the music and the LED lights that blinked through some of the open blinds that there was a party going on with a dozen people already inside. A few minutes after the bus came to a stop and enough time to piss VooDoo off, Anicka Swan finally stepped out into view from the alley beside the building. She was dressed in a tiny little number, in Le’Andra’s family’s familiar shade of blue and a white fur coat that went all the way down to her ankles. Despite the beating that her legs took during Blood Money 2, that most women would hide, she wore her fading bruises with pride and a short hemline; much like the busted lip and black eye compliments of Shawn Warstien. Attached to her right hand was Bam Miller, he was dressed in a pair of black jeans and a blue shirt under his leather jacket; both of them smiled as they made their way over to the bus. The door to the bus opened and the Femme Fatale stepped down from inside, she was dressed head to toe in black except for the satin of her bustiere sported Le’s family colors as well; just as soon as Anicka saw her cross her arms over her chest, she looked back at Bam and grimaced with a smile.

Brace for impact. She mumbled just loud enough for Bam to hear.

Really, you two?

What? Anicka exclaimed their innocence, but if you know Ani, you know they weren’t innocent. We weren’t doing anything!

That would have been a little more believable if Bam’s zipper wasn’t down. She smirked as Anicka gasped and both her and Bam looked at his zipper; he let go of Ani’s hand, reached down and pulled his zipper up. Rookie mistake.

They quickly followed VooDoo back on the bus that was already packed with 5 Wolfs, 5 Blacks and 5 Riggs, all talking at once. After a brief greeting and hello, the conversation about the party to come with the opening of Club Lex; Anicka’s mind was elsewhere, her mind was on the match. With ten people in this match, it was anyone’s guess how it would go. Ani knows what each of them can do; except for maybe Jonny Frenz. All she really knew about him was he looked just as crazy as the last guy she dated; just swap green hair with blue and if you’ve dealt with as many crazy men as Ani has, she could handle him too. She glanced over at Bam, who’s right hand rested on her bruised thigh; he was also in the match. They didn’t run into each other while at Blood Money 2, but this week at Venom 16, it was probably going to be a different story. Anicka’s track record with relationships with wrestlers hasn’t been good, especially working in the same company; especially when they face one another in a ring and she pins their shoulders to the mat. Ani would take out anyone in the match without thinking twice, but Bam was the only one she was bothered with.

Valentine’s Day is making you soft, Swan. She thought to herself. Just because shit went downhill with the Cowboy after you all faced off against each other for the Immortal belt doesn’t mean the same thing is going to happen with Bam. It wasn’t just one match with the Cowboy, Ani it was several. Maybe FIGHT won’t do to her what OpW did? Then again, Ani, you didn’t have to act like you enjoyed it so much.

She smirked.

In your defense, it’s how you were trained. She looked down at VooDoo as she stood near Le’Andra and Xavier. VooDoo and every member of the Family beat winning into her… literally. She glanced down to her legs, it’s why she can take as much punishment as she can when it comes to being in the ring. It’s why she leaves most of her opponents, whether she wins the match or she loses almost in awe of her. Also, in your defense, isn’t it part of the job?

Anicka pushed thoughts of her upcoming match out of her mind when the bus pulled to a stop in front of the Velvet Rabbit less than ten minutes later. The group quickly hustled off the bus and inside, made their way up to the second floor so Le’Andra could officially open her club with the ribbon cutting. It wasn’t time to think about upcoming matches, it was time to celebrate

[]]] []]] []]] []]]

Hours later when Le’Andra was escorted over to where Ani and Bam were sitting by James Raven and Atara Themis, she had just spent the past 30 mins on one of the pedestals dancing with them after Atara was able to convince Xavier that she wouldn’t let anything happen to Le’, she even grabbed Raven, who was walking by to help them convince X to let her; because who could say no to James Raven? It was only until after Le’Andra threatened to drown him in the pool did Xavier roll his eyes and tell her to go ahead.

Ani, walk me to the bathroom please. She turned to Atty and Raven, giving them both hugs; because after you spend 30 minutes with a pregnant woman grinding on you, hugs goodbye are appropriate. Thank you both so much for convincing them to let me dance. Definitely swing by the bar, grab a bottle on me.

Anytime, Dove. Atty smiled at her before she looked at James. Shall we?

We shall. With a wink and a smile to the two women from Raven, they were gone.

Ani! Le’Andra hissed. Bathroom, now please.

Ani’s coming.

With a roll of her eyes, Anicka joined Le’Andra and they made their way to the private elevator that went up to the top floor where VooDoo’s apartment was, there was no line and she didn’t have to worry about Ani catching a charge clearing a path. Anicka flopped on the bed as Le’Andra made a b-line for the bathroom, leaving the door open some so she and Ani could talk.

Ani saw Page downstairs, wanna take a bet whether he and Voo will wake up together tomorrow? She snickered a little, but a sound came from Le’Andra that caused Anicka to sit up. You okay?

Yes and I’ll take that bet. Le’Andra said a little slowly. L2 decided to kick mommy.

Ani’s got a question, Le-Le? Ask. How do you and X do it? Still love each other after facing each other.

It’s just what we do. The camera shot eases from Anicka, through the open bathroom door and into the bathroom where Le’Andra was looking between her spread legs inside the toilet. She had expected to use the bathroom, not for her water to break. Our relationship started out as a fight.

Much like ours. Ani’s voice came in from the other room.

I wanted to throw you off the building. Le’Andra told her as she began to clean herself up. Still do sometimes. This about you and Bam being in a match together?

Everything. Anicka rolled over on her side and looked at the bathroom door. You know Ani has no issues fighting anyone. It’s just that, sometimes when you beat a man’s ass, he looks at you differently.

It’s one of the things that Xavi’ fell in love with about me, besides, Bam could beat your ass. Le’s voice told her. Maybe you shouldn’t worry so much about you and Bam pinning each other and about the other people in this dance.

Ani’s worried about them just as much as she’s worried about all of her matches. She knows if they’re in FIGHT, they must be good at what they do. This is supposed to be the place everyone comes to just to test their skill and see if they are up to par. Ani knows that everyone of them is capable of holding any of the titles in this company, it’s just a matter of what they’re willing to do to get them. Every one of them will be trying to prove something in that match and Ani, she’s got nothing really to prove.

Other than she deserves to be here in FIGHT, too. Le’Andra finally came out of the bathroom with a tired look on her face and smoothed her dress down.

You sure you’re okay? Ani stood up and looked at her.

Just need to sit down and rest, Xavi’ said we were leaving early anyway. They walked back to the elevator and Ani pressed the button; immediately the doors opened and they stepped inside. Something about not wanting me to get too tired.

Once the elevator made its way down to Club Lex, they exited and made their way over to the VIP area. The first thing Anicka noticed as they got closer, was a hoochie kneeling on the edge of the raised VIP area by Bam with her arms resting on the rails that separated the area from the rest of the floor; Ani knew she was flirting with him.

I can waddle to my seat alone. Le’Andra said with a chuckle as she heard a low growl come from Ani’s throat.

Ani’s cool. Anicka walked up the steps and past Bam to make sure that Le’Andra made it safely to her seat. She’s got this.

Ani, please don’t get arrested tonight. She told her as she sat down next to Xavier.

I’ve got a stack on Ani. Xavier said.

Don’t encourage her. Le’Andra slapped X’s shoulder.

Anicka turned around and sauntered to where Bam was sitting, the chick was now motioning for Bam to come on the dance floor but he was having none of that. Ani didn’t bother taking the empty seat beside Bam, instead slid her ass into his lap and put her left arm around his shoulder. She looked at the woman, smiled then leaned over and slowly licked up the side of his face. Ani’s.

What? The woman asked.

Ani licked him. The chick realized what Anicka was saying as the whole crowd sitting up in the VIP section busted out laughing and she turned in a huff and quickly disappeared into the crowd.

[]]] []]] []]] []]]

It was three hours later, when Xavier said for the 3rd time, it was time to go, Le’Andra finally agreed. Xavier and Vincent helped slowly to her feet as Vhodka began hustling everyone towards the steps.

Move. Outta the way. She waved her hands at them, shooing them. She clapped her hands when she got to the Prestons. Chop chop, wide load coming through. She told the three of them.

We’re going, jeez. Allison said as she grabbed her coat and made her way over to where Dane and Bella were waiting for her.

Did she just call me a wide load? Le’Andra’s voice questioned in shock, which ended with her gasping in pain and doubling over.

Le’Andra? Xavier began; he knew something was off. Are you okay?

I’ve.. She didn’t really know how to say it.

Yes, love…do go on.

Been having labor pains. Everyone’s head turned and looked at her to see if she was joking and they knew she wasn’t. And, my water broke a few hours ago.

Silently the family looked back and forth from each other, no words needed spoken between them and all at once the family was a chorus of voices. Everyone out of the way.

Move it.

Can’t you see we’re about to give birth here, people?

Mount Sinai West didn’t know it, but in less than 15 mins, they were about to meet the craziest and drunkest group ever assembled to witness the birth of the newest member of the Family.