Everybody Knows The Cool Kids Show Up Whenever

By: Brandon Moore

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 4th Dec 2021

“We have become lost in the pages that once upon a time had a creased corner so we could have a sense of our place. Important memories have fallen victim to being torn out from yesterday. In this floating moment we are suspended in imagination preparing to be finished off for good.. Beauty descending towards our resting place among the trash. A bright light beckoned to me, pointing out all of my mistakes and leading me foot for foot as I am humbled every step of the way. The sensual voices combobulating in every crevice of my fractured mind are massaging my despair, causing a full fledged retreat from this fragile and weakened state. Look up from the marvelous bullshit lying picture you have painted for yourself, and look me in my fucking face.” God why have I fallen so? This wasn’t right. Nothing was right. Just what in the hell has been going on around here? Somebody turned up the valium and boosted the competition level while I had fallen on hard times. A beast had disappeared leaving behind the broken man who had now been beaten a fool and cast aside.


“Is it just a phase?”


“I can’t feel a thing..”


“And it is all falling apart again. Right down the seams that held together my mortal shell. The wilted fabric dreaming of desecration. It is surrounding me, black is all I can see. A heartbeat guides the sliver of esteem to the promised crucifixion. The abstention, eternal damnation. The hope laid in the sea, filled with tragic beasts, and there is no ship to sail. My destination is meant to always fail. But one day could the bad guy prevail? There is no escape from a suicidal membrane driving the madness completely insane.” Get it together now. Take hold of my hand now. Listen to the whispers penetrating through the silence after inevitable violence. Precious gift held in my arms, somebody sounded the alarms but I meant no harm.


“Is this all there is?”


“Is it really all mundane?”


“Another sacrifice penetrates the main vein.”


“I can watch as the world crumbles beneath my feet. Slowly the fabric of reality is ripped away from me.” Move along now, there’s nothing to see here. Just the fading star ready to explode supernova, eradicating this pathetic mortal race without a single left hanging trace.


“Drops of sand pass and I can see the present off the coast of Eulogeo. It was out of the way on the distant horizon of combobulated bullshit. Forgotten in the momentless sin of squirting kids on your bitches face and bending down to let your tongue have a little taste. Is this really, truly, all that there is? Is this all that we have fought for? Looking around at the crumbling structure of a statue minted in rust, the accomplishments from past times way too far gone have become a haunting ghost. Brittle bones have carried us as far as they could go. As I decayed in place, I finally understood. An epiphany trumpets the final swan song. This isn’t saying goodbye forever. This is saying goodbye for now.” The tears filled my eyes like a spoiled child whose favorite toy had been taken away. The earth slowed to a total halt, sending my surroundings flying in whatever fucking direction they went. I didn’t pay much attention. My deficit was glaring at me from the sweaty palms of my hands. What was in them you ask?


“It was an impossible task trying to run away from the reflection in the mirror. Every mile added was subtracted twice over until I imploded within myself. Hopes. Dreams. The promises that demanded to be broken. Welcome to the breaking of my entire heart. It melts away into a little bent spoon, and it couldn’t happen any more soon. The clock was striking four a.m. and the bell rang with each sway of the pendulum. Momentum had fallen victim to the death whistle of arrogance. The prideful fall from mountain tops where none have dared to fail. But as the old saying goes.. go big.. or take your bitch ass home..” Laughter. I’m a fucking hack comedian now. I couldn’t try and hide it anymore. This is what I really am. This is what I have become. Repeating yesterday. Come and drain me of my very essence. My tears don’t fall, they flood the wood panels beneath my tired shadow that betrays me. The weight of indifference has deluded me into a footnote. A laughing stock. Now just another mockery for their fingers to have a reason to exist so they can point. In my hands laid my answer to all of their questions.


“Man.. what happened to Brandon Moore?”


“Didn’t he used to be good?”


“Why is Brandon always losing?”


They were good questions. My true face is the only answer I can provide. A brand new coat of pink paint had replaced the golden hue of the old days. I brought my face up to my pretend one that I was forced to wear since birth. The black eyes stared deeply into my weeping soul, right through my blue eyes. I felt like I was staring into the abyss of loneliness. Many times I screamed to the skies, “Why had you forsaken me?” But the truth laid itself right on inside of me this entire Goddamn time. The truth is.. I had done it to myself. Believing that I deserved to be punished for my crimes. All of that bloodshed. All of that brutality. How stupid of me to second guess my very nature. I wasn’t brought to life to be a healer, a good fella. My purpose was the antidote to the poisonous filth that parades around in an industry of thieves and liars. None were worthy of salvation. Not a single one. With that thought, I replaced my true face over my shamed skull. 


It fits like a glove.








“And so now we begin again.. again. Tugged into a petty war for dominance, I was a soldier without purpose. Crafted false illusions to persuade myself into thinking on better terms. Looking to set a good example for my miracle son. Stupid maggot, I am. For I had become complacent with following the herd and all of their ideals instead of beating my own drum and shoving my ideals down your throats right along with my throbbing needle dick. But have no fear little ones, for I have smartened up to the game at hand and am ready to play. They want to throw me and Preston at Shawn and Dickie. “Shut your mouths and go make us some money whores.” For a grand show it shall be. Three of the industries’ very best, and then there is the Wrecked and Worthless me. A constant stumble has become my new norm and I would be lying if I said I was not upset. More so.. I would be lying if I didn’t tell you this feeling was intoxicating. It is a breath of fresh air to be relieved from the burden of my glory. Released from my chains of infamy. End the show with a great big bang laid out on my back and let the New Status Quo continue to reign supreme. This is the thought process traversing through monosyllabic heads who have lost the plot. They will be reminded.”


“I will remind them all.”


“The rise is more epic than the fall.”


“Kill ’em all.”


“No proclamation is to be inserted here. Just the running of dick suckers to fill the gaps in between the stationary persuasion of time. You’re losing it slowly, or watching it scurry on by in front of your eyes. Caught up in the whirlwind life of stardom. Constantly with your followers mere fingertips pressed against glass away. Think and ponder on the fodder to feed the piggies so they keep coming back to your stall. Creating content for the sake of keeping your name at the forefront of people’s minds. Without the constant reassurance you would surely dip out and slowly fade away quicker than this junkie with a syringe full of smack.” Smack. My own face. Quit having those dirty nefarious thoughts. Get your God damn head back in the game mother fucker, and show them what Brandon Moore is really about. Or I swear to fucking God.. We will get so high, that it is nothing but a joke. A joke where the punchline is how the come down will be murder.. by suicide.




“No more nice and pleasant feelings. The ringing of my ears has kept me on the edge of my feet with toes hanging off the side of our own Tower. Dancing voices try to grip me, pull me aside. “GET DOWN FROM THERE!” They echo around and through my cage. What a wonderful voice that is speaking to me.. though the part I left out is the voice whispering, “..take the long way..” So look out down below you bastards, for here I come in true fashionable glory. Soon there will be nothing left but a bloody tattooed smear. It’s okay. Maybe we will enjoy this putrid viced epitaph better that way. Pain has become the annoyance that hinders my ability to really let her rip and give her all I got, captain. But wouldn’t you know it? They told me to phone it in anyway.” I stand staring into my wife’s upright mirror. It was a reunion to end all reunions. An unholy sight that meant bad things were on their way to a clown show near you. And we are talking about some very bad things here folks. You don’t know where I’ve been, man. Some of you have witnessed the imminent destruction as Galactus Approaches. The rest of you are in for a major letdown for I am afraid the end result never really lives up to the hype.. And though you New Ones may not know where I have been, you will know where I am going. Want to know why? Because you are all coming with me. Dragged bloody and screaming if you don’t follow the rules and do as you’re told. Ultra violence returns in the most violent of ways possible, with absolute never ending silence.


My reflection took a step out to take a bow. Throws an arm over me like we’re a couple of old friends. They don’t know what’s coming for them.. do they pal? Macabre is the word of the day, and it means all of the worse. I know, you expect more and more words to help you comprehend the meaning behind my thoughts, but I can’t help you there. I am fading fast. Falling behind as that bastard reality was trying to take my euphoria away. Please don’t go, you can just stay. Then we can always feel this way. Never, forever.


“But the call for baths of blood consumed my higher functioning, which in turn directed me right back to the front of the lines drawn in the sand. Some cross the lines, and others make the lines. But me? I scoop the lines into my magic hat with a little added water and pull it back twice as fat.”










“Welp.. We all know that I better start scrubbing.”


“In fact, just look closely and you will find the tracks I present as eye sores in all of the public stores. Turn your loving gazes away, you don’t want to see this bare naked truth. You can’t look into the eyes of the monster you’ve had a hand in reassembling, and believe in the happily ever afters anymore.. you just can’t. It makes you sick to your stomach to think that such a piece of shit can be allowed to rise, fall, flourish and self destruct, reconstruct, then rinse and repeat. Take your feeble little heads, and bash them against that brick wall if you think you can wrap your brain around this. You don’t know what it’s like to have your entire life pulled inside out like an exposed nerve ending. Put the flame to all exposed membranes and seal the fate which was decided eons before the first ape flipped over another ape and began the time honored tradition we call procreate. Monkey fucking is hot by the way, don’t listen to what Ricky Rodriguez has to say. That dude double dips cats ‘n shit. And y’all thought I was sick.” And maybe I was sick. Very, very, sick. My insides spun into knots that clog valves or arteries or whatever the fuck. Shit was blocked, causing rot and disfigurement. Look at the walking calamity coming your way little ones. Don’t you think his Momma is proud? Maybe she would be if she could ever get her face out of a bottle or a pile of various sized dicks. Greasy, sleazy, white or cheesy, it didn’t matter to that old disgusting blind bat. She just wanna know where the monster ones are at. “Hey you! My greatest failure! Be a dear and have the car pulled around for Momma. I’ve already sucked these workers dry and all that little bastard of yours does is cry! Take me to that Voodoo’s Rabbit palace, that soul sucker knows how to show an old lady a proper good time. Unlike my walking abortion of a son!”


Think I’m embellishing? Heh.. You’ll fully meet Momma Moore later. And Uncle V Daddy Putin too. Poptart and Corny. Y’all probably don’t like my slave Jim Cornette, because you’re one of those poser ass pussy progressive liberals that tries to tell others what they can and can’t do or say. Which, by the way, is the antithesis of what the word liberal means. But this isn’t a political debate, I apologize. So, back to the original point. It was now time to welcome you all into the family. My family.. And I am sorry. I truly am.. I put it off as long as I could, and I did it for all of you. But now, the time was finally upon us to enter into the House of M. After a few more paragraphs of life altering verbiage from me that is. You know, Brandon Moore? Remember? You remember me right? Right?


You know who I am.. right?


“In conclusion.. The dam has sprung a leak and the pressure has caused the small drip to explode and down we go. Coming to the ring, weighing down his partner is none other than Brandon Moore. He used to be somebody, but now he was just a puppet they dangle from strings that they don’t even try to hide from the public eye. He’s going to rattle you. He is going to batter you. And then he is going to fall short and leave Dane Preston left hanging out to dry. That is what you all wanted to hear, isn’t it? Or would you believe that the primordial force that swiftly approaches is unlike any scene of brutality that you have ever seen? Would it be possible that you’ve overlooked my teases and hints that were sprinkled throughout this evolving story thus far, and have now found yourself down in a hole of shit.. Oh my! My eyes have opened wide and my hands are begging to get dirty. Balled fists eagerly waiting to swing, swing and then swing again. Gorgeous scrawny necks stuck out and wishing upon The Faded Star to come and snap them on the unforgiving mat. Or the concrete. Don’t worry, burying the two of you will be anything but discreet. “Where the fuck did this guy come from!?” You’ll be screaming as I drag you from the front and to the back. Blood spilling from orifices and cuts all over your bodies. Dammit man, don’t ya know you shouldn’t play a blood sport covered in open sores! YOU DON’T KNOW WHERE I’VE BEEN MAN! HOLY JESUS MOTHA FUGGIN H CHRIST BROTHA! What have you done..” The sun was beginning to rise on Eulogeo, and the day ahead was chalk full of adventure. Soon the love of my life and precious baby boy would wake and come to find me. Would they still love what they found? Could my son still watch my every move with his loving, trustful eyes? Only the day ahead would be able to tell the truth of the matter.


“Silent Fight.. Season’s Beatings.. a fitting name for a show with such a thrilling, tantalizing and juicy climax, no? Four men, two teams, and all types of bad blood ‘n shit between each. Even between partners. Especially between Dane and I. I know Shawn and Dickie have history, but it pales and shakes compared to the blood feud between me and my old best friend. Dane was probably my first real friend, considering where I come from. But this was fifteen to thirteen or so years ago, and the time since the falling out has been filled up with heated hatred. Jealousy and misunderstanding. It all came to a head when Dane’s head was met with the chrome ball bat that sent his sanity to splat and that was that. Waited for the retaliation, but Dane, you see, is easily distracted by lesser beings like Joe Montuori.. my former business partner and FoCuS member. And then after the ending of their entirely too long and far drawn out petty squabble, I had salivated that he would finally come for me to settle the score. Look at me fellas, I’m still Goddamn waiting and now I gotta saddle up with the man. But you see, over a year has passed since his brains were liberated for the audience to dissect and figure out why there wasn’t very much gray matter to speak of.” Eye roll. Got the mandatory Dane diss out of the way, thank God. I had to remind all these maggots and the maggots round the whole world bay bay, that at the end of the day my allegiance rests with no one outside of the House of M. Yeah, yeah, NSQ is the only stable. Blah, blah, blah. But the House of M is a growing legion as something so much more than a clever name for a crew of wrestlers. The House of M was a warning shot sent around the globe, counter clockwise so the miserable cunts that inhabit this bitch know I am super serious. A warning shot for the people who hold the chains that we have placetedly allowed to be strung around our throats to take notice. Heed the fucking warning and know that the beaten and downtrodden that you persist to keep caged like beasts and whipped like slaves have become the very beasts you had hoped to tame and my word is now law.








The House of M is my ever growing family, whose commitment is dealt with in blood and none of your nacho cheese little ones. It is a cancerous growth that feeds off the vile hatred and decadence of the combined energies from these piles of maggots. You could say it is almost.. supernatural. Not in the phoney sense of some kind of like all knowing and all seeing almighty beings or devils and demons ‘n shit. Supernatural in the sense that it was nothing more than a mere idea never spoken but somehow spread through to the like minded individuals who succumbed to the hidden truth that only one had been able to see. But now one has become two. Two turns to four. Eight. Sixteen. Thirty two. Whoopty doom. And the intentions that some will try to cry as deceit have become the ideals upon which the House’s foundation is built atop of and represents as a mangled black heart worn on tattered t-shirt sleeves.


It represents raw, primal, PURE and unadulterated freedom. A blessing to all of those lost and adrift souls searching for a higher purpose, their calling that they always just barely missed. The souls that spent the majority of their lives searching for more than the cards they were unjustly dealt that fell to their hands and knees and pleaded for a reality that made sense to them. Cries for a civilization that ran away from them. Just when it seemed that all hope had truly been lost, and everybody was just fucked and stuck, a new hope had risen from the embers and ashes from The Faded Star’s burnout. And now finally, the one they were waiting for had arrived in a fiery ball of ascending madness. If you want to be free from the invisible prison walls you were forced hand over foot into, then all you have to do is close your eyes. Close them ever so tightly little ones. Take a deep rectifying breath that fills your lungs with the toxic fumes of a dying race, so you may finally find yourself in the calm and soothing presence of the Everblack, and just believe.


Welcome to the family.


Now follow me and I will show you all that you were not supposed to see. Like the NSQ and their families lost at sea with their feet all wrapped up in concrete. And not just the men.. but the women! And the children too!




“See who gives a fuck..”


And if you are one with an open heart that is filled with joy from the resounding bass of my voice and comforted by the honesty of my off the cuff unscripted words, then just reach out my brothers. COME ON AND REACH OUT MY SISTERS! Reach out with all you have and take a good firm grip of my loving hand, and you’ll never have to be alone ever again. My House is always open to the weary and lost travelers, and the broken hearted. The old and dying, come on in. The lowly and meek, weak geeks and disregarded freaks. Tired and cold, I know the feelings that you all despair little ones. I too am a victim of an unjust and cruel despicable world that abandoned me. I have felt the hurt that burrows inside your flesh real deep, and corrupts your well being into an empty caricature. But I will not abandon you, my children. Not ever. And I want nothing from you. Not your money or your possessions. Nothing except for all of your troubles, no matter how petty or heavy, so that I may take them away and cleanse you of this society’s inhumane filth that has left you alone and dirty for far too long. You will never suffer alone again my little ones, just release all of your built up negativity and let me suffer for you so that you may find the peace you have spent decades in pursuit of. Just open the door and come on in. You’re home now.


And I will never let you go.


I promise.




“What the hell just happened? Huh.. Oh well, anyway.. What was I saying? Does it even matter? I don’t think it really even matters anymore. And I am beginning to hear waking bodies on the floor above start to stir. So I have to get going now and find some type of way to evade my love to stop her from discovering my relapse that transpired here tonight between all of y’all and I. But I already know that I will be discovered, because my dear NSQ maggots, I am done hiding and swinging blind. I am done starving the starved hungry and dying killer I left buried alive deep down inside of my gut. I must quench this growing thirst for blood and guts so that I may then bask in the glorious glow of violence that will overtake you both and consume you until you are me and we are you.. thus commencing the death of everything new. And then little ones, then the bloodshed will spill out to the rest of these silly little play wrestlers and their families, loved ones. Welcome home to my reality, where nothing will ever go in your favor again and you will be forced down on hands and knees to watch your muddied kingdom you’ve barely settled crumble to rotted pieces. Damn does it feel good to finally be me.” FREE AT LAST. THANK GOD LORD ALMIGHTY.. FREE.. AT.. LAST..


“..and I am barely getting started..”


And the door to the room Michelle and I use as our private little get away from the ever-growing population of Eulogeo opens, and in comes my love with our yawning and stretching miracle in her arms.


“Hey Brandon, what are you doing up so..” She paused as she had finally laid her eyes on me as I was standing there with my dick flopping wearing nothing but my true pink face.


“Told ya.. No use trying to hide.” SHRUG


Have you ever watched the face of the woman that you loved go from kind and greeting to outright scorned fucking savage and yet worried at the same time? Shit breaks my heart man. I could see something begin to break inside of her, but then it stops. She’s gained control and her light makes quick work of the darkness radiating from my ate up presence. Ezra is just staring while sucking on his binky, love still in his eyes. He’s probably thinking to himself, “Mommy’s gonna beat up daddy again. Ha ha, nerd!” And that is the truth and why I am proud to call him my son. The Prince of M everybody. Michelle’s visual has turned to a calm and steady energy. Maybe she won’t freak out after all..


“POPTART! COME HERE RIGHT NOW!” Welp, can’t be right all the time. She fuckin hollered man. Shit made my ears ring, but Ezra didn’t seem to mind. Maybe I am just too high for this shit. Fuck if I know man, but Michelle backed up to the doorway where Poptart has suddenly come half awake himself and wearing red lipstick.


“The fuck..” I mouth to myself as Michelle plops Ezra into the pastry man’s arms.


“Take Ezra to the kitchen and get him set up in his high chair for me, I will be there in a minute.” She says so smooth and calm like. How does the bitch do it? Blows my mind.


“Everything alright Mich..” Poptart stops as he looks my way, dick still swinging. “Alrighty then..”


“Don’t you judge me pastry..” I state as he throws up his free hand and turns away to leave. Before he manages to go, he bumps into both Momma Moore and Uncle Vladdy.


Hooray! Great! Just what I fucking needed right now. I just went off on one of these bitches the other day about being fucked up around my son and here I am all fucking exposed n shit for the whole family to see. Uncle Vladdy had helped Momma by letting her hold onto his arm and Momma pushed off of him and past Michelle. “What the hell is going on in here and why is this bitch yelling for that imbecile? Where’s my sweet little Brandon at?” 




“I don’t know Momma, but your ugly fat Brandon is standing over there buck ass naked wearing his Halloween costume. And it’s worse than we thought sissy.. it’s colored pink.” Uncle Vladdy says with his annoying cocky ass attitude. 


Hey dude, fuck you.




“Yano, back in my day when we discovered one of them boys was queer..” My uncle ladies and gentlemen.. Sorry.


“OH WILL YOU TWO SHUT THE FUCK UP!?” Michelle let’s loose because she’s had enough. And quite frankly so have I, but I’ll let baby girl dismantle these phobes. “HE ISN’T GAY! AND IF HE WERE, THAT WOULD STILL BE OKAY TOO YOU IGNORANT FUCKS!” Damn proud of you honey, hate has no welcome mat at our doorstep. Michelle calms herself again.


“He isn’t gay, he’s fucking high and being fucking weird.” She exclaims with certainty.


“HIGH!?” Momma Moore goes off. “Of course my worthless piece of shit son is high. Vladimir, I thought we raised this boy better than that.” And here we fucking go again folks. But I ain’t gonna say shit. Nah. I ain’t saying a fuckin’ thing.


“Well Momma, you can only hold their hand for so long until you just have to let them figure it out on their own.” This fucking prick.. I WAS TEN WHEN YOU MADE ME FIGURE IT OUT ON MY OWN! No.. no.. I still ain’t gonna say shit.


Uncle Vladdy turns his head to look at something outside of the House, and as his head turns I catch a quick glimpse of red lipstick on his neck.




Well that’s..






“Alright, you know what?” Michelle takes back control. “I will deal with this hot mess. Momma, Uncle, get the fuck on. Now.” Damn that was sexy as fuck. I bet I can hit it.




“You gonna let this whore talk to your momma like that, mistake?” And Momma Moore y’all. Don’t you feel the love?


I didn’t say anything. Not a word. I just raised my hand and pointed out the door. Not that Momma could see it, but I mean.. if she gonna be a raging cunt then Imma be a douche that has fun at a blind bitches expense. Even if said blind bitch is my momma. But honestly, I’m so damn high that I forgot how to speak after that long promo I cut on Michelle’s mirror. Bet that mirror ain’t say shit though. Punk.


“WELL!?” Momma demands an answer but can’t see that I’ve given it.


Uncle Vladdy walked over to her and took up her hand with his. “He’s pointing at the door like you can see Momma.” He helps her up to her feet as she acts attacked and victimized.


“Fucking no good asshole..” She scoffs and pulls away from her brother to storm off. But the bitch heads in the wrong direction, opening the closet door and stepping in before slamming the door behind her.


Michelle looks at me. I look at Uncle Vladdy, who shrugs. “She’s your mother.” He laughs before bidding us farewell. Some day Unc.. some day. But now we were finally alone.


“What the fuck did you do Brandon?” Michelle asks as she comes over to me, slaps me very hard on the shoulder and immediately removes my real face. “I guess if you’re gonna wear this thing then at least it’s a pretty color. Does it make you feel pretty you stupid dummy?”


And I cracked a smile. Michelle always had this way of breaking through the tension of any situation. It is a trait that has carried her to her huge successes of late. She alone had been carrying the Moore name, proving it was a fixture in this business. And I had been holding it back. That was going to change. It had to. I was not the laughing stock they had made me out to be. The easy out they are all now expecting.






I sat back on the sofa like chair, silently holding out my hand to Michelle’s. She takes it and I whip her down to me in my lap.


“Brandon!” She giggles as I begin to softly kiss her on her neck, working my way to her jawline.


“No sir! You’re supposed to be in trouble.” She playfully pushes away and pretends to try and stand. But I knew her games. She may have been mad, but who can say no to this sweet face? These passionate eyes? I pull her close.


“You gonna sit there and bitch all day or you gonna bring that pussy over to daddy to give a couple kisses? Who waits for an answer? I try to grab her up back her legs up towards my shoulders, and she just lets me y’all.


“I’m still kicking your ass for what you did you know?” As she helps throw her other leg over my shoulder and scoot her warm candy dish towards my awaiting salivation. It’s so close, my tongue stretches with all its fuggin might. So damn close, just lemme eat this pussy guys. I’ll get back to you in a minute.


“Uh, hey Michelle, what does Ezra even eat?” Poptart opens the door before walking right on in with Ezra in his arms. He stops Iike a dear in headlights once he realizes what he had just came upon, unannounced.


“FUCK YOU POPTART! GET OUT OF HERE!”  Michelle just let’s his ass have before pushing herself up and off of me. She takes Ezra from Poptart, stopping to give him this wicked your dead style kind of glance. Poptart looks at me for security.


My ass just shrugs before patting the chair next to me for him to sit.


“Could.. could you get some shorts on at least?” He asks as he hesitantly comes further into the room.


“How about.. fuck.. you.. Pastry? Look what you just did, you Goddamn idiot. Now when she does decide to rip into my tweaked out geekin’ ass and her cunt hasn’t been beaten like it owed me money and turned into daddy’s little cream pie, she is gonna be fucking pissed. And guess what you swanky and skanky preppy ass sumbitch? You’re gonna be the one taking my place to faith the wrath of a woman scorned by a generic store brand breakfast pastry. Yep, that’s right asshole.  Until you unlearn the lies you’ve been force fed through life, you’re now the Best Choice brand of Poptarts. And when she asks your dumb ass what the fuck you want, just tell her Brandon told you to handle his light work. Okay champ? What’s the worst that could happen? I stand up and pat his back to figure out a way to make it safely to my closet for some clothes. There was a shit load of business to be attended to this day. But I stopped and turned back to the preppy. My brother from another mother, no matter how weird or deranged this crazy ass white boy is or gets. “And you might want to clean that lipstick off from your lips.. unless you’re ready for the world to know your deepest dark secret that you’re ashamed of, for whatever pussy ass punk reason you hide it bro. I thought I raised you better than that, to never be ashamed of who you are and worry about what the opinion of ant of these feeble and dimes a dozen maggots. But I guess you are in need of another lesson. When that big fancy clock we just had built begins to ring the twelve count, I will be standing in the middle of the Circle Pit surrounded by thirty of our brothers and sisters.”


“Bring whatever you like..


You’re gonna need it.”


The next few hours are spent in the haze of a methamphetamine junkie in a hurry, which meant I slowly tried to complete all of my tasks in a timely manner. Michelle yelled at me a time or two. Maybe a few. but that wasn’t anything new, regardless of what was going on or had happened. My baby girl just loved being an absolute total bitch, and it made me crave her in ways that not even I, Brandon Moore, the long winded junkie loser that everybody complains says nothing at all. But that is funny, because they all sound the same while they’re sucking my dick. The jealousy these maggots have for me because of my ability to be the best talker in the business is hysterical. Their real problem isn’t being able to understand me as they all say. No.. their real problem is that the majority of them all sound exactly the fucking same. So many interchangeable bodies fill this company and many others outside of it, and seeing this bizarre freak that brings certified freshness and unique style and flow scares them. It not only scares them, but drives them to despise me because they can’t be me. They can’t spin this masterful web that all prey becomes trapped and entwined in while never being able to get enough, so they all fall back on the same rhetoric and hate speech they copy from another. Another that copied from some other fuckin generic human being with nothing interesting about them. In a business that used to be diverse and full of characters that could stand in a crowd and each be singled out because of something unique and special they brought to the table. Now you take a picture and ask why the fuck somebody paid for the same person behind different faces.


But woe is me, right?


So, the day either flew by or dragged along slowly like the dead weight of all these bodies I just murdered with words that none other could imitate and duplicate. That notion didn’t really fuckin matter. What mattered was that Corny spent his day doing my bidding, and was able to confirm that my partner for the main event of Silent Fight had finally dusted off the sand from his vagina and accepted my invitation to meet with me. I don’t need to give you the details because I am sure he painted the picture of events that transpired from his point of view. He probably did his best to illustrate me in a fashion that made me less desirable than him. That was one of Dane’s heavy weaknesses that he picked up from all those years spent with Damon. Marginalize me so I don’t outshine them as the star that blinds them all. But to the point, the meeting was a success. One positive thing I can say about Dane is that he knows when a play is smart and to take on his role.


We had all fallen victim to the New Status Quo, but it was not because of their superiority. That isn’t to dismiss their obvious talents and various skills each member possesses. But if a story is going to be told, heard and saw then the entire broad scope needs to be seen. For it was our hubris that had truly allowed this filth to come into our home and throw us around. Our petty differences and grudges had torn apart the best of us from manifesting our destinies as the best versions of ourselves that were once joined in harmony. Brandon Moore, Dane Preston, Michelle Moore, Paulie Monty and other names I won’t drop because it is pointless (and does anybody even really give a shit?), could, would and should annihilate not only the NSQ, but everyone else that wants to come correct can be tossed into the garbage right along with them. But guess what? No other names matter anymore other than Brandon oh no not again Moore and Dane damon riggs lite Preston. Humor me for a moment, or don’t, whatever, and imagine if the world’s two largest super powers forming it’s new world order by way of taking it with violent force. Rumor has it that one man used to be the mac daddy of Ultra Violence, and the other is a mechanic. But don’t let that common professional trait misguide you.. Dane Preston used to do a lot of similar shit that I do and unfortunately will always have to. But he wasn’t meant for that life and glad he made a fine woman into his wife, and their little side slut. I mean, give the kid his due,, atleast it’s more entertaining than the latest saga of this wrestler makes this wrestler feel some type of way. The only thing that was predetermined was the approach of a new kind of two man army with a couple of the baddest bitches to ever step foot inside THE MOST sacred squared circle on the whole Goddamn forsaken planet you are all trapped on like slaves to their oiled machine that depends on you and it depends on me.


Aren’t you ready to breathe the fresh air of freedom you deserve?


Let’s just forget all of this. From now on today was known as Nothing important happened today. There was a meeting with Dane.  Nothing important happened. There was a company Christmas party. Nothing important happened. Just imagine if the real brandon moore had been invited. But they keep his true form disformed in Fights basement. They never anticipated the rEVOLution would indeed be televised and we find you live today to tell you just that. We are here among you and you’ll never guess which is who and when are they coming after you? These are questions my little ones never have to fear to hear. They know their hearts are secure in the palm of my hand. They were too important for my master plan. Now maggots such as every single one in that ring come show time, even me, will have to pay the ultimate price.


Hello there again my old friend.


My name is Brandon Moore.


I heard somebody wanted a war?


Finally, something inspiring and worth dying for.


Too bad it’s going to be all of you tragic boring whores lying bloody and blue in a pool of the tears your family is crying after hearing the sudden news of their tragic sons passing. If only they had the wisdom of my brothers and sisters, who all kneel before me.


If only NSQ had crawled to me on their hands and knees.


Blessing me.


Imagine how much less the mess would be! But you’re still going to witness Warsteins blood decorating my Christmas tree.


I guess I’ll bless his little bitch side kick with a trip to sit on my knee. Now tell daddy what your bitch ass needs.


Now accept this gift of being dismissed.