By: Jennie Fenix

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 18th Mar 2022

“Ever since little Jinx, as she likes to be called, had that little falling out with her sister, she’s been doin’ her best to stay low… But in doing so, there’re some people that just did not understand what was racing through her mind! The cry for independence. She ran away from the security that was provided to her. Some of them claimed that she had in fact…abandoned them. All in the guise of wanting to help her. They did not know just how far gone she was… And what did they do– with all of this– all of these– these accusations? They pushed her just…a little…further.”

“Shhh–” Jinx lets out the sound as more of a hiss, and a moan.

“What? Is everything okay?” Ricky says while sitting up.

She grumbles and lets out a frustrated sigh while laying her head down against the pillow. Both of them were lying on the bed with their cheeks flushed.

“Oh, were you in the middle of something? My bad.” She’s giggling. She’s giggling! Jinx takes a couple of deep breaths, but then smiles toward Ricky who is hovering over her. She could see the look of concern in his eyes; ever since the two had started dating, and marrying, she seemed to have a constant conflict…a conflict that started when her sister had tried to tell her it was time to call it quits.

“You know, some of the problem is that you were just…too nice. Maybe that’s what they saw. Maybe that’s why they said you were weak. Because you were too nice. Everybody said it.”

Jinx’s jaw clenches and she closes her eyes just a moment longer than a standard blink. She is able to ignore the girl this time, and just focus solely on her husband, “Everything was perfect,” she says, “I’m so happy you came tonight.” Jinx darts her head forward and shares a quick kiss with Ricky.

Ricky smiles, but sits back. “You know…” his voice trails off, and Jinx sits up and takes his arm, “You could just move back in with us.

“There it is.”

I mean…the date is set…

“So tell him.”

I have it planned. He won’t understand, though…

“Explain it to him like he’s five.”

“Soon,” Jinx finally answers, “I’ll be home soon.”

“Soon.” Ricky repeats the word. He does not quite know how to react to the answer that she gives because it does not give a direct time frame, but it’s the only answer that he knows he’s going to get.

The rest of the evening is nothing short of magical. It was like the honeymoon that they did not get to have, and it went just as you would suspect. Legos going in places they probably shouldn’t. A break here and there for knitting. Odd angles that you would not think feasible. Fireworks? Sure. Fireworks. Tonight, they were what they legally are: husband and wife. The days were being counted down, though, and they both knew that when they entered Venom on Monday: they were opponents. They were enemies.

Jinx was the first one to wake up in the morning. Ricky’s arm was draped across his wife’s stomach, and her arm was around his shoulder to comfort him…but she was awake, and just looking toward the ceiling and lost within the confines of her own mind.

“That! Was! HOT!”

“It really was…” Jinx answers.

“Y’know, there’s no mistaking that some of these people are really denying you your level of genius. Like…what you did with the–”


“And how you used the–”


“OH! And–”

“I was there. I sort of know what all happened…” Jinx says. Ricky shifts a bit in his sleep beside her, and Jinx instinctively looks over to ensure that she’s not disturbing him.

“Who could that be?”

The girl asks as a premonition for the next thing to come: Jinx’s phone vibrates against the nightstand. She opens the message, and just reads the text:


That was all the text said. She had quite the day ahead of her. She had quite the weekend ahead of her. This was an offer that was long standing, and Jinx would finally take advantage of it.

… A couple of hours later …

Jinx was prepared for the training session. She stood in front of the locker that was assigned to her for her current day, and she placed her personal belongings inside one by one until all that she had in her hand was her phone… She hesitates with her phone in her hand, and sees that she has six unread text messages coming from Ricky.

“You didn’t tell him where you were going.”

Jinx shakes her head, and turns the screen off on the phone before placing it on top of everything and slams the locker door shut. She moves toward the bench and leans down to begin lacing her shoes and ensuring they were on snuggly. 

“He said that he would train with you! You might as well take him up on the offer, right?” How long are you going to follow me? Jinx asks herself within the confines of her mind, knowing full well that the girl stalking her could hear her. She giggled. “Focus, love.” 

“Take him up on the offer…” Jinx says to herself while sitting on the bench inside of the locker room. She tilts her head back and forth, and bit down on her bottom lip a bit harder than intended. She let out a sigh before straightening her own posture and pressed her hands against her thighs while looking toward the doorway. 

“Everybody has tried to throw their name in the hat to train with me. Tara, Ricky, Lauren, Thad,”

“And each of them had something to offer you. Think about who this is, though!” 

I was, Jinx admits. I shouldn’t have come here; I don’t belong here… Jinx thinks again, and her gaze darts toward the locker that stored her belongings. 

“No, no, no, no! Don’t start second guessing yourself. He invited you. This is your gift! You’re just cashing in. Besides…” I could hear her voice trailing off, “You’re already here. Time to go, love. He’s waiting on you.” 

She takes a deep breath and stands up, but she continues looking down toward her own legs seeing how they shake underneath her own weight. Her thumbs begin twiddling together before finally clasping them behind the back of her head, and she lets out a frustrated grunt. Why does she have to be right? Jinx asks herself.

“I usually am…” I could hear that overly presumptuous tone in her voice. 

Jinx finally bolts toward the door, and swings the door open with one motion. She looked around the entire training center; there was only one sound that could be heard throughout its entirety: the sound of someone running the ropes inside of the training ring. One step forward: Ricky. Second step: Lauren. Third: Thad. Fourth: Seth.

“You know that three of those people are just looking to get you in the ring to reenact their favorite porn scenes, right? You can’t trust those types of people. You know you can trust this one because he is a master of this craft! The only thing that matters at work is work. And he’s damn good at it, right? Feeling those hands all over you is just your own bonus, right?”

“Shut up!” Jinx says aloud.

The outburst causes the individual inside of the ring to stop. The individual is easily recognized as the Empire Champion, Dickie Watson, who tilts his head to the side with a subtle look of confusion. He chooses to ignore the outburst.

“About time…” He calls out.

“Sorry!” Jinx answers back and waves her hand as a greeting fashion.

“It’s Dickie!” I could tell she was drooling over this moment, and I rolled my eyes.

“Yes, it’s Dickie…” Jinx mutters. The look on Dickie’s face indicates that he may have heard her, and Jinx lowers her head; the look on her face indicates that she would want to crawl into a hole and hide just because of this nagging voice that seemed to enjoy bringing out her own thoughts that would embarrass her. Dickie leaned over the top rope while Jinx got closer and closer to the ring. 

“He is a cutie.”

As she gets closer, Jinx mutters under her breath, “Shut up, shut up, shut up!” repeating the two words.

“I did not say anything…”

Jinx laughs nervously, “Sorry, it’s just– there’s a song stuck in my head, and I need it to stop!” She says with a nod. Good recovery, Jinx thinks to herself and nods a second time. Jinx glances around the room as if to search for anyone else in the room, but there was no sign that anyone else was present in the gym. “Is it just us?” Jinx finally asks as if the silence did not give that confirmation. She climbs onto the ring apron and finally between the ropes to join Dickie inside of the ring, who has backed to the opposite end.

“Yeah. You do not need distractions.” Dickie answers.

“Soooo…how do you wanna start this?” Jinx asks while rubbing her hands together.

“Strike me.”

Jinx is surprised by the request, but trusts Dickie in his order. She charges in for the first strike against Dickie, looking for a well-placed jab. Dickie is able to easily take Jinx’s arm and raise it; he strikes her with a precise kick just beneath her sternum before she has a chance to wrestle her own arm free. Jinx tries to take a step back, but Dickie still has her arm and delivers a second, a third, and a fourth kick; the fourth lands on the back of her knee which causes it to buckle and give out from under her…and then he spins for a roundhouse kick! But Dickie pulls back at the last second while Jinx is covering her head in a cowering fashion in anticipation for the kick.

Ow! Ow! Ow! Breathe, girl. Breathe. Just breathe.

Dickie snickers at the reaction that she had, and extends a hand toward her. “Do you want to try that again?”

No… Jinx thinks to herself, but manages to bite her tongue to prevent herself from saying it out loud. However, she hears that maniac cackling when her instinct gives her that as her first answer. 

“Yeah! I was just going at half-speed…”


Jinx looks around when she hears the voice calling her out as a liar, but Dickie does not seem to notice and he just answers with a chuckle.

“If you say so. No more half-speed, though; you come at me full-speed, or this training is going to be over before we have a chance to really get started.” Dickie walks back toward the center of the ring, and invites Jinx toward the center, too.

Both of them get into a fighting position and this time Dickie raises his arm up as an indication for them to go for a test of strength; Jinx takes him up on the offer, but is quickly taken down with an arm drag that Dickie transitions into an armbar. He doesn’t get the hold locked in; he only ensures that Jinx knows she would have had no escape but driving a forearm against her shoulder this time. Jinx pounds the mat in frustration.

“What are you supposed to be learning from this?! He’s just beating you up!”

“SHUT UP!” Jinx shouts out.

“Again, I did not say anything.” Dickie said. He didn’t appear as amused as he was the first couple of times. 

Listen girl, I know that you can hear whatever is racing through my thoughts so I’m going to need you to listen to me when I say just be on your best behavior! Let me stay in the driver seat, and just…yeah…hush! Jinx insists against her. She gets herself back to her feet and dusts herself off, and Dickie has already gotten back to his feet. He stood at the opposite end of the ring as her and got into a fighting stance and Jinx answered in kind. 

“Throw another strike.”

Jinx throws a roundhouse kick aimed for Dickie’s jaw, but Dickie easily ducks underneath it and gets her into position for a German Suplex or the Millennial Fallout; he does not complete the move, just shoves Jinx forward with his forearm causing her to hit the ropes.

“Why are you trying to be so precise? Do you think you are your sister?” Dickie asks while beckoning Jinx forward again. Jinx goes forward and throws for another precise strike, but Dickie easily evades; he then snatches one of her arms, giving her the reaction to throw the other arm…and he grips that arm, too. “What is this? You are not her, and you need to stop trying to be. The list of people that she has trained; do you think that they are on the level that they are because they mirror her every move?” Dickie pulls Jinx’s arm toward himself as if forcing her to throw a punch.

“No! They take what she teaches them, and put their own twist on it!” He continues while forcing her to throw a few more punches.

“You are not precise. You are wild. So throw your strikes! Throw as many as you can! And do not aim for the head–” Dickie orders. He continues with the lead and is forcing her to throw punches in rapid succession until he finally does let go of her hands and takes a couple of steps back. He taps his finger against his head, “I will make you pay for it every time. The head is a small target. You will do damage, but everyone you are getting into the ring with is going to be protecting that over everything else, and frankly, you are not fast enough, nor precise enough. Aim for the body.” Dickie says and nods to Jinx while backing away. “Now strike.”

Jinx goes forward this time, and as instructed, just begins to start throwing her strikes! Dickie is able to avert or block most of the strikes, but something has caught his attention… Between each strike, he shouts at Jinx, “I said to not hold back!” The punches start coming in faster, but Dickie is still able to defend himself from the majority of the strikes. One finally does catch and seems to knock the wind out of him. “Alright, enough!” Dickie says. The strikes from Jinx do not slow down; she grunts while throwing the strikes faster, and trying to put more power behind each one. “Enough!” Dickie repeats. The ferocity continues to come from Jinx, though, and the strikes still coming faster and a bit stronger; she jaw clenches until Dickie has no choice but to take one of her arms with ease, take her down with arm drag, and then stand over her with her placed in an armbar. He puts one leg in front of her to trap her torso between his legs, and kneels down so his knee is pressing against her ribs.

Oww! Jinx thinks immediately. She continues to grunt and instinctively tries to pull her arm back, but Dickie has it locked, and thus, has her locked in place. 

“Oh, whoops! He did say enough… He said it. I heard it,” I heard her giggle, “I suppose I should let you stay in the driver seat.”

Jinx’s eyes dart back and forth until she finally looks up to see Dickie; his eyes are locked on her, but the look on his eyes seem to send their own message without him having to say it: listen. Do not do that again.

“Are you back in control?” Dickie asks.

Jinx cannot mutter a word, but she nods. Dickie releases the hold, and Jinx pulls herself away with frustration as she scootches toward the edge of the ring and sits there with her arms folded against the ropes and her head also lying against the rope as if she were sitting at a desk. Dickie stands beside her and leans against the top rope.

“You cannot let them get to you. No matter who you are; how big you are, how small you are, how skilled you are, there are going to be people that do not think you have what it takes to be anything in this business. You do not have to listen to them, though. Do you understand?” Dickie explains and sighs. “You need to stop trying to fill those shoes, and put on your own. This is your career. This is your job. Not theirs.”

“I have people telling me that I can’t do this, and then I have others that are supporting me with everything they have…” Jinx says and her voice trails off. The tone in her voice almost seems to be looking for sympathy.

“What does it matter what anybody else thinks? The only thing that matters is what you think, and the work that you are willing to put in to get to where you want to be.” Dickie says in a manner of nonchalance. 

“I can do this, but–”



“How am I going to fight Ricky?” Jinx asks without turning her head.

The question causes Dickie to chuckle. He shrugs one shoulder, “Easy,” Dickie says and with a momentary pause; he waits for Jinx to turn her undivided attention toward him before resuming, “He is your opponent this week. That is it. That is all. If this is what you want to do, then this is what you are going to have to do: I have fought friends. You are going to fight friends. I get it, though. I am certain that Ricky is asking himself the same thing,” he turns his attention forward, “How is he going to fight his wife?” Dickie clicks his tongue, “It is your job. Both of you are going to go out there, and you are going to fight each other; you are going to fight Todrick, but you are going to go out there with an edge that neither one of them have…”

Dickie walks backwards until he is back in the center of the ring. Jinx looks over her shoulder toward Dickie, who resumes a fighting stance.

“You are going to go out there with what I teach you.”

Jinx scoots back and gets herself back up to her feet; this time, she and Dickie begin to circle the interior of the ring as if they were standing across to compete against each other. “He is out of your league, sweetheart…” Jinx ignores the girl this time around, and just contemplates what she may accomplish from what she learns from Dickie. 

“Does this mean that I could become Empire Champion?” Jinx asks with a sly smirk; one of the traits that made it clear what family she came from.

“Try not to get too far ahead of yourself,” Dickie answers, “One step at a time. One match at a time. You need to stop looking at anything beyond what is happening in your next match–”

“What about Tara?”

Only your next match!”

“But she’s going to be–”

ONLY your next match!” Dickie shouts louder this time. “Ricky and Todrick. These two exist to you; these two are the only two that matter to you. Are we clear?”

There is a tension in the air when Dickie says this to Jinx. Jennie. Whichever preference she had at this particular moment… She could not restrain from grumbling under her breath, which causes Dickie to shoot her a disapproving look which is all it took for her to straighten up.

“Sir, yessir!” Jinx said in a mocking tone.

Dickie’s eyes widen as he seems in shock that Jinx would dare use that mocking tone with him. However, he just takes a deep breath and slightly shakes his head. “Then let’s get back to work.”