Family Legacy

By: Jennie Fenix

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 15th Sep 2021

Glasgow, Scotland
September 01, 2021

It was the middle of the afternoon, but you could hardly tell by the overcast. The poor weather was accompanied by a drizzling rain that was light enough to feel like nothing more than a mist, and that is where the story begins… “The Prophet” Druscilla White wore a black jacket with intricate white designs decorated with the pattern of a snake on the front. Her hood was pulled over her head with her hair done into a braid and hung over her shoulder. Surrounding Druscilla seemed to be a neighborhood; there were some fellows on either side that watched the stranger wandering their road, a pep to her step that seemed to indicate that she was not the person that they wanted to tussle with. Further evidenced by the larger men that surrounded her as they tried to match her pace. There was no fear being expressed on her face. Her eyes were hidden behind a large pair of sunglasses. It took her roughly thirty seconds to get to her destination, and as she walked up to the front door of the home, the men that accompanied her stood at the front gate to assure they were protected. Glasgow had not been known for its hospitality, especially in this part of town; some people would end up wearing the “Glasgow Smile” if they were somewhere they shouldn’t be.

With a short rap against the door, Druscilla knocked with her middle knuckle.

A voice calls out from the other end, “I swear, if you’re trying to sell something, you’re going to leave here with a smile from ear to ear that you won’t soon forget!” The voice of the female called out and as the door swung open Druscilla did not appear to be surprised to see a young girl with a shade of blue hair, and a natural curl. She was wearing a pair of gaming headset and there was some mumbling on the other end before she held the microphone to her lips and resumed her speech, “I said AFK, so if your ass is standing in the FIRE you’re gonna fucking die! OKAY?” she shouted before turning her attention back to Druscilla, “What can I do for ya?” she asked with a sudden charm and perkiness to her voice.

“You’re… Jennifer?” Druscilla asked.

The woman, who seemed to act more like a teenager, said while leaning from the door frame and into Druscilla’s face. She did not appear to be intimidated by her, nor the Wolves of Odin that stood at the gate. “Yes, and you can tell your fellas there to get off my mother’s lilies! She’s going to flip, and she’s not as patient as me! YEAH! I’M TALKING TO YOU!”

“Jennifer… Fenix?” Druscilla questioned further.

Jennie tilted her head. “I haven’t been called that in years… Has something happened to my sister?! Did that bastard hurt her?! I’m going to kill ‘im–“

“No, no–“

“Then what is it?!” Jennie interrupted, “Did she get my nephew back?”

“No–“ Dru said, more disheartened for only a brief moment, but she raised her voice to be a bit more optimistic, “She says she’s close to, though, and I thought… she could use her sister back. Her birthday is coming up and she is hosting a cruise party for charity, and she’s just– she’s giving so much– I feel like the least we could do is do something for her, and help bring her family back together.”

Jennie squinted her eyes toward Druscilla as if to search her for her intention… She was unfamiliar with her, and for the longest time, Jennifer let the world of professional wrestling become dead to her. Ever since her brother had disappeared. Ever since Tara fell into her own depression from losing custody of her son due to the prick framing her as being unfit to be a mother. She could hardly believe that Tara was smiling again; she could hardly believe that she came out of retirement.

“How do you know her?” Jennifer questioned.

“I’m just a friend.” Druscilla said, letting her lips curl into a smile, “She reached out to me to help with the cruise, and we just clicked.”

Jennifer continued studying Druscilla, studying her face… her body language… She stared her up and down, trying to find any sort of deception. She even leaned in a little closer trying to look past the lenses that hid Druscilla’s eyes; Dru answered by pulling the sunglasses from her face and letting Jennie peer right into her eyes. She could see trust, and with a nod, Jennifer answered.

“If my sister wants me to come back–“ she began, but Dru raised a finger to cut her off.

“She doesn’t know I found you. You are… a bit of a surprise.”

There was nothing that Jennie wouldn’t do for her sister; she shrugged her shoulders and gestured for Druscilla to follow her in, “I’m in the middle of a raid, but let me wrap that up and I can pack a bag, and we’ll get going. There’s nothing that I wouldn’t do for my sister, but– your goons there stay outside.” Jennie said while still peering out from the door frame; she pointed to her eyes before pointing at the rest of the pack. Druscilla gestured for them to wait outside and accompanied the younger Fenix inside the house while Jennie also took the lead with more of a skip back to her PC.



Hartford, CT
September 13, 2021

Jennie was leaning against the island leading into the kitchen with her phone in her hand. Her fingers seemed to be moving at a rapid pace; she appears to be browsing Twitter and answering people in her usual sarcastic manner when a voice is heard calling out to her. “Jen,” Tara called out. Jennifer doesn’t even avert her eyes from the phone, but her lips parted as if ready to answer, but nothing audible for several seconds.

“Just a second,” she finally answered, “Just answering this douchecanoe…”

“Will you leave Jason alone?” Tara answered in a stern tone.

“Ah! So you admit he’s a douche?” Jennie said while turning her head toward her older sister, the veteran of the ring known to the world by Tara Fenix.

“I didn’t– no! Why are you always trolling him?” Tara stepped forward and reached for Jennie’s phone, but Jennie stretched her arm away.

“Because it’s fun!” Jennie insisted. Tara sneered and grabbed Jennie by the ear, as if she were her own child; Tara had become the legal guardian for her during her teenage years when their biological parents authorized Jennie to move to the United States to get to know her sister. “Ow! Ow! Ow! What the hell!” Jennie could no longer keep her arm away, and Tara took her phone away before shutting it down and tucking it into her own pocket.

“You have to start getting ready for your match!” Tara said. It came out as more of a command than anything else.

“Fine!” Jennie said while getting herself free and stomping her way away from Tara. “You just don’t want me teasing your boyfriend.” She says, shooting a glance over her shoulder.

“He’s not my boyfriend!” Tara exclaims.

“My ear hurts.” Jennie grumbles and rubs her ear frantically and walks away.



“Yo, yo, yo! What up, peeps? Thank you for coming by to hear me out on what I have to say to the finest audience that anyone could ask for–“ Jennie says and blows a kiss toward the camera, “–and might I just take a moment to THANK each and everyone of you for being here to share in my… in my journey back to the squared circle. For those of you who are living under a rock, let me introduce myself to ya, let me introduce my family to ya… An’, Fight, you are in luck because you signed the younger, perkier, prettier–“ Jennie said while cupping her face into her hands, “–sister, the one with a little more spunk, and pizzazz. Flare! THEATRICS! Y’all are gonna love me, I swear.” She clapped her hands together and rubbed her palms together.

“Anyway! I’m going to go ahead and talk about the elephant in the room…” Jennie continues before pulling up a stool and taking a seat, “Yes, I am the younger sister to Tara, and I know the shoes I have to fill– I know what’s expected of me. I know that perfection is expected of me. I know that she’s going to beat my ass everyday until I’m walking around with a pretty little belt around my waist–“ Jennie bats her eyes a few times, “–I’m looking at you, Dickie.” she says with a wink, “But that’s a problem for future-me, I’m here right now to worry about the present-me! And the present-me has to worry about one thing and that’s making a successful debut and show the lot of you that I–“ she said with a snap of her fingers, “–never lost a step!”

“Let me tell you something about my family. Let me tell you something about one of our little… ticks… It’s that bell. It’s that bell! The moment that that bell sounds, it’s like we become something– dangerous. Deadly. We have one goal in our mind and that is to tear the people in front of us down, and win! We change! It’s like a superpower. We become like– like– the Hulk. The angrier we get, the deadlier we get! That’s why I look at someone like Korrupt– and let me just say, BANG UP job on that make-up! I love it! You and I– we– we’re going to have to exchange tips. Are you cool with that? Please! PLEASE! But that doesn’t change a thing, okay? I’m going to show you that this… it runs in the family. It’s in the blood. It’s the family business. You can put on all that make-up, you can look scary, but there’s something about me that you’re just not aware of: I don’t let scary people scare me! I get in your face and I… I–“ Jennie let out her fiercest roar, which came across as more playful considering it included her scratching at the camera, “–I get a little… ANIMALISTIC! I scratch, claw, bite, kick, spit with the best of them and I leave a lasting impression!” Jennie says with pride.

She cocks her head to the side and licks her lips. “There are a lot of reasons for people to watch Venom this week; from Atara Themis making her grand debut! I CAN’T WAIT FOR THAT! Pheelz! Getting back in the ring, and I know she’s going to absolutely CRUSH IT! DRU! The reason that I’m standing in front of all of you TODAY! Let’s not forget that BANGER of a main event, but I believe… I feel… I KNOW that I’m going to be that diamond in the rough! People are going to watch Venom and they’re going to look at everything that happened, but I’m going to go out there and make sure that people are talking about me! They’re not going to refer to me as ‘the baby Fenix sister’ they’re going to say: JENNIE! THE SIREN! So people are probably asking: why use the family name? You want to create your OWN name. You want to create your OWN brand. And– I am. I’m going to do that. But I’m not going to do it without the name of my family because that is something that is more important to me more than anything! And– don’t tell her I said it– but I absolutely adore my sister. I adore my nephews. I adore my family. There is– there is that part of me that wants to make her proud. The part of me that hopes Chris is out there, seeing me, and is proud of me! They’re big shoes to fill! But that’s what I do! You can say what you want… How you aren’t concerned with the family name, how you aren’t concerned with my sister, but there’s no mistaking that there were a few people that turned their heads when they heard that the baby sister of the great Tara Fenix was going to step foot into the ring! She signed with Fight! But as important as it is for me to live up to their standards– it’s more important that I live up to my own! It’s important that I stand on my own feet. It’s part of why I feel just a little–“ she said while pinching her fingers together, “–bad for you, Korrupt! Because I’m out there to send a message, and the question stands: Is she able to live up to the hype?! You’ll just have to tune in to Venom to find out, won’t you?” Jennie gives a curtsy and the scene comes to a close.