Family strong

By: Eoin O’Rourke

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 6th Aug 2021

-It’s been five days since her seizure, after our time in the Fight arena, I brought Liz back to my apartment along with Eric to help her rest and relax. I had the place to ensure safety for myself, my brother and her. To keep out of sight from Malcolm and his goons that lurked outside, waiting for us to go out, and corner us. He couldn’t get us in this building, it was protected by its private owners and land. But the moment we leave it, we’re vulnerable. Inside however, it’s like a little corner of heaven. Me and Eric brought her to my bedroom after her last match. Liz slept for a whole day and night. Eric and I took turns watching her, making sure she was still stable, still in one piece. Thankfully two days ago, she was finally able to stand on her own power.-

Eoin: Lizzy, you sure you’re alright lass? Are you certain that you can stand upright? I know your a tough ol girl, and not evena truck can stop ya, but honest to god love, you haven’t been the same since then.

Liz: Have to move. Body is stiff.

Eoin: Alright, lemme help you, Eric! Get over here! Eric!

Eric: *snort* HUh what wassat… Hey? What’s going on? Oh.

Eoin: Get over here, hold her arm.

-Eric got up off a chair he was resting on, he was watching her the previous night and I only started helping Liz two hours prior. He had been talking with her, keeping her mind active, speaking with her about his family, her family and mine. The talking may have bored him out of his mind which could explain why he was so tired when I called for him. After a minute of struggle, we managed to get her on her feet. Got her walking, slowly, but she was walking. We took her around the apartment, till we eventually stopped at balcony. We were pretty high up, top floor, looking at the Central Park.-

Eoin's interior balcony

-After sitting Liz down on one of the comfortable chairs, I took Eric aside-

Eoin: Did anything happen last night little lad? Anything discussed? Talked about anything? What?

Eric: Oh uhm… Yeah we just talked. We talked about family stuff.

Eoin: Oh lovely lad. Whose?

Eric: Yes.

-I slapped him over the head for making such a stupid response-

Eoin: Look here you little shit-

Eric: Ow! Hey hey! I’m sorry, but it is true! We talked about mine, yours, hers.

Eoin: Jesus, why mine? All my family is either dead, or its you.

Eric: Hey its not all bad, you got me.

Eoin: … All my family is either dead, or its you.

-Eric made a whimper-

Eric: Well I mean… She made mention that you have a Godfather.

Eoin: What? A Godfather? How would she… Never mind, she has deeper connections than the CIA. What about this man? What did she tell you?

Eric: Well, she said that your momma had a very good friend in her time in the Irish Rebel Army, who took over the most of your family expenses when you needed them… He even helped pay for her funeral when she passed. Since then though he kind of disappeared, she says he still fights for the IRA, I’m not really sure… Kinda dosed off around then.

Eoin: Another family member that she knows of and I don’t eh? Even if he’s not directly related to me, he still holds family value. And if he’s my Godfather, then where was he when I was left alone? Ack, questions for later. For all I know he’s off in Dublin Bay or in London. Irish mobsters like to move around to where it suits their needs most. I’ve seen enough of em. Look Eric, why not you watch over her for a time being. I’ve got to get out of this place.

-Eric would nod and he would walk his way over to Liz as I went to the closet to ponder. If I had a Godfather, where was he? Why didn’t he help me when I was a kid, and why didn’t he help save my mother from my father? I’m not sure if the IRA even looks out for its own, let alone its own survival. Just as I was about to leave my door, the intercom went off by the door.-

“Mr. O’Rourke? You have a guest.”

Eoin: Could this wait? I’m a little busy.

“Mr. O’Rourke, you have a guest here sir, by name. He’s refused to give me your name sir, but he says he knows you personally sir.”

Eoin: Fine, alright. I’ll be right down. Could you tell this man to wait for me?

“… Mr. O’Rourke, the guest says he will meet you in the Starbucks across the street.”

Eoin: Jesus, alright.

-I sighed as I opened the door and exited my apartment. I don’t get guests, unless its Malcolm. It’s very probable it is him trying to get to me. Although I could notice him pretty easily, wanting to meet in a Starbucks across the street. Still, it’s pretty odd that someone would want to see me outside this place. I took the elevator down to the main lobby and exited the premises. The day outside was clear and sunny, a nice hot summer day in a city made out of fake. I then surveyed the area and saw the Starbucks. I walked over to it and I didn’t see anyone I recognized. So I walked in, and it felt like the entire world was watching me. A close knit store that is famous all about its coffee, wifi and “Pride.” I took a step over to the barista-

Barista: Hai! How can I help you todayy~

Eoin: Uh. Yeah. Anyone come in here looking for a Eoin O’Rourke?

Barista: I’m sorry, who?

-I blinked and physically bit my lip. How could she even not know O’Rourke?-

Eoin: Never mind… Just get me a Cinnamon Dolce Crème latte. Please.

-I took another look in the place and saw no one I noticed, aside from the normal type of college teens and young adults, and geeks who think their trendy.-

Starbucks close to Fight Tower

Barista: Here you go sir!~ That’ll be $4.50.

-I reached in my pants and put down a $5 dollar bill and took my latte and turned to a seat with a table. I sat down and looked out the window looking at the park. Wondering to myself why don’t I have any direct bloodline left, aside from Eric. And why do I continue to work for a company that I resent? I have nothing but disdain for them, particularly that big bald bastard Enforcer. Sure he’s a tough fuck but I’m never shy from a big dog. Just because he was a champion before, doesn’t make him any better or stronger than me. We had a spitting exchange during the Blood Money fight, and it was a good fight, but no winner was declared with that… I want his head underneath my boot. As for that Swan bitch, I’m not done with her, not by a long shot. I don’t want a piece of her, I want the whole bloody thing. She believes that just because she won our last encounter means that we’re done, no. No that was only a lucky break. She will get whats coming to her. I’ll put her to sleep.-

?: So you’re the mad lad that Beth brought to this bloody world eh?

Eoin: What?

-A old man with a clean beard, pressed pants and t-shirt with a coffee cup sat beside me-

?: Ain’t what I expected to be fair. I thought you would’ve been raised to fight and kill, not “fight” and play kill with a buncha weirdos and bimbos. Let alone bang one of em.

Eoin: Oh yeah? And who the hell are ya? Tell me, so I know who it is I beat the ever loving shit out of.

?: Oh I’m nobody special lad, just ya wee ol Godfather Craig O’Shannon.

Eoin: What the- You? Your me Godfather?

Craig: Thats right dear ol Eoin. Don’tcha remember me from me visits to your home in Ireland? To check up on ya mum?

Eoin: If you did, it was when I couldn’t remember old man. You look like no one I’ve ever met before. Old, well dressed, you look like you could make me a offer I can’t refuse mate.

Craig: You could say that lad. You could argue that I am here on some business due to some circumstances that happened regarding your family. Say your pap.

Eoin: What of him? He’s dead.

Craig: I heard. I heard you had a hand in it.

-I chuckled and took a sip of my steamer-

Eoin: You don’t know what you’re talking about. I know he’s dead but I didn’t do anything about it.

Craig: No? What about the fact that he was shot in the head multiple times at close range? That slime ball was never close with any of us IRA. Only people who he talked with was ye mum, his booze dealers, and his debts. He never was one for our revolution, only for his business. He was just a scumbag, but your mum loved him. What she saw in him, I’ll never know. But she did love him, you’re here.

Eoin: Alright, yeah I did it. The mother fucker deserved it. He deserved it, and his body shouldn’t have been found by anyone. Just sleep with the fish for all of time like the Titanic.

Craig: Word travels fast lad. It was a nice attempt to make it look like a mob hit, I knew he had some deals with the local mobs, but I know there was a lot of us who wanted him dead, thats why, when it came to us that he was dead, it shook us. We looked for the reason and when we found it, I had to find you.

Eoin: And how did you find me?

-Craig pointed down the road, to the Fight Building-

Craig: You mean miss that eyesore? It’s almost impossible to miss anyone on that bloody show.

Eoin: Alright old man. So you found me. Me fathers killer and avenger of me mother. Its good to catch up with you an’ all, but I gotta go.

Craig: Well before you go mate. Lemme give you this.

-My Godfather gave me a card that had a name, his, a phone number and a address. It was local in Manhattan and pretty close-

Craig: Your family’s still alive young lad. We are here for you.

-Craig gave me a wink and turned back to his own drink. I put the card in my pocket and walked out of the Starbucks. Before I turned the corner, I nodded to my Godfather and he raised his cup to me with a smile-