[Fatal] Back in Action [Attraction]

By: Allison Riggs-Preston

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 15th Apr 2022

When Allison had seen that FIGHT decided to put her in a tag team match with Joeseph Fuckin’ Montuori again, she literally had no idea what Ms Fury could have been thinking. The man and his brousin, Paul, have been a pain in her family’s ass since she could remember. When she turned the ripe ol’ age of 16, was the first time JMont talked to her, and it was in an attempt to “hurt” her father. Shame that her dad and her aunt, Candice “VooDoo” Wolf already warned her that all her dad’s enemies would come out of the woodwork, what they would say and why… just to get even with her dad for everything he’s done to them in the ring. What the ever loving fuck? That was the only thing that Allison could think about when she saw the match bookings. She had to wonder… why? Did Joe go talk with Ms F about getting a match so he could pay her back for losing those tag team belts? She didn’t know? All she knew was that she was tired of him running his mouth and got rid of their connection and bond and that was the belts. A huge weight had been lifted off her shoulders when she and Dane walked away from the ring that night, leaving Joe to his fate with New Status Quo. Maybe with was Ms F’s way of being a pain in Joe’s ass for this contract shit? She had reached out to JMont on twitter saying that they needed to talk about the upcoming match. She decided that they would meet at the Velvet Rabbit and dine at the Empire Room, it seemed like the safest place for them to go. VooDoo had top notch security and more than likely she would be in-house since it was a Friday and it was the Guest Dancer night. If there was any place that Joe would be halfway decent, it would be there; her name still has respect with some people. She needed to find out where Joe’s mind was in this match, she had to find out if she had 2 opponents or three of them. Guess she’d have to wait until Friday night for that.

We fade in and Allison is sitting in the indoor playground area built off the back porch with her and Dane’s children, Luke and Layla. They were running around the Little Tyke playset, climbing up onto the second story of it, only to slide down. There was a swing set, a small house and castle and of course the ball pit, where half the balls were already outside of the pit from an earlier battle they had thrown them at each other. She thought about how much easier life is when you are a child and you don’t know the real horrors that can happen in the world. When you don’t have to worry about the fucked up situations that life can put you into.

Right now, life put her in a situation where she was being put in a tag team match up AGAIN with the man who almost cost her her marriage. A match up with a man’s reputation and pride were hurt; not to mention his balls, when she kicked them. A match up with a man, who is best friends with their opponents.

You can see my dilemma this week with this match? Past couple times that Joe and I’ve met up, it ended poorly for him. When we all faced off against NSQ, we saw what some people call the nut shot seen around the world. And at Blood Money, I channeled my inner Jason Voorhees and tried to drown him. She chuckled a lil bit thinking about that one, she always chuckles thinking about it, she can’t help it. The look on Joe’s face when she came up and grabbed him they caught on camera was priceless. So, like I said, you can see my dilemma. He could be setting me up for some pay back with his besties for all I know. I’m going to talk to Joe and find out if we’re going to kick some ass or if I am going to get my ass kicked.

She pauses for a moment before going on.

My first real experience with Austin Ramsey was at the Velvet Rabbit one night. Dane was there working security or some shit and one of the Austins was triggered over something and he targeted Dane. He like went batshit crazy and was threatening to kill Dane over a misunderstanding. I literally had to use my kids as a way to calm him down. I had to use pictures of my husband playing with my kids to prove to him that he wasn’t the bad man that everyone was trying to convince him that he was.

She paused again. Things didn’t go that well with his wife, Toddy that night either. All she saw was all of us ganging up on her husband and a woman had to stand by her man. I can understand that and I can respect that, especially in light of Dane and his issues even before Fix really came out and I even told her that, because Dane would sometimes get into these dark moods to where I would have to get him out of the house and away from people. Did that bond us and make us buddies? I am thinking probably not. But do you know who she has bonded with and buddies with? Allison nods her head. Yep, my tag team partner, the one who’s balls might still be sore. So, you can kinda see where my concerns are. How did this match come about? Sure it says Ms Fury had a hand in it, but maybe it’s part of a deal that she came up with him to keep him in FIGHT? I mean, I did kinda fuck up her plans for the Island belts when I kicked Joe’s nuts. Maybe, she arranged for him and his besties to be able to get even with me… for both of them. Embarrass me in front of the world, like I did them? She half chuckled. It would be a special twist of karma provided to me by FIGHT, I mean we’ve had stranger things happen since Xavier opened the place. Allison convo turns to one of a toddler nature as her twins come running over to her talking about they were hungry. It was time for Allison to stop being the wrestler and become the mother, as we slowly fade to black.

[]]] []]] []]] []]]

When we fade back in it’s Friday night and we’re at the Empire Room at the Velvet Rabbit as JMont and Mia walk in. They see Dane and Allison standing around a table talking to one another, when out of the corner of her eye, Allison sees the couple and smiles at them.

Mia, Joe… so glad you could join us. You’ve got that radiant pregnant glow kickin’ She said to Mia and then looked at Joe. I didn’t think you were going to show up.

REALLY? You know damn well I HAD to come and that a certain someone. J Mont looks at Mia with a smirk. Said that our reservations were CONFIRMED. Happy WIFE, is a happy LIFE. YES I SAID THAT!

Shame you didn’t worry about me being a happy WIFE last year. She paused for a moment as Dane took her by the elbow and gave it a squeeze. This was supposed to be a time for talking about their upcoming tag team match up. My bad.. That’s not why we’re here, please, let’s all have a seat.

Thank you, Allie. She nudged J Mont with her elbow.

Yes, thank you, Allie. J Mont mumbles under his breath. Let her try to kick me in the balls again and see what happens.

Don’t give her any reason to, and we’ll be just fine. J Mont stands up, looks at Dane and starts to laugh. She can try, but this time, she can’t blindside me. I got a foolproof plan. J Mont unbuttons the bottom part of his Gucci jacket while everyone looks on like what in the fuck is he about to do. Just then, he rears his arm back and slowly comes forward and taps his midsection. He does it a few times, and the sound of a knock is heard each time. I’m prepared for anything your crazy ass wife is going to try tonight. You forget I was an all state baseball player and I had to dig through some old boxes in storage but I found my MVP baseball cup. SO HA!

You don’t have to worry about your ball sack tonight, Joe. You’re here at the Rabbit and I respect my aunt’s ability to kick my ass if I started a fight here. Even though she’s beating up every damned body on Friday nights, or so I’ve heard. Although truthfully, Joe. She looked him in the eye, dead ass serious. You’re the only one who REALLY starts fights here.

Let’s just get this dinner over with before I start a FIGHT according to Allison over there. As a matter of fact, Shaquille better be getting that PIZZA for me.

Don’t get your panties in a wad, Joe. She chuckles as she takes a seat at one of the tables. No sooner than she took her seat, two members of the wait staff came over with wine glasses filled with iced cold water and menus. You might want to give us a moment, but I can tell you some breadsticks will be wanted.

Breadsticks? I thought this was the Empire Room not Pizza Hut. Are you the only italian that doesn’t eat breadsticks with their pasta? I figured this was the almighty EMPIRE ROOM that everyone brags about. Where is the shrimp, the antipasto skewers, blini with caviar. I mean come on now. Talking about the Empire Room like that is not going to get you a membership. And weren’t you talking about seeing if Voo will let you host the Gender Reveal here? Tsk, tsk. Dane’s eyes went wide as he sipped his water. Voo will not SAY NO to MIA for starters. And secondly, anytime I have an event here, it’s a CASH COW. I mean Elon Musk and Mark Cuban showed up for Mia’s birthday party here. So it’s safe to say, the party is on. You guys are more than welcome to come as well.

I’ve watched my aunt say no to everyone at some point in time in my life. I assure you, if YOU piss her off, she will say no to MIA. Allison smiles and shrugs her shoulders. Call it a hunch, a feeling I get in the pit of my stomach.

I will make sure this Gender Reveal/Godparents announcement party happens. Mia deserves this and we want to surprise 4 people with being a big part of this as well.

Are they always like this? She looks at Dane. Like how are you two supposed to work together if you can’t even carry on a civil conversation? For fucks sake.

Easy Mia baby. Don’t need you stressing right now.

Then stop with all this. She waves her hands a little bit. Cause this is stressing me.

Joe looks at Mia with a face that he knows he did something wrong. I’m sorry. Let’s just carry on this dinner and TRY TO GET ON THE SAME PAGE. But, I just don’t know if I can TRUST her at this time.

Oh, that’s funny, especially with you being besties with our opponents. YES, they are 2 of my best friends. I didn’t ask for this shit. I’m trying to go into the sunset and enjoy my future with Mia and the baby. I didn’t ask to fight them. I didn’t ask to team with you. I didn’t even ask for a damn match. In a few weeks, my contract is up and I already said I’m GONE. So, with our opponents being your bestie, do you see where I might be a little concerned? Especially with the way things ended the last time we teamed up? I am just trying to make sure that YOU are not going to try to return the favor.

Joe looks over to Dane. No fuckin way……Allison has balls?

She did fuck you, takes a woman with big ass balls to do that… Dane looks over at Mia. No disrespect intended.

None taken.

Besides, you should know how big my balls are.. Allison smirked. Since I had them on your face.

Jeezus.. Mia choked on the drink of water she was taking. She grabbed the napkin and wiped her mouth, trying hard to conceal the smirky smile on her face. She had to hand it to Allie, that was a good one, Joe walked straight into that one with both feet.

J Mont pulls out his cellphone looking something up. Well, I don’t have any AMAZON orders coming this week according to my PRIME account. The last one I had, I couldn’t return because it was damaged goods. J Mont looks right at Allison after another smart comment.

So, you take a woman and “damage” her and try to get rid of her. She looks at Mia. Girl, you better not sign no prenup.

I swear to God! She slams both her hands down on the table. Both of you stop this ickreing shit right now or I am walking out of here. She looked at Joe and narrowed her eyes. And you will be sleeping on the couch.

Now you see what you did Allison? Oh no, you don’t. You don’t get to blame it all on her. All I did was want to talk to you and find out a few things. You’re the one all slick at the mouth. You can ask Dane.. I wanted no fighting, just talking.

Joe gets an alert on his phone which is a text message. Mia babe, Austin is here and wants to have a drink. Can i be excused just for a few minutes, i’ll be right back.

So we’re not good enough for your undivided attention? You want the honest truth Dane. Last time I saw you, you had a good laugh. The last tweet you typed, you were praying the baby is a girl so i can feel all this pain and wrath you mentioned. So yeah, I’m a little on the edge right now. Austin has been there for me when I was done and when Mia was gone. So yeah, this is going to be difficult for me. That wasn’t a laugh at your expense, that was the Universe punishing you for your past mistakes. Will the three of you stop and just talk? No, Joe, you can’t leave. Not until we’re done here.

It won’t take long. She started, she clenched her teeth and caught her Riggs ‘ rage about to come up. All I want to know is… do you have my back in this match? Once we’ve talked about that, you can go drink with Austin all you want to.

Your back? J Mont takes a deep breath because he truly wants to say another wise ass remark, but he knows it’s time to just get this over with and not piss off Mia anymore. As much as it pains me to say this………If i have to JKO Austin and Toddy, then so be it. I want to WIN.

Good, so do I. She smiled a little bit. Although, I will admit, I am going to talk to Miss F about having Dane around close by, just in case.

Why do you need Dane around when this match has nothing to do with him? If anything, I need to watch my back. I got 2 of my best friends wanting to make a NAME for themselves, and then Serotonin who is talking all this negotiation stuff, but I already shut that down. You said it in 6 words: Got two of my best friends. Who’s to say you and your besties won’t team together for some pay back? Toddy and Austin aren’t like that. The OLD J MONT would def plan something like that, but i’m a changed man. Slight pause. OK, a work in progress, but you can ask MIA. I’m not the same guy I was when we had our thing going on.

I know you’re not going to believe me, but he really does feel bad about what he did to you, what he did to both of you. It took him finding me, to really realize that. I know me saying that doesn’t make up for what he did; nor do I ever expect you all to forgive him and forget it, because I know I wouldn’t if I was in your shoes. But you all do have a match coming up, and you all do have to work together if you want to win this match.

I’m on the outside looking in, but you have to understand that there are years of bad blood between the Riggs and Montuori families. Then you factor in what went down between all of us. We can’t snap our fingers and make everything okay. Wounds will heal with time and care. J Mont stands up, looks around the area, then back at Mia, and then towards Dane and Allison. Real talk. We do have some crazy ass history, don’t we? More downs than ups, but one thing you have to know about me. I HATE LOSING. And deep down, as much as I don’t want to say this, you need to hear this. I’m truly SORRY again for all the shit that went down. Like Mia stated, it was a wake up call once we sat down and talked about everything. So, I want you both to know, I’ll be there in Allison’s corner and I’ll have her back 100 percent. I mean, if you think about it, it’s kinda crazy people are underestimating us right now. We were the first ever Island Champions, and somehow, me and Dane won Toxic Tag Wars II, so maybe, just maybe I know how to work with a Riggs and a Preston. Just remember, that without a Riggs or a Preston, your chances of winning are drastically lower. They are. Imagine how crazy it would be if we do what we do best and win? Alright, Joe, let’s go out there and prove them all wrong, that we can put aside the bullshit just long enough to fill the arena and win a match. You can go meet up with Austin now..

I’m not. I am sitting right here and eating. Might be the last chance. She eyed Joe. Cause someone can’t stop making VooDoo mad to where he can get a membership.

Someone get VooDoo here right now. I have an important question to ask her. J Mont is not leaving now. He has a mission in mind and wont leave till it’s accomplished. Dude, it’s Friday night, she’s a busy woman and I am pretty sure that JMont is the least of her worries tonight. Can someone just please get her. I promise I am not wasting your time or her time. I need to get Friday night reserved for a special occasion that means the world to me and my future wife. I’ll tell you what Joe, you do the honorable thing, have my wife’s back like a legit partner would, and Allie and I will talk to Candice for you next week. I can live with that and don’t forget. You, Allison and Damon are invited too. And with that, they picked up the menus and began to look through what to order to go with the steaks that Dane had already ordered for the occasion. Allison told Mia about the buffalo chicken lollipops and how good they were as Dane and Joe talked about the steaks. It was almost like they were four friends going out to dinner with each other to the untrained eye, but in reality, it was far from that.