[Fatal] Deja Vu with Round #2 [Attraction] – Pt. 1

By: Allison Riggs-Preston

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 6th Aug 2021

[The scene fades in and we find ourselves in the apartment that the Prestons were leasing in Anicka Swan’s building in New York City. It was one of the smaller two bedroom apartments, if there was such a thing in her building, they had some things to work through and they opted to do it on neutral territory. Allison came walking out of the dressing room, she had the larger of the two bedrooms, while Dane was staying in the smaller one; they weren’t even sleeping in the same room right now. She was dressed in a pair of black yoga pants and a black tank top with her long blonde hair pulled back into a loose ponytail. She walked over to the bed and sat down and began to put on her tennis shoes. She was getting ready to head to FIGHT Tower to train with her TAG TEAM partner, Joseph Montuori, aka JMont. God, how did WE end up here, it’s the question she keeps asking herself. How did we go from being in a happy and healthy relationship to sleeping in different rooms? Questioning each other’s actions. What was she thinking when she agreed to this all? Well, to be honest, she thought for sure it would have been a simple case of one match, that was until that one match won them the tag team gold. The irony of facing off against Lisa Marie Ashton again, who was one half of the team they beat back when the Islands were the Immortals.]

Damn, Lisa, I just don’t know what to say. I mean feels like it wasn’t too long ago that JMont and I were lifting these belts off you and your partner back then. Almost a shame you’re going to have to go through another beating. Then again, maybe you found a better partner with Dark Tiger? I don’t know? I know I’ve got a pretty good one in JMont. I mean, I don’t really trust him as far as I could throw him, but that’s outside of the ring. Inside of the ring, knowing there is gold on the line, that’s business, he’s got my back. With business out of the way, let’s get personal. [Allison raises her hand and balls it into a fist.] You see this fist? I’m gonna bust you in the mouth with it, why you might ask?

Because you let that dump truck mouth
...Overload your wheelbarrow ass...
You picked JAllison and not DAllison.

Dark Tiger, get your girl, man. I know you all aren’t dating, but damn, get your girl. All she’s been talking about how she’s tired of everyone talking about how she’s the weakest link? Who the Hell is this Everyone? I don’t see not one person talking about her being the weakest link? [Allison leans forward a little bit.] Is she on drugs? Is she drunk? Her meds off like Austin? [She leans back to where she started.] Cause if she needs help, I am almost certain FNYC has a shrink or two on retainer she can see. I know you must be thinking, damn, what did I do to her to make her hate me?

...I dont hate you...
I don’t care enough about you to hate you.

Yep, you heard it here first. Right now, the only thing I care about is this tag team gold. Shit, you can ask my husband if that’s true and he will tell you. It’s put our marriage on the rocks so bad it’s got Sahara’s ass thinking she can swoop in for the score. Right now, there’s only one thing that I know in life… and that’s JMont and I will be walking out with another tag team win after we show you and Lisa Marie what Fatal Attraction is all about.

.Mark my words.

[Without another word, Allison grabbed her gym bag and made her way out the front door, the ten minute walk between Swan Imports and FIGHT! Tower took twenty minutes today, she swung by the Carnegie Diner and grabbed a bagel and cream cheese and a coffee. She scarfed the bagel down as she made her way South on West 57th Street and chuckled thinking about her being able to walk to work now, well, at least for the next year since they have the apartment. Dane and her had considered one of the Tower apartments but that was before JMont went from being annoying to being a psycho. She crossed the street to the FIGHT building and went inside. Just inside the lobby, she stopped and pulled out her cell phone and called JMont. It had made it halfway through the first ring before he answered it; the irony, she’ll let him ring to VM before she picks up, yet he picks up ASAP. ]

JMont: Baby, are you ok? Do you need anything?

ARP: Jesus, Joe, calm down. I’m fine, I’m okay. I’m just downstairs, where are you?

JMont: You need to get up here pronto. You need to see this Islands Champs Suite just for US! We earned this and deserve this babe.

ARP: I just came here to train.

JMont: There is a bed here to burn some calories off love.

ARP: I am sure there is, but that’s not the kind of training I came here for. I am fully trained in that. Just come on down to the gym.

JMont: Babe, please come up here for 2 reasons. Number 1 is that your beautiful shiny Islands Tag Team Championship Belt is here waiting for you. And Number 2 is I have a big KISS for you.

ARP: Fine, fine.. I am on my way up. [She sighs heavily.] Just to see the belt, cause if you try to kiss me, I will throw you out the nearest window.

JMont: Throw me out? Who do you think you are? Vin Diesel from Fast and Furious when he threw out that Chinese street racing guy out the window?

ARP: Nope, I am ARP. Not an actor. I’ll do that shit for real.

JMont: Well I do think you are an actress because you’re doing a great job trying to show the public you don’t love me or want to be with me. Oscars go to you.

ARP: No acting there, Joe. I will see you in a minute.

[Allie hangs up the phone before J Mont can get in another word or flirt with her. J Mont is left in the suite just staring at his phone like……did she just really hang up on me AGAIN?]

JMont: I can’t believe she did that to me again…. She really needs to learn some manners for her future husband…..that Dickless Dane really rubbed off on her in a bad way.

[Allison started for the elevators. Really all she wanted to do was train and then go back to the apartment and call Bella and see how the kids and her are doing. Allison felt bad for Bella. She didn’t sign up for all of this when we decided to invite her into our relationship. Dane and her sat down and had a talk with her and told her that they thought it would be best to go back to Parts Unknown until “they” worked out our differences; at the rate they’re going, it might be never and then she has three choices, pick one of us, split her time with us, or just walk away and say fuck us. Allison couldn’t blame her if she took that third option; hell, she’d say fuck us, too if she were in Bella’s shoes.]

[The elevator door binged and the doors slid open and Allison stepped out into the lobby and the answer to the question she’s been asking herself for months was… Her. She was the reason her and Dane were not behaving more as husband and wife. It was her wanting to take a different route with things than her father and even wanting that gold. She could probably toss in there pride and ego, too, if she wanted to get technical about it. You know what, fuck you, Allison Lourdes Riggs-Preston, you and your ‘I can do this shit’ attitude.]

[The first thing that she saw when she stepped off the elevator was the tag team medallion hanging on the wall on the left hand side and the Empire one on the right. FIGHT! had apartments for all of the Champions, if they chose to use them; just like they had housing for the whole roster if they chose to. She turned and walked down the hallway to the door and knocked on it and waited for Joe, she was not walking in there unannounced so he can make sure she accidentally catches him naked; too much of that shit already going on with Dane and Sahara.]

[J Mont makes his way to the door and of course he has to show off to her. No shirt showing all the tattoos he has and the chiseled body that she can’t help but admire. He slowly opens the door and when he does, he has a big smile on his face.]

JMont: My LOVE……

ARP: I knew this was a mistake coming up. Man, just come on. I don’t need to see the belt that bad.

JMont: You have 2 Championships babe. The Islands Tag Team Title and J Mont…. You have the best of both worlds… all the women are jealous of you…

ARP: Yay. [She halfheartedly said.] Lucky me… [The look on her face was not one a lucky woman would have.] Come on, Joe… let’s just get training over with some so we can beat ROAR this week. I am kinda feeling bad for Lisa Marie with getting ready to take another loss from us.

JMont: I see 2 losses this week in my books…ROAR and Dane. I’m going to win twice.

ARP: What the fuck? How are you gonna win over my husband this week? Like seriously, you’re crazy. Shit, maybe I am the crazy one for even agreeing to this shit.

JMont: You’re not crazy….I know deep down you want this too but you have to be cautious in your moves. I get it….but I’m not crazy either. I’m fighting for what I believe in and want. Any woman should be happy a man is doing that for them. And your EX husband will feel the wrath this week, that’s all I can say at the moment.

ARP: He’s not my ex husband. He’s still my husband. And if all you want to do is talk about this, we can skip training.

[J Mont looks kinda sad after Allie’s comment and that’s because of how big of a heart he has for her and how treasures her inside his heart. But he sulks it up and gets his game face back on.]

JMont: You wanna train? That’s fine…..let’s go…

[J Mont doesn’t even grab a shirt…he just walks out the door. This is the first time he has done anything like this to Allie…..Allie just stands there as she sees J Mont for the first time really puts his foot down and gets semi aggressive. She felt bad, he was excited about the titles and she had hurt him.]

ARP: Aww, are you upset, Joe?

[J Mont from down the hallway as his voice echoes.]

JMont: Come on… you wanna train, let’s go before I put you over my knee and spank you like a little kid.

ARP: That would make your night wouldn’t it? [She chuckles and crosses her arms over her chest.] Aren’t you going to show me my beautiful shiny belt?

[J Mont smiles cause he knows Allie really wants him to walk back to her and show her the place. He makes his way towards her and holds the door open.]

JMont: Right this way wifey.

ARP: There ya go again with that shit.

[She smiles and shakes her head as her and J Mont walk into the suite, and while J Mont loves the place and has seen it already. Allie’s eyes light up from just how beautiful the set up is.]


ARP: Damn, Joe, did you hire a whole deco team?

JMont: We deserve this and I know your taste from past conversations. I do listen and remember things you tell me. Communication and listening are 2 very important things in a relationship.

ARP: So they tell me. So, the belt? My pretty shiny thing?

[J Mont takes Allie’s hand very gently and walks her into the main living area of the apartment which has the living and dining rooms and kitchen all as one room. One of the tag team belts is hanging over the fireplace mantle and underneath that was the Manhattan belt. Her belt is laying over on the coffee table waiting for her to pick up, but before she does she can’t help but note the picture sitting on the fireplace mantle under his belts; it’s of her and JMont. It’s a picture on the top of the rampway when they first won the tag team titles and his arm is around her waist and she has a big smile. It’s in a custom built GOLD frame.]

ARP: Wow, Joe. A picture of us, really?

JMont: Well, we have had some great times together and I wanted to show you and hopefully you see that…. And that’s not all babe… I even got some more of them to show you. Let me show you to your room.

ARP: I am not staying here, Joe.

JMont: Just humor me for once.

[He turned and started towards one of the hallways off the living room. Allison rolled her eyes and chuckled as she followed after him.]

ARP: I thought that’s what I’ve been doing all along?

[J Mont opens the door and steps aside for her to see the room and it was beautiful, and again with the pictures hanging on the wall; of course in custom GOLD frames.]

Picture 1: A picture of them slow dancing on the yacht as Bryan McKnight sings.

Picture 2: A picture of them holding hands across the table as they await their dinner at Pineapple and Pearls in Washington DC.

Picture 3: A family photo at Mama T’s of J Mont, Allie, Bella, and the Twins.

Picture 4: J Mont and Allie Kissing at Mama’s T’s outside.

Picture 5: J Mont carrying Allie to Safety during Blood Money.

Picture 6: A romantic quote, hand written by J Mont to Allie

Time and Time again, I have to pinch myself when I see you next to me. You are my dream come true.

[J Mont grabs Allie’s hand again and looks right into her sexy eyes.]

JMont: Hope you like the creativity and love I showed here for us?

ARP: One of these days, you’re going to find a woman and she’s going to fall so in love with you. I can assure you this, just based on everything that you’ve done for me. To show me how much you care for me. If only I wasn’t married.. I would sure have considered letting you sweep me off my feet.

JMont: Think about this….Dane hasn’t been doing right, and he and Sahara have been doing things behind your back. Maybe it’s time you truly CONSIDER all i have to offer…you’re the ONLY girl in my life these past few months and you know that. I don’t even party like I used to anymore. WE CAN WORK.

ARP: I still love my husband, Joe. I am so sorry, but it’s the truth. And I know he still loves me and I can’t give up on our marriage yet. We worked so hard at it so far. I can’t give up until I know it’s for sure over.

JMont: You know I respect what you always tell me and you know I always listen to you and remember what you say. In due time, I know we’ll be together. No one that is confident about something working will use the word




On multiple occasions unless you have doubt. And by the way, I was in the infirmary with him for a while. Let’s just say he had some interesting conversations with Sahara on the phone. Just saying babes.

ARP: You’re not helping matters, Joe, not by saying shit like that. If my marriage is going to die, can you let it die on it’s own instead of stabbing it slowly to death.

JMont: I’m sorry…. I just don’t want to hold anything from you babes but I will do a better job of how I say and word things around you regarding your dying marriage.

ARP: Thank you, Joe, that’s all I ask. I think I am going to leave the title here at the Tower and when we rep the belts, make sure to bring mine for me.

JMont: Ok babe… I’ll make sure I bring yours and remember, I’m always here for you….ALWAYS.

ARP: So, how about we hit that gym and get some training done? [She smirks a little bit and chuckles.] We are facing ROAR after all.

JMont: Any chance you got some cute tights to wear to motivate me a little more? It’s going to have to take more than ROAR to motivate me for this match. [J Mont smiles at her then gets his arms up in case she swings to hit him.]

ARP: You’re just asking for it today, aren’t you? [She laughs.]

JMont: I mean, come on Allie…. Look at your body… It’s PERFECT and that Georgia Peach Booty is the best in America.

ARP: Jeez, between my ass and you in those grey shorts, we’re gonna have issues finding a couple scrappers who can focus on training with us instead of being all on us.

JMont: Hey, I’m italian…..you know what they say….nice and thick. [J Mont winks at Allie.]

[Allison rolled her eyes causing him to chuckle as they headed back out to the living room and made their way down to the training area.]