[Fatal] Deja Vu with Round #2 [Attraction] – Pt. 2

By: Joe Montuori

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 6th Aug 2021

[Once they got to the gym, Allison took them through a cardio session from Hell, literally two hours of the treadmill that JMont knew she was punishing him for something as he managed to keep up. When cardio was over they had trained a few hours with a couple of scrappers and then they found themselves in one of the matted areas practicing on each other.]

ARP: I’m feeling pretty good about this match coming up against ROAR, Joe. I think we’ve gotten pretty good with learning our moves.

[They lock up collar and elbow Joe breaks the hold and twists her around in his arms to where her back was against his chest.]

JMont: They’ve got nothing on us, Babe. [He smirked a little.]

ARP: Really, Joe? [Allison stomped on his foot breaking the hold.]

JMont: What? [He held out his hands and smiled.] I can’t help it, Babes, that Peach of yours was rubbing there.

ARP: Well, you didn’t have to flex yourself. [She smiled and shook her head.] I’m really going to need you to pay as much attention to this match coming up as you do my ass. I’ve got no plans on losing to Caffeine Mafia 2.0.

[Allison sweeps Joe’s legs out from under him, sending him to his back; he rolled to his stomach only to have Allison jump on him and put him in a headlock.]

JMont: We’re facing them again?

ARP: No, just Lisa Marie. Dark Tiger is with her this time. I’m almost positive we’ll have the same results.

[Joe all of a sudden realized that his left cheek was smashed firmly into the soft cotton covered flesh of her right breast and he couldn’t help himself and nuzzled his cheek against it. Immediately, Allison let go of him and quickly got to her feet.]

ARP: I think we’re done for the day.

JMont: You liked that didn’t you? [He smiled and popped to his feet.] You know you want my face buried in them.

ARP: What I want is for you to be ready for the match tomorrow. Can you do that for me?

[With a military salute that made a few of the scrappers and even Allison laugh, they gather up their things and make their way over to the exit of the training center and over to the elevators and quickly say their goodbyes. Allison took one of the elevators down to the lobby while JMont took another and made his way up to the Islands’ suite, he’s got a lot on his mind at the moment. After a great sparring session, he can tell that Allie and him are on the same page when it comes to defending their tag team titles. With the sweat dripping off J Mont’s head and his chest glistening from the sweat as well, he is ready to get into the shower and relax a little.]

JMont: Tag Team Titles. Manhattan Title. Allie. Damon Riggs. Dane Preston. Brother P. Some douchebags from other feds running their mouths.

[J Mont finally makes it to the door but even when he opens it, everything will still be on his mind and nothing will be gone. And as the door opens, he takes one more look back to make sure no one was following him or maybe Allie wanted to surprise him, but nothing. He makes his way into the suite and closes the door behind him. He makes a b-line for the bed and takes a seat for a moment to collect his thoughts. He looks over at his nightstand and sees the picture of him and Allie.]

JMont: These last few months have really taken a toll on me mentally. One day I feel she really loves me, and another day she is threatening to kill me. And then to top it off….. To be one of the BIG FACES of FIGHT NYC, you have the pressures of being the top guy having big matches week after week. Always having a camera in your face wondering what’s your next move or next comment.

[A deep sigh.]

JMont: But I asked for this. I knew what I signed up for when I had this plan in mind. I knew things would get messy, stressful and demanding. But I wouldn’t change anything at all. If I had to go back in time, I would hop in the Delorean and do it all over again. Because Allison is worth it. Fight NYC is worth it. The Manhattan and Island titles are worth it. My brother P Mont is worth it. I just need to turn the screws and get my head straight again and keep the plan going.

[J Mont gets off the comfy bed, that he wishes Allison was laying on with him and makes his way towards the bathroom. He flips on the light switch, and puts both hands on the counter looking into the mirror.]

JMont: The last time I looked at myself in the mirror, I was on shrooms back in the day and let me tell you something. That was some freaky ass shit there. I see my head multiply into 4. I saw my head shrink, then get bigger like NBA Jam. Then my eyes wouldn’t stop looking at me. I blinked but the eyes in the mirror didn’t. Pretty crazy stuff. And speaking of crazy, that leads me up to this match coming up on August 7th, Saturday.

[J Mont shakes his head and continues to look in the mirror.]

JMont: Why do I keep fighting for this relationship with Allison?

[Flashback in his head of them first looking eye to eye at each other.]

JMont: Why do I want this relationship with Allison?

[Flashback of them on the yacht slow dancing and smiling and laughing.]

JMont: Why do I keep going over and beyond for Allison?

[Flashback of Allison leaning in to kiss J Mont on the lips.]

JMont: Why Allison and no one else in the wrestling world?

[Flashback of them winning the tag titles together.]


[Flashback of J Mont saving her at Blood Money, giving up his chance pretty much to win the whole thing.]


[No, Damon Riggs did not scream that word. It just clicked in the head of J Mont, why he is fighting for this relationship with Allison.]

JMont: She is my one and only. She is the reason I have been on the top of my game for the past few months. She brought out the best in me. She brought back TWIZTED THOUGHTZ and made me get rid of the softer version of J Mont, even though I am lovey dovey with her. But, Allison is who I want and is the only one I want. I will keep fighting for her until the day I die. So I guess that means that Dane Preston should just realize his marriage is OVER with and enjoy a ride on the Sahara train.


[J Mont chuckles a little and feels a little better after realizing everything that he has been doing to get Allison with him is worth it. And after this solo therapy session, J Mont walks towards the walk-in shower with a custom shower head. He drops his shorts and looks down.]

JMont: I sure hope Allison can handle something thick like this because IF Dickless Dane aint Dickless, he’s definitely a number 2 pencil.

[J Mont laughs at his own jokes and walks into the shower and turns on the hot water. He closes the glass door and you can only see a reflection through the glass. Washing away and getting refreshed…..all of a sudden, you hear him singing. And this isn’t the first time and it won’t be the last time he attempts at being the next Grammy Award Winner.]

Every time our eyes meet

This feeling inside me

Is almost more than I can take

Baby, when you touch me

I can feel how much you love me

And it just blows me away

I’ve never been this close to anyone, or anything

I can hear your thoughts

I can see your dreams

I don’t know how you do what you do

I’m so in love with you

It just keeps getting better

I want to spend the rest of my life

With you by my side

Forever and ever

Every little thing that you do

Baby, I’m amazed by you

[As J Mont finishes and wishes that Allison could have heard him as he turns off the water. The glass door swings open with a naked J Mont, who reaches for a towel and puts it around his waist. He walks over to the sink, grabs his toothbrush and drops some toothpaste on it. Brushes his teeth followed by some mouthwash. Then the usual spray of deodorant, q-tips to clean the ears and some Ferragamo cologne to top it off. After this refreshment, he makes his way towards the bedroom again and picks up his tag title and takes a seat in the leather chair, looking right at that title.]

JMont: It was only a matter of time before FIGHT NYC realized that the dream team of J Mont and Allison are the ratings, are the Main Event, are the talk of the wrestling world. And this Saturday they have us in a match up versus ROAR….

R- Really have no shot at all of beating us.

O- O69- Allie’s favorite BINGO number for me.

A- Ashton loses to us AGAIN.

R- Retain our Island Tag team Titles.

JMont: Lisa Marie Ashton has been a supporter of Jallison and I thank her for that but when that bell sounds, none of that means shit to me. You’re an enemy like anyone else. We already beat you once, and this will happen a second time. And maybe after this loss, you will realize that it’s time to move on from facing myself and Allison, cause you just don’t have what it takes. Maybe Damon will invite you over to the Bingo Hall, because you have a better shot of winning the jackpot then beating Fatal Attraction, as Allie likes to call us.

[J Mont shines the title belt up with his towel, and sees his reflection on the gold.]

JMont: Anything I touch is GOLD……I buy into the New York Knicks, and they make the playoffs for the first time in ages. I buy stock in P Mont Enterprises and it skyrockets. All my real estate has gone up in value. I have 2 title belts and a queen by my side. I am the GOLDEN BOY… not you Oscar De La Hoya…. I worked hard for this and I won’t let a fake mafia queen or a Dark Tiger take this away from me. And as a matter of fact, who the hell is Dark Tiger? Has he been around here for a while or is he new? Either way, he signed his own fate when he agreed to this match up and I will seal the deal with a 123 pin or a deadly submission. I haven’t decided how we are going to win the match yet, but when I do, your fate will be sealed.

[J Mont gets up, throws the Island tag team title over his shoulder and walks over to the full glass window overlooking the city.]

JMont: This is my city Lisa Marie. You think you’re a Mafia queen around here but I dare you to tell that to Stellar Giuliani who I may add can have you knocked off with a snap of the finger as I can too. New York City is the city that J MONT runs… just ask Murphy, he will tell you that NYC loves J Mont and has his back. I got the connections and hook ups. You’re just ruining what the REAL MAFIA people have done and are doing. Your best bet Lisa Marie is to go home, turn on your playstation if you can afford one and insert Grand Theft Auto and pretend to be a badass. That’s the closest you’re going to get. Dark Tiger, I’m just going to knock you the fuck out cause I have no idea who you are and I really dont give a shit. I have better things to do on a Saturday night. But first I will help Allison keep the Island tag title and then take her out to any restaurant she wants to go too.

[JMont smiles as he thinks of the endless possibilities coming ahead as the scene fades to black.]