[Fatal] The Maury Povich Paradigm – Pt. 1 of 4 [Attraction]

By: Joe Montuori

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 12th Aug 2021

The Hearst Tower in Manhattan, NY.

“If I had a flower every time I thought of you, I could walk in my garden forever.”

The Island Champions Suite is where you see J Mont all alone and the crazy thing is, he has yet to step foot in the Manhattan Champs Suite yet. That shows how much he truly cares for Allie and wants things to work with them and to keep the Island tag titles for a long time. At this moment, it looks as if he is packing for a small getaway. But the question is…where is he going? Is he going alone? Is he going with Allie? Is he going with Allie, P and Alexa? Is he going with the Goat? Time will tell……and maybe that time is right now as J Mont pulls out his cell phone to make a call and this time it’s not to Allie.


That is the number dialed into the phone and you can start to hear the phone ring.

J Mont: They better pick up the phone right away and not make me wait like Allie does all the damn time. After a few rings, just a tad quicker than Allie, a voice is heard on the other line.

Voice: Hello, Welcome to The Maury Povich Show Hotline. How may I direct your call?

J Mont: I need to confirm my date and time for the show I’m going to be on.

Voice: One moment please.

You would think J Mont is on an elevator again. The music he hears this time is “Love Shack” by the B52’s. J Mont, holding the phone as far away from himself as he can because he hates the music and just wants to bang his head, but he’s already had enough concussions this year.

J Mont: Whoever picks music for the elevators and HOLD patterns needs to be fired or shot in the head and put out of their misery. They really must hate their life more than Dickless Dane does. After a few more brief moments, you hear a voice again.

Voice: Thank you for holding. This is Veronica with the casting and show confirmation. How may I help you?

J Mont: I wanted to confirm the show I will be on. The date is August 12th at 6 pm. For J Mont, I mean Joe Montuori, Allison Riggs Montuori, I mean Allison Riggs Preston and yes that’s a stupid last name. PREST—–ON. The lady laughs on the other side of the phone. I like you already Veronica…. Make sure when I arrive, I get your email so I can send you 2 tickets for Venom this Saturday night for you and a guest, my treat.

Veronica: You are going to make my son so happy. He’s a big FIGHT fan and you’re one of his favorites. He even bought 2 of your shirts. The one of you and Allison and the DICKLESS Dane one. He truly hates that man.

J Mont: And when you come to the show, make sure you bring his Allison and J Mont shirt, so I can autograph it for him.

Veronica: You are a dream come true. Thank you and you guys are all set for the show with Maury. But one more question. There are some other names listed with stars next to them saying they may or may not be there.

J Mont: Who is that listed?

Veronica: Dane Preston, Stellar Giuliani, Paul Montuori, A Goat, Miss Michelle, Sahara.

J Mont: Jesus Christ……this could get ugly. You may need to make sure Steve Wilkos cancels his show that day and comes down to do security. This could get bad.

Veronica: I’m taking this note down so they know what to expect and thank you again.

The phone hangs up and J Mont throws his phone onto the King Bed where he hopes soon, Allie will finally be and feeling every inch of the Monty. But in the meantime, he walks over to the closet and grabs his Gucci Duffle Bag and places it on a chair. Taking a few steps towards the dresser, he grabs a few pairs of socks, boxer briefs and undershirts, and then places them in the bag. And then a few steps more, he’s over to the closet where he slides the door open and it’s like a dream for most men. Full of designer clothes and money well spent. J Mont starts to go through looking for a few things to bring. He grabs a custom made designer suit in a dark blue. A Michael Air Jordan black sweat suit. A few pairs of jeans and button down shirts.

J Mont: So many choices, but fuck it. I’ll just bring this and if I need anything, I’ll just buy it. That’s how the BIG DOGS roll.

J Mont closes the closet door and takes all the stuff that was hung up and in the only way J MONT knows how to carry stuff, he unzips his Louis Vuitton monogram hanging garment bag and places the clothes on a hanger inside and then zips the bag back up and lays it on the bed. Next stop? The bathroom as he walks over and gets his ONCE again, only J Mont style of course…. His Gucci Toiletry GG Canvas Black bag and unzips this as well and grabs all the necessary travel items needed. When he’s done, he places the small Gucci Toiletry bag into the duffel bag.

J Mont: I can only imagine how much it must suck for Allie to pack. Women are far worse than men.

J Mont with himself mostly packed now just needs to get ready for the day and the drive with Allie.

J Mont: The show is finally going to prove what I have been saying all along…with Allison loving and wanting to be with me…..THE TRUTH…I need to trademark that before it’s too late too. Dickless Dane thinks he can save this marriage, but it was over the day that Allison agreed to team with me. She knew what she was doing. She knew this would get her closer to a REAL MAN and someone she has a crush on dating all the way back to the days when Damon was kinda in his prime if you can call it that.

J Mont takes a seat in the chair for a moment, just collecting his thoughts.

J Mont: Everyone sees it. I mean look around. Collin Drummond got pictures of myself and Allison having a great time. Denzel Porter is reporting and even states we are a TOP COUPLE in the wrestling world. Brother P and Alexis say it everyday, we are a match made in heaven. Most of the FIGHT roster can see it but Allison still wants to fight it and LIE. But it’s ok. Everything I have done to this point will finally make sense and show the world what I’ve been saying all along.


J Mont: I’m so glad that Stellar set this all up for US. She too is on my side with this whole thing. She hates Dane and wants Allison with me. Like I said all along. This is the Notebook 2 and once the Maury Show is over with, I’m getting that movie started and it will launch by the end of the year.

J Mont walks over to the bed and grabs his phone again. He clicks on his favorites and of course number 1 is Allie in a sexy bikini. He clicks her name and hits the CALL Button.




J Mont: Jesus Christ.. .Why does she do this to me? She needs to pick up on the first ring when I call. Not these 4 rings almost to voicemail shit. J Mont didn’t realize that after that last ring, Allie picked up the phone and heard what he said.

ARP: Shit, you’re lucky I answer at all.

J Mont: You’re really going to treat me like this? You do realize that after the show is over with, everyone is going to know you LOVE me and you’ve been fighting it all along.

ARP: Yeah, I know, Joe, Truth and all of that stuff.

J Mont: Well, are you ready for me to get down on one knee on national TV?

ARP: It would make it easier for me to kick your head in.

J Mont: I’m not going to give up on us. I know all the potential we can have NOW and in the FUTURE. Behind the scenes when you are alone with me, you are different. You are so happy, flirty, kind, romantic, affectionate. Go ahead and deny that you are any of that with me alone.

ARP: I’m not playing this game, Joe. How long before you’re ready?

J Mont: Well, I’m all packed up and showered already. Just need to throw on some shorts and a tee shirt and I should be ready. But at this present moment, I look like this.

J Mont, on his cell phone, snaps a picture of himself, butt ass naked, looking all good and chiseled. The reflection through the mirror was like a work of art. He inserts that in a message to Allie and hits send. And within a second, you can hear a sound, so he knows she got the message.

J Mont: Did you happen to receive a message?

ARP: Oh for fucks sake, Joe. Really?

J Mont: Just showing you what’s yours so you can be happy and brag to all your girlfriends that you have the MONTY. And in due time, feel its wrath. He laughs.

ARP: Man, I am done with you. She chuckles. Just bring your ass on.

J Mont: Don’t forget about the Monty too, not just my ass. J Mont laughs knowing Allie loved that comment deep down.

ARP: Yeah, whatever helps you sleep at night, man. Hurry up.

Allison didn’t say goodbye as she hung up the phone, but JMont could hear her laughing, and he would take hearing her laugh any day. J Mont rushes to get ready cause he wants to see Allison while things seem in a positive good light. He throws on a pair of Air Jordan Basketball shorts as well as an old school vintage #45 Jordan Jersey. And to top it off, he has the matching sandals to the shorts and jersey as well as a custom fitted Jordan hat, which he is wearing backwards, J Mont looks into the mirror.

J Mont: I’m one damn fine piece of meat. If I was in a male dating auction, I would bring all the fuckin money. J Mont after admiring himself, grabs his Gucci Duffle Bag and his Louis Vuitton hanging bag and walks towards the door. He looks around one more time. I will be back. This will not be Dickless Dane’s or Sahara’s suite.

J Mont opens the door and it quickly closes behind him…. He walks towards the elevator and hits the down arrow and he knows what’s next in his head. He is already preparing himself for it. DING…. The door opens and he enters. Hitting the M button for Main Floor, the door closes. And there it is. THE MUSIC…….MMMBOP by Hanson. J Mont starts to kick the door, the walls… he has lost it.

J Mont: Why the fuck is Dickless Dane’s playlist haunting me like this?

But finally, the horror is over with, as it comes to a halt and the doors open. J Mont is out of the elevator faster than Rickey Henderson stealing second base. He sees one of the main couches where no one is sitting and proceeds that way. He then places his bag down and lays the hanging bag on the top of the couch. He sits and waits for Allie so they can leave together.

J Mont: I hope she is wearing something where that ASS is BAMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!

J Mont pulls out his cell phone and starts to check his fantasy teams awaiting the arrival of Allison. Then out of nowhere, a valet approaches J Mont.

Valet: Mr Montuori, your vehicle is out front awaiting you and Miss Allison. May I grab your things?

J Mont: Allison is not here yet, but you can grab my things and I’ll wait outside for her.

The valet grabs J Mont’s personal belongings and makes his way out the front door. And when the door opens, you know whose vehicle is shining in the valet section. It’s J Mont’s 2022 Mercedes Benz AMG G 63 G Wagon in Pearl White on some 26 inch custom Black rims. The valet makes his way to the vehicle and opens the back and puts all of J Mont’s belongings there. J Mont standing outside and you can tell he’s proud of this purchase.

…10 Minutes Later…

Allison comes out the front door of the Hearst building dressed in a skin tight pair of jeans that looked damned near painted on and one of her “Your Approval is not Required” tank top showing off those flawless arms of hers. Allison waves off the valet, she can handle one bag on her own.

ARP: Looking good, Joe. Allison opened the G Wagon door, tossed her bag in the back seat and got in. Maybe you can catch the eye of a couple of 20s in the audience and get off my clit?

J Mont: You know your clit’s getting wet in those pants right now.

ARP: If that’s what you want to believe to help you sleep at night, sure.

J Mont: Nice ASS by the way babe.

ARP: The irony… I keep trying to convince everyone that you’re a nice ASS, but you keep proving me otherwise.

And with that, JMont pulled the G Wagon out into the street and soon they were on their way to Connecticut.

…Hours Later…

They’ve pulled up in front of the Delamar hotel, in Stamford, the valet quickly runs out to the car and opens the door for Allison and then runs around for JMont as a concierge comes out with a luggage rack. Allison puts her one bag on the rack while the man empties all the bags JMont packed up. The man looked back and forth between Allison and JMont realizing that all that luggage wasn’t hers, but his; she shrugged her shoulders and smiled. Once inside, they made their way over to the front desk. The woman behind the desk smiled as they approached.

Hostess: Welcome to the Delamar, how can I help you?

JMont: Thank you for being very polite. You will have a nice tip once we check out of here.

Hostess: Thank you sir. I’m guessing you have a reservation?

J Mont: Reservation for Joe and Allison Montuori. Allie looks at J Mont.

ARP: Oh jeez… Allison rolls her eyes. Really? You really did that?

The woman behind the desk tapped a few keys on the computer and then pulled out a keycard from a drawer.

Hostess: Here you go, the Bayside suite. King Size bed…

ARP: Pardon? Allison’s eyes got wide and then narrowed as she turned and looked at Joe. Did she say what I think she did?

J Mont: Wait.. He looked back and forth between the two women and began to raise his hands to defend against Allison as she began to ball up her fists. There’s a mix up. I asked for a 2 bedroom suite.

ARP: Oh, I don’t think there was a mix up, Joe. She turns to the woman. We’re gonna need another room.

Hostess: Sorry, Mrs Montuori..

ARP: It’s Riggs-Fucking-Preston..

Hostess: Sorry, Mrs. Riggs-Fucking Preston, but we’re all booked up.

ARP: Bitch, I will come over this counter after you. She turned and looked at Joe. Then we’re gonna need another hotel.

Hostess: There’s a game in town, can’t find a room anywhere.

ARP: You did this.

J Mont: No, no. Not this time. I didn’t do this.

Hostess: Hmm, I see what happened. The woman said as she looked at the computer screen. The employee that took the reservation was double booking people and just giving whatever rooms were available and pocketing the money. I guess you should be lucky you have a room at all.

J Mont: See, it wasn’t me!

They finished up with the front desk and the concierge led them up to their room, no sooner that Allison entered the door, she was shaking her head in disapproval, the bedroom didn’t even have a door; but it was a rounded archway.

ARP: No, this will not work.

J Mont: Calm down, Allie.

ARP: Don’t tell me to calm down. Everyone’s already thinking we’re fucking and here we are in a room together and I can’t even fucking lock the door? Nah, we’re not staying the night, we’re driving back tonight.

J Mont: Sorry. I will take the couch, you can have that BIG BED to yourself, if you want.

ARP: What I want is two damned rooms. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. How long before the show starts?

J Mont: Fine, fine. We’ll drive back to New York. He looked at his watch. Three hours.

ARP: I’m going to take a shower real quick and freshen up.

J Mont: Want me to wash your back?

ARP: Want me to catch some murder charges.

J Mont: Fine, no back. How about your Georgia Peach?

ARP: Let’s get your murder over with now. Dane and the kids can come visit me in prison. Keep money on the books for my cell block bitch. Who the fuck we kidding, I’ll be running that bitch within a week. J Mont just looks at Allie and smirks at her because he knows she won’t kill him and he’s been shot at before and threatened plenty of times so the scare tactic is just that of a laugh to J Mont now. He blows a kiss in Allie’s direction and she can’t help but let out a little smile and roll her eyes. You’re an ass.

JMont: I’m joking, I’m just joking. Go get ready.

Allison picks up her bag from the luggage stand and makes her way through the bedroom to the bathroom. He smiled as he watched her walk away, listening carefully and then a look of disappointment came across his face when he heard the click and he snapped his fingers.

JMont: Damn, she locked the door. And I was hungry for a PEACH too.


Almost 2 months after agreeing to go on the Maury Show, it was finally happening. All of JMont’s talk about getting to the truth and it was here. We were finally going to get the truth. The Stage is set. The battlefield is ready. In one corner you will have J Mont who claims he knows the TRUTH and in the other corner is Allison Riggs Preston who says J Mont is full of shit and Lying. And the mediator for all of this with the answers will be, the one and only Maury Povich. What he says will go. He will have all the answers for both parties.

The live audience is ready and it’s SOLD OUT…..the cameras are in place. The lights are lit and ready. Maury walks out onto the stage and the fans stand up and clap. Maury gives them his million dollar smile and waves as they all sit back down in anticipation for one of the biggest shows in the TV’s history. The camera man waves to Maury and you see his fingers up in the air.




Maury: Welcome everyone to the Maury Povich show. Another big ovation is heard. For those of you just joining us, we have Allison Riggs-Preston and Joseph Montuori from FIGHT! NYC on our stage. JMont has brought Allison on the show to prove to everyone that Allison has in fact been lying all this time about her true feelings for J Mont.

JMont: That’s right, I’ve been saying it all this time, Allison loves me and not her husband.

J Mont stands up and starts to get the audience on its feet. He’s raising his arms up in the air to get this place jumping. You start to hear chants working in the favor of J Mont. You can see Allie is starting to get annoyed with the audience and looks over at J Mont and Maury.

ARP: Yeah, we’ll see.

J Mont: Yes we will finally see that this whole time that we could have been happy and together, you’ve been lying to me and Dane about your true feelings.

ARP: Yeah, okay. Allison crossed her arms over her chest, smiling. Like I said.. We’ll see.

Maury: Ok, So Allison. You took the lie detector test and the first question we asked you was…. Do you see yourself divorcing Dane to be with J Mont? He looked at the answer on the card. Allison, you said NO…..Based on the test… we have determined that is a LIE.

ARP: What?!? No longer smirking, Allison uncrossed her arms and sat up in her chair then turned and looked at Joe. That’s bullshit, that’s a fucking LIE!

JMont: Well then, I guess there is no better time than now then to show you this.

J Mont pulls out a small box from the inside of his custom suit and looks right at Allie.

ARP: I swear to God, I will fucking punt your fucking head in.

J Mont: And Maury, the kick is GOOOOOOODDDDDDD…..check this out.

J Mont opens the box so Maury can see and the expression on Maury’s face is like “HOLY SHIT” The Engagement Ring is One of a Kind. It’s a 35-carat, emerald-cut platinum diamond with two elegant, tapered baguette diamonds. Great way to spend almost 10 Million Dollars.

Maury: I would leave my husband too for that…..nice choice J Mont.


J Mont: Me or Maury?

ARP: You, cause if this is all you brought me on the show for, I will walk off this stage right now and you can stuff any and all answers up your ass.

J Mont: Please, proceed Maury. Don’t want to upset my future wife anymore.

The TV screen cuts to the green room in the back where unknown to Allison sat her husband, Dane Preston and his “friend”, Sahara. As soon as Maury read the results, he stood up. Shocked look on his face, unable to believe what he just heard. Sahara was taking a drink of soda just as the answer was revealed, she laughed so hard that she nearly choked and soda came out of her nose.

Dane Preston: What the fuck am I watching? Am I in bizarro land right now?

Sahara: Oh my freaking’ God, that totally just happened! This is like the best day!

Sahara laughs as she continues to wipe soda from her face as the screen cuts back to the main stage where the stage is getting back under control after the first answer had been revealed. Allison sat there with a slight red tint to her cheeks, clenching her teeth, stunned by the answer.

Maury: Allison, we asked you another question. Do you truly love J Mont? He looked at the answer on the card. Allison, you said NO…..Based on the test… we have determined that is a LIE.

ARP: What did you do!?! Allison hit him square in the chest, not once but twice. Who the fuck did you pay off?!

Maury: Sorry, Allison, but Joe couldn’t pay anyone off.

JMont: I told you that you loved me babes…. I knew that night on the yacht when we were slow dancing that you loved me. The way you clenched my waist. The way you looked into my eyes….. Then when you kissed me after that romantic dinner and when you made your move on me at Mama T’s…..We are like a game of monopoly. We started at Go and we are making our way all the way around to COLLECT the big prize which is us TOGETHER FOREVER.

Again back to the green room where Dane swats a tray of food off the table, sending vegetables and dip across the room as Sahara’s eyes shoot open and her hand goes to her mouth, she is trying to hold back from laughing. She knew this was going to be good, but not this damned good.

Dane Preston: This slimy, sleazy, slemo sonofabitch, I’m gonna fucking KILL him…

Sahara: For what, telling the truth?

Dane Preston: Don’t start with me, Lauren. You know damn well this is bullshit. It’s a setup!

Sahara: Rolling her eyes. Yeah, Dane, you’re right. Joe Montuori infiltrated NBC Studios and doctored the lie detector giver people that work for Maury, because of the mad genius he is! Or maybe your wife is just a two-timing wh–

Dane nearly grabbed Sahara by the throat, but stopped short and balled his hand into a trembling fist, attempting to control himself.

Dane Preston: Don’t.

Shifts back to the main stage where we have missed Allison kicking the coffee table off the stage and standing up and yelling at JMont until Maury assured her that the test was indeed real. Hearing those words, she kicked over one of the chairs before she took her seat again, her right leg was moving up and down 100 miles an hour, and on her face was a look of disgust and rage.

Maury: Allison, we asked you another question. Have you ever told your girlfriends how better of a kisser J Mont is than Dane? He looked at the answer on the card. Allison, you said NO…..Based on the test… we have determined that is a LIE.

ARP: That’s bullshit, that question wasn’t even on the test! Allison sat there fuming, she could not believe what was going on. This test was bullshit and she knew it. Joe had this all planned, bring her out on National TV and embarrass her more than she already was with all of this.

JMont: Babe, I didn’t pick the questions. They were Chosen randomly. You answered them all and I really do hope all this LYING stops when the show is over so we can proceed together hand in hand. J Mont and ARM!!!! You can keep the RIGGS part.

ARP: Fuck you, Joe.

J Mont: When and where?

ARP: That’s it, I am out of here. Allison stands up and starts to leave, but JMont grabs her by the wrist, she turns just enough to stare down at the hand on her wrist and then looks him in the eye. Let go of me, before I break your wrist all the way up to the shoulder.

J Mont: Feisty aren’t we? Remember, I just came here for the TRUTH and to show you that we are meant to be. You are still fighting it even though all your answers today show you want to be with me and want my python.

J Mont lets go of Allie’s wrist as Maury is starting to look a little nervous. Maury at this point wants to get the show over with and has his last index card to read.

Maury: We asked Allison, “Did you have sex with J Mont on more than one account?“… He looked at the answer on the card. Allison, you said NO…..Based on the test… we have determined that is a LIE.

ARP: THAT’S FUCKING BULLSHIT! Allison jumped to her feet, both fists clenched. THAT’S A FUCKING LIE.

JMont: Just admit you loved your ride on THE MONTY. ALLIE ABOARD!!!!! HAHAHA

ARP: Fucking Hell, Joe, what’s wrong with you!?! These are all lies damn it, none of this is true. What the fuck…

Fueled by Sahara’s laughter and his own rage, Dane stormed out of the green room and made his way to the stage area, with Sahara hot on his heels, everyone getting out of his path as he made his way to the blue curtain where he could hear the audience on the other side. He burst in through the curtain and looked around and as soon as he saw where the stage was he made his way over. Allison was sitting there, tears on her cheeks, not believing the words she had heard come out of Maury’s mouth.

Dane Preston: What the fuck did you do, you fuckin’ MEATBOL!?!

Joe quickly got to his feet and Maury moved out into the crowd as the show’s security moved into place… just in case. Dane paced back and forth a little in front of the stage, never taking his eyes off Joe, Sahara was standing behind him smiling. She just couldn’t believe how good this was getting.

JMont: I didn’t do anything. He smirked. Except let everyone know the truth, just like I said I was going to. Allison doesn’t love you, she loves me.

Dane Preston: That’s not the goddamn truth and you know it, you son of a bitch! Dane clenched up his fists.

ARP: Dane, honey, please calm down.

Dane Preston: You shut up and don’t tell me to calm down. He ignored the hurt look on Allison’s face and continued on. I’ve kept quiet about this shit long enough.

JMont: Don’t you tell my FUTURE WIFE to shut up you DICKLESS ASSHOLE!

And that was all that was needed to start the chaos, both men charged and swung on each other. Their actions caused not only the security team to move, but both women, as well and in the middle of it all, Dane is grabbed from behind and he turns and it’s like everything is in slow motion as he instinctively swings without looking and…