[Fatal] The Maury Povich Paradigm – Pt. 2 of 4 [Attraction]

By: Allison Riggs-Preston

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 12th Aug 2021

coollogo-com-21430368…he connects with Allison’s jaw that sent her down. Behind him, Sahara’s eyes shot wide with shock, then a smile came out across her lips before she busted out laughing as four members of security grabbed Dane. JMont ran to Allison’s side and slowly helped her get up to her feet as she’s holding her left eye, looking at her husband in disbelief.

ARP: What the fuck, Dane!

Dane Preston: Let me go! He struggled against the security team. I need to check on my wife.

Security: We’re going to need you to calm down, Sir, before we can let you go.

Sahara stepped in front of Dane and put her hand on his chest.

Sahara: Dane, sweetie, calm down. They’re not worth it.

Allison watched for a moment as she patted and caressed Dane’s chest trying to calm him down, much like she did when he was having one of his episodes. It hit her. It was true. Dane and Sahara were sleeping together… fuck, son of a bitch. Her eyes filled with hot angry tears and she turned on heel and made her way to the curtain that Dane and Sahara had just come out. JMont jogged ahead a couple feet and moved the curtain aside for her and when she passed through he looked back at Dane and gave him a smile that sent Dane into another struggle with security as he followed after Allison.

…Thirty Minutes Later…

Allison sat in the limo looking out the window as she held a bag of ice someone had handed her to her eye and thought about the last thing she saw before security had her and Jmont whisked in the back; Sahara in front of him and holding him back. They were banging; she just knew it. She tried to drown out the sound of Joe sitting next to her, he was on the phone with the hotel having dinner sent up to the room. And ice. A lot of ice. She reached up and wiped away the tear that slipped down her cheek. They are banging, this was her fault. All this shit with Joe was enough to drive him to her. Sahara had flirted with them both back in EWA, they had low-keyed talked about her before and he probably jumped at the chance just as soon as she threw a bone his way. Joe was right, they were banging. Hell, they were probably banging behind her back when she was pregnant with the twins.

J Mont: One more thing please. J Mont is still on the phone with the hotel. Please send a full Edible Arrangement Assortment to OUR room and I swear, it better have fuckin MELONS in there or I’m going to buy the hotel and FIRE YOU ALL. J Mont closes his eyes and takes a few deep breaths to calm down; he wanted to make sure everything was perfect for Allie. And if everything goes smooth, I’ll make sure you get a nice tip. I also need the card to read: Dear Allison: Please feel better and just know I am right here for you always. I care about your well being and will do anything to protect you and love you. Love J Mont. After expressing his love on the card, the lady on the other end of the line says “YES SIR”. Thank you again and have a great evening.

ARP: You know I am sitting right here, right? Heard everything?

J Mont: I know this. I got nothing to hide from you.

ARP: Thank you, Joe, that’s very sweet of you. I just.. I..

J Mont: You don’t have to say anything.

J Mont then looks out the window and the look on his face is something of deep thought in his mind.

J Mont: In his mind. Is this the night? Do I really push the envelope or do I play it cool and not fuck things up? I know she is an emotional mess right now but the way she looked at me and her voice makes me think this may be the night that we finally seal the deal. I don’t want her to think that’s all I want or care about but everyone knows that we have a bond and connection. Things happen for a reason right?

J Mont looks back over at Allie but she doesn’t catch him as he turns back to the window and gets in his thoughts again.

J Mont: In his mind. I can see the people now. You know Joe, she was vulnerable and a mess and you took advantage of her. But did I? This all dates back to almost 2 and a half months ago. It takes 2 to tango and I’m not in on this alone. She kissed me, I kissed her. She held my hand, I held hers. We went out to dinner multiple times. I met the kids. I met Bella. We won tag gold. I mean, this is supposed to happen now, right? It should have happened after we won the tag gold but it didn’t. But patience and the right time is when things happen. And is this the time? Do I make the move and get what I LOVE and am after?

J Mont turns back again and looks over to Allie.

J Mont: Babe, if you need anything at all, just know I’m right here for you. Always will be.

J Mont turns back again.

J Mont: In his mind. That was the best thing to do right now. I love the girl and don’t wanna FUCK anything up right now. Whether the people or Dickless Dane wanna believe it or not, I have a BIG HEART for the right people. And Allie is 100 percent in my heart.

The elevator ride up, they were both quiet; both of them thinking the same thing for different reasons… did Allie and Dane’s marriage really just end and what’s next; JMont was wondering when would it be considered to be too soon to ask Allie out and Allison’s thoughts kept going back to seeing THEM in the locker room, seeing THEM at the show. They were fucking and that wasn’t part of their arrangement. Calm down, girl. You’re gonna rage. The elevator comes to a halt and you hear the DING as the door slowly opens up. J Mont lets Allie step out first of course, and the man he is and of course he cant help himself, he checks out that amazing ass.

J Mont: Damnnnnnn

ARP: You say something?

J Mont: Nothing babe. Thought i saw a spider. J Mont shakes his head like did he really just say that? What the fuck is wrong with you? He gets himself back in the game. We’ll have dinner. I promise I will not say a word. With what just happened I don’t think either of us should be driving. It will be nice…quiet and peaceful. Just what you need. I promise I won’t move from the couch.

ARP: Thanks for everything back there.

J Mont: Babe, you got me. And if you ever need a place to stay, that room at FIGHT TOWER is all yours.

ARP: You don’t have to Joe. Pretty sure Ani’s got another apartment or 40.

J Mont: I was joking about tearing the wall down just to piss off Dane and get a rise out of you. I wanna stay on your mind and have YOUR attention. Sometimes I know I can be aggressive and loud but it’s never intended towards you or to upset you.

ARP: You’ve been doing a bang up job of it so far.

J Mont: I will always do anything and everything I can for you and us. And in that moment, J Mont opens the door for Allie and the first thing he sees is the cart with dinner waiting. Perfect, I’m glad they didn’t fuck this up. Would you like me to make you your favorite drink or get you water?

When Joe turned around, Allison was right behind him and reached up with both hands, pulled his face towards hers and kissed him. She figured if everyone thought she was fucking him and Dane was fucking Sahara, might as well do it. JMont was hesitant at first and then he remembered who he was and just who was kissing him. He wrapped his arms around her, both hands palming her ass before he pulled her up causing her to wrap those thick muscular legs around his waist.

J Mont: Whoa, wait a minute… Joe breaks the kiss and looks at her for a moment, not believing that he actually said that and sure not believing what he was about to say. Are you sure about this? You know……

ARP: For fucks sake, Joe… just shut the hell up.

J Mont: Yes’ Ma’am, shutting the hell up.

Allison grabbed him by the back of the head and again kissed him; this time more aggressive than the first. This time it was filled with anger and a purpose as she grabbed a hold of the collar of his shirt and ripped it open sending the buttons skittering across the floor as they bumped into the counter. He quickly pulled his arms out of his shirt as she grabbed the hem of hers and pulled it over top of her head as he fumbled to undo the clasp in the back of the black lace bra she wore. She slipped out of the bra and he stared at the most perfect set of breasts he’s ever seen.

J Mont: Jesus Christ.. Was all he could mumble.

He buried his face into her breasts and pushed himself off the counter and staggered his way to the doorway leading into the bedroom; missed the door and planted Allison’s back into the wall beside the door. Allison’s hands snaked down between them and quickly began to unbuckle his belt, her hand sliding inside his pants and grabbing a hold of him. Every time her hand stroked him he could swear that he got harder. All he wanted to do right now was get her to the bed and in her before she could change her mind; but what he didn’t know, right then, right now… there was no changing her mind; he’s wanted to fuck her since she could remember, well, here’s your chance… Shoot your shot, Big Guy. He finally pulled her back off the wall, made it into the bedroom and put her on the floor beside the king size bed, they both started working on the other’s pants as their lips met and they kissed with a fevered hunger. As soon as Allison’s pants were undone, JMont pushed her onto the bed and pulled her ass to the edge as he knelt down between her thighs.

J Mont: And to think, you were mad earlier about just having one bed.

Allison leaned up on her forearms and smirked down at him as she raised her right leg and mashed her perfectly french painted toes up against his mouth.

ARP: Is talking all you can do with THAT mouth?

JMont smiled and thought, did she just say that? Alright, babygirl.. Let me show you. Man, he had never seen this side of Allison and he felt like she had challenged him; he dove in face first and started to eat like a starving man because he had a point to prove… But then again, so did she, she snapped her thighs tight around his head, rolled him over then sat up and began to grind on his chin, all he had to do was stick out his tongue. As he reached up and started to pinch and pull on her nipples, she reached down and grabbed him by the head.

ARP: There ya go, Joe. This what you’ve been wanting? Hmm? This what you’ve been waiting for, dreaming of? Hmm, Joe? She threw her head back and closed her eyes as she moaned as she called him all those dirty little things that men usually call women before she looked back down at him with a devious little smile. You like that, hmm? By the time I am finished with you, you’re gonna swear you can smell my scent for days..

Allison continued to ride and abuse his face until she was done and then she rolled off and lay there catching her breath. He rolled back over and tenderly kissed the side on her thighs as he made his way to her knees, wanting to enjoy every moment inch of her body and this night. Finally, she sat up and looked at him, pulled her leg up and pushed him away with her foot.

ARP: Get your big dick out.

His eyes widened a little at her words as they both stood up, who was this girl? She grabbed a hold of his pants and pulled them down as he reached in the top drawer of the nightstand and pulled out the box of Magnums, because, you know, JMont is a man who likes to be prepared. He opened the box to pull one out but Allison reached over and beat him to it, putting the corner in her mouth and ripping it open with her teeth.

J Mont: Damn, you’re wasting no time, Babygirl.

Joe leaned down and kissed her, his hand slipping into her luscious blonde hair as she slipped it on and stroked it down his shaft causing a moan to slip from his lips, no wonder Dane was putting up the fight he was and he couldn’t blame him. Allison turned him around and aggressively pushed him back on the bed and pulled his ass to the very edge of the bed much like he had done to her earlier. It was a move that really shocked Joe; but damn, if he didn’t like it. He knew she was going to have a wild streak in her but not like this. He would have done anything right now to have his brother’s camera equipment set up in the corner. She reached over and grabbed him and stroked him a few times as she used her knees to nudge open his legs and stepped closer between them. She said nothing as she looked down at him with a smile as she bent him in a way that looked like he should be screaming in pain and then pushed herself onto him, causing him to close his eyes as a long and deep groan slipped from his lips when he entered her. If he died right then, he’d walk through the pearly gates like Ric Flair, styling and profiling, because he had Allison Riggs-Preston pushing herself on his dick.

ARP: Let me see what this python is all about.

She smirked as she reached down and grabbed him by the hips, pulled him towards her and deeper in her, spread his legs wider with her hands holding them up from behind the knees and began to thrust herself on him.

ARP: Is this what you wanted, Joe?

JMont: Fuck, yeah, Allie…

She fucked him hard and fast, when he looked down between them to watch he could almost swear it looked like she was using his own dick on him, at this point all he could do was enjoy the fuck out of it, hell, it was the only thing he could do, besides hold his legs up and keep them spread much like every woman he’s ever banged has had to do. Allison reached down and grabbed him by the throat with a sadistic smile on her face, she had told him that she was going to choke him; causing JMont suddenly wondered if maybe he should have bought the whole case of Magnums, would 12 be enough?

…Many hours and a lot of SEX later…

The time is somewhere in the mid afternoon and most people at this time are either at work, enjoying family time, getting drunk or high, but not in this room. You would have never guessed it and you would have had a better chance of winning LOTTO…..but here we are, J Mont in bed and did he hit LOTTO or something like that in his mind. He’s never slept in like this before he has a lot of businesses to run and people to attend to but after last night, he was just too damned tired to do anything but sleep; he was drained. But finally, the sound of his phone woke him up. He starts to swing his hand towards the nightstand but is not reaching the phone. He finally decides to get up a little bit so he can get his phone.

J Mont: In a tired voice. Hello?

P Mont: Brother…. Give me some good news….

J Mont: God damn, it’s too early for your perkiness… you’re worse than that crazy girl Blossom from that TV show or Jesse Spano on speed.

P Mont: Ahhh 2 women back in the day that could have had the Monty, but I’m a 1 woman girl now.

J Mont: What do you want man? I’m tired and… J Mont looks down at his chest and sees scratches and lipstick smudges…..he then looks over to the other side of the bed and sees Allison sleeping like a queen, with that juicy peach of an ass peeking from under the sheets. Hey Bro, I gotta go man… I’ll call you in an hour or so. I need to handle something.

J Mont hangs up on his own brother and as he gets out of the bed, he steps on a Magnum XL wrapper with his bare foot and sees a few more of them as well…and a big smirk hits his face, as he makes his way over to the mirror still butt ass naked… he looks into the mirror and sees red lipstick marks on his neck, he turns around. Jesus, he thought looks like she played 100 games of tic-tac-toe on my back; are those bite marks on my ass? He turns around and sees all their clothes all over the floor. He quickly pinched himself… it wasn’t the wettest of dreams he’d ever had. It really happened after all.

J Mont: …Finally the stars have aligned.

J Mont makes his way over to Allison and sits on her side of the bed and looks at her with a big smile, she is still sleeping or pulling off a good impression of faking like Stellar. He reaches up and takes a strand of her hair and pushes it behind her ear, trying not to wake her, if she was still asleep.

J Mont: Just know Allie…. I’m in love with you and wanna be the man that protects you and is there for you everyday. I have been trying to show you that and hope that you see that. Last night was magical and I promise to always show you the love and passion you deserve. And you know what, if you give me the chance, you can keep Riggs and be Allison Riggs-Montuori… I know that would make you happy and that’s all I want… you wouldn’t be my princess, you’d be my queen.

Allison lifts her head up, and looks right into J Mont’s eyes. She was up the whole time. She and Stellar both need to have Academy Awards for best actresses.

ARP: Liked that amazon position and pussy job a little too much, did we? She chuckles a little as she sits up and scoots around him and slides off the bed and stands up. Ani told me it would make mother fuckers fall in love. She wasn’t kidding. She leans down and gives him a peck on the lips. Had a great time last night, Joe, thanks. Gonna go take a shower before we leave.

She gives J Mont one last pat on the cheek before she turns around, walks over to her bag and grabs it and her cell phone then walks to the bathroom, goes in and closes the door behind her and locks it, leaving JMont sitting on the bed wondering what the hell just happened?

J Mont: Do I sit here and wait for round 12 or get ready? This is the first time I’m confused as to what I should do.

In the bathroom, Allison dropped her bag to the floor then turned on the shower to let the water warm up, then she walked over to the sinks and turned on the cold water and put both hands together and splashed it one her face a couple of times. She then turned the water off, placed both her hands on the counter and then after a few moments finally looked up at her reflection; she had been avoiding it the whole time.

Allison Riggs-Preston.

What the Fuck have you done?

She groaned.

Man, there went your marriage, your reputation, my dad is going to disown me, girlfriend is going to leave me. Man, you went and did everything that everyone’s been saying you’re doing… and then some. She paused and looked at herself in the mirror. Oh my God. There’s no friggin’ way he’s going to keep his mouth shut about this. He’s going to scream it to the damned rooftops.

Ive banged Dane Prestons wife Ive banged Damon Riggs daughter.

With a cross of her ankles in one single fluid movement she went from standing and staring at her reflection to sitting on the rug on the floor, legs brought up hugging them to her chest with her chin resting on her knee.

Like how in the fuck do I start this convo with Dane? Don’t forget we’re going with Voo to that photo shoot so make sure to pack some swim trunks, oh, and yeah, I fucked JMont while we were in Connecticut.

She shook her head.

Oh, yeah, and thanks whoever thought this would be a great idea to book Us vs Them. She gave a double thumbs up and nodded her head mhm. Perfect. Then she thinks for a moment. But then again, gives me a chance to put my fist to the bitch that’s been fucking my husband, talking about she’s been wanting him since we all met in EWA.

Bitch so thirsty.
...Shes dehydrated
No wonder her stage name is Sahara.

Sahara, I’ve had about enough of you being all up in my life and all over my husband’s dick. When I opened my marriage I didn’t fucking open it to you, then again, maybe it’s been open all along and I just didn’t know it. You and everyone else in this God forsaken world has dragged my name and my reputation through mud, just because I decided to uphold my contract and go for the gold. Maybe it’s a case of jealousy, because I am holding the gold and you’re not? Maybe you’re just mad and upset that it’s not your name that’s bringing in the fans? Maybe you just want to start drama where there actually was none so you can get my husband finally on your arm since you haven’t managed to do so this whole time? I told you back when you joined OpW, I was not the same woman that you knew in EWA, I was pregnant, and had to control my rage and temper. She smirks. I don’t have to control it now, and I don’t have to control it when we step into the ring. If you wanted it.. You’re gonna get it… and I am going to smile the whole fucking time I am doing it.

She pauses and thinks for a moment.

Oh, boy, where do I begin? I don’t even know? Man, did I fuck up. I don’t even KNOW what happened. One minute I was standing there thinking about how Sahara had her hand on your chest and I saw red. It was like a switch had been flipped and I checked out. I mean not making any excuses for it, it happened. Would have probably happened no matter who was there, Joe was just lucky enough that it was him. She nods. Yeah, boy, do we need to talk. A really long talk, find out where we are, and how we want to proceed from here. I am sure we will figure out something like grown adults.

Strong relationships choose to love each other.
...Even when they struggle to like each other
Guess we will find out how strong ours is.

When we first got together, you said you understand my want, need and desire when it came to being in the ring. Now that we are facing off against each other, I hope you still understand and hope that you don’t take anything that I may do to you in the ring, personally, because it’s not, it’s strictly business. Yeah, I know that sounds fucked up, but I don’t give a shit what anyone says about them not facing off against someone they love, they’ve never been placed in the situation to have to make the choice. No one said jack or shit when Xavier and Le’Andra faced off against each other. They don’t know what they would do. But you married a wrestler and I am pretty sure we’d never end up here on opposing sides for the belt, but here we are.

She pauses and takes a deep breath as the tears begin to well in her eyes

Dane, despite everything that has happened, even last night. I still love you. I’ve always loved you, since the first day that I laid eyes on you. And even if we don’t make it back from this…

I will love you with my last dying breath.

As she gets up off the floor, she wipes away the tears that begin to fall and steps into the shower to wash the night away.