[FiGhT/jMoNt] Murphy loses match and HAIR!!! [JmOnT/aLliSoN]

By: Joe Montuori

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 22nd Jul 2021


[The year is 1997. Bronx, NY is the area where we pick things up.]


[Sheridan Avenue and 172nd Street in the Bronx is where the school is located. Unfortunately for the past students and teachers, 2008 of June was its last year. The building now houses small specialized high schools and is operated by the New York City Department of Education. But before all of this went down, there were some great memories made here as well as a few athletes that left their mark on the school.]

[Former stand outs include Award winning singer and producer, Luther Vandross. Former Basketball player Artie Green. Vic Ziegel, former sports columnist of the New York Post and star wrestler and former basketball star Joe Montuori.]

[Back in the year of 1997, Joe Montuori at that time was the star athlete of his high school and captain of all the 3 sporting teams of Football, basketball and baseball. Dating the head cheerleader and having good enough grades to garner full scholarships offers from North Carolina, Duke, Clemson, Syracuse and Georgetown. But with all those good merits came some negative attention he was gathering. Skipping out on some classes and or days of school. Using his family name and star power to get away with anything he could. And before you know it, just when he thought he was on the top of the world, lightning struck and things were about to change.]

[Fade into the day that changed the life of Joe Montuori.]

[On a cold winter night, November 13th 1997….the night was supposed to be a magical night in the making. William Howard Taft High School was taking on Long Island Lutheran. A battle of the power house teams in a non conference game for bragging rights and seeding in the future tournament. Long Island Lutheran was led by Drew Nicholas who was one of the top players in all of New York State. With a full ride already locked up with Maryland, all he had left to do was win it all. Standing in his way on this night was Joe Montuori who also has nothing left to prove but win it all and pick the school of his choice pretty much. Montuori, who was averaging 29 points per game with 7 rebounds and 11 assists was the perfect king of point guard any team would want to have. He could shoot, pass, defend, run and up and down the floor like clock work without losing any stamina. With his name and number to enter the rafters here when the season concludes, all Montuori had left to do was win this game and get his team to the number 1 seed and home court advantage.]

[Sounds easier said than done. It should be easy right? Well, sometimes you don’t think before you act and that’s what happened to Montuori here on this big night. During warm ups, you can see Montuori doing his usual trash talking, jumping around like an idiot and just having fun. Even had time to walk over and kiss his girl, the head cheerleader of course who starts to scream his name with her pom poms going all over the place. Montuori dressed like a clown but that’s how he liked it. No one ever forgot who he was and they all saw him on the court at all times. New Jordans with knee high socks that did not match. One would be black and the other would be red to go with the black baggy shorts and red jersey and a white headband to top it off. Finally, he gets into the line with his team doing warm ups, when on his way back after a lay up, he meets up with Drew at half court and this is where it starts.]

Drew: Get ready to see your numbers go down and your team go down.

J Mont: You must be smokin that good shit or something Drew. You ain’t shit.

Drew: I bet your girl thinks I’m the shit.

J Mont: Say something about her one more time and see what happens.

Drew:I’m sorry. There are 3 things going down tonight. Your numbers, your team and your girl.

[Before Montuori could say something back, his fist is ready to smash Drew’s face, a few of his teammates see what is going on and grab him and bring him to the bench before he does something he regrets with all the scouts in the stands.]

J Mont: I’m good guys, I’m good… he will get his on the court.

[Collecting his composure, Montuori lets the rest of his team complete the warm ups while he sits there and just looks around. He sees the place completely full with people even standing all around. He sees the scouts with their cameras and clipboards out. This is the game they have all been waiting for you. Finally, the refs blow their whistles and both teams get into their own huddles. You can hear all the fans going nuts. The refs are waiting at center court for both teams to send out their starting 5. After about another 2 minutes, you see Long Island Lutheran send out their 5 while the coach for William Howard holds up his finger for one more minute. But as he does that, Montuori decides on his own to walk towards half court before the team completes its talk and all.]

[Smart move? Maybe or maybe not….Is his head in the game? Or is he trying to play mind games with Drew? Or is Drew Winning? So many things it could be but finally the other 4 men join Montuori at center court and we are about to tip off. Everyone shakes hands but Montuori and Drew. The refs see this and they are already warning both guys to watch their hands and mouths this game. Montuori nods, and Drew just looks the other way.]

[Jump ball and we are underway. William Howard wins the opening tip and drives down right away where Montuori swishes a 3 to start things off and from this point you can tell it’s going to be a long night. He bumps into Drew as he makes his way back down the court. Drew dribbles up, crosses over and drains a mid range shot. And here we go….is this 5 on 5 or 1 on 1…..]

Montuori another 3.

Drew with a lay up.

Montuori with a powerdunk.

Drew with a 3.

Montuori drives though the lane for a lay up and 1.

Drew with a 3.

Montuori with a 3.

Drew with a mid range 2.

Montuori down the baseline with a reverse dunk.

[These 2 were going back and forth for all the first half while their team just sat there wondering why they are even here today. And 5 4 3 2 1 HALFTIME…..Montuori raising his hands up, getting the crowd into it while Drew makes his way over to Montuori’s girl and whispers something into it. And before Montuori could get there, Drew is in the locker room.]

J Mont: What did he say babe?

J’s Girl: You do not want to know.

J Mont: Tell me now!!!!!!!

J’s Girl: He told me after the game, when he wins, I should go down on him and leave you.

[J Mont makes a Beeline towards the visitors locker room when he is cut off out of nowhere by his Uncle Vincenzo.]

Uncle V:  Where the fuck do you think you are going?

J Mont: To handle business like you all taught me too.

Uncle V:  Do you want to throw everything away over a girl?

J Mont: He disrespected her and myself as well Unc.

Uncle V: Let it go… .win it on the court and make the family proud. Be the first one to go onto college and get that degree. And better yet, make the NBA.

[J Mont hugs his uncle and retreats to his own locker room. And when the intermission is over, both teams make their ways back to the benches as the 2nd half is close to getting under way.]

William Howard Taft: 40
Long Island Lutheran: 36

[It’s been a battle. Drew with 26 of the 36 for Lutheran. Montuori with 30 of 40 for William Howard and it’s only the first half complete. Should be an exciting second half or is this where the wheels fall off. Both teams get back onto the court. Fans are all standing and clapping for the appreciation of both men and the game today. The ball gets inbounds and passed to Montuori as the 3rd quarter is underway. He slowly dribbles it up the court and you can tell, there is something on his mind. And then there is a switch off on defense. Drew switches to Montuori and the place erupts. All the scouts are glued in. Montuori dribbled around and threw the legs as the shot clock went down to 4 3 2 1 and he released from deep 3 and NOTHING BUT NET…. right in the face of Drew as he continues the hot shooting. Drew right after bumps his shoulder into Montuori, almost knocking him down. The refs give a warning to both men. Drew taking the ball out, and what a coincidence, it’s right next to Montuori’s girl and the cheerleading team.]

Drew: You know you want a dose of the Drew baby.

J’s Girl:  Leave me alone you creep.

Drew:  You will get this D tonight baby.

[After he says that, he inbounds the ball to his teammate and before you know it.]


[J Mont cold clocked Drew right in the nose as blood flew all over. As Drew is about to go down, Montuori hits him one more time for good measure. And after that, you see security and law enforcement run onto the court. Followed by paramedics and EMS. What has turned into one of the biggest games of the season has turned into one of the worst things possible.]

[Montuori is now face first down on the court with handcuffs on with both arms behind his back. Drew is getting helped up slowly as you hear the sounds of sirens for the ambulance and police cars. What a crazy development that has happened here. The 2 biggest stars of the game are now leaving. One in an Ambulance for a broken nose and possible concussion. The other is in handcuffs for assault and battery.]

Fast Forward to the Next Day After the Game

[Drew is still at the hospital as they have released the news he has a shattered nose and a concussion. Montuori was released on bail for assault and battery and will have to appear in court soon. His Attorney, David Krappinschitz would not release any information at this time. He is the only one that handles anything to do with court or arrests for the Montuori’s. But this right here has really put a damper on Joe’s dreams. Once word was out about what happened and the scouts in attendance saw that and dug a little deeper into Montuori’s background, all of his scholarships were ripped or withdrawn. He was left with nothing. Kicked off the basketball team, expelled from school, no colleges to attend now…..he was left with the family business to get by and his future at this point is unknown all because he couldn’t control his temper. And that cost him a chance for a full scholarship to almost any college he wanted and who knows after that. Possibly the NBA and hall of fame. But all of that is GONE…. A MINOR incident led to lifelong changes.]


[172 Madison Ave. Manhattan, NY aka Le Penthouse is the destination.]

[And for all you knuckleheads that forgot, this is one of the many homes for J Mont. Finally leaving the Hearst Tower and after being in that Infirmary which seemed like years being locked up with Dane of all people. J Mont makes his way towards the elevator and presses the button as he awaits for the DING sound and the door to open. After a few moments, it finally opens and he enters. Looking over to the right he hits the button F1 for the main floor. Terrible music as always. Britney Spears “Baby One More Time” is being played. J Mont might want to reconsider and go back to the infirmary cause he’s about to bang his head and get another concussion. Finally, half way through the song, you hear the DING again and the door opens. He quickly exits and as he’s about to leave the TOWER, he sees that same girl sitting at the front desk.]

J Mont: Guess who’s BACKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!

Receptionist: You’re not Eminem or even close to it.

J Mont: Please….i look better and perform even better… that pencil dick bitch.

Receptionist: Do i need to remind you that i can call security and get you to leave.

J Mont: And do I need to remind you that I stay here and have a lot of power and pull. I stay at The Islands Tag Team Champions Quarters and also have another room which has not been given to me yet.

Receptionist: So I have to deal with you on an everyday basis.

J Mont: You might as well get on my good side cause I’m gonna be here for a long time and better yet, you might wanna do things I ask you to do cause I may buy this Bitch.

Receptionist: I don’t think Xavier and them will ever sell this place.

J Mont: Money talks, bull shit walks hun, but anyway, i need a piece of paper so i can write something down to Xavier that i need done.

Receptionist: You’re making demands and you didn’t even win the Blood Money or a match here yet.

J Mont: Do you realize who I am and what my last name is? I’m a MONTUORI and I’m J MONT… those 2 right there run the wrestling world. So, do what I tell you to do and get me a pen and a piece of paper.

[She doesnt wanna hear his mouth anymore, so she gets a piece of paper from the copy machine and a pen. And she aggressively gives it to him. J Mont stands there and just smiles.]

To Xavier:

The Islands Tag Team Champion Quarters needs a little work and I have no problem fronting the bill to get it worked on. I need to make the 2 rooms just 1. So whatever wall I need to tear down and pillars we need to build, I will handle it. I wanna make 1 big bedroom for a California King Bed and a bathroom with a jacuzzi tub, walk-in shower and his/her sink. I am sure Allie will be ok with this so we don’t really need to bother her with this. Once again, please take this into advisement and I will pay for all the work and make sure FIGHT NYC is the top show like I always do wherever I go.

J Mont your dual Champ

PS: We need a new receptionist over here that doesn’t have an attitude and knows how to wear makeup.

[J Mont hands the note to the receptionist who files it away in a folder labeled Xavier. Then J Mont gives her the Deuces sign as he exits the building.]

[Waiting out front is the valet who pulled up J Mont’s 2021 Range Rover SVR Special Edition. J Mont has a big smile on his face as this custom Rover is 1 of a kind. Pearl White with the 26 inch black rims. The valet didnt wanna get out of the vehicle but he knows he better get out before J Mont goes J Mont on him and most of America knows when that happens, your life is ruined. He steps out of the vehicle and hands J Mont the key. J Mont then reaches into his pocket and just hands him the cash he has in his pocket. It’s a WAD of money, who knows but the valet is so happy and I’m sure his day was made. J Mont shakes his hand and enters the vehicle. He puts on his seatbelt like a good civilian, turns up the radio and puts the SUV in drive but before he even goes 30 feet. He stops the car and notices something on the Hood of the vehicle. He gets out and you won’t believe this. There is a letter…….]


[Spray painted on the car but this time it’s not red, it’s blue….J Mont kicks his 26 inch rim and is pacing around like a mad man. He looks like he has escaped the looney bin. Things aren’t looking too good for J Mont right now. He reaches into his picket and gets out his IPhone 12. Goes to his favorites and once again, it’s Allie in a bikini and it says WIFE. He hits the Green button to call.]





[J Mont cannot believe Allie didn’t pick up the call on the first ring, but we are now onto the 4th ring. He is getting antsy as he continues to pace around.]

ARP: [She sighs as she looks at the incoming call, glad that she was sitting alone out by the pool at the compound located in South Jersey.] What can I do for you, Joe?

J Mont: You wont believe this… there was a LETTER A on the hood of my NEW Range Rover leaving the Hearst Tower….i know it’s not you babe but these letters are starting to make me go crazy. R I G S and now an A.

ARP: I can’t blame you. I know you’ve been blowing up everyone’s cells about this, but have you thought about blowing up the polices’ phones? Like seriously, this could be some chick or some guy who was dating a chick that you banged in the past looking to get even for ruining their life or some shit.

J Mont: When it comes to the Montuori’s, we handle our business on our own as a family. I need your help with this babe. I got brother P on stand by and you 2 are the closest to me right now. I don’t care what you say, we have a bond and you do care about me and I know you dont wanna see something happen to me. Have you heard anything?

ARP: I haven’t heard anything, honestly, Joe. Seriously, you might want to call the cops before it becomes more than just someone destroying your property, they could try to hurt you. And as much as I hate to say it, I don’t want to see anything happen to you.

J Mont: At the end of the day babes, I just want us both safe. I will always have your back and protect you as you saw during the debut of FIGHT NYC… I didn’t care about winning at that time. I could have won the whole thing but my main concern at the time was getting you to safety and making sure my queen was ok. You’re my PRIORITY, nothing else here. You leave, I leave. You wanna stay TAG CHAMPS for years, I’m gonna make it happen.

ARP: I doubt we’re going to be tag team champs for years. [She laughs a little.]

J Mont: And can you make me a promise?

ARP: What now Joe?

J Mont: If you hear anything at all about this, will you please come to me so we can end whatever games someone is trying to play…..right now, it’s a game of chess, but i’m the KING and i always get the Checkmate……and don’t forget, your my queen.

ARP: You’re crazy, you know that? [She chuckles softly.] Seriously, stop thinking you can handle this like it’s an in-house matter, it’s not an in-house matter. This is a matter for the cops.

J Mont: Ok babes, thanks for taking my call and listening to me and being there for me… let me get back to the condo to handle a few things, but WE will be in touch with you.. Love you.


[For once, J Mont gets the last word in on Allie and leaves her on the edge of her seat wondering what he meant by WE. You can hear as the phone call is over with and Allie on the other end just takes her phone and puts it down on the table as she tries to enjoy the rest of this beautiful day near the pool.]

[Finally trying to get over the fact that another car has been sabotaged, J Mont hits the road and doesn’t have far to go. His Penthouse condo is only 15 minutes away pending traffic.]

Fast Forward 15 minutes

[And what do you know, J Mont has arrived and sees his boy Raul, the valet, who handles all things for J Mont at the building as well as his vehicles.]

Raul: Brooooooooo!!!! What the fuck?

[J Mont gets out of the vehicle and looks at Raul and just shakes his head.]

J Mont: People are playing games man. Deep down I know it’s Damon Riggs.

Raul: You know I got my cousin Jamal who for a small fee can handle anything you need. He told me anything J needs, just let me know.

J Mont: Appreciate the love man, but i dont think it’s in my best interest to kill the father of the woman I wanna spend my life with.

Raul: What about just roughing him up or breaking into his house?

J Mont: Before my match, I already envisioned it. I’m going to approach the old man, face to face. Man to Man and ask him… I can tell from the look in his eyes and his tone if he is behind all the games.

Raul: I just say put a CAP in his ass and end this.

J Mont: I can’t have the streets involved man. I know you guys are there for me, but this is Internal. I will get it handled but if it does get that bad, you are the first person I’m going to call.

Raul:  BET….. WE got you brother.

[J Mont throws Raul the keys and heads inside after a long week of recovery with DICKLESS DANE in the same room. All he wants to do is lay on his King Bed and watch some reruns of the Sopranos at this point. Making his way to the elevator and hitting the up arrow, the door opens right up and then to his left he selects P for Penthouse and the door closes. And what the fuck. AGAIN, the music is terrible. Kiss from a Rose by Seal… J Mont is really thinking to himself, does he really wanna miss this match with Murphy by banging his head on the wall and getting a concussion again or just suck it up….. And of course before he can decide, you hear DING and the door opens. J Mont exits and walks towards his door with a huge smile on his face.]


[Just as J Mont was about to scan his card to unlock the door, it magically opens by itself. None other than Stellar Giuliani is standing there with a huge smile on her face.]

Stellar: Welcome back.

J Mont: I didn’t even know you were still here.

Stellar: I was going to leave and something told me to stick around and wait for you to come back.

J Mont: Ummm ok, but why did you stick around then?

Stellar: We need to make sure we are still on the same page.

J Mont: Everything is good. She got served, so we got that coming up. We have the tag titles still. Dane is fucked up in the head…..

Stellar: I’m starting to think you are more fucked up in the head.

J Mont: What in god’s name are you talking about now?

[Stellar shows J Mont an Amazon package that came in for him.]

J Mont: Must be the bulk pack of Magnum XL condoms i ordered…..Allie is going to be a very lucky woman.

Stellar: You really need to keep your DICK in your pants right now.

J Mont: That ass on Allie has me wanting to make TWINS like LE and X….

Stellar: Well, you’re pretty much there already.

J Mont: You really got me confused now. Have you smoked some of the grass I had imported from Italy because that shit right there will have you in another world.

[Stellar just shakes her head and shows J Mont that she opened the package and knows what’s inside it…… J Mont now has a look like OHHHH SHITTTTT.]

J Mont: I can explain.

Stellar: We were supposed to communicate about everything and not HIDE anything.

J Mont: This is all part of the plan.

Stellar: You must have forgotten to include me in this part.

[Stellar throws the bag at J Mont and exits the condo and heads towards the elevator.]

Stellar: Get your shit together and DONT FUCK this up.

[In that instance, she enters the elevator and the death look she is giving J Mont right now would kill 20 men. The door finally closes and she’s gone for now.]

J Mont: Shit, there goes that surprise….i mean Stellar knows now, and that’s ok so it’s still technically gonna be a surprise.

[J Mont finally realizes he’s back home and alone and can just chillax for a little. Kicking off his shoes, he makes his way towards his room and he sees his big beautiful comy california king bed…. He’s literally like a kid and jumps onto the bed and just lays there looking at the ceiling.]

J Mont: Well things could be better but thank god they aren’t worse. I didn’t win the big FIGHT NYC Riot but I sure did make a name for myself that night. I saved the life of Allie, and showed the world I ain’t scared of dying. My only regret is not finishing the job on that DICKLESS DANE PRESTON….so close but i blame myself… It’s ok, his time will come just like Damon’s. But right now I need to shift gears a little bit and as much as I hate to say it, I have to put my issues with Dane and Damon to the side, but just for ONE NIGHT and ONE NIGHT only so I can handle something else. And that else is Murphy Doyle Maher aka MDM.

[J Mont stretches out his arms and legs, as he tries to get real comfortable here.]

J Mont: When I think of MDM, it’s not Murphy that comes to my mind. It’s Mobile Device Management. The administration of mobile devices such as smartphones tablets and laptops. So right off the bat, Murphy is a fraud because he stole someone else’s trademark. And secondly, he’s associated with Dane Preston so that makes him a target and a marked man. Now I’m not going to mark him like Dane marks Murphy. Those 2 play their little games together im sure. Pin the tail on Dane’s ass. Murphy never misses. Spin the bottle. You know those 2 always spend extra time in the closet kissing, even when the turn is over. Strip poker…they play one hand and just say fuck it and get naked and do whatever they do together…..

[J Mont chuckles to himself but that chuckle changes in a minute.]

J Mont: But enough of the funny games….business needs to be handled. Dane has his hands full with Dickie this week and go figure, a match with Dane and a Dickie. [J Mont thinks to himself and his conscience tells him to stop with the games and get serious.] Ok, enough of that and back to Murphy. I won’t lie. I don’t know much about this cat but there is one thing I will tell you. He made the biggest mistake of his life getting involved in my business. He stuck his nose where it didn’t belong. His nose belongs in Dane’s ass at all times because all he does is brown nose Dane for whatever reason. But come Saturday, July 24th…the only brown he will see is on the back of his pants and underwear cause I’m going to beat him so badly, he’s going to shit himself. And then how will he explain that to his holy leader Dickless Dane? And if you don’t believe me, just tune in and watch. I’m out for blood and broken bones, not just the win. I’m going to get the win, but I’m going to make sure everyone realizes that when you get involved with anything J Mont has going on, you’re going to get hurt and hurt real bad……

[J Mont gets up and out of the bed. Rest is for the wicked. He walks over to the counter where he has his cell phone and scrolls through contacts til he sees the name RAZOR. He hits the home button and it dials out. You can hear the ringtone but it wasn’t long until the call was picked up.]

Razor: What’s up J Trizzy?

J Mont: Shit man, just had an idea and wanted to see if you were down for it.

Razor:  You know I always got time for J.

J Mont: My dog…. Ok so Saturday night, i’m fighting this douche named Murphy and he prides himself with his long stupid hair and beard… well i’m thinking after i decapitate him, i can throw him in the trunk and bring him to the shop where you give him a cut.

Razor:  A cut like a finger off? Arm off? Head off?

J Mont: No Bro. HAHAHAHA I mean like a true hair cut.

Razor:  Since when did you become so soft?

J Mont: I’m not getting soft… it will ruin his life and he will have to look in the mirror and see himself with a shaved head as all his hair is gone. And then to top it off, the BEARD will be gone too and the world can see his stupid ugly ass face.

Razor:  If that’s what you want, I got you dog but you sure? I have no problem taking an arm and feeding it to my pitbull.

J Mont: Just be ready when you see me pull up Saturday night. His hair will be all gone, just like his career when I get done with him.

[J Mont exits the call and puts his phone back on the counter top.]

J Mont: I can picture poor ol Murphy now after Razor gets a hold of him. No hair, No Beard.

[An Image in the mind of J Mont appears.]

J Mont: Shit, this would be classic and it’s going to happen……

[J Mont after his funny image and thought of Murphy with hair gone decides to take a walk out to the balcony which is overlooking Manhattan and takes in the air.]

J Mont: I am thankful for so much. I have come a long way in life. I could be that guy down there pushing a shopping cart chasing down soda cans. I could be working a 9 to 5 in an office. Or working a 3 to midnight shift at Taco Bell. But instead, I took the bull by the horn and made something happen. But it wasn’t easy. I fucked up my dream of making it to the NBA with my temper but all that did was drive me closer to the family business and made me realize that there is one thing out here that a temper is good for, and that’s wrestling. And that day, getting kicked out of the game, and then the team, and finally high school made me realize I had to think quickly and figure things out. I wasn’t gonna get a job making good money so I dialed into the family business full time til I was 20 then my boy from Long Island, All Hannan dragged me out of the Bronx and into the wrestling world. And now 21 years later in the business. I’m making more money than I can count from contracts and endorsements. Plenty of titles and a hall of fame career. And why am I still doing this if I’m all set for life? Answer is simple. I love it. I love fucking with people’s minds and lives. I love to be at the top and the center of attention and with FIGHT NYC it won’t be any different. Murphy, I want you to understand one thing. You’re stepping into the ring with the GOD of wrestling. Yes i have a lot going on with these stupid letters, Damon, Dane, Allison, Stellar, brother P, but once that bell sounds…..your life and hair are over with.

[J Mont leans onto the railings and looks straight down to the ground.]

J Mont: Murphy, that’s exactly where you’re going. DOWN and OUT…..and that will leave Dane with no one but OLD MAN RIGGS and right now, he’s not a very likeable guy by a lot of people. So this Saturday night, the tables will be turning in the favor of myself and Brother P and the takeover starts….Enjoy the next few days because your life is about to change for the worse.

[J Mont, still looking down, spits and it starts to spiral down until after a minute, it hits the concrete down below and splatters.]

J Mont: Murphy, that is an example of what’s going to happen to your head after I start blasting it with my rights and lefts. EXPLOSION….gonna bust you open, win the match and throw you in the trunk and be a man of my word. Good luck Saturday because you will need it. And afterwards, there will be only POSITIVE MOMENTS, no NEGATIVE, you BITCH.

[J Mont enters back into his penthouse and closes the glass door. WIth his back turned he keeps walking towards the bathroom til that door closes too.]

[Fade Out.]