[FIGHT] The Stephen A Smith Show [PREDICTIONS]

By: Joe Montuori

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 8th Mar 2022

[ESPN has one of the most creative and loud mouth people in the world today hosting his own show. Stephen A. Smith is his name and his show is one of the top rated as we speak today. He also does some cameo appearances on First Take and Pardon the Interruption as well as his own podcast. When this man speaks, everyone listens. So I suggest you get your popcorn and drinks, take a seat and listen to what this man has to say.]

[ESPN Radio Live with Stephen A Smith is about to begin in……..]




Stephen A Smith: Welcome everyone to my show and hope your day has been as blessed as mine. Today, we have a special show for you. It won’t be as long as the others but this is one you don’t want to miss. FIGHT NYC VENOM 17 is what we are focused on today.

[You can hear the fake crowd reaction with the claps and cheers.]

Stephen A Smith: I’m a big fan of FIGHT NYC…..some of my favorites include the Mont Brothers Joe and Paul, as well as Atara Themis, The Blacks, Chris Page…..the ones i truly dislike are Sahara, Austin Ramsey, Allison Riggs Preston to name a few. But let’s not lose focus on what we are talking about today. This is a big show and I just would like to give my intake on who I think will win and why. So let’s get things rolling.

Dave the Dinosaur vs Allison Riggs Preston

Stephen A Smith: This is an easy one for me. As easy as Sahara is for men to get. Big Dave is going to get the win because all Allison cares about is looking good and pleasing Dane and Bella. This match will last about 3 to 4 minutes before Dave gets the 123.

James Raves vs. Anne Boleyn

Stephen A Smith: Some may argue with me but this is another easy one to predict. You have the GOAT against a QUEEN. Raven is going to stick it to Anne and get the win. Someone will need to help the Queen up after the GOAT runs her over. All Hail the Goat.

Atara Themis vs Sebastian Everett Bryce

Stephen A Smith: One of my favorites in Atara has her hands full with the man who has been climbing the ranks pretty fast in FIGHT. And after talking with Chris Page about this man, and it hurts me to say this cause I love Atara, Sebastian is going to get the win and keep moving up the ranks in FIGHT.

Apathy vs Druscilla White =Brooklyn Title Match=

Stephen A Smith: This is a rematch I have been waiting to see. Last time we saw these 2, Apathy was standing tall after taking the title from Druscilla. But ladies and gentleman, I can tell you first hand that things will be different this time. Druscilla is hungry and now has Brandon Moore showing her a sadistic way of doing things. Apathy is a true veteran, but this time around won’t be her time. We will have a new Brooklyn champ in Druscilla.

Brandon Moore vs Joe Montuori =Bareknuckle Title Match=

Stephen A Smith: And this is the one I have been waiting for. How this isn’t the Main Event still has me confused. I guess Miss F truly doesn’t like either man or care for them. But you have 2 of the craziest, twisted and wildest men in the business fighting for a title. The history is there. The beef is there. This is the one you don’t want to miss. Brandon has slowly been getting back into the ranks with FIGHT. J Mont has been back to his winning ways. But who can block out all the drama in their lives to win this title? Will Michelle cost Brandon the title? Will Brandon be too occupied thinking about Druscilla? Will J Mont be wondering where Mia is? Will this new baby be on his mind if it’s his or not? But i will tell you this…..this match will be one of the best and i know both men will hold nothing back, but i see 3 letters here that will get the win. A JKO is going to get J MONT his 4th title here in FIGHT NYC as he builds his legacy up here even more.

Shawn Warstein vs Miss Michelle

Stephen A Smith: Sorry to say this to Michelle, but you’re losing 2 things. The last name Moore and this match. Shawn has been on a tear and this is a warm up match for him as he gets ready for the World Title and Dickie Watson. Miss Michelle is a tough woman and has a mouth and backs it up, but this time, Shawn is going to shut it up and get the pin.

Main Event
Dickie Watson vs Ashlynn Cassidy

Stephen A Smith: WHAT? This is the Main Event? FIGHT really needs to hire a new booker. I can see having the World Champion Dickie Watson here but who is this other person? Hey Miss F, give me a call and I will show you how to book a Main Event. I’m not wasting anymore on this match. Watson for the win as he gets ready for Warstein.

[A quick commercial break.]

Stephen A Smith: We are back and I would like to thank you for tuning into today and listening to what I thought about Venom 17. I cannot wait to see HOW TRUE my predictions are. I’m sure I made a few enemies after this broadcast, but I don’t care. This is what I do for a living and everyone loves it. Stay tuned, because next week, I may have time to work on a Venom 18 show. Once again, this is Stephen A Smith, have a good one.

[Show concludes, and we are DONE.]

OOC: This was done in Fun. Please do not take personal and if you have any problems, come directly at me, no one else in FIGHT. Thanks and have a great day.