For a Princess

By: Le’Andra Fury

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 17th Jan 2022

June 25 2021; 3:06am – 230 Central Park South, #PH16 A knock came at the door as Mr Chan made his way past it carrying a silver serving tray with the remnants of Le’Andra Black’s mid-morning snack. Her husband, Xavier Black, FIGHT! NYC owner and Chan finally figured out how to keep Le’ in a good mood… food; she was on her second snack of the day. He was dressed in a pair of white slacks and the loudest pink and green dress shirt ever put together with a pair of pink heart shaped glasses. He stopped and opened the door to find Anicka Swan standing there dressed in a pair of jeans with the knees missing and a white t-shirt stretched almost to its max capacity and a hot pink fur coat that went down to her ankles finished her ensemble. Beside her stood a cream colored teddy bear with two tattooed arms wrapped around it.

I’m not even going to ask. Chan shook his head and opened the door wider then nodded his head down the hallway. Le’s in the living room.

Anicka stepped into the apartment and the “bear” followed in behind her; she clapped her hands together and jumped up and down just enough to where if she had been Chan’s gender of preference she would have caused him to rise. Ani’s so excited, look what we got the baby.

Not sure you could have found a bigger one if you tried.

Bam, Ani wants you to meet Chan. She looked at the bear first and then turned to Chan. Chan, meet Bam Miller. Chan opened his mouth but was cut off by Ani. Be nice, Chan. Ani likes Bam.

Nice to meet you, Chan. I’d shake, but my hands are full. He turned just slightly so he could see Chan.

With Ani, they usually are.

Chan! Chan said nothing but smirked, turned around and continued back down the hallway. Bam chuckled, for some reason, he liked Chan already. Good thing Le-Le loves you!

Anicka led Bam down the hallway to the living room, passing a new single person elevator that looked like a brass case that went to the floor above. When the trips up and down got a little rough for Le’Andra, X snapped his fingers and Chan was on the phone finding someone who puts elevators in. They found Le’Andra sitting in the living room on the chaise lounge with the TV on and a laptop resting on her pregnant belly. She was dressed in a loose fitting gown, light blue in color with her long blonde hair twisted in her braids; french manicure on her fingers and toes. She looked up as soon as she saw them and smiled a smile that seemed to light up the room brighter than it already was with the morning sun shining through the floor to ceiling windows.

Ani! She smiled and looked at the bear beside her. She closed the laptop and sat it on the seat beside her. And Mr Bear. So nice to see you.

It’s Bam, Mrs. Black. Again he turned sideways so he could be seen. Bam Miller.

Please, both of you, have a seat.

We’re not staying long. Ani told her as she walked over and took a seat on the edge of the lounge. She then reached her hand over and placed it on Le’s stomach and gave it a rub in a circular motion. We just came by to drop off the bun-bun for L2. How are you both doing today? She turned and looked at Bam and beamed with pride. Ani’s the Godfather.

Le’Andra couldn’t help but think “damn” as she saw the look in Ani’s eyes as she looked at Bam; she’s seen that look only two times before and both times, ended in disaster and sent her friend on a downward spiral out of control. Not that Ani’s life hasn’t been a spiral since she met her. But she and her husband love that woman, for both the same AND different reasons. Le’Andra didn’t like her when she first met her. Ani and Xavier had a legendary on and off toxic relationship that spanned a decade of sex and drugs; whenever they crossed each others paths it was 6 mons of the Family wondering when they would get a phone call with their bodies being found somewhere. But Le’Andra had grown to like and even love the woman; especially after everything that she did for them, when they were “dealing with” Xavier’s “father”, Thomas Marke. She was there the night the twins had been conceived, she cried with Le’ when they found out what was going on between L2 and X2, she bought things for the baby and food for Le’, it was one of the reasons she and Xavier decided to give her honor of being the Godfather and she will be there for the birth. A role she’s quite proud of. Where would you like us to put bun-bun?

Upstairs in the nursery, please. Le’Andra said as she started to get up… not once, not twice, but three times before she sighed heavily and looked up at Anicka. Well, don’t just stand there, asshole. Help me up.

Damn, Ani’s sorry. Anicka jumped to help Le’Andra, giving her a gentle pull to her feet. But Ani knows you well enough that if she HAD tried to help you up, you’d have yelled at Ani for doing that, too.

She’s right, you know. Le’ said as she turned her attention to Bam and motioned for the doorway they had just walked through. Did you two do anything to where I need to have the bear dry cleaned?

I assure you, no bears were harmed in its travels. He and Ani watched as Le’ got on the elevator and pressed the button for up as they started up the spiral staircase on the other wall. We can’t say that they didn’t see anything they might need therapy for sometime in the future. I don’t wanna know, Ani. Oh, Ani thinks you know. At the top of the stairs, Le’Andra got out of the elevator and waited for them to make it up to her.

Bam, I must ask… She cast her eyes towards Ani and then back to him. Do you know what you are doing?

Honestly… This time it was Bam who cast his eyes towards Ani and then back at Le’Andra. Not a clue.

Sounds about right for any of us when dealing with Ani.

Um, you know… Ani’s like right here.

Ani said as she looked back and forth between the two. Le’ just smiled and turned and started down the hallway to the nursery, this caused Bam to smirk a little and Ani elbow him in the ribs as they followed along after her.

Jesus, look at this place. Bam said as he looked around the room. The room was painted a cream color with cloud shaped lights hanging from the ceiling; a beige carpet with a sitting area on one wall inside a castle and in the center of the room a bed shaped like a hot air balloon.

Baby LeX is going to wake every morning in the clouds. Anicka clapped excitedly and then looked around the room and found an empty corner. Put bun-bun over there.

Thank you, Ani. Le’Andra walked over to her and hugged her tight.

L2 is going to love it and I know she’s going to love you. When Bam backed away from the bear, Anicka went to adjust it more to her liking and Le’Andra stepped to him with the sweetest smile on her face.

Thank you, Bam. She hugged him to her, a normal one at first until he felt the arm around his neck tighten and her hand on his junk giving a firm enough squeeze to where she had his full attention. Her sweet and innocent voice turned dark and sinister and just a whisper in his ear. So, help me, by the Gods, Bam Miller, if you damage that woman more than she already is and my husband and I are stuck yet again picking up her pieces… They will never find your body. She let go of his junk and leaned back with the same sweet smile on her face that caused Bam to silently wonder if she smiled that sweetly the whole time she threatened him. I am sure that L2 is going to love it.

This room, um.. Bam cleared his throat a little, he didn’t know what to say; the shock of all that just happened in a matter of seconds, it’s not everyday that a woman 6 months pregnant threatens your life while smiling as sweet as sugar and all in the matter of time it took to give a hug. …is, um… pretty enough for a princess.

Funny you should say that. Ani says as she turns around with a smile.

Don’t you start. Le’Andra narrowed her eyes just slightly.

Sounds like a joke I’m not in on.

Le’s really a princess. Anicka blurted out real quick and then ran to the other side of the baby bed and ducked down.

I am not! Le’ sighed, she really wished Ani had never found out that little tidbit about her. Le’ could live with the fact that her ancestors were pirates, but the whole princess part wasn’t her thing. She looked at Bam. Pay no attention to her, we gave up that title in the 9th century when we became pirates. Long story I’ll tell you over drinks one night if you’re still around. She looks at Anicka. Will you stop blurting that out every chance you get?

Sounds like an interesting story I hope to hear one day.

Are you going to hit Ani? She said as she slowly walked back over.

After L2 is born, over and over. Anicka got a confused look on her face, that would have rivaled Sahara’s when she doesn’t understand something. I need a sparring partner and VooDoo said you would be the best choice.

Ani’ll be happy to get you back into ring shape. But for now, time for Ani and Bam to go. We’ve got to find out where Michelle is and take Erza’s bear over to him. You want us to walk you back down?

No, I think I am going to sit here for a little bit. She walked over to the bed and took a seat. I’m going to make mental notes of what I need to get.

Okay, then Le-Le, we’ll see you down at Disney.

See ya, Le’Andra. Both Ani and Bam turned to leave and as they walked away Ani jumped on Bam’s back for a piggyback ride, Le’Andra could only shake her head.

Le’Andra sat there for a few minutes looking around the room as she has so many times before, since they found out she was pregnant. The mental list that she began that day was a whole lot longer than the last one she made. As a matter of fact, the only thing actually left on the list was the baby.

Hey, now. Le’Andra said as she put her hand on top of the swell of her stomach. We have had this convo before, Lexandria Sarah Black. I could have swore that we both agreed that kicking mommy in her ribs was a bad thing to do.

She placed her other hand on her stomach and began to rub them both around.

I wished you were here to go to Disney with us. She began. I know, we have a whole lifetime ahead of us to take you, but I can’t help but wish you were going to be with us this time. I am so jealous of everyone taking their kids. Their faces and their smiles as soon as they get to meet Mickey and Minnie and all the princesses. I can’t wait to see my little princess among all the Princesses. Except my princess… She smirked a little and leaned down and whispered to her stomach. Really is one.

She grows quiet and continues to rub her stomach for a moment.

I can’t help but wonder, which Disney princess will be your favorite? Hmm? Will you be like all the other little girls and have Cinderella or Aurora as your favorite? Maybe Snow White? Could be Merida maybe? She could almost be a viking. She’s brave and daring, rebellious and headstrong; which I already know you’re going to be, especially those last two. How do I know? She chuckles softly. I’ve met your parents.

She continues to rub her tummy.

Some could say that being a Firstborn was much like being a princess. Certain rules and customs we have to follow. Merida kind of bucked the rules and defied her heritage much like your mama did when she stepped away from the Clan and trained to be a wrestler. She snickered a little. Much like your mama did when she married your father. At least you won’t have to worry about that one, L2. When you find the man you feel is the one, we will support your choice 100%. We won’t even make him pay the Bride Price.

The hell we won’t. Out of instinct and fright, Le’Andra grabbed her stomach and half yelled at the same time and looked over at the door to find her husband, Xavier Black, standing there in a black dress pants and a white dress shirt with a black tie loosened around the buttoned collar.

Din drittsekk! She said in her native tongue. How long have you been standing there?

Long enough to know that out of over 100 million women in this world, I found the most beautiful… He started walking towards her causing her anger to ebb down some. The bravest… He knelt down in front of her. The most amazing one of all…

Aww, saying things like that, Xavi’… Le’Andra reached over and caressed Xavier on the cheek. Almost makes me feel bad for calling you an asshole.

And that’s really how I knew you were the one. He placed his hand on her stomach. How are my girls today?

One is hungry and one is upset she’s going to miss the second Blood Money. Xavier braced himself on the inside and listened to her go into the usual “tirade” about missing the match, like a dutiful husband. Before Blood Money 1 and FIGHT! opened, all of the competitors had to take physicals and it was then that they found out that Le’Andra was pregnant; she had been benched from the match. And here they were, rolling up on Blood Money 2 and she was missing out again. And how everyone should be glad that she wasn’t allowed to participate. When she was finished, she looked sad and sighed heavily.

There’s nothing I can do about the upset one, I can however feed the hungry one. Xavier said nothing as he stood up and watched her mull it over in her head for a moment.

That will probably make the upset one feel better, too. Again, she pushed herself up off the bed not once, not twice, but three times before she crossed her arms over her chest and looked at him. Really? Et tu, Xavi’?

Don’t really, Xavi, me. He held out his hand to her and pulled her to her feet. We’ve danced that dance too many times.

You know you love that dance. She smiled at him.

It’s my favorite dance of all. He gave her a wink.

Together they made their way over to the door, talking about where they should go to eat, both agreeing on going to the Empire Room at the Velvet Rabbit, so Le’Andra could see first hand how things were going with Club LeX.