From Drunk, to broken

By: Eoin O’Rourke

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 3rd Dec 2021

“I can’t fucking stand this. Where the hell are you?!”


-Eoin O’Rourke walks around his Fight apartment thats in disrepair, a mess, and dirty. Eoin marches back and forth checking his phone for something off and on, all while holding a lager in his hand, drinking a few sips off and on.-


Eoin: Where are you? Where are you? Where the shit are you, you fucking WHOREEEEEEE?!!? I’ve been up for around two days looking for you and you are NOT saying where you are anymore!! Why? Why?! WHY?! Fucking christ!!


-Eoin kicks a table thats already laying on its side in rage. As he kicked it, he broke the glass bottle of beer he was holding in the same instance-




-Eoin pants and tries to calm down, he then raises his broken bottle to try to drink it. When he fails to drink anything, he shouts and throws the broken bottle at the bulletproof window glass-


Eoin: This… Makes no sense at all…


-Eoin stands breathing air in and out like a raging bull before falling backwards in exhaustion, crashing through the table he just kicked back up-


Eoin: Ow…


-The raging Irishman slowly loses consciousness as he lays on the floor, looking up at the ceiling with the pieces of broken table on each side of him. Before his eyes shut, he looks at his phone one more time-


Eoin: Lizzy…. Eric…. Where…?


-Eoin finally passes out, his phone dropping on his chin-


=Sometime later=


-A knock on the door is heard-


Eoin: Hmm…. Huh?


-A couple more knocks are heard, louder this time. Eoin rises from his couch and looks out the window, the day prior is now night, and the floor was clean as it always was, and the table is unbroken.-


Eoin: Oi! Who goes there?


???: It’s me, who do you think?


-A familiar voice, yet not definente on who it is, Eoin cautiously walks towards the door. As he walks he notices he’s not actually getting closer to it. He picks up the pace a little, and eventually makes it to the door, looking back at the floor-


Eoin: That was weird. Hold on!


-Eoin then raises his hand, ready to open it, but before he does, he questions on who it could be. He turns back to the floor and looked back at the door. Eoin opened it and there she was. Liz.-


Liz: Well? No “Hello”? “Yes”? No, get the fuck out of here or I’m going to gut you like a fish?


-Eoin stood at the door, staring in absolute awe looking at Liz as if she never left dressed in her Cleopatra dress-


Eoin: You’re… You’re back. Bloody hell your back!


Liz: Well yeah. Did you think your little act with Betsy would go unnoticed?


Eoin: I… Nevermind, please please come in lass please.


-Eoin backed up and waved his hands in the direction into his apartment and eventually, Liz walked in with a carryon suitcase, and a purse. Eoin stood staring at her. He broke off his gaze to notice the door shut behind her, but there was no Eric with Liz. Eventually, she stood in front of the window looking out to the busy streets of Manhattan-


Liz: You still have the nice view of the park. I have to admit mon ami, you have a lovely taste in visuals and sightseeing.


Eoin: Yeah… Hey love?


Liz: And the fact you still have passion for wearing fine clothes. It impresses me that a nationality usually associated with vulgarity and disgust and drink, would have some loving qualities. Those are things your brother lacks. He can’t exactly love a woman of my stature with just weed smoking alone.


Eoin: Yeah, I know that quite well. You only have to live with the lad to-


Liz: To understand that he isn’t you, Eoin.


-Eoin looked at Liz with a nervous chuckle. He was many things with Liz, but never confident with her. She was his everything, and wanted her to feel that she was superior, if not equal.-


Eoin: Hey love, where is the little lad?


-Liz turned back Eoin and walked over to him with a smile-


Eoin: I mean, y’know, not like I care more about him than you, you know? I am only curious on… whether or not something happened with him along the-


Liz: Shh…


-Liz put a finger over Eoin’s mouth and he stopped talking right there. He eyed her, up and down. He’d been missing her for so long that the world around him slowly grew foggy and he saw nothing but her.-


Eoin: I’ve missed you love.


Liz: I know.


-She looked up and pressed her lips against Eoin’s. They embraced in this cloudy fog. The floor beneath them rumbles and shakes. Their kiss suddenly breaks-


Liz: Wake up Eoin…:


Eoin: …What?


Liz: Wake up.


-Suddenly Eoin finds himself still on the floor, this time panting like he ran a marathon. Looking around he stares up at the ceiling, with his phone vibrating on his face. However before he can do anything, Eoin rolls over on his side covering his mouth, and heads to the restroom and proceeds to vomit. He throws up the excess of alcohol that was in his system over the past couple of days and his habit has grown increasingly worse. After spitting into the toilet, he wipes his mouth and holds his head-


Eoin: Fuckin’… All a dream? Was it all just… make believe? God… 


-The hard hearted Irishman begins to sob as a dream he had experienced, that felt so real, so pleasant, so happy for the first time in a while, was only a dream. A facade he had hoped would happen. After sobbing for a minute, Eoin rose up wiping away the tears and made his way to the living room that was indeed still an awful mess. The night was turning into early morning by this point, indicating he had been resting longer than thought to have believed.0


-He grumbled to himself and wobbled his way back to the living room and surveyed the floor looking for his phone. He found it and looked that there was a new message from Eric.-


Eoin: What… Oh my god, Eric?! What is this? Open… OPEN!!


From Eric: Yo Bro, she’s going to be there but she might be a little late but she WILL be there.


Eoin: Party… Oh shite the Chirstmas party! And… she’ll be here. Jesus Christ…  Well uh… Gotta get ready for it all!


-Eoin tossed his phone to the couch and rushed back to the bathroom and took a long shower, brushed his teeth, gelled his hair, to look his best. After he was finished grooming, he got himself dressed for just the day to day activities. When he walked to the door to go grab some specific post party supplies, he saw on the new LED match card poster, showing himself in a match at the Silent Fight briefly-


Eoin: Wait, what was- Hey! What was that? Oh.


-Turning around Eoin saw the poster moved and he saw himself in a four way against Kasey Winterborn, Anicka Swan and The Enforcer in something called, “The first Reindeer Games”. The name of the match leaves Eoin perplexed-


Eoin: Da fuck is the Reindeer games? Is it where we pin the tail on the donkey that is Enforcer? Not, for nothing, the ol boy is as tough as an ox on steroids, and he was even considered good enough to be a former stablemate of mine in the Cure, so it ain’t like he’s a total afterthought. But if it means I gotta shove a nail on his ass, it’ll at least be funny.


-Eoin shook his head and went into the elevator that led into the lobby, and it too was getting ready for the Christmas party-


Eoin: Then theres Anicka and to be honest, shes an interesting basket case. Loves that Enforcer, being around him so much and hanging around each other… Obviously their going to help one another in this whole kerfuffle. Kinda sad that is technically 2 v 1 v 1, unless theres more at stake in this thing. I’m not sure. But I can handle a muscle lover bitch. The one that concerns me, Winterborn.


-As Eoin walks in the lobby, he see’s waiters bringing alcoholic drinks to the party and he’s eyeing the tray before shaking his head-


Eoin: Nonono. Focus, who was on I on about? Oh yeah, Winterborn. NSQ’s prodigal bitch. Must be fortunate, to be apart of a group who has gold that she doesn’t defend. Impressive as she is, she just like the rest of them are all cozy with the free publicity they get and privilege to just be together. Even if I’m on my own for these “games” I won’t go outta my way to help no dame. I’d rather have the two knobheads go at it on her, take turns softening her up and take her down meself. That’ll show Liz that I’m serious about fighting along side her cause. Yeah… Yeah that will help a lot.


-Eoin enters into New York and spends most of the day spending what he could on dresses, beverages, and snack cakes. As the sun sets, he returns to the Fight Tower and goes back into his apartment. When he finally does, he actually starts cleaning up a little bit. He more or less half assed cleaned his rooms, as there was still clutter and grime around but he felt tha the had run out of time.-


-At this point, he gets his newly bought blue suit on, combs his hair and heads back towards the lobby. He can see that the lobby was full of people but he does not yet see Liz as the text described.-


Eoin: Where are you? Where are you? Come on babe where could you be, Christ! Maybe… Maybe she’s here and I just can’t see her… Yeah. Alright, get me off this thing. Come ON!


-Eoin quickly gets off the elevator and looks around the crowd and see’s a new waiter carrying some cocktails. Eoin grabs one and starts drinking it. He uses his height to look around for Apathy in the crowd-


Eoin: Aw man thats some good stuff… Might need more to calm my nerves. Just need to find Liz.


-Eoin looks around in the crowd seeing a few familiar faces in this party, most of them Fight roster members. After downing the rest of the cocktail, he grabs another and takes another sip. Then out of random, Eoin notices a man in a small group by the entrance who resembles his former friend, turned Fed, Malcolm. Eoin makes his way over to this man and taps him on the shoulder-


???: Yes? Can I help you?


-The man turned around and showed that it was not Malcolm instead it was a big time real estate investor-


Eoin: Oh… Apologies mate. I thought you were someone I know, he… *hic* wears a suit similar to yours. Please have a good night.


-The investor looked almost insulted at Eoin and returned to his group of friends. Eoin looked at his drink and downed it, then grabbed yet another. He looked around a little more, but not seeing Liz anywhere, he depressingly sat down at a table, sitting next to Ricky Rodriguez. Eoin looked at him and sighed trying to stir up conversation-


Eoin: ‘We should be helping them’.


-Eoin looked at Ricky who looked visibly confused-


Eoin: ‘Apathy and Sahara.’


Despite the pretty clear answer, Ricky was still a bit lost. Eoin rolling his eyes at this, he turned his full body to face Ricky.


Eoin: ‘They’re fighting a fight we should be fighting with them. But instead, here we are at this stupid thing.’


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘I mean, we can have their backs. That’s a pretty good start.’


Eoin’s expression shot daggers at Ricky before taking another drink.


Eoin: ‘They need more than a pretty good start. They’re fighting to make this place better for guys like you and me. We should be there, by their sides, ready to do whatever that needs to be done.’


The words of Eoin sent Ricky back to earlier when he slipped away with Sahara. He nodded firmly at Eoin before speaking up.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘You’re totally right.’


Eoin: ‘You’re goddamn right I am! They’re fighting against the worst parts of this business and we’re just..sitting around on our asses!


-Then the DJ of the party begins to play Interparty System’s Don’t Stop, and the song immediately makes Eoin think of Liz, who is still not at the party yet and he gets up from his seat-


Eoin: I’ve had enough of this shite!


-Eoin yelled from the top of his lungs and through the cocktail he had at the wall. The glass shattered in a million pieces. Some people, including Ricky, looked at Eoin in surprise, while others ignored, and some chuckled.-


-Eoin looked at the crowd and then looked Ricky in the eyes before heading to the crowd-


Eoin: Sonofabitch. Motherfuckingcunt. Shitbitchass.


++Eoin grabbed the DJ by the collar of his very stylish shirt and raised his fist ready to strike until a hand with long coffin shaped nails wrapped around his wrist and cooed++


Apathy: Easy big fella, I requested this on my way here. So you would know I was nearby. Sorry for the trouble love, find me after for a little extra something. Carry on…WE need to talk, don’t we? 


-Eoin almost immediately drops the DJ and stares at Liz in her golden dress, like his dream, with a strange headpiece. He rushes off the stage and looks at her-


Eoin: I… I thought at this point it was all a big fucking joke by that little shithead… 


++Eric steps into the exchange from behind, a grin on his face++


Eric: This fuckin’ guy over here…


-And as soon as Eoin laid eyes on Eric, his mind went completely blank, his psyche broken, he now no longer saw clear.