Getting Caught

By: Eoin O’Rourke

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 7th Nov 2021

-I laid motionless on the floor for awhile, just taking the pain that Murphy Doyle Maher gave me and letting it settle in. He really got some hard shots in and he certainly kicked my ass, but I had to get up. If I didn’t, someone would fall over and get themselves hurt on my account and blame me for something I didn’t do. I struggled for a moment, but eventually I stood. When I did, I looked up and heard the announcement that Liz got eliminated. I felt like such trash. I’ve let her down and failed to keep her in this whole Ascension fight. I walked my way to the backstage area where I saw the other people eliminated, Liz wasn’t one of them. Then, a woman in a suit came to me-

Mr. O’Rourke? Would you please follow me.

Oi? Oh, sure lass just-

Right now, if you don’t mind. We have to keep this lane clear, and get everyone checked.

Fine. Let’s just go.

-The woman looked like she was employed by FIGHT. Blonde, a little tall, seemed the kind of people FIGHT would hire as extra security. We walked around and made way to the garage. It felt like a setup, as if FIGHT was taking me here to hand me my termination papers. Kinda felt like I deserved em, after failing Liz I don’t think I could bare to see her disappointment, or her rage that she would unleash on me. However this didn’t feel right.-

Hey girl, what’s this all ’bout?

I’m not sure Mr. O’Rourke, please just follow me. We’re almost there.

-She sounded serious, yet I could tell she was hiding something, I knew it in the tone of her voice. Once we entered the garage, all I can feel was uneasiness. I had figured this person was taking me to the medical physician about my head and neck, considering how hard MDM had my head smack that extinguisher. Then the lady took out a walkie talkie-

Sir? We’re here and ready.

What? What are you talkin’ to? And who?

A friend Mr. O’Rourke.

-Suddenly I hear tires screech and the sight of a van dives its way into the garage, stopping in front of me and the woman.-

Wait, I know that van. What the fuck is this?!

-Then the middle door opens and four men in suits step out. Behind all of them Malcolm stepped out with a big white smile-

Good evening Eoin.

Malcolm?! What do you-

-As I was speaking mid-sentence, something with so much force smacked the back of the head. I completely blacked out right after. The thing I saw, was Malcolm and the other men walking towards me with Malcolm chuckling-



I pulled the trigger of the handgun Liz gave me. Shooting my father in the head, ending his life. I watched life in his eyes vanish in front of me on that boat off of Maine. He deserved it… No, he deserved more. For all the pain he had caused me, my brother, my mother… I had never known him. He was a coward in more ways than one. He wanted to fuck and run. Fighting wasn’t who he was… Yet I stood on that boat with my love in the same instance with a few others around and we were all witnesses to it… I ended my roadblock and it paid off in what way? I expected my whole life to change after that night. I expected to be free of all my demons that had followed me wherever I went. And yet, I can’t get way from all of it. More demons piled on me and I kept getting more trouble than its worth… Why am I still holding this gun?

Because its who you are Eoin.

Oh, its you. You’re the voice inside my head huh? The conscience I can’t shake is that it?

No, if I was you’d hear me everyday. What I am is your father’s last memory, I’m what you saw leave after you ended my life. You held that gun that night to end the life of your own blood, your own father. The man who birthed you, who tried to raise you… But I never was fit for that shit. I could never raise anyone, no matter who it is. None of that matters now. You, my son, you’re over your head. You can’t handle what is happening to you right now.

I suppose you could then huh? Fuckin’ ma, trying to make her think you were in the fight to free Ireland, but instead you betray her, betray me and you did the very same thing to Eric!

No Eoin… But I am telling you something that you should take into consideration now. Don’t be who you can’t be. Be who you must be to survive.



-I get a giant splash of water over my face. I react by coughing and hacking, and shaking my head. My hands were cuffed and my legs bound, and I was sitting in a chair-

He’s awake.

Fucking finally. I’ll go get the boss.

Where… Where the fuck am I? Wha?

Quiet. Agent Donaldson would like to debrief you.

What the fuck do you mean?

She really puts out doesn’t she? Yeah, just keep watching. Body cam footage should be enough to bring her in. Thanks. Eoin!

What is this Malcolm? Where have ya taken me?

Hey Rich, go take a break I can handle it from here.

Yes sir.

-The other agent left the room and left me with Malcolm alone-

How’s your head my friend? You seem to have a nasty habit of getting hurt up there.

My head feels like I’ve lost a liter of blood. Still more than enough to crack a bone or two in your head with it, just give me the chance.

Oh I’m sure you could Eoin, you’ve always been a strong one. Never one with braincells though, thats loss you can’t get back.

Where are we? Where is Liz?

Oh! Well I’m glad you asked that because, thats what we want to talk about.

Whose we? You? Or that farce you call a government?

-Malcolm begins laughing and pulls up a chair and relaxes himself-

You always were very colorful Eoin. Always had been.

Yea. Nice trick with the woman a few minutes ago at Ascension.

Oh its been longer than a few minutes old friend. We’ve had you here for about two weeks.

Two weeks?! What the fu-

We figured how badly your head and neck damage we thought it better to put you into a medically induced coma. While in this state some doctors would ensure that there was no blood in your brain, or actual long term damage. Thankfully, you made it through that. We’ve only just been splashing you with water this morning. Couldn’t lose our star witness.

-My lights have been off for two weeks and this madman thought that waterboarding would be the best thing to wake me up… –

Your a right bastard you are mate.

It was for your best interest. And ours. I knew you wouldn’t come quietly but, it was for the best Eoin.

You coulda fucking killed me! Saved us all the bloody trouble!

Now why would I want to do that? You’re my best shot at finding this woman.

Wait… So you don’t-

We’ve been looking for her, right after we picked you up, we went back to get her but she didn’t arrive where we thought. And this company you and her work for, they haven’t been very cooperative in bringing her to justice.

-I sat silent for a moment before laughing hysterically-

Oh my fucking god, she can get away with all of this.

Yes, well. I don’t find this nearly as entertaining as you do. But I do need answers. Lets start.

No, no there is no need Malcolm.

Oh? Why’s that.

I know the lass… I know how she acts. I know how she thinks… Let me outta this shitehole.

-I was lying through my teeth. I knew it. But I had to act confident. I had to act straight with this-

She’ll be at FIGHT… I’ll bring her to you.

-Malcolm crossed his legs and pondered. He studied me for a few seconds, before snapping his fingers-

Jerry. Release the binds of Mr. O’Rourke would you please? And escort him out of the building.

Uh- Yes sir.

-The agent pulled a key from his pocket and went behind me to uncuff me-

Alright Eoin. We’ll see how you do this. You say you can bring her to us. We’ll see. I know your a good man at heart and you’ll do the right thing. And hey, when all this is set and done and we’re in the court hearings, I’ll put in a good word for you with the judge.

-The agent got the binds off of me and Malcolm smiled again. Walking away with a smirk-

Don’t you worry Mal… I’ll bring her to ya.

Alright pal lets get outta here.

-Me and this agent walked through the building we were in, went down what felt like 7 flights of stairs before finally getting to the exit and to my shock, its right in front of the FIGHT Tower. When I turned around the door slammed shut and I couldn’t believe where I was. I almost walked on the street while traffic was going by. I entered the lobby as per usual and the front deskman saw me but didn’t react to me. Seeing the calendar, it was November… I’ve been out for longer than I thought. I took the elevator back up to my room in the tower. Once I opened the door, it had felt like all my air had left me.The empty, lightless room with only my belongings were in the room.-

Welcome back; Eoin.

-The only thing that welcomed me back to my place of residence was the automated AI. Eric was nowhere to be found, he was missing. No notes, no indication he was here, no messages, just empty. I was… alone.-


-I stayed up the whole night, I ventured into internet rabbit holes and hour long videos about random stuff, including using a firearm effectively. Then at 11:00 AM my buzzer goes off and I almost scream. I stare at my door and I see a letter pass through the mail slot and I observe it. I make my way to it cautiously, thinking it might be something from Malcolm or some kind of bomb. I wasn’t thinking straight due to my lack of sleep. I picked it up and ripped it open and found that it was FIGHT giving me my booking match for the week. They decided to have one killer, face a baby killer, Bam Miller. I remembered a little of him, he was a violent bastard, who cared little for those he hurt, what he caused, what kind of a man he was. Chasing after Brandon’s wife’s title, she was… eccentric to say the least. But he did what he did for reasons. Just like me. But unlike me, I killed because I had to.-

-I had to put an end to the monster that was eating at my very soul, keeping me weak, keeping me as a boy rather than a man. I put an end to my old man because if I didn’t I wouldn’t ever be the man that I am now. But Miller? He killed accidently. And because he never had the heart to own his killing, he failed. He doesn’t have the killer drive that he believes he has. I know I do. I’m not afraid of taking live’s. Should he die while I’m facing him? So be it. He deserves every inch of pain I’ll inflict on him for what he did. He is pussy killer, killing a child without its right to even have the chance to live… If Michelle couldn’t make him regret it, I’ll ensure it on my own accord. –