Go Ahead And Try It Just For The Laughter

By: Todrick Tabor-Ramsey

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 3rd Dec 2021


Tuesday, November 16, 2021
2:46 a.m.
Police Station
Manhattan, NY



“My Husband, My Life”


”This is quite the predicament I find myself in. I have been arrested for the first time in my life. The absolute crazy thing about this is that I’m more worried about what my husband, Austin Ramsey, is going through than my current predicament. Is this that unhealthy relationship ish that Dr. Cook has been telling us about? I should be focused on myself, but all I can think about is him. Let me explain; right now, Austin is in the lobby pacing and probably freaked out and making everyone else uncomfortable. His only focus is me, and without me there, he is having trouble channeling his energy and emotions. I’m sure it’s making the room intense and uncomfortable.

He means well, but he can’t think straight when it comes to me being hurt or wronged. A cage to him is the worst thing in the world, so me being in a cage has to be absolutely tearing him apart. I make everything look like it’s magic to him, but I’m not there to create the illusion behind this scenario. I’m not there to care for him in my time of need. I’m perfect and always worth it to him, and he needs that belief to hold on to the last bit of sanity he has. For others, the expression “you are my rock” is an expression, but to him, I am all that is left that is good in this world. That’s a heavy rock in my rucksack, but I said I would stick with him for better or for worse until death do us part.

Death, he wasn’t afraid of it, and he’s taught me not to fear it. The Ramsey’s look death in the face and sneer. When it’s our time, it’s our time. We will tackle any obstacle put in our path to make that bitch’s job harder, but he needs his Toddy right now.”

The buzzer sounds and a gate opens. The guard comes and tells Todrick that she made bail and it’s time to go. Todrick stands up and saunters out of the cell. The guards who watched FIGHT had ensured that everyone knew Todrick was a bit of a celebrity, and they had placed her in a private cell. Not because she was traditionally a male and dressed as a female in full make-up and nails for her safety, but as a celebrity, they didn’t understand her choices as a gender-fluid person, but it was on her merit on what they had been watching for months with FIGHT programming.
This wasn’t supposed to happen for girls like her. In jail, they weren’t meant to survive. In truth, getting arrested had changed something inside of her. No longer was she the goody goody girl; she gave zero shits at this point. Every word that Austin had been speaking was sinking in, and it was her against the world. He was her rock, but he had also tried to bring her down. She was the Manhattan Champion for a reason, and no bitch was going to take that from her until she was ready. She had been knocked down nine times, but she had gotten up ten.

She knew that dealing with Chris Page and him having the upper hand would let all the girls start to assume. She had to show them that she was a real bitch and she had never been a fraud. Austin had always said to stunt on these bitches out of spite and it was time to embrace what he had been trying to bring out of her. It was time to show all these old heauxs that they were in danger. They had better learn to hold a real gun or hold their tongue. She didn’t trust any of them, and she feared no bitch.

The guard led her to a large metal door, a buzzer sounded, and the door opened, and she was in Austin’s arms a few seconds afterward. He picked her up and spun her around, and he had tears in his eyes, and she was surprisingly unemotional. She kissed him and held his face to calm him and let him know it was all okay. He nodded indicated that he understood, and she took his hand, and they headed to the car as the scene faded.



Tuesday, November 16, 2021
7:36 a.m.
Austin and Todrick’s Bedroom
Manhattan, NY



“This Is My Fight”


Todrick was surprisingly the first person up. Austin hadn’t released his grip on her the entire night. If she moved, he woke up and reclaimed his position with his arms around her waist and his body pressed up against hers. She didn’t want to wake him because he would be irritable, and that would wake up the dogs, and she didn’t want to deal with any of that. She knew he was going to wake up confused and disoriented as she listened to his heartbeat. She knew every inch of him and everything that made Austin Ramsey tick. Like clockwork, he woke up and sat up dazed and confused and asked what day it was.

She calmed him and helped to orient him. The two exchanged an uncomfortable conversation, but she told him that he had to let her handle Chris Page in her own way. At first, he was not amenable to that, but he saw what the truth in her words and allowed it. She didn’t know that Miss Michelle had won the bid to challenge her for the Manhattan Championship at Silent Fight yet. The last thing he wanted to do was cast any doubt on the record holder for title defenses in FIGHT. Her upcoming match needed to be a formality as she soared yet again.

Austin focused on her as long as he could, and then he disappeared into the underground in his head. She gave him time to sort out whatever he was going through, and she took out her phone. It was then that she learned that Miss Michelle was to be her next challenger. She didn’t flinch or have any reaction at all. Her face was solemn, and she looked at Austin as she leaned back and fell into her own thoughts.

”Oh, another title defense, eh? How did I draw the short straw yet again? Chile, let me go out there and do what I do yet again. I wish my name were Dickie Watson, so I didn’t have to defend shit for months on end. The streets be talking, and I ignored it for a while, but I’m over it. Anyone can claim dominance when they show up with a group and don’t have to do shit night after night. This girl is out there working her ass off and being the actual face of the company. Quiet as it’s kept. Bloop! They can kiss my ass with that shit.

I’m so tired of footing these bills for these girls, and I hear them moaning when it ain’t true. The girls are forever running their mouths, and I have to pay that bill too. They know who they are, and now I have to defend yet again. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fighting champion, but my title is the only non-hot-potato championship that is on the block. When Dickie has one half of the defenses I have, then I’ll count him, but until then, sincerely, he can kiss my ass as well.

You got parents out here claiming titles; you got a T-Rex with little arms winning titles, tag titles that mean shit now, but because of the faction that holds them, they won’t have to defend them like their leader. Again, sincerely, kiss my ass. I’ve tried to be the best for FIGHT, and everyone is living while I’m hurt. No more, I’m all good over here. As a matter of fact, I ain’t even mad; I’m going out here to face Miss Michelle and whatever Tyler Perry drama she decides to bring.

Todrick rolls her eyes and looks at Austin again. He still isn’t back, and she gently calls his name to bring him back. He comes back to her quickly, and he melts into her. He reclaims his hold on her waist, and the two fall back and fall asleep.



Tuesday, November 16, 2021
1:30 p.m.
Ringside, Fight Tower
Manhattan, NY



“How Many Times”


Todrick Tabor-Ramsey sits on a stool in a dark arena with a spotlight shining down on her. She has arranged for a camera crew to be there, and she stares out into the darkness as they begin to record.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: If you have been treated like I was before, then turn your volume up because this one is for us. See men like Chris Page, complain about my attitude and the things I do. To me, it seems so obvious that he is quick to up and criticize because he sees what real star power looks like. That’s why he is quick to keep coming back. I’ve got my flaws, and yes, I realize that I’ve become hard to deal with because my heart is tired. What I won’t do is let him see me cry. I have no tears left for any of these heauxs.

He wants his moment, but he can’t seem to get it. He is on my terms, I control that, but now I find myself facing Miss Michelle at Silent Fight. She just lost her title, and I’m sure that she feels like she’s falling and she feels broken. She won’t ever admit that, but I’m sure it feels like dying, and she wants that hurt to be over. She is at home wondering when okay is coming, and she thinks she sees it at Silent Fight. When in reality, she’s fallen, and she can’t get up. The sun won’t be shining tomorrow, Annie.

She’s broken, and no one is there to fix her up. She doesn’t want to go outside anymore. She is looking at my title like it’s the only thing that’s real in her life, but my baby is not dying to be in her arms. She is staying with me; I’ve already told her to come on home. I’m a self-made chick. I know what I’m worth, and I’m going to come out here to do my thing. I’m going to teach her the lesson that nothing has ever come easy to me. When I’m done, she will pay me for the lesson I’m handing out at Silent Fight. When I’m done, I’m looking my haters in the face and letting them know that I’m on! I did it all independently, and I didn’t have any handouts. I stay undefeated, boo. I grind like any of these “dudes” and ain’t nobody stopping me but me. I gotta eat, so I gotta be a self-made chick.

Michelle ain’t really fucking with me on her best day. Y’all don’t like me to win? I’m okay; either way, I’m going to be okay. I’m going to get this money either way. See this face and see a diamond. I hear the rumors, and I feel your hate. I sleep good at night and let me tell you that my life is great. I got a whole lot of haters, but I keep it solo because I’m winning. That girl stay talking shit when we all know if she didn’t ride Brandon’s dick like a Harley, he would stop writing her hits. She hasn’t mastered the art of making him lick the plate.

Look, I like Michelle, but I am going to make it through the door before it closes. If she doesn’t like what I said, only God can judge me, and he knows I’m perfectly human, and I’m perfectly flawed. I hate that she can’t get it right if she tries, but she will point the finger at me, and I have to say and do the things that only y’all think to secure the victory. My championship is like an apple in front of her face, and it’s a temptation that she can taste, but if you follow Eve, that’s what doomed humanity and the reason we lost the Garden of Eden.

I apologize that I’m going to have to let it go at Silent Fight. I apologize; I’ll forgive all of you, Michelle fans if you forgive me. I would rather just give you love, and you give me love. I need to break it down, and I usually don’t do this, but I’ll do it for you. See, we don’t get along all the time; I’m America’s Most Wanted, and everybody is up on it because they want a whiff and a sniff of the Manhattan Championship. But I’m the bitch in a trenchcoat that’s wearing a bomb. I’ve been struggling and stressing all my life, and that’s why I’m coming in here with so much aggression. You all get blinded by that light, and the streets are a bitch. What does she know about it? What does she know about the grind outside of her husband’s shine?

The girls cower because her last name is Moore, but I got two last names, hoe, Tabor-Ramsey, and that now strikes fear in the girl’s hearts because they know they got the right one when they face me. They really hate me and all the games that I’m running, but they don’t know how to play me. They come, and I run right through them, and I leave them saying damn. Michelle is not exceptional, and she is not the exception to the rule, and I did not sign off on an exception to the policy. She needs to hang it up and stop trying; I’ve given up on my love for her because I have too much to do. I’m now bulletproof. I’m really feeling some kind of way; my love for her will absolutely wait until the end of the match.

Michelle is laying in the bed with her man wishing she could make him stay. She wonders if he will feel the same way he did before when he gets out of the bed. She wonders if he will walk back through the door. She is used to loving and losing, so this loss won’t be any different for her. She is used to feeling dumb and admitting it, feeling that the other girl is prettier than her, better than her, and she says to herself, “I don’t like me”. At Silent Fight, she will look at herself in the mirror and say this doesn’t look the same. She will think she is like the woman she was but will see that she made a mess of her life, and she won’t be able to figure out where she lost her sight.

She will be in a full-blown state of doubt and realize it’s too late. She will see that she has gotten older and never grew. She played games like she wouldn’t lose, and every day she’s a different girl but not “that girl” she will be facing “that girl,” and she will expect me to let it ride. She is a grown-ass little girl, and I can’t fix her upbringing before me. It’s gonna take more than a miracle for her to beat me. Michelle, when are you gonna do better with your life? You act like a schoolyard bully when you are really an insecure vapid shell of a girl that has the off-brand of milk and cookies in her lunchbox, and you are jealous of the real girls. You couldn’t beat me on my worst off day.

I’m the Manhattan Champion, and that won’t change at Silent Fight. I wouldn’t give you or Chris Page the satisfaction. When I’m done, then I’m done and not before. They will have to pry this belt from my cold dead hands. Her heart simply won’t beat anymore when I give you my all. I’m sure she will roll her eyes at me, but she won’t stand there and waste my time. And let’s not act like it doesn’t cross her mind that she shouldn’t be at home folding clothes and serving her man to keep him from leaving for weeks on end. So is she really focused on me?

She can package it however she likes, but Michelle is on the passenger side of this ride. She can get whatever she likes as I give her this work. I’m going to give her what she deserves and send her back home to what she actually holds dear. I’m the War Goddess, and I’m not holding back anything. I will serve her and give her what she deserves as I continue to reign as the Supreme. She is not the rising girl, and I mastered the seven wonders, and she is stuck at the Academy and playing with the other students.

Michelle, don’t give your home life up; stay home and take care of Ezra and take care of B. He loves you, but you gotta serve him and give him what he deserves. You aren’t ready until you fix your home life. I’ll be here when you are actually ready. My Christmas gift to you will be a swift and decisive defeat so you can get back to your family. It’s not your time yet, and please be okay with that, my love.

Todrick stands up and blows a kiss at the camera as the spotlight fades and darkness ends the scene.



Wednesday, December 2, 2021
10:00 p.m.
Manhattan Suite
Manhattan, NY



“She Up In Here Like A Champion”


”Damn, did my bedroom turn into a boxing ring? OMG Austin, is hitting it like he’s Rocky Balboa. He’s a Sagittarius, and the horoscope was right. Damn, he is really beating it up like Rocky. It’s his birthday, and right now, he is the best. He is making me feel like the champion he tells me I am. Damn, we up in here like champions, and I’m here for it. This performance is PPV-worthy, and I’m here for it. Oh, that’s it, can’t think straight….”

Several moments pass by.

Well, damn, I had the time of my life. She had a lot of juice, and I was on my Puuuuuuur ish today. Damn, he loved this new lace front. Michelle could neva, hahaha. Her cat is sitting there like a little dusty possum right now. That’s your girl, Toddy, that wasn’t called for. That doesn’t make it any less true, though. Like any other hater, I’d ask, “don’t you have cocks to blow?” The girls know they have to spend money to experience this kind of love. Austin is a Rude Boy, and he is big enough.

Jail changed me, and Austin can’t get enough. I’ve been letting him take me higher. He loves my responses on social media. He says the sex is different, and for a sex addict, that is the ultimate compliment. Biiiiih, you really are that girl; you really are the total package. Michelle, eat your heart out, girl.

Austin cries out and rolls over, panting and out of breath. Todrick smirks and cocks her eyebrow.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: Te Amo.

Austin Ramsey: I don’t know what you just fucking said, but I fucking love you. What the fuck got into you, and can we keep it?

Toddy giggles and nods yes.

Austin Ramsey: You learn that in…

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: Austin, let’s not ruin the moment. Getting arrested changes a girl. You see it, and so will Michelle at Silent Fight. I’m not the same girl she said would crash at Ascension. The same girl that she feels like she can waltz in and waltz out with an easy night. I let her reach, but she can’t reach me, Baby. I’ll pick her up when it’s over after she takes that fall.

Michelle is about to play Russian Roulette, but she isn’t really ready to take that breath. I’ve calmed myself, and I’m playing for keeps. When she takes the gun, the only count to three she will hear is when I pin her shoulders to the mat. Her heart will be beating, and she will be terrified, but I know that I must pass this test as I pull the trigger. Prayers won’t help her as she closes her eyes and faces the scary thought of being lost.

Her heart is beating through her chest, and she sees her life flashing before her eyes. Brandon won’t get the chance to say goodbye, and it would be better for her to turn away now before she enters the madhouse. But to Michelle, I say, come on in. The wait is over. There is power in my name, she has one, but I have two. I’m twice as nice. I’m a Rockstar, and I’m doing this for my Rockstars.

Austin believed every word she spoke. He smiles at his wife and loves that she is no longer a victim and jail made her ready to break the law. The only thing she is missing is a black guitar, and she truly is a Rockstar now. He lies back and folds his hands behind his head as the scene fades.