By: Austin Ramsey

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 19th Feb 2022




 Wednesday, February 1, 2022

1:18 p.m.

Shades of Green

Orlando, FL







“28 Flavors”







“Blood Money 2 was my night. Sure I got eliminated, but goddammit, I did to Bam Miller precisely what I said I would do. Austin is not all talk, and even though I didn’t win the whole thing, my goal was accomplished. Blood Money was a triumph, and now I destroyed Bam Miller. I did what I said I was going to do. I lost, but I’m okay with it. Now I gotta be nice. SEB took me out, but I got ignored when that writing hit about Disney. I clearly said I was Eric when then said I was Ursula. So that means I wrote your bitch ass promptTo hell. I’m supposed to make love to the blessed individual in this Choco shit. Call me sunshine because I make it clap for you. Shake with it. Dave wants you to touch the sky with him but let’s be transparent with it.


I keep it down for you, and I make bitches bend for you. I keep you. I retain your faces beating to the morn to respond to me. I responded at BM2, but I didn’t get credit, so why do it now. Dave, you are a grade a bitch.


I want him to swallw that, I want him to do my words with him. I wasn’t mad with him though. I think that my match against Dave is nice. It’s a chocolate match, and I think it will make tha costume smell better.


I can make everything better. At BM, he smelled horrible and I can make everyone clap their hand for ya. I make it the baddest bitch. Austin look at Todrick. We gotta hurry up.


Todrick:  It’s okay


Austin: I did it again, dafuq is a match with chocolate with dave. I don’t have an excuse I wanted you you to not matter. I hate it all. HATE WHERE WE ARE.