Happiness for the Ramsey’s or at least one Ramsey

By: Todrick Tabor-Ramsey

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 30th Apr 2022

Monday, April 18, 2022
11:27 p.m.
Capital One Arena
Washington, D.C.

”A New Beginning”

Todrick and Austin head backstage after their first tag match with Joe Montuori and ARP. Austin is torn and not really saying much. Todrick is in good spirits because Austin wanted a tag team with her and she gave it to him. Their training had clearly paid off even if they lost but that didn’t matter. Losing to JMont and ARP is nothing to be ashamed of. They had gone out there and put on the best match that they could and she was proud of the match. Austin wasn’t saying much, and she hoped that he did not feel like he let her down.

She knew that he wanted to win to prove that this was worth it. Austin was complicated and Toddy understood those complications. She grabbed his hand before they headed back past the curtain. She needed him to know she loved and supported him so he wouldn’t show the FIGHT Staff in guerilla that he wasn’t pleased. Austin squeezed her hand to let her know that he was okayish.

People told them that they did well and they smiled and continued to the locker room. Toddy laid her head on his shoulder and he was soothed. They went into the shower. And came out and started to get dressed.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: Austin you are very quiet. You know that we had a great match tonight. Baby it was not something we need to feel bad about.

Austin Ramsey: I don’t want to talk about how I let your down. Maybe if I was one of the people FIGHT considered worthy it would matter. I’m a joke and I’m booked as such.

Todrick says nothing as they enter their uBer and drive to their hotel. Todrick knew his feelings and she never wanted to be problematic but his words stung. She followed their routine and said nothing but he got in the bed and usually he was big spoon but tonight he wasn’t. She felt like Rue on Euphoria as her husband that was devoted to her was different. Tonight was not okay and she let it go. But they tagged together, was that not what he wanted? The baby, was that not what he wanted? Why was he not satisfied? She hadn’t seen a card but she was owed a shot at the Brooklyn Champion. She didn’t want to think they forgot she earned the shot but she knew they forgot it.

It was all about Dickie and Shawn and no one else mattered. Toddy was not the girl to make waves but she was not the girl that FIGHT invested in. She had some issues and she acknowledged that but was she ever a contender they believed in. Austin was Austin but she had given them a significant run a Manhattan Champion and represented them as the Champion that none of the others had. She defended weekly and ever complained.

The Empire Champion defended when…we’ll all wait? Michelle Riggs and Toddy defended their championships more than anyone. No one complained but the people saw. Now Michelle and Toddy had to face off again. Toddy knew what was at steak, but she knew this was an afterthought. She was not one to delve into backstage politics but Austin had been saying things.

Now Toddy needed to show how much she cared and face Michelle for a championship. She wanted to face Michelle at her best and Michelle was not someone to be taken lightly. The match at Silent Fight was spectacular. Michelle was a contender that was worth the best. Toddy was friends with Michelle and that was not gong to matter. She sent her a message about their announcement match.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: Michelle, I love you but we’ve been here before. You are a bad bitch and if it was not for me, you would be that girl. We know the things that matter. You and Paul were the selections outside of Dickie and Shawn. I wasn’t even a thought in the matter but Atty said what she said.

Girl I matter whether they believe in me or not. I don’t need to say 4,000 words or more to prove myself anymore. My scores remain the same and I see that. Austin made me see it but I can’t say he’s wrong.

He’s what I know. I want to have fun. I don’t post for a winner or loser anymore. Does it matter? I want to have fun and that’s it. I know people want me to say more, but I won’t.

Michelle and I will put on the best match possible. I love her and she loves me.

I know what matters I want to win. I will win. I’m enough and I know it.