By: Austin Ramsey

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 15th Apr 2022

Thursday, April 14, 2022
6:00 a.m.
The Ramsey House
Manhattan, NY

“Good Morning”

Austin Ramsey wakes up and looks over at Toddy, and smiles. He kisses her on the forehead and gets out of bed. He brushes his teeth and heads downstairs with the dogs following him. He lets them out into the backyard and then gets out his yoga mat. He begins doing his stretches and yoga poses. He finishes his workout and lets the dogs back inside. He cleans up after them and hits the shower. The shower door opens, and The Cutie With The Booty joins her husband, and Austin grins.

Austin Ramsey: Good morning, you’re up early.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: “Well, I wanted to get you up…early.

Austin Ramsey: Oh word? What a minute; what do you want?

Todrick smiles as she turns around presses up against Austin, and giggles.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: Can’t I just want to please my husband with no ulterior motives?

Austin Ramsey: Naw, cause after I bust it open, then you gonna get that sweet voice and rub my belly and ask for something. Stop doing that…fuck.

Toddy ignores his plea to stop and continues. Austin can’t contain himself, and she gets what she wants. When they finish, they shower and exit. Austin looks at Toddy in the mirror as they get ready. They exit the shower and get dressed. Todrick pulls up Austin’s calendar and rattles off the things he has to do that day. He had a few clients to train, but he had to promote the MAD2FIT gym. They had hired him to promote himself and their gym as he was all about fitness. Austin was all about fitness, so this was right up his alley.
Todrick packed his gym bag and then packed his lunch. Austin comes downstairs and kisses his wife, kisses his dogs, grabs his stuff, and leaves. He gathers his thoughts as he drives down the highway. He arrives at the gym and sees the set and the camera crew. He is approached by the owner, who gives him notes of things he has to cover. Austin nods and smiles. He steps onto the set and flashes a sexy grin at the camera, and they begin recording.

Austin Ramsey: Welcome to MAD2FIT gym. My name is Austin, and I’m one of the exclusive trainers here. What makes us different from other gyms is a question that I’m sure you are asking yourself. At our luxury gym, we offer customized solutions, and there are certified professionals like myself. We offer free consultations and have hourly pricing if you aren’t the monthly membership type of person.

We have circuit training, interval training/HIIT classes, strength training, yoga classes, group fitness training, personal training, boxing, and virtual classes. You select your trainer, and we get to know you and your needs and develop custom plans for you. You should know that fitness is a big part of who I am if you choose me. I believe in a healthy body and mind, and that’s why I work here because I can help you attain both.

Austin takes off his shirt.

If you choose me as your trainer, you can expect to see results like this. I will meet all of your needs and help you attain your goals. I hope to see you soon.

Austin walks offset, and everyone seems pleased with his performance. He got it all in one take. Austin remains shirtless and rubs oil on his chest and torso before taking out his phone and going live.

Austin Ramsey: What’s up, Instagram? It’s been a while since we talked. Ya boy is wrestling again on Monday at Venom #20, and wait for it, my and Toddy are tagging as a team for the first time ever. That’s right; you get two Ramsey’s for the price of one. You all know this has been my dream for quite some time. I get to tag with The Cutie With The Booty. Also, a big shout out to The Velvet Rabbit for giving her that moniker. I don’t know what has gotten into Toddy, but she has lately given me everything I want.

I needed that because our match is against JMont and ARP, and JMont is like a brother to me. So while I was on the highest of highs, realizing who my opponent was made this bittersweet. I finally get my tag team match with my wife, but who wants to fight their brother. Now he is talking about quitting and possibly retiring after this match. Like WTF? His legacy deserves better, but dammit, so does ours. I can’t let my wife down because of my relationship with Joe. Then there is his relationship with ARP. Will they even be able to function as a team? I don’t think they will, but even if they do, me and Toddy will be in complete synch. I train her, so our timing is down, and I have no doubt she wants to win.
Plus, she wants to make me happy cause she does gymnastics on my dick. We couldn’t be more in synch. This is our victory to take and own. I’m going balls to the wall with this match because everyone involved deserves it. You can’t underestimate anything or anyone, but I’m on cloud nine. I know last time the Fight fans saw us, things seemed rocky in the Ramsey household, but since then, Toddy has FINALLY agreed to a baby entering our household. We got a surrogate, and I put a baby up in her. I got the tag team that I wanted with my wife. And Domino didn’t get put out of the house.

Let’s be clear, divorce was never on the horizon, but things were not happy in the household. Toddy finally supported me the way I supported her, and I couldn’t be happier. I saw that many of you were advocating for me, and I appreciate that. It’s not lost on me that perhaps that’s what made Toddy come around. I thank all of you. I don’t have a clever title for you like Rockstars, but gah dammit, thank you. Austin wasn’t the bad guy here, and I’ve never seen y’all rock with me like that before. Y’all gonna fuck around and make me think you like me.

It’s cause y’all saw me and Jason Cashe interact, and you know I’m the nice one. He ain’t shit, and he be lying all the time. Hahaha. That’s my dood, just like Joe is my dood. But I gotta do what I gotta do when we step into that ring. All I do is win, win, win. No exception. I need this bag for Baby Ramsey. Since y’all finally fuck with me, I fucks with all of you. Me and Toddy finna take this tag team shit over. Tell Fight you wanna see more from us. We will deliver at Venom.

Austin ends the live. He posts it and goes to greet his next client. He is ready for the future because he is finally happy with his life.