Honesty of Greed (Blood Money)

By: Enforcer

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 9th Jul 2021




::Following the ending of Showcase # 33 at the Capital One Arena in Washington D.C. Enforcer is sitting in a chair inside his locker room with his back laid back against the wall and the OPW Prestige Heavyweight title belt is laying across his lap.† As an OPW trainer is finishing up the company’s concussion protocol following the attack on him from The Cure. With a smile on his face he wipes some sweat from his brow with a small towel. He sets the towel down just to his left. He looks over at the trainer..::


Enforcer:We good?


Trainer:We are good.


Enforcer:Good. You can leave now.


::The trainer collects his belongings and leaves.


Enforcer: I must admit I am a little worse for wear at the moment. Thanks Cure. (Enforcer rolls his eyes) Despite that and having to deal with those annoying ass alphabet boys for nearly a whole twenty four hours I have done what I set out to do. That was to regain my Prestige Heavyweight championship and now I am officially what I have been saying all this time. That I am in fact the forever Prestige Heavyweight champion. Now as I looked to close out OPW before itís transition to becoming Fight I should have been able to enjoy regaining my championship tonight but as we all saw that enjoyment was very short lived because Cure took it among themselves to come down to the ring and beat my ass. Cure felt the need to come down to the ring to, I dunno make an example out of Sebastian and I. Oh by the way, you are so very welcome, Sebastian for taking the ass whooping for both of us.† At least I can tell myself I went down swinging but that is neither here nor there. I am sure the knuckle draggers sporting their Cure merch are overjoyed they came out and gave it to me good tonight. Funny thing is I am not mad about it nor am I sad about it. Not even a little bit. It was nothing more than a simple tit for tat. Iíve been around long enough to know how these pissing contests go. Boys and whatever little yellow minions you have got, stay out of my way. To think I will allow myself to be outnumbered again will be a very big mistake.†


::Enforcer stands up and sets the OPW Prestige title belt down on the chair he was just sitting in.::


Enforcer:Now beat it, I am going to get back to New York and celebrate bringing the Prestige title belt back to its rightful home, with me.†


::Enforcer walks out of camera shot.::


Present Day


::Enforcer is standing in a dingy underground poker room operated by the Russian Mafia just after four in the morning as a three handed hand is being played at the table. Enforcer covers his mouth as he yawns when he is approached by a fellow player that he has played with on and off for years.::


Enforcer:Joey, how are you doing, buddy?


Joey:Same old thing, man. Grinding out a living.


Enforcer:If tonight is an indication you must be doing pretty well. You are killing it.


Joey:I have my nights and I can never have enough sessions like this.


Enforcer:We all can.


::As the men are standing there the action on the table catches their eyes. Both men pause along with everyone else in the room as they see a hand at the table with a very big pot. One goes all in, the second† man calls the bet, and the third man folds.::


Joey:(Whispering to Enforcer)There is slightly over three quarters of a million dollars in the pot right now.


::Enforcer looks a bit taken aback as the two men still in the hand each show their pocket cards. The man who bet all in on the hand shows an ace of diamonds and a five of spades to give him two pairs. The man who called the bet turns over a four of hearts and a three of hearts to give him a five high straight. The people in the room watching the hand let out a collective moan as they register what just happened. The man who lost the hand looks stunned as he sits back in his chair. Enforcer shakes his head and turns to Joey.::


Enforcer:I believe that is my cue, Joey. You want to go get breakfast? I know a place up the block.†




Enforcer:I have been here for almost thirty hours and I am up almost ten thousand dollars.


Joey:I wish I could but I canít,man. I have only been here a couple of hours and need to make some money today. As you can see the money is flowing.


Enforcer:Youíve got to pay child support and alimony, donít you?


Joey:To three ex wives.


Enforcer:Damn, man! Why donít you just put an escort on retainer? It would probably be cheaper.


Joey:You right, man.


Enforcer:Haha! Alright, man. I am going to get up out of here.


::Enforcer and Joey shake hands with a half hug. The Enforcer turns around and grabs his cash and chips. He walks over to a guy acting as the cashier. He hands the man the chips and money he won. The man counts it and slides the cash back to him. The man then takes out three bundled stacks of money and hands it to Enforcer.::


Enforcer:Thanks, man.


::The man nods his head slightly, turns around, and sits back down in his chair. Enforcer puts the money into his jacket pocket. Enforcer walks over to the elevator and slides open the cage door. He walks into the elevator and shuts the cage door behind him. Enforcer hits the up button and the elevator starts to ascend. Eventually the elevator stops and the elevator cage door is opened by a guy that was hired as the clubís security guard who is a bit bigger than he is. Enforcer walks out of the elevator.::


Enforcer(Stopping for a moment and looking at the security guard)Much appreciated, Big Meat.


::Enforcer walks down a hallway and opens the door at the end of the hallway. He steps through the doorway that leads to a stoop. He walks down the stairs of the stoop and begins walking down the street when a homeless man comes up to him. The homeless man grabs Enforcerís wrist. Enforcer turns to the homeless man and shoves him into the wall of a building with his forearm buried in the homeless manís jaw.::


Enforcer:Bad idea, bitch!†


Homeless man:Anthony, Anthony. Itís me,man…youíre choking me.


Enforcer:Who the fuck you?


Homeless:Itís me…Benny!


Enforcer:Benny who?


Homeless man:Benny Di Loreto.


Enforcer:No shit?!?!?! Benny?


Benny Di Loreto:Yeah!!! (Coughs)


::Enforcer takes his forearm off of Bennyís jaw. He takes a step back and straightens Benny up.::


Enforcer:What the fuck, man?†


Benny:I know, I know, I shouldnít have grabbed you like that.


Enforcer:Yeah, man. You know better than that.†


Benny:Youíre right. I fucked up.


Enforcer:What the hell happened to you, man? Last time I saw you there was a bunch of money and women at your disposal.†


Benny:Gambling and drugs fucked me up. I thought I had things under control but I never really did.


Enforcer:No shit! How long have you been homeless?


Benny:Almost four years.


Enforcer:Four years? Shit!…Look, come by the spot on Sunday. Iíll get you set up.


Benny:Foí real?


Enforcer:Yeah, I am foí real. Look, I got you but this isnít going to be a free ride. If you are up for it come by on Sunday morning around eleven.


Benny:Eleven on Sunday morning?


Enforcer:Iíll be there.


Benny:Haha, you are the man!!!


Enforcer:I know.


::Benny has an excited and relieved look on his face hugs Enforcer.::


Enforcer:Shit! Didnít expect that.


::Benny lets go of Enforcer.::


Enforcer:Sunday at eleven, Benny.


Benny:Iíll see you there, man.


::Benny runs off excited as Enforcer walks in the opposing direction. Enforcer walks across the street to the Skylight Diner and walks in. He sits down at the counter. The cook points at Enforcer who points back.::


Enforcer:I see you, Clayton. Iíll get the Chicken and Waffles.


::Clayton the cook nods his head from behind the grill in the kitchen. Enforcerís cellphone chimes to notify him he has received a text message. Enforcerís eyes pop out as he expects his wife to be wondering where he is. Enforcer gets his phone out of his pants pocket. It is from a two one two number that he doesnít recognize. The text message says “Hearst Tower, W. 57th St. Manhattan on July 10,2021 @ 6:00pm.” The Enforcer sets his cellphone down and sits there for a moment lost in his thoughts.::


Enforcer:The wonders of† mysterious new venture causes.† What the entire wrestling world knew as Outlaw Pro Wrestling is no more and we donít know much of what will rise from its ashes like a Phoenix. Do any of you know? No, I didnít think so. So we wait and just show up to fight. That is all we can do because just like the old saying goes, one simply doesnít talk about fight club. But with all the big names out there in the wrestling world that have been showing at least some sort of interest, how can we even possibly not talk about what lies before each of them walks into the Hearst Tower? The only thing that I am wondering when the bell tolls to notify all of New York that it is six pm on Saturday July ten, twenty twenty one is “what now?”†


::The waitress brings over a cup of coffee to the Enforcer.::


Enforcer:Thank you.†


::The waitress walks away.::


Enforcer:While we have gotten to enjoy traveling the world over the last quarter of a century I am going to very much appreciate the fact that Fight! will be based out of New York City every week. Which means I get to be home with my wife and son. I get to sleep in my own bed every night. The where and tear of traveling will not be a factor for me so I will be able to capitalize on the home field advantage. Which is why I will expect nothing less than another dominant championship run in Fight! just like I had in OPW. Anything less will be as uncivilized as a bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos. (Enforcer gags at the thought of Nacho Cheese Doritos) I am ok. Iíll be alright. I just canít think about those disgusting ass things.†


::Enforcer looks over at the waitress.::


Enforcer:Can I get a glass of water?


::The waitress grabs a clean glass. ::



Enforcer:As we all have a tendency to do when embarking on something new. We let our minds wander to all the things that can happen that comes along with a new venture. Why wouldn’t we? We are all greedy in nature. It is all about number one, right? As it always should be. Even you attempt to be the most selfless person in the world you first have to make sure number one is alright so you can act benevolent. It is our nature to do so. Greed is why we wake up each morning and do anything at all. Otherwise we would still be living in caves stimulating yourself to the stick figures that are drawn on the cave walls. But we like having the nicer things in life and being on the Fight! roster allows us all those things and we get the added benefit of being able to brag about our success. Which I certainly will.



::The camera fades to black.::