“How Grin’chelle saved Christmas.”

By: Miss Michelle

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 12th Dec 2021

Christmas was one of, if not her very favorite time of the year. She couldn’t quite place her finger on why, whether it was the freezing temperatures or it being the one time where she didn’t have to keep up the facade of being a complete bitch. 

Don’t get me wrong now, she does love to be a complete raging bitch for some reason but there was just something about watching someone’s face light up when they receive a wonderful gift from someone they didn’t expect. She’s kind of like the Grinch, in the way that her heart literally grows to three times its normal size during the holiday season and shrinks back down afterwards,  in fact just call her Grin’chelle for the remainder of the season.

Anyways, when FIGHT announced that they were doing a whole secret Santa exchange, she was a little weary. I mean, she didn’t know most of these people very well and she wasn’t sure that she would know what to get for them so she was unsure whether to participate or not. 

You see, despite their reputation for being literally the worst people on the planet, the Moores were quite generous during the holidays. Even Ted Bundy took a break during the holidays..

So she decided that she could go ahead and give to one more charity, make one more person’s holiday amazing and she signed up to give a gift. 

She sat on the sofa in the living area of the home she shared with her husband. The lights were low as it was actually lit up only by the bright white lights on the nearly 8 foot tree. She glanced up at the beautiful piece of clothing that was hanging from a portable closet in front of her and smiled, knowing she had not only found, but created the perfect gift. 

When Vhodka, Santa’s favorite Elf told her who she was to buy for she was a little unsure of what to get, mostly because of the reason stated before, she didn’t have the slightest idea who the hell she was.. so she did a little research and God does she hate to research.

This person is weird.  I don’t mean like Johnny Stylez weird, cuz let’s be honest,  no one is that fucking weird but she was pretty fucking close.

Oh well.. no one can say I didn’t try. 

She filled out the gift label, signing her name and attaching it to the bag. She reached down and opened a large drawer and blindly reached in, grabbing four gift cards at random and dropping them into the bag. She stood and reached for the garment but was interrupted by the doorbell.

Normally she’d allow the help to get the door but she had sent them all home to their families for the remainder of the season. She let out a sigh as she could hear mama rounding the corner and hollering.

Jesus Christ am I the only person who lives in this fucking dump?” Mama said, as she walked down the hallway, slapping her hands on the walls with every step she took.

No, Mama, I got it.

Oh now you got it? I’M ALREADY HERE YOU LAZY BITCH!” She bellowed out. 

Lord, this bitch was lucky she was Brandon’s mother and blind.

Michelle grit her teeth and mumbled under her breath. Mama reached for the doorknob and before she opened the door, she spoke again.

Keep mumbling and Mamas gonna slap the fuck outta you, I don’t give a shit what you said..”

Michelle mumbled under her breath again which caused Mama to snap, she turned her attention to Michelle so fast that she lost her balance for a moment and fell back onto the door which caused a chuckle to come from Michelle.

Yeah, laugh at the old blind bitch! Go ahead, disrespect me, even my piece of shit son does..” She hollers. “And keep on running your cocksucker, it’s all you’re good for anyways!”

Mama, can you just open the door and let Ash in? It’s freezing out there!” Michelle said.

Ash? So one of your nasty skanky friends? Does my wonderful son know that you are running a whore house with your friends out of the home he paid for? You disgust me!”

Mama locked the door and stormed off, stumbling at the stairs before catching her balance and using the railing to guide herself up them while still running her mouth about Michelle.

Shaking her head, Michelle made her way to the door, unlocking and opening it to allow Ashlynn inside.

Sorry about that.. I hid her vodka on the top shelf and she can’t reach it. She’s so stupid she doesn’t even know that’s why she’s mad.” Michelle said, laughing. 

It’s fine! I could hear you guys and didn’t want to interrupt.” Ash responded. 

I wish you would have, maybe she would have shut the fuck up sooner.”

Michelle leads Ashlynn out of the foyer and into the living room, where a bowl of popcorn, some chocolate and a few drinks sat on the table.

Go sit in front of the fire to warm up while I finish packaging this gift.”

Yes please!” She said as she rushed over to sit by the fireplace. “That’s the last time I trust Sahara, she said I didn’t need a coat to cover my outfit and keep me warm.”

Why would you believe that?” 

She never wears a coat or jacket!”

Ash, it’s scientifically proven that hoes don’t get cold..” 


The two of them shared a laugh at Sahara’s expense before the camera zoomed in on the vest made from Owl feathers that she had made for her Secret Santa.