“I live for this..”

By: Miss Michelle

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 29th Apr 2022

You remember last time we were here and I told you all that James Raven and Atara Themis weren’t shit? You remember when I said that there wasn’t any space for either one of them on this roster? I know you remember when I said that Paul and I were going to walk out of that match as 2 belts Chelle and Paulie dos straps.. and what the fuck happened?

Oh, I know!

2 Belts Chelle..

Paulie Dos Straps..


or something like that.

What I’m saying is, we did what we said and I’m a little curious on when everyone’s going to pick up on the fact that I haven’t told a single lie in months? I keep spitting all these facts – all this shit keeps going just as I say they will and you’re all still sitting there with your mouths agape and shocked like I didn’t say a word. Don’t worry, one day you’ll all be the wiser.

But hey, not only did Paul and I take control of the Islands titles and the tag team division, we actually managed to get rid of the people’s trash panda and his ring rat, so you know, you’re welcome and stuff. Your KING and QUEEN have gained complete control over Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Islands – might as well start migrating towards the others as well.

We are on top of the world, doing #ROYALSHIT and living in the spotlight, you know who doesn’t like that? You know who’s so fucking jealous that it’s literally eating a hole through his body? That piece of shit Joe Montuori and his fat pig business manager, Chris Page, that’s who.

Between Joe’s ego and Pages gut, I’m surprised they both fit in the same room. 

But you know, we weren’t all that surprised to see Joe’s bitch ass at the end of the show last week. I mean, we did spend the entire week leading up to it calling his stupid ass out. 

Joe thinks he’s the master of mind games but if Joe could only see that he was the one who got mind fucked and Paul is the one who won the mind games. Joe always thinks that he’s the one to make shit happen, but Joe never stops to see that everyone makes Joe dance. He’s like a fucking puppet and as long as you know just what string to pull, you too can make Joe do a little jig. 

Anyways Joe and Porky showed up after Paul and I won the Islands titles and took us out with some chairs.. fucking pussies. I mean, we just fought a hard-ish match and they still had to come with weapons? That’s how Joe rolls, yall.

That’s fine, Joe’s about to get the ass kicking he should have gotten a long time ago and if fatso wants to butt his head in then I got no problem shoving it up his ass.


Your honor, how long..”

I say while looking across the courtroom at the judge across the room from me. My attorney taps me on the arm to stop me from speaking before shaking his head at me.

Your honor, my client is a very busy woman. She has a rigorous travel schedule for work as well as being a mother to her seven month old son. How much longer must we wait? 

I would say that I can’t believe he didn’t show up but I’d be lying. I’d be more surprised if someone came running in here and declared that he had gone off all substances and stopped pretending to be Freddie Kruger. 

Brandon used to be someone I could count on, he used to be a loving and wonderful husband. He used to be a normal member of society but that was a long time ago – about as long ago as Todrick first threw that ass in a circle. 

Now? He’s about as useless as Todrick in a wrestling match. 

He’s been telling everyone who will listen that he can’t wait to be divorced from his life sucking wife, but here we have the opportunity to end this disaster piece of a marriage and where is he? Probably passed out in the family dollar parking lot with one hand on his baby dick and the other on the Crack pipe laying next to his body. He really is BrandonnoMoore these days..

The judge thumbs through the papers before him before letting out a sigh..

Mr. Anderson, where is your client?” 

I’ve tried to reach him, your honor, I’m going straight to voicemail..

Shocking..” I mumbled out before being nudged by my attorney.

Unfortunately without Mr. Moore present I will be forced to side on behalf of Ms. Riggs. He says.I see both sides entered into marriage with separate prenuptial agreements which will be upheld, the only thing up in the air is the custody of the couple’s son?

Actually..” I say, pulling out a document before handing it to the bailiff. It has been recently discovered that my ex-husband is actually not the father of my son.”

This is the first I’m hearing of this! Brandon’s lard ass attorney interjects.I need to speak to my client and validate this.”

Your client should have shown the fuck up this morning! I blurt out.

The judge slammed his gavel into his desk to regain control after my outburst.

Control your client, counselor. I will grant Mr. Moore the chance to validate your claim of the paternity by ordering another DNA test – to be paid for by Mr. Moore. He says. Once paternity has been established we will decide on the custody situation if need be, I will be granting the divorce today in favor of Ms. Riggs.

He slams his gavel once more before excusing himself from the courtroom.


Toddy, you and I have been here before. We’ve done this dance before but the last time we stood on different sides, so to speak. Last time we faced off for your Manhattan Championship. You defended that belt almost as many times as I defended the Bronx, coming out on top every single time until you stood face to face with me. 

Do you think something different will happen this time? Do you think that by some miracle you have what it takes to take a championship away from me? I don’t. 

I like you, Toddy. I think that you have a wonderfully huge heart and unfortunately that’s a gift and a curse. I watch you, you’re definitely a people pleaser and that’s a big downfall for you. 

I want to ask you a question and I want you to give me an honest to God answer. Why are you here? I mean like, why are you in Fight? Do you even want to be here? It seems to me as I’ve been watching you, that you don’t really want to be here. You’re doing all of this for Austin, why? Would he not be just as happy if you weren’t here? Like, I honestly don’t get it.

I don’t understand why you can’t tell your husband that wrestling ain’t your thing. I mean he has eyes, you’d think he could see that you ain’t that good at it. I don’t understand why you keep letting him drag you into things that you have no reason to be in. This whole relationship the two of you have is just toxic.

You didn’t deserve Manhattan, so I took it. You definitely don’t deserve Brooklyn, so don’t even fucking think you stand a chance to take it.

I think you would be better suited with the Queens, I mean if ever someone deserved an award for being a loser, it’s you. 

I can’t even imagine what it must be like to be so dependent on a man that you’ll do anything possible to make him happy, even if that means making yourself look stupid. I can’t even. The funniest part about all of it, is Austin ain’t even that good at wrestling either.

Imagine spending all your time and energy trying to impress someone who doesn’t even deserve to be in your presence. How do you do it? I’d say you must be a stronger woman than me, but let’s be honest we both know you’re neither one of those.

And now look at you, not only are you out here agreeing to do shit you don’t want to do in the ring,  but you’re actually going to bring a baby into the world with that piece of shit of a husband you’ve got? A baby isn’t going to keep Austin and his 28 personalities from fucking around on you, Toddy! Bringing a baby into the shitshow you call a marriage is the legal definition of child abuse. It’s just wrong!

I don’t get it. I really don’t. I can’t be the only one who sees how unhappy you are. A baby won’t make you happy, Toddy. Especially when you don’t want that baby and what you really want is to jump Thads bones! 

Remember when we faced each other at Silent Fight and you told the world how miserable I was in my loveless marriage? Shoes on the other foot this round, ain’t it? I was in denial, much like you are now, but Toddy, I finally opened my eyes and realized that shit wasn’t as golden as I thought it was. Now look at me. I’m happier than ever.  Paul treats me like the fucking Queen that I am, and he makes sure I coke first – all the time. 

You deserve that, too. Hell, maybe you can even fuck Thad or Ricky,  I know you really been trying to get both lately. So confused.

Anyways.. like I was saying.. You’re not championship material, Toddy. You’re not even Fight material, but you’re so attached to the idea of pleasing your husband that you’re willing to go out out make yourself look like garbage and there isn’t a thing I can do to talk you out of it, so instead I’ll just beat you like I always do and leave you laying in the ring, questioning everything in your life, as you should.

Listen, I don’t always like to be the one to tear a person down and show them how worthless they are but.. who am I kidding? I live for this shit and I live for putting bitches like you in their place.  You don’t belong here, Toddy. You don’t belong in the ring with me and you damn sure don’t deserve to even look at my Brooklyn championship.