I never gave much thought to how I would die…

By: Druscilla White

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 31st Oct 2021

I never gave much thought to how I would die…


Dru and Robi were walking above deck after their match; not really discussing the outcome but more the changes in their respective styles. Having to compensate for certain things, keep things fresh and their opponents in check. 


“You know, I haven’t gotten to see you in a while, what have you been up to Robs?” She was the typical Dru, the one Robi loved and was equally annoyed by.


Robi was a bit uneasy. But given the past couple of weeks, it wasn’t surprising. 


“Just work. Cleaning up after the hurricane, handling club business, getting married, you know. The normal.” She said, shrugging softly. 


Dru started to say something, but once the final statement was processed, she blinked and grabbed her friend to spin her around.


“Excuse me?!” The absolute shock was more than obvious not only on her face but in her voice.


Robi began to defend herself but a flash of black metal caught her eye and before either woman could react; his laugh bellowed out. Dru’s face paled, even more than it’s normal shade of snow white. The women turned, slowly. Onlookers began to circle them, wondering what was going on and given the nature of the cruise, they assumed it was a show! 


“You’re supposed to be dead…” She stammered… Taking a single step forward. 


Dru, shocked, had her hackles raised. Her hand edged towards her cut, hoping to grab her gun but before she could…


A shot rang out, and Dru was knocked back. A mixture of shock and pain on her face. The grotesque squish that followed as the bullet pierced her flesh seemed to quiet the whole ship. Her groan was a sickening testament to the weapon Gotti had chosen. She lay there, bleeding from her chest; above her heart. He missed the mark. Only barely. He walked closer to them, Robi snarled, those eyes filled with hatred focusing on him.


“You really shouldn’t have sent a puppy after me, Cilla.” He smirked, nodding to the two men who were running behind them. “They’re so easy to handle. Grab them by the scruff and they’re helpless…”


Fucking Roscoe…


This is all my fault… 


He sneered as Diesel, Cela and Roscoe finally came running only to have Roscoe duck back into the crowd, obviously scared that his secret was out; while Diesel ran to his sister. He was crying.

“You’re ok… You’re going to be ok…” Diesel repeated, as if doing so would change any outcome. He struggled to quell the bleeding before finally, a lightbulb flipped on.


I wanted to tell Diesel so many things. I wanted to tell him I loved him, and I’d be fine.. But the pain throbbed so epically… I’m so sorry… 


He yanked his cut and the shirt beneath it off and pressed the shirt into her wound, Dru groaned louder, sucking air past her teeth. She coughed, some blood began to drip from her lips. Gotti advanced, and raised the gun at her again. Dru stiffened, trying to shove her brother away from her as Robi stood between them and The Devil. 


“To get to her, you need to get through me, Fat Fuck.” Robi snarled, her hand inches from the butt of her gun.

“My pleasure…” He chuckled, setting his sights on Robi; center mass. 


Before anyone flinched, Memphis pushed through the crowd but he was too late. Gotti cocked the hammer back and that’s when Dru shot up. Knocking Diesel out of the way, as Gotti pulled the trigger, shoving Robi down, Dru took the bullet as her own. Dru spat blood at Gotti as she fell against the railing of the ship’s deck as Robi pulled her gun from her cut and tapped the trigger twice. Firing two shots at the man who tried to break her best friend. 


One in the heart.


One in the head.


She didn’t miss. But, what none of them saw coming was Dru slipping over the railing and falling into the crisp, blue waters surrounding the cruise ship. Her cut had caught on the guardrail and for a brief moment, she had been suspended there, until she wasn’t. A bone-chilling scream pierced the haunting silence as Mama and Henry came around the corner of the ship. They’d heard the shots fired and had come running. Mama heard Dru cry out and that sped her on. But as Mama launched herself at the balustrade… She was gone. Mama was too late, the water soon stained red from Dru’s blood. 


Mama’s wail of unmitigated pain was pendulous in the air, as if it swayed to and fro, a mournful reminder that time was fleeting. Diesel and Robi were covered in Dru’s blood. Henry grabbed his wife and held her tightly, tears falling from his own eyes. Cela pulled Dru’s cut from the guardrail and held it to her, not caring her president’s blood was staining her white shirt.


No one on the ship said a word. 


Dru had seen Gotti die. She had seen Diesel finally marry and become a father. She had seen Robi overcome being knocked down. She had seen Robi become the Ascension champion. She had seen herself take the Bareknuckle Championship from someone unworthy of the title. She got to see Mario debut his wrestling career, she felt the flutter of love, and she’d felt the pangs of loss and guilt. 


But what she’d never get to see now… 


Was everything else.


I never gave much thought to how I would die… But, knowing my loved ones were finally safe…


The ship’s horn blew loudly, announcing someone had fallen overboard but by the time the lifeboats had been sent… She was gone. Leaving behind a pool of blood, Memphis fighting to hold Robi back from jumping over the railing after her best friend and sister, Diesel weeping for his sister while Cela held him against her, both of them holding her cut in their hands, Tara and Cashe, Jennie and JC… Even Mario, crying for her. 


But finally.. The nightmare that was Gotti… was over.