I Think I’m In Love

By: Todrick Tabor-Ramsey

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 15th Apr 2022

Thursday, April 15, 2022
7:00 a.m.
Master Bedroom, The Ramsey House
Manhattan, NY


”Good Morning”


Austin wakes up early to do yoga, and Todrick knew that. She heard him come back into their bedroom, and she got up after she heard him start the shower. The last few weeks had been rough for the couple, and many thought the marriage was dangerously close to ending. People had turned against her and sided with Austin. Changes had to be made, and she knew it. He had always been loving and supportive of everything she wanted, and a child was the thing that she had been denying him, but he wasn’t having it anymore.

Austin never directly came against her, but they were no longer communicating, and it showed in public and on social media. But it was the first time she was not the hero in the story but had somehow become the villain. Toddy wasn’t used to that, and she didn’t like it. It had spilled over to the Velvet Rabbit, and Austin was taking heat from Holly and Katie; that wasn’t deserved, but they were down for their girl. Toddy saw that and hated it.

Everyone weighed in on their marriage and their choices. Todrick didn’t want any of that. Austin suffered in silence. He suffered ultimate humiliation when he asked her to be a tag team, and she didn’t really respond. She never wanted to humiliate her husband, but she had earned a shot at the Brooklyn Championship that she hadn’t capitalized on, and she was a hot single competitor.

Truth be told, Austin didn’t ask for much but could she put herself aside for him? She had decided the answer was yes. This man would go to the depths of hell for her and come back with a head on a stick. She had not been fair to him, and she decided to change that. She knew that going into the shower would be a start, so she did it. He was suspicious because he thought it involved his credit card, but she just wanted to please her man. She accomplished her goal. He was good and satisfied, and she made sure he was ready for his day afterward. She was a good wife, even if that had come into question recently. She was his partner in and out of the ring. It’s what they both wanted.

Austin came downstairs, and she managed him like she always did. She gave him his schedule, and then he kissed her and left. That man loved her, and she loved him. She had work to do, and he never pressed her about it. She had to address the match at FIGHT this week, and she was ready. She picks up her phone and goes live.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: Hey, Rockstars. Wow, where do we even begin? So much has happened since I was last in a Fight ring. I won a shot at the Brooklyn Championship, and my single career was still taking off. Apparently, my husband had other plans, and I don’t deny him much, but he wanted to be a tag team more than I knew. Obviously, the things he wanted I was not really giving him, and boy did you tell me that I wasn’t being a good wife to him.

I heard you, and I reflected. What scared me was how many of you that were telling me that I was going to lose him. I love Austin, and losing him is not an option. The comments about how our love gave you hope made me evaluate so many things. It’s a lot to live up to, but if what we have impacted so many people, I have a responsibility that I won’t shirk.

We must face the most dysfunctional couple in wrestling history, JMont, and ARP. Now that should be a slam dunk, but don’t count your chickens before they hatch, my granny said. I love JMont because he has proven his devotion to us, and I hate that we have to face him, but this is the team Austin has been wanting. Fight knew what they were doing, and it is a match that makes you want to watch. You see the relationship between Austin and JMont. Me and ARP don’t have that relationship, so everyone expects us to be the knockdown, drag-out part of the match, and I guess we will.

I want to win at all costs, and I will do that. Austin needs this win, so I don’t see how we can fail because we want it, and we have to prove everything. I don’t care that Joe is leaving, I didn’t care when I took the Manhattan Championship from him, and it’s the same. I love Joe, but I’m the girl to beat, and we all know it. If I’m going to do this with my husband, I’m going to make sure we are the team to beat. The Islands Championships are going to be ours.

I gave him his baby, I gave him this tag team, and now I’m going to give him this victory. The Ramseys deserve it, and I want you all to put all your love and support behind us as we undertake this new journey. If JMont leaves as he’s threatened, we love him and wish him the best, but ARP cannot possibly hope to defeat us alone. She’s good, but she isn’t that good. It’s two on one, and you all know that. No hard feelings, love, and afterward, we’ll take you for a drink.

It’s our time, and we are on top of the world. The Ramsey’s are the team to beat. I refuse to let my husband or any of you down. I love you all. Muah.

Todrick stops the recording and posts it. She sends Austin a text to let him know she posted a video and immediately calls their surrogate to check in. She is happy with the progress and begins watching videos of ARP and JMont’s tag team matches and takes notes.