I’ma Just Island Boy – Dinero de Sangre Dos Puneta!

By: Paul Montuori

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 24th Jan 2022


Eyes open. 


The fuck?


I’m sitting in the dark. Only light coming from a small beam coming from underneath a door. Or at least I think it’s a door. My head is pounding. How the fuck did I get here? Not again. I thought I was done with that. Done with getting annihilated and blacking out. Wait, did we lose at Countdown? Did Raven and Aiden beat us? Is that why I don’t remember anything from last night, why I’m on the floor in the dark? No, not again. I can’t do that shit again. I can’t go back down that path again. Can’t get back to that mindset. I thought I was done with that.. I stand up, feeling something fall from my lap and hit the ground. I fumble around, finding a doorknob and pushing the door open. I turn and look back into the room, the room is more like a closet. Something shiny catches my eyes. Whatever fell on the ground. I reach down and pick it up. A fucking Island strap. How do I have this? Did we fucking win? Did I beat the unbeatable James Raven? I hope I didn’t steal it..


I have no idea where I am. It feels like forever until I’m able to find my bearings. I’m no longer in FIGHT! Tower. Looks like the closet I was in is really a coat room of a closed bar inside a hotel. I stagger out into the lobby, realizing I’m in the hotel I’d been staying at since my reawakening. I go to the front desk as the clerk eyes me up. I’m still in my ring gear. I smell of sweat and funk. I grab a new room key and ask for my room number again.. 


The clock reads 9AM inside my hotel suite as I toss the Island strap on the couch and hop in the shower. I’m anxious to find out the ending of my match at Countdown. I vaguely remember.. Fighting with Aiden. I don’t remember seeing Raven or Brandon once the match started. Just Aiden. Why couldn’t I remember anything? Did I catch a chair to the dome? All I could think of while I applied Pantene Pro-V conditioner to my beautiful mane was how bummed I was that I didn’t remember duking it out with Raven. It’s like the one thing I was looking forward to..


I quickly get dressed, pulling my new James Raven sweater on. You can get yours at fightnowdotcom or coming to a Hot Topic near you.. I grab the remote to the TV and head over to FIGHT!’s website, searching for footage of Countdown. Scrolling through videos of the night. Ricky and Todrick. Ricky and Jennie. Ricky already moved on, that kid’s banged just about every chick in pro wrestling. Kudos to him. I don’t know if I should’ve said that, Sahara might come hard for me. Never know what you’re going to say to set her off. Even though she’s like engaged now to someone who’s way out of her league. Sahara’s cute, but not on the same level of cuteness as Thad..


James Raven and Aiden Reynolds vs Brandon Moore and Paul Montuori. New Status Heauxs vs Dub Dub..


They kept us apart before the match. Not like that would matter. Most teams might’ve seen that as a disadvantage, but most teams aren’t Wrecked & Worthless. B and I always had that chemistry. Jordan and Pippen. Tom and Jerry. Vinnie and Vhodka. And it showed. Well, for the first minute or so we were in the ring.. Ugh I know Raven is handsome but geez control yourself people. Fans swarming all over him like Sahara swarmed all over Thad once she found out he was loaded.. Oh Aiden is about to get fuc.. Bruh what the fuck? That dood grabbed my arm, I was about to fuck up Aiden. Hundo says Status Heauxs planted that guy ringside. By any means necessary.. And there goes B and Raven brawling out of the arena. Let me fast forward this..


No way I’m gonna tap. I don’t tap.. The fuck? Lights went out? Lights come back on. Wait is that.. Rewind, pause. I stand up, being drawn to the figure on the TV. I’m inches away. Looking at.. Myself? That can’t be.. Standing over Aiden, who’s busted open. But I’m.. Different. I push play, watching myself stare down at Aiden. The camera zooms in on my face, face that looks paler and my hair darker, my eyes blackened with eyes that are whited-out. My lips are smeared with some kind of black substance, I hope it’s only makeup. That symbol on my head. I watch myself laugh at Aiden as the camera pans out to reveal body paint all down my chest and arms. I watch as I bare my fangs and scream into the sky, chills running through my body.


I feel my legs growing weak. I stagger back and sit.. Confused. Frightened. Lost. That’s me, right? But.. How? How could I change so quickly? Just like that. Why don’t I remember any of it? I should remember all of this. How could I not? Why was I so.. Weird? Creepy? So fucking.. iMaGiNe.. I watch as iMaGiNe is handed the Island strap and looks at it for a moment, before tossing it to the ground. I watch as he pulls the camera in and says..


“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.”


I pause on iMaGiNe’s face. That face. My face..


Sound of my phone vibrating brings me back. I fumble for it. Messages of congratulatory came in throughout the night. Vin, Vhodka, Beulah, Killa Cam, even Joe.. My man Strat, Stephen Stratford for you living under a rock. My boy. He reached out to me after Ascension. See how I was doing. After iMaGiNe started really appearing. He sounded concerned for me, great dood. I’ve known Strat since the beginning of all of this. Way back, way back before Paul Montuori was known. Back when I was a lost kid trying to break into the business. Back when iMaGiNe.. There’s not many people that remember that person, mainly my brother Joe and Strat. So seeing Strat’s message, congratulating me, not gonna lie it’s kinda amazing. Hearing it from a guy of his caliber means so much to me. And it’s always love whenever we see each other, and his wifey Demi is the dopest chick. She’s called and sent me texts checking up on me ever since they rode off into the sunset after OPW closed. She’s always been so worried about me, worried that I’m doing OK. She must’ve been freaking out when I went ‘off the grid,’ if you’d call it that. 


I wonder if I should talk to Strat about this. About iMaGiNe. Does he think I did that on purpose? Does everyone think I did that on purpose? Did I do that on purpose? I don’t remember any of it, to be able to pull of a stunt like that. That fast. To get the lights cut out. Especially against the Status Heauxs, they’re protected so much by the company. The Golden Geese. Management wouldn’t agree to such fuckery involving the Status Heauxs. Involving the Island straps. No fucking way. What am I supposed to tell Strat anyway? That I don’t remember any of it? That I blacked out and woke up with an Island strap? That I’ve been seeing that fucking symbol everywhere. That I’ve been seeing iMaGiNe. I can’t say anything to him. I can’t say anything to anyone. They’d think I was losing my fucking mind. No way am I getting Baker Acted. Not again. Not ever. I have to keep this to myself. I have to figure this shit out myself. No one can know I feel like I’m on the verge of losing it. Staring at myself on the screen. It’s not possible..


I gotta get out of this fucking room. I grab my strap and jacket and head outside. I walk around aimlessly, trying to come to terms with what I’ve just seen. Just experienced. How? The thoughts of iMaGiNe, then the thought that I beat Status Heauxs. We beat Status Heauxs, comes to mind. A fucking rollercoaster of emotions. Low, high, low, high, rinse and repeat.


I’m at a diner. Picking at a plate with my fork. I’m a fucking Champion. I proved I’m not a hack. Proved I wasn’t overrated. Proved I wasn’t just a pretty face. Handed Status Heauxs a huge loss. Sure I beat Aiden, they’re weakest link. But like my boy Torreto once said, it doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile, a wins a wins. And what a fucking win. Fuck that everyone prolly thinks that the only way we won was due to fuckery. Due to iMaGiNe. But even if iMaGiNe won, I won. Right? I mean, that was me in the ring. Right? I deserve to enjoy this victory. I deserve to be proud to hold this strap..


I head back to my hotel. Back to lay in the bed and stare at the ceiling. Aimlessly flip through the channels. Trying to come to terms with everything that’s happened in the last 24 hours. The highs and lows. I pace back and forth. I need the night out at the Velvet Rabbit to help distract me from everything. I need a drink. Blow off some steam. And Michelle was fucking dancing. Can’t wait to make fun of her..


Finally time comes, leaving in my brand new t-shirt straight off the presses, New Status Heauxs. Get yours on fight-nowdotcom. Use code Monty Python for 10% off..


I hop in an Uber Black, because I’mma island boy now and I don’t share Ubers. I make sure I bring the Island strap, gotta show off. Gotta go stunting.. As the car pulls up to the Velvet Rabbit, I see the entrance packed with people trying to get in. My fucking time to shine. 


I hop out, adjusting the Islands strap for everyone to see as I walk down the velvet carpet. People start pulling out their phones, taking pics of the dopest dood in wrestling right now. Me, I’m talking about me. I stop to take some selfies with some randoms, ya gotta throw a bone or two to the peasants. They’re all congratulating me. Patting me on the back, saying how dope the whole iMaGiNe gimmick was. If they only knew..


I reach the bouncer behind the velvet rope who smiles and daps me up.


“Yo Paulie! See ya got that gold now,” he says. I look down at the strap over my shoulder.


“Oh this? You know I had to do my thing at Countdown. Paybacks a bitch.”


“Mos def,” he says as he opens the rope. 


Standing inside the entrance of the Velvet Rabbit, the feeling of doing a great deed and sending many Does to dental assistant school fills me with such joy. Tonight was different. All my money was going to Michelle. And maybe a Doe here and there. But mostly Michelle. She better put it in a college fund for Ezra. You know B ain’t saving anything.


“Paul Montuori.”


I turn to see VooDoo standing before me. So stunning as always.


“Voo, looking delicious as always,” I say as I reach in and kiss her on the cheek, letting my hands roam and linger long enough not to be a creep.


“I figured you’d show up to watch Michelle,” she says, with that smile that says she doesn’t mind my hands roaming.


“Oh, is she on?” I ask, knowing full damn well that’s why I’m here.


“I made sure there’s a seat for you up front,” she says as I turn to leave. “Oh and Paul, congrats on the big win. First bottles on me.”


“Thank you. Oh would you please do me a favor and can you send me over twenty stacks in ones? I’ll Venmo you?” I say. 


She shoots me a wink that sends a bolt of electricity down where it matters the most. She’s always been so hot. Even after the kids.


I turn just as the DJ announces Michelle. I make my way over to the stage, watching her dance. I was in complete shock, I thought for sure I’d be trying not to laugh. But the bitch got moves. Not just regular white girl moves though, she’s fucking sexy. And her body. She looks over my way and I swear we lock eyes for a second. But more than lock eyes. It’s like we’re banging on a bed of roses. Like romantic ass wax session, like Fabio and shit. I mean why not? I got the hair for it.. Our beautiful bodies.. Why haven’t I ever thought..


“What the fuck P?!” I hear as I look up to see the other half of the Island Champs Bay Bay! Brandon Moore standing and pointing at my crotch while holding his Island strap with the other. “Did my wife just make your dick hard?”


I quickly look down and sure enough, fucking bulge. And just my luck, the Monty Python has cursed me as I can’t have a normal size bulge. I quickly drop my Island strap to cover it.


“Ew, Michelle? Nah, gross. It was Voo, she actually got me all riled up. Fucking redheads,” I say. I wasn’t lying. Voo for sure got me started, but Michelle.. I look past B at Michelle swinging on the pole. Holy fuck.


“P!” Moore says again as I turn my attention back to him. He eyes me up suspiciously for what seems like an eternity. I swear I didn’t do anything wrong, right? She’s dancing at a strip club. Everyone’s watching her. And since when did B become such a prude?


“No fucking way I’m the only guy with a hard dick in this place. Voo runs a classy ass establishment,” I say. Why did I say that? I shouldn’t just kept my fucking mouth shut.


“I’ma go hit the bathroom,” he finally says.


And off he went. Phew. That was close. I walk to the stage, staring at Michelle as I take a seat right up front. I set the Island strap in front of me as a Doe comes over with a bottle and my stacks. I toss her one and flash the old Paulie smile, which I know instantly melts her heart. I turn my attention back to Michelle who’s now dancing in front of Todrick and Austin Ramsey. 


“Paulie! Congrats!” I hear as I turn to see Young Ricardo Rodriguez himself walk over and dap it up. He sits down next to me. “Good shit last night. Taking those belts from the New Status Quo.”

“Preciate it Young Ricardo. I was led down a path of enlightenment, in which at the end of the path I was blessed with the wisdom necessary to defeat Raven and Reynolds,” I say as Young Ricardo looks at me confused.


“Uh, yeah cool,” he replies.


“I’m just fucking with you. It was time someone stepped up. Shit, it was time I stepped up. Handing those kats a loss and taking gold from them, nothing better than that.”


“Especially with everything he said about you,” he says as he swigs his drink.




“What he say?”

“You really didn’t hear any of it?” He asks. The dumb ass look on my face probably tells him I have no fucking clue what he’s talking about so he goes on. “Well uh.. You’re selfish and the only reason you teamed up with Moore was cause you were too scared to face them alone. Pretty sure he also said something about you being Moore’s bitch. Riding in some sidecar. I don’t know, I saw it on FIGHT!’s website, you should check it out.”

“Yeah, maybe I will,” I say. James Raven, talking about little ol’ me? I mean, I was facing him, but wow. To be graced with his attention, my lucky stars.


“Alright I’m gonna go mingle, I’ll see ya around,” Young Ricardo says as he stands up and walks away. Mr. Social Butterfly that one. Already ran through half of the female FIGHT! Roster, won’t be too long before he’s the missing piece to the Ramseys tripod. 


I proceed to, make it rain as they say, upon Michelle. I have provided a tip to many a dancer over the course of my life but this felt.. Different. Felt more than sexual. More than just wanting to bang the fuck out of stripper. Michelle was.. Michelle has always been something else. Something different. And now, oddly enough, seeing her in all her beauty. Wow..


But B..


I’m standing in the bathroom. No idea how I got here. I’m trying to catch my breath. In and out. In and out. Deep breaths. What the fuck? One moment I was.. The lights start to flicker. I grip the sink, taking in full deep breaths. The now once thumping music begins to become muffled. Deep breaths Paulie, deep breaths. Don’t want to pass out in the bathroom. End up on Page Six. You gotta bad enough reputation. I take a few more deep breaths, opening the faucet and splashing my face with water. 


“Pull it together,” I say. When I look up, the lights are out. A glow around the mirror offers just enough light to see my reflection. iMaGiNe..

I stagger back, tripping over my feet, landing on my ass. I scoot back until my back hits the wall. I try to shake him from my mind. Those vacant, white eyes. The lips. The symbol. Oh that fucking symbol. I pull my knees to my chest, feeling my body rocking as I hold my eyes closed tightly.


“You OK?” I hear as I slowly open my eyes. The lights are back on. Some random guy stands over me, eyeing me suspiciously.


“Yeah sorry, bad acid,” I say. I go to stand up when something catches my eye. Gold reflecting off the light. A wrestling strap laying on the ground. The Islands strap. I stand up, dusting myself off. “Yo B! What the fuck man? Pick that strap off the floor.”


I walk over to the stall he’s in and bang on the door a couple of times. Weird. Usually he’s quick to snap back with some dumb shit. I lift myself up on the stall door just enough to peer over the side. That’s when I see him, slumped on the toilet, fucking needle in his arm.


“Fucking B!” I say as I try to open the door. Fuck it. I take a step back and kick the door open. He doesn’t move as I walk over and slap his face a couple of times. His eyes are rolled in the back of his head, he doesn’t look good. I feel his pulse, fucker’s barely hanging on. I pull the needle out of his arm and back out of the stall, throwing it in a trash can.


“Holy shit! Is he OK?” I turn around to see the guy standing in front of the stall door, staring at B. I yoke him up and toss him out of the bathroom before he realizes what’s going on. I pick up the Island strap off the ground with one hand and pull B to his feet with the other. I somehow Weekend at Bernie’s that fucker, half-carrying/half-dragging him out of the bathroom.


“What the fuck B?! Tonight of all nights! We just fucking won,” I say frantically as I try and stay in the shadows. People can’t see him like this. I find an office and barge in, scaring the poor girl. I lay B on the couch. “You need to call Voo right now. Tell her Moore OD’d. You need to get help right now?!”


The chick picks up a walkie talkie and frantically starts calling for help over the walkie. I can’t do anything but fucking pace. This fucking guy. We just won the Island straps. Just beat Status Heauxs. He’s gotta fucking kid. And Michelle. Poor Michelle. Ruining her night. This night is supposed to be about her. Not about B overdosing in a strip club bathroom. The fuck man. We’re supposed to go on a fucking run here. No fucking time to show weakness.. Fuck! Last time it was his jealousy over a goat, now it’s fucking horse..


“What the fuck Paul?” Voo says as I look up to see her staring at B. I shrug.


“Bruh don’t look at me. I’ve been sober. Ish.”


“Joey, hit’em with the Narcan,” she says as some dood, guess named Joey, pulls out some spray and sticks it up B’s nose. We stand back. A few moments pass. Fucking nerve wrecking. Selfish prick. I’m supposed to be the selfish one of the group. We both can’t be selfish. We’re doomed.


“Where’s my needle?” He mumbles.


“Where’s my needle?” I repeat back to him. The nerve of this fucking guy.


“Should we tell Michelle?” Voo asks.


“No, we’ll get his creepy friend Poptart to get him out of here,” I say. Last thing I want the Status Heauxs to see is B all fucked up like this. Between Dickie and Warstein, they have the most Blood Money. Guarantee they’re coming for the straps. “And Voo, I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright. He’s a big boy, it’s not your fault. Joey, take him out through the back door. And make sure nobody sees him. I can’t have people thinking it’s OK to OD in my club,” she says as she walks off. If she wasn’t Vin’s baby momma I’d be her bitch..


“Where’s Michelle?” B somehow asks, slurring like a motherfucker. 


“She’s gonna meet you back on the Island. Poptart is outside in the car,” I reply as I’m led through the back door of the club. Voo has enlisted two bouncers, mammoths of men to carry B out, my hands are full with the Island straps. 


Poptart hops out of a waiting SUV and opens the back driver side door. He helps me pick up B and toss him in the backseat. Poptart closes the door as I turn to him. 


“What the fuck? Just came off a huge night and he’s ODing in the bathroom?” I say. Poptart just looks at me and then shrugs. Yeah yeah.. He grabs one of the Island straps from my hands before I can protest and hops back in. He takes off as I walk back into the club. What the fuck..


“Is everything OK?” I look up to see Michelle standing in front of me, a worried look on her face. I nervously look around.


“Yeah. Everything’s fine,” I feel like such a horrible liar when I lie to her. Anyone else, I sleep so well at night. But with her..


“Have you seen B?” She asks, with an annoyed look on her face.


“Uh.. No. But I uh.. I gotta go,” I stammer out, all awkward. 


“Let me go grab my stuff and I’ll meet you out front,” she says.


“Nah, it’s OK. You can stay here.”


“No, looks like you don’t need to be alone right now,” she says as she runs her hand on my cheek. “And I sure as hell could use a blunt after tonight. Go get a car, I’ll meet you out front.”


I nod as she tippy toes up to give me a kiss on the cheek and walks off. I make my way through the club, trying to avoid as many people as possible. What was supposed to be a fun night. iMaGiNe. Then Brandon. Has to be a coincidence..


I grab another Uber Black, balling out. The guy starts to complain about waiting for Michelle. I throw him a leftover stack. I’m still in a giving mood. She finally comes out with a duffel bag in hand. I grab the bag from her. Fuck it’s heavy.


“What’s in the bag?” I ask. 


“Money,” she says, all braggy and shit.


“Well damn girl, pop that P. Where we going?”

“Back to the hotel?”

“Let’s ride..”




Ay, I’mma just island boy, I’mma just island boy

I’mma get keep that gun, I be just staring at the sun


I’m riding fucking high. Figuratively. Literally. 40k miles high in the sky on the way to where dreams come true. Disney World. My sanctuary. My real home away from the Hills of Hollywood. Fuck New York. I’d rather be at the House of the Mouse any day of the week. And lucky for me, this trip isn’t just going to be a trip of leisure. For the first time, like ever, I get to crack skulls at Disney. Well, at least legally. For you see, the site of Blood Money II will be at Disney World. Oh my, the shenanigans the FIGHT! Roster is going to get into. I can already see someone getting tossed over the edge of Splash Mountain. I can already picture someone getting run over by the Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train.. Wonder what character Sahara’s gonna try and fuck. I blew my chance on New Year’s Eve, but hopefully Goofy has better luck than I did.


What’s dope is I’m not alone on my voyage to the Land of the Mouse. When word first got out about where Blood Money Dos would be, I instantly hit up Michelle. I knew we had to ride together. After the way I found B at the Rabbit, I knew he was in no shape to go himself. Mickey frowns big time on ODing on his property. No way was I going to ruin my reputation at Disney by running the risk of being with him if he did it again. Voo is way nicer than Mickey when it comes to sloppy fucks. This is Ezra’s first time so I had to make sure it was a special one. Michelle, my awesome bestie, surprised me with Madison as well. I don’t know what she said to Machelle, or paid, to let her come, but it’s fucking awesome she did. She’s the best. I’ve tried to reach out to Machelle since my ‘reawakening’ but she was being the biggest hater. Typical. And it turns out it’s Madison’s first time coming to Disney so I’m pulling out all the stops. I even flew out my housekeeper Rosa from the Hills of Hollywood. I figured we’d want a nanny who didn’t drink vodka before 9am.


Blood Money Dos. Next stop in my path to redemption. I got out of my slump, taking the Island straps. Beating Raven. Beating Status Heauxs. I proved me being dope in Season One wasn’t a fluke. I’m not a fluke. I’m someone who should ALWAYS be taken seriously, even if I don’t take myself seriously. I proved I’m really a force to be reckoned with, even if Dickie beat me at Ascension. Who gives a fuck? That’s old news right? 2022 is a new fucking year. New year of Paul Montuori. New year that Dickie loses his Empire Championship, new year that the world is given a dope ass Champion. A charismatic, beautiful as fuck Empire Champ. And that’s me.


Sorry Joe, bitch you got no shot.


Not when I’m on the prowl. Not when I’m focused on taking back my career. Taking back my reputation as the dopest around. Everyone’s been waiting for this, waiting for Paul Montuori to get his shit together.


Mirror mirror, on the wall, who’s the dopest of them all?


Paul Montuori!




I’m flying private now. And it doesn’t belong to Joe or the Montuori family. My shit. Bought with my earned shillings. Fuck, I’m a CHAMPION now. A CHAMPION that beat the Status Heauxs. A CHAMPION that’s going to run through everyone at Blood Money II and win whatever fucking prize I need to win to get my shot back at Dickie. A CHAMPION that doesn’t fly commercial anymore. For sure Michelle would slap the fuck out of me if I tried to make her fly commercial. Bougie bitch.


We land on Mickey Mouse’s private airstrip. I got it like that. I have the opportunity to impress her, I want to make sure she knows how amazing I am. Madison. Talking about Madison..


We roll up to the hotel, the Grand Floridian. Time to ball out and have a great fucking time. Legit going to Disney World to celebrate my title win. Mickey should have a parade waiting for me. Floats and people throwing beads and all.

“Take the kids inside and check-in while I make sure they don’t drop my Louis bags,” I tell Michelle. “Rosa, niños inside.”


“Si Mr. Montuori. Madison, ayudame con Ezra?”




“Help her with Ezra,” I tell Madison and then turn back to Michelle. “See if they can get us a suite.”


“I’ll try,” she says.


“Try with that bubbly personality you fake sometimes,” I reply. She puts her hands under her face and smiles. That’s my bestie.


They all go inside as I supervise them handling my precious bags. Handling my precious Island strap. After I feel they’ve done a satisfactory job of handling Louis bags I head back inside. And shocker, Michelle’s yelling at the front desk clerk. Poor girl.


“What’s the problem?” I say as Michelle turns to me.


“She said they’re completely booked and there was nothing she could do. And she’s being fucking rude about it,” Michelle says as she gives the clerk a dirty look. 


“I’ll handle this,” I say and turn my attention to the clerk, my homegirl Sasha.


“Good afternoon Mr. Montuori. It’s a pleasure to see you again,” Sasha says with a huge smile on her face.


“Sasha, you’re working here now?” I ask.


“Transferred last month,” she says.


“You know her?” Michelle asks, half-confused/half-annoyed.


“Oh yeah, I’ma Elite Member here. I’m practically best friends with Donald Duck,” I say as she groans and rolls her eyes.


“Oh I’m sorry, is she with you Mr. Montuori?” Sasha asks.


“Yeah, she is,” I reply.


“I apologize, I didn’t know you were bringing a special needs child. We weren’t expecting your group for another month.”


“Special needs? Child? Did this bitch jus,” Michelle starts to say as she walks toward Sasha with her fists clenched. I grab her around the waist and turn her around.


“Behave Michelle. Mickey frowns on violence at his properties,” I say. Michelle rolls her eyes and steps away. I turn back to Sasha. “Sorry about her, she hasn’t had a Starbucks in a few hours. She gets a little grouchy.”


“It’s totally fine. So what can I do for you today?” Sasha asks. Such a nice lady.


“Wondering if you had my regular room available?”


“For you? Absolutely. Let’s see here,” she says as she starts typing away. “Currently occupied by someone named Sahara but they haven’t checked in yet. Let’s bump them.. And here’s your magic bands. You can use them to access all of your usual VIP access.”


“Thank you Sasha,” I say as I take the magic bands and hand them to Michelle.


“We’ll have your bags brought right up to your room. If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to call. May you and your family have a magical day Mr. Montuori.”


“You too,” I say as I turn to Michelle. “Such a lovely lady.”


“Family?” Michelle asks with a scowl on her face.


“Ha, look at that. She thinks we’re a family.”


Oh if looks could kill..


We ride up to the top floor. To my usual spot. I open the door with my dope ass custom made magic band with my boy Childish on it as Lando. The door opens to a sprawling three bedroom suite, courtesy of Mickey Mouse himself. We’re boys.


“This is where you usually stay?” Michelle asks, confused.


“Yeah, why?”


“It’s a three bedroom. You don’t have any friends besides me. No way Vin is coming to Disney World.”


“We’ll uh.. One bed is for beating, one bed is for sleeping and one bed is for incase I get lucky.”


“Ew gross Dad,” Madison says with a disgusted look on her face as I shrug.


“Es nothing bad. It’s natural. Y Señor Montuori knows si necesita ayuda, I’m here to lend a hand,” Rosa says, winking at me.


“See, it’s natural. And no Rosa, no gracias. Or maybe, I’ll let you know,” I reply, winking back at her.


“I really hope she’s not jerking you off,” Michelle says.


“Of course not. We’re just joking. Or are we?” I say, winking at Rosa again.


“Wait, so there’s three beds.”


“Yeah Madison gets a room, Rosa gets a room and I figured uh.. We share a bed.”


“Share a what? Uh no you can sleep on the pullout couch.”


“You didn’t say that when you crawled into my bed when B kicked you out.”




“Nothing.. Who’s ready to have some fun?!”


Dope ass, fun ass montage. Like time of our lives montage. Like the intro to ‘Step By Step’ with the cool uncle who turns out to be a loser who lives in a van. But at least there was Suzanne Somers and them tig o bitties. Reminds me of Miss Beulah. 


Insert drooling emoji.


We rode the carousel and met the Evil Stepsisters, who surprisingly we’re appalled at Michelle’s choice of vocabulary . We rode the teacups. Michelle got sick like a rookie.  I tried to take Michelle to Space Mountain. She said maybe later. Ha.. I let everyone pick out their own Mickey ears, sparing no expense for your first ears are always special. 


“Oh my gawd, is that Gaston? I need a pic with him,” Michelle says, all excited. I look over, seeing my archnemesis with that goofy smile on his face and those fake muscles. Pft, Gaston ain’t nobody.



“Yeah, he’s so..”


“Paul Montuori, is that you?” I hear that stupid voice, coming from Gaston. I turn and stare him down.




“Paul Montuori. And for once, you’re not alone,” he shoots at me. Fucker. So what? I’ve been here a few times by myself. He loves to point it out every time.


“No, I’m not alone Gaston. She’s here, with me.”


“Is this true?”


“Yeah, I’m here with him,” Michelle answers.


“If I didn’t know better, I’d think you had ‘feelings’ for this monster,” he says to Michelle, who starts laughing.


“Oh no, we’re just friends,” she says in between laughing. She said that way too quickly. Gaston notices the look on my face.


“Are you in love with her, Beast? Did you honestly think he’d want you when could have someone like me?” He says as he flexes those fake ass muscles. Wish I had muscles like that.


“Oh yeah, well I beat James Raven. Well, mainly Aiden Reynolds. But I’m an Island boy now. And Blood Money II is coming up. And I’m going to fucking destroy everyone that crosses my path. No more bullshit. No more playing games. It’s a wrap. I’m coming out on top this time around. Runner-up ain’t in the cards. I already delivered a punch to the face of Status Heauxs, time to finish the job.. And what have you done? You lost the girl to an overgrown Yorkie,” I say, almost yelling. Gaston’s cocky smile quickly fades.


“Relax man, it’s just an act,” he whispers to me. “You’re scaring the kids.”


I look around. Like the entire theme park stopped and were staring at me. I quickly back away as Michelle is beside herself with laughter and Madison is mortified. All I see is a sea of phones in my face.


“What was that about?” Michelle asks.


“Nothing. Let’s get out of here before security shows up and kicks us out.”


The Haunted Mansion ride is always a must see. Who doesn’t love dancing ghosts. 


Another must are churros. And there we sat, smashing churros. Watching as a parade of princesses go by.


“If I was a princess, which one would I be?” I ask. Michelle and Madison look at each other and start laughing. “For real?”


“Princess Anna,” MIchelle says.


“Frozen?” I say as they both nod their heads. “Why?”


“Because you’re goofy and fall for all the hoes,” she says as they both start laughing. Rosa even starts laughing.


“Like you know what they’re saying,” I shoot at Rosa.


“I know. Tu eres un pendejo.”

“Yeah, yeah..” I say.


“Who do you think you are?” Madison asks.


“What princess do I think I am?” she nods. “Uhm..”


I got to play it cool. Act like I’ve never thought about it. But to be honest, it’s all I ever think about. I love Disney Princesses. Pocahontas was my shit.


Have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon..’


Then there’s Moana..


Moana, it’s time you knew.. The village of Motunui is.. All you need..’


Even the new chick on the block, Mirabel. Even though we shouldn’t talk about her Uncle Bruno..


But there’s only one Disney Princess that’s ever really.. Spoken to me.




“Rapunzel? Really? Why?” My beautiful daughter asks. And why wouldn’t she be beautiful? Look at me? Sahara’s so jealous of me.


“Well.. Outside of the obvious, our beautiful hair,” I say. And I feel myself getting into storytelling mode..


There I was, alone. Locked up tight. In a tower. High above everyone else. Isolated. But admired from afar. Feeling I’ve felt my entire career. Feeling of loneliness. Yearning for any sort of companionship. Maybe it’s the reason why I kept gravitating back to Joe, even after all the dirt he’s done to me.. Up in that tower, I look around and snicker at everyone with their past failed marriages. My homegirl Vhodka was a Dyamond. My lo.. Michelle was a Dunn. I heard even Sahara has an ex. Everyone’s been married, everyone has had a failed relationship. Dickie, from what I hear, had a psycho ex that fucked his best friend. On some Jerry Springer ish. I’ve sort of been there, or trying to get there. Shh, don’t tell B.. But even with all the drama of their crazy ex’s, at least all of them have been loved by somebody at one point. They’ve been in love. Even if it was toxic.


But not I. As I sat in my Ivory Tower, brushing my hair. My beautiful hair. Made o’ so perfect with Pantene Pro-V, Raven’s the best for the tip. Loves me so much he offered some hair advice. Hair never looked so healthy and shiney.. So there I sat, waiting for the right person to come and save me. Save me from the hell I was living in. Save me from the hell I created. Knowing that no matter how many women came, there was only one. One that I was attracted to. One that I was drawn to. Fucking soulmate shit. Like Rapunzel must’ve felt when she first saw that Knight come to rescue her. To defeat whatever villain lay waiting. Only to find out my rescuer wasn’t who I wanted them to be. There’s only one, only ever been one. Since I broke into the business..



“Huh? What?” I say as I’m snapped out of storytelling mode. Madison looks at me, waiting for an answer. I see Michelle pretending to concentrate on breaking up tiny pieces of a churro for Ezra, but I can tell she’s waiting on the answer. “Michelle? She’s married to B.”

“I didn’t ask if she was married,” she replies. “Is she the ONE?”


“That’s.. Silly. You don’t know her she uh.. She goes to another school,” I say, hoping she drops it. I mean, it’s not really a secret right? I professed my love before Ascension, only a creep would still be hung up on his best friend who’s married to his tag team partner. 


“So Dad, you worried about Blood Money?” Madison asks, too nervous to look up from her churro to see how the question affected me.


“Worried? About what?”

“The New Status Quo. Coming after you to make an example. I mean, you embarrassed them. You stopped their momentum right in their tracks. They were supposed to make an example out of you. Finally shut you up once and for all. Instead you beat them. Took their titles. Took that aura they had of being unbeatable.”

“Damn, you’ve been paying closer attention to everything than me.”


“I’m serious.”

“Alright, alright. Am I worried that the Status Heauxs are going to target me at Blood Money Dos?” I didn’t need time to think about it. “Fuck no. Why would I be worried about the Status Heauxs? We took those fucking belts from Status Heauxs. I took those fucking belts from Status Heauxs. I told the world, Aiden Reynolds isn’t on my level. He isn’t even on Status Heauxs level. He belongs in the Queens Division. He had no business being in the same ring as me. Chess and checkers. But Raven’s not wrong about the Status Heauxs. About what separates them from everyone else. What puts them on that next level. They win because they live and breathe this industry. You can tell, shit’s obvious. But sometimes passion isn’t enough when going up against your Pops.”


“Confident much?” Michelle asks with a smirk on her face.


“Beyond confident. For the first time in a long time, I’m feeling it. And when I’m feeling it, gets dangerous for everyone else. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s because I have the two most important women in my life with me. Maybe it’s because I beat James Raven. I’ll take both,” I say as I look at my watch. “Oh shit, let’s go. We gotta get a good spot for the fireworks.”




What a way to end a dope ass first day at Disney. Watching the fireworks go off over the castle. Man they are so beautiful, no matter how many times I’ve seen them, I still get all in my feelings and warm inside. Every time. But even better, to be able to watch them with the only people I care about in this world.


I look over to the left of me to see Madison staring up at the show with the biggest smile on her face, I am so glad she’s here. So glad Michelle brought her. She’s gotta love me, right? Going to so much trouble.. Next to Madison is Rosa, holding baby Ezra. Rosa was more into the fireworks than he was, but she pointed each burst of color out to him with excitement anyways.


And then there was Michelle, she stood next to Madison, each burst of color from the fireworks bounced off her radiant skin. I swear her beautiful blue eyes lit up the entire sky. She sees me watching her and she flashes me a sweet but flirty smile. That smile. That’s my cue right? 


I drop the ice cream cone I was holding and find myself stepping closer to her as she turns to face me. I reach out, wrapping my arms around her and pull her in, to my surprise she doesn’t resist, instead she grabs me by my face and pulls me in to the most romantic as fuck kiss you’ve ever seen. Her hands drop from my face and her arms wrap around my shoulders as her tongue backs that ass up inside my mouth. My hands went from her waist, to one resting on the small of her back, pulling her closer to me and the other squeezing her ass. Finally, after all these years. After all these weak ass fucking husbands. I finally get to squeeze that ass. I was about to take her right here, right now. Bend her over the railing and show her how much I lov..


That’s when I notice people watching, taking pictures and live streaming and shit. I mean,  who wouldn’t be? I’m totally famous and so is Michelle. Fuck, TMZ tomorrow with the headline ‘Is Dub Dub Over? P Mont Caught Necking With Partner’s Wife.’ Fuck it, B had his chance..


The fireworks continue to explode behind us, the crowd ‘oohing and ahhing,’ I know, were fucking sexy as fuck. Two beautiful specimens, expressing their love for each other. Like a fucking roman.. Like a Disney movie. That’s when I look up and see the heavens open up and Cinderella’s bird friends are chirping above us..


“P what the fuck?”


Her voice startles me back to reality, I blink my eyes and Michelle, Madison and Rosa are watching me play tonsil hockey with my ice cream cone. My face is so cold as the ice cream drips from my chin. 


Disney is such a magical place..


Fade to black..






I ain’t done just yet.

Ladies and gentlemen, as I proceed, to give you what you need.. Have you heard the news? The New Status Heauxs aren’t as high and mighty as they tried to appear. For you see, Wrecked & Worthless were able to pull off the biggest upset since Dickie Watson beat Paul Montuori. That biggest upset came at the expense of the Almighty James Raven. We’re not worthy, we’re not worthy.. The Mythical Raven was defeated for the first time in FIGHT!, losing the Island straps in the process. That’s right, Wrecked & Worthless are the new FIGHT! Island Champs. The great Status Heauxs were defeated by a dood from a romantic novel with flowing hair and a fucking junkie. And them bitches are supposed to be the New Status Quo?


Insert laughing crying emojis.


Fuck outta here..


As much as people think James Raven is a Gawd, he wasn’t able to work a miracle at Countdown. Not against me. Not when you leave it in the hands of Aiden Reynolds. The disrespect. They should’ve brought their A game. At the minimum, it should’ve been Raven and my homeboy Warstein. WADAP SHAWN!! You always bring out the big guns when I’m involved. Doing yourself a huge disservice if you don’t. Point proven by the Status Heauxs loss at Countdown. I even told everyone that Aiden Reynolds wasn’t ‘bout shit. He didn’t stand a fucking chance against me. I tried to warn the Status Heauxs, warn James Raven. But they didn’t heed my warnings. Dickie should’ve told them I wasn’t nothing to fuck with. Loss or not, Dickie knows Aiden wasn’t on my level. There should’ve been a team meeting, strategized on who should defend the straps. Looks like they rock, paper, scissored that heaux and came up with Aiden and Raven.. At the very least, Raven should’ve made it a point to try and take me on himself. Maybe he really is torn between wanting to murder me and wanting to like me. If the latter is true, I like you too.. But lesson learned, right? Humbling loss to send them back to regroup. Back to strategize. Lick their wounds. The mighty Status Heauxs with their first big loss. Courtesy of yours truly. How ironic, huh Dickie?


As such, I want to start the new year off on the right foot, so I would like to apologize to you James Raven. I’m truly sorry about messing up your New Year’s Eve plans. I know you were looking forward to dancing around naked, only wearing the Island strap while your wifey had Michelle’s belt on. That would’ve been some fun, huh? But at least your fantasy became halfway true. Your girl beat Michelle, new Manhattan Champ. So I guess she got to wear only the Manhattan strap. She’s a looker, so really you win too. You’re welcome. And if it’s any consolation, if you would’ve asked I would’ve let you borrow it through the holidays. I’m a nice guy. I’m all about making dreams come true. And just know James, whatever you need bud, you just come and ask me..


It’s a shame we only got a few moments at Countdown, I was looking forward to throwing hands with you. The Gawd’s Gift to Wrestling, the People’s GOAT, the hype that surrounds you everywhere you go. The looks in the fans eyes as they gaze upon you. Wow. Goosebumps. What could’ve been at Countdown. But looking to the future, another opportunity for us to square up. El Segundo Dinero de Sangre. The entire roster of FIGHT! all trying to win some kind of prize. Let’s be honest though, it might as well be billed ‘The New Status Heauxs vs Paul Montuori.’ No one’s going to win this thing outside of us. But more than that, I’m dying to see ‘James Raven vs Paul Montuori.’ Dying to see what all the hype is about, dying to see why everyone worships you. In the spirit of competition, I’m looking forward to finding out firsthand why you’re the People’s GOAT. Just know when my ego is on the line, mutual respect be damned. I’ll buy you a pina colada afterwards. You know how to reach me..


I hope you don’t come into BM Dos underestimating me, like you did at Countdown. You just couldn’t look past my gorgeous features, thinking I was just all looks. I don’t entirely blame you, I am beautiful. I do have beautiful hair. And I did lose to Dickie. Then spent the following season all up in my feelings. Putting up pathetic performances. I could see why you wouldn’t take me seriously. You’re not the first either, most people don’t. Until it’s too late. See, most of people forgot who the fuck Paul Montuori really is. What Paul Montuori can do. How shitty everyone’s memories have become. Need to gift the entire roster fish oil stat.. Few months in a slump and everyone gets all comfortable. Feel all safe. All warm and fuzzy. Nah it’s a fucking wrap. No mas. I’m rattling everyone’s cages. Starting at El Segundo Dinero de Sangre. No one’s safe. Everyone should be preparing in the event they’re unlucky to come across me at the House of Mouse. Because outside of you James and your merry little band, most of you should know better. You saw what I did in Season One. So close to running this place. Season Two, that was a fluke. An outlier. You’ll never see that person ever again. I’m coming out swinging starting with Blood Money II. On some Mad Max shit. WITNESS ME!


Now initially when I first heard about BM Dos, my game plan was a bit more conservative. See, the first thing I thought was ‘I’m going to pull a fucking Dickie and hide the entire match.’ No way was I going to relive the mistakes of OG Blood Money. Getting wrapped up in old beefs instead of concentrating on the finish line. That’s how Dickie won, hiding in a broom closet until it came down to the final few. Me, on the other hand, I had to battle everyone and their fucking moms. Only to run out of gas at the very end, letting Dickie beat me for the Empire strap. Which, if you’ve been following along, set off a chain of events that led me down my darkest path, yet..


But fuck that. 


The more I thought about it, the more I decided that’s the bitch way of going out. And Paul Montuori might be a lot of things, but a bitch ain’t one. 


Now I know I slipped and stumbled. That loss to Dickie, my ego cost me that match. I lost, Dickie didn’t win. But I’m leaving that in 2021. 2022 is the year of Paul Montuori. And BM Dos, that’s when I make that jump and climb my way back to getting a shot at Dickie. And I know there’s gonna be the hate, that I had my chance already and blew it. That I didn’t deserve another shot so soon, let someone else have a shot. But let’s be honest, there’s nobody in FIGHT! that has a shot at beating him. I’m the only saving grace of FIGHT!. Who else could dethrone Dickie? Vinnie and Vhodka Black got barred from competing, with the whole relationship to Xavier. Strat is retired. Dane tried and almost lost his life over it. Sahara’s too trying to rob Thad of every penny he has.. I AM the Savior of FIGHT! against the tyrannical reign of the Status Heauxs!


“You know there’s going to be more people than the Status Quo at Blood Money II, right?”


“Who said that?”


“Dad, it’s me.”


“Madison?! How’d you.. You can’t be here.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t know. I never really.. You can stay if you’re quiet. Now where was I..”


“Are you gonna keep talking about the Status Quo? You haven’t shut up about them since we got on the plane. I get it, you’re obsessed. How about saying something we haven’t heard yet?”



“What? You should at least mention some of the other people. Not like there’s an entire roster to pick from.”

“Ugh.. Fine, like who?”

“Well for starters, what about Un.. Joe?”


“What about him?”

“He’s going to be there.”

“I suppose..”


My COUSIN Joe. I haven’t seen him face to face since Ascension. Months ago, right? Seems time has become this weird.. Thing. Blood Money I to Ascension to this moment, one big blur. Madison and.. Michelle only real highlights. Then again what other happy moments outside of those two have I had in FIGHT!? Nothing but pain and sadness and disappointment. And it seems every bad memory revolves around Joe. Around the guy I spent my childhood looking up to, idolizing. Guy I wanted to be when I grew up. Even knowing how selfish and arrogant and self-centered he could be, he was my hero when I was a kid. And for as long as I can remember in my adult life, Joe’s brought me nothing but pain and anguish. Dating back to when I first broke into the business. But that’s a story for another day..


FIGHT! has made sure we’re not in the same spot at the same time. I don’t know what I’d do if I saw him. Honestly, I’m.. Still kinda pissed. Like I know my moms wan.. Would want me to forgive Joe. We ain’t there yet though. I’m still not over the betrayal after all of the years. The only way there’s a chance of us ever having some sort of relationship is if we put some distance between each other. I’ve spent the majority of my time back in the game running with Joe. After I took off my lucha mask in OPW, I joined Joe in Focus. Focus to Dynasty. Dynasty to Ascension. It’s time I stopped fucking with him, stopped having to be dragged into his every littly beef. I gotta big mouth of my own, I don’t need him bringing heat on me. I learned my lesson from Blood Money I, had to battle so many enemies just to reach the end. And the way Joe’s been running his mouth, the list grows by the tweet. The more distance between us, the more the resentment seems to die down. Don’t get it twisted though, if I come across Joe at Blood Money II, I’ma fuck him up. Straight up.


But Joe’s gonna be fine. See, Joe’s good at finding backup. He knows he has a big mouth, knows he picks fights with everyone. And knows when you talk as much shit as he does, you’re going to need someone to watch your back. Joe had Focus for most of his career. Which is why he brings it back every time he gets back in the game. Why he talks me into running with him every time. He knows he can’t last by himself. This business would eat up his arrogant ass in no time. He needs to always be surrounded by people. How else do you think he’s got all those championships he brags about? He’s always needed people to do his dirty work. And after Ascension, Joe had to look outside of FIGHT! for backup. And where’d he find it? Some dood towards the end of his career. Supposedly a legend in this business, I never heard of him. And that’s not me throwing shade, I just don’t pay enough attention. 


“No big surprise.”

“I’m too busy brushing my hair to pay much attention.”

“Do you know the guy’s name Joe is with now?”

“Chris Page. And I only know cause Vhodka was on the guy’s podcast.”


“He’s going to be at Disney World.”


I don’t know Chris Page. Supposedly he’s a big deal. Or was. What’s there to say? Anyone that rides with Joe is a special kind of person. Anyone that rides with Joe and isn’t related to him, dumb as fuck. I’m not saying Chris Page is dumb as fuck, but he’s running with Joe. Need I say more?

“That might come back around to bite you in the ass. Joe’s not the only person from FIGHT! that’s with Page now.”


“Really? Like who?”

“Ricky Rodriguez.”


Not my Young Ricardo?! After all that I did for him?! The betrayal! I picked that kid from obscurity, brought him into the spotlight for almost two seasons. And this is the thanks I get? After all that? Eh, actually I could care less. He can go run with whoever he wants. He’s a good kid. There’ll be nothing but love between us as long as he knows how to separate from business. Has a bright future. Keyword, future. BM Dos ain’t it bruh. He knows what’s up if we come across each other somewhere at Disney. He’s seen what I do firsthand. I let buddy observe firsthand, let him soak it up. He had a great opportunity, learning to further develop his craft with a dope ass dood as myself. My greatness rubbed off on him a bit. Not long after he started running with me he was tearing his way through the women’s locker room. Did I ever have the safe sex talk with him? I hope someone has. Especially seeing as he was with Saharlot. Not saying she’s loose or anything, gawd knows I don’t want to get her started on her pity party. She loves to play the victim.


“She’s in CCP too.”


Sahara in CCP? With Young Ricardo, her ex? And Joe Montuori, one of her biggest enemies at one point? All under the same banner? Really? Fucking Twilight Zone. I might as well become a Riggs. Or join the Status Heauxs. Sahara seems like she’d be unbearable to date and poor Young Ricardo didn’t know any better. Probably enjoyed her, looks like a freak, but is it worth it? Then to dump her and end up in the same group? Throw in Joe. They were like sworn enemies not that long ago. Joe would say some ruthless ass things to her, things that made me cringe. And suddenly they’re supposed to play nice? I don’t buy it. She has to be up to something. Young Ricardo’s too young to know any better and Joe. Joe’s Joe. Dood always on some other shit. But I guess these last two seasons with Sahara, I’m not all that surprised. She can be a bit uh.. Eccentric’s not the right word. And I can’t call the bitch crazy cause it’s 2022 now. Probably shouldn’t call her a bitch either, right?


“Dave the Dinosaur.”


“The Dinosaur dood?”


“Is there more than one dinosaur in FIGHT?!”


Dave the Dinosaur, bruh, your arms too short to box with a Gawd..


“OK I guess that’s it. Johnny Frentz.”



“Uhm.. Newcomer, I think he’s a crazy clown.”


“Clown? Like with a painted face and does tricks?”

“He definitely has a painted face, but I don’t think he does tricks. Or at least any trick I’d want to see.”

A crazy clown? Like Bozo on meth? Or the Joker? Everyone hates clowns. So creepy with the big floppy shoes and the hair and the flower that shoots water in your face when you try to smell it. Then everyone starts to laugh at you, especially Dawn Marie, only the dopest chick in 3rd grade. And the clown starts laughing too, like it’s the funniest thing in the entire world. Fuck clowns. And fucka Johnny Frentz. And his stupid fucking gimmick. How about I put a smile on your fucking face? Fucking dope. Why am I even wasting my time on this clown, literally..


“What about Brandon?”

“What about him?”

“He’s going to be at Blood Money.”


“And? You’re not worried?”

“Worried? About what?”

“Uh.. You and Michelle?”

“What about us? We’re best friends.”


“Dad, bruh.. You guys are practically fucking.”

“Hey! Language! And we’re not.. How would you even know that? You’re like 8.”

“I’m 12. And it’s not really a secret. You’ve been way into her for a while. You’re terrible at hiding it. And I see the way Michelle looks at you when she doesn’t think anyone’s looking. Brandon isn’t dumb.”


I’ve never hid my feelings for Michelle. We were always friends, always been friends. Going back almost as long as I’ve known Strat. Go back before B even met Michelle. I would never do anything inapprop.. That’s a lie, I’ve done plenty of inappropriate things with people’s wives. I would never force Michelle to do anything she didn’t want to do. And B, at the end of the day, there’s a million reasons why I should give her up. But the heart wants what it wants. 


“Selena Gomez, really? Can’t you ever be serious?”

What am I supposed to say? Michelle’s married to my boy, my tag partner. Other half of Wrecked & Worthless. Dub Dub. And now Co-Island Champion. She has a kid with him. She’s been with him for a year or so. I’ve been in the friend zone way longer than that. I mean, I told her how I felt, she said we were better off as friends. So we’re better off as friends. Not going to pressure her into liking me. Not going to make her leave B. This whole ‘Paul’s trying to steal Michelle from Moore’ is bullshit. She doesn’t want anything to do with me romantically. You all saw when I confessed my love. You all saw her turn me down. She’s with B, end of story. So right now my mind is 100% on Countdown. On eliminating as many people as possible on the way to the end. If I come across B, and he’s feeling some type of way, we can handle it then. You never know with him. He let a goat get in between us not long after our first tag title win, fuck you think he’s gonna do if he thinks I’m trying to steal Michelle? But we just beat the Status Heauxs, just took the Island straps from them. I’m not giving these up. Not like with Dark Tiger. Not again. Aye B, we’re riding until someone takes these from us.


“Not very convincing..”

Listen, B knows what’s up. He knows Michelle’s in charge. Michelle’s not going to do anything she doesn’t want to do. Ever. So less focus should be on that ‘Days of Our Lives’ bullshit and be focused on making sure no one from the Status Heauxs wins BM Dos. B and I have that same goal in mind, we’re on the same page in that regard. Which is how we took the Island straps away from them to begin with. And when you got the two of us on the same page, we’re fucking dangerous. The only people that can beat us are ourselves.


“OK that was more believable. What abou..”

Nah girl, I’m done talking about people I don’t know and people I don’t give two fucks about. Only one last name that needs my attention.


Dickie Watson..


Dickie, don’t think I forgot about you papito. I’m like that annoy fuck that just won’t go away. Which is weird because I could say the same thing about you. Countdown is just another opportunity for our paths to cross. Another chance to give the people what they want. Because as hard as you tried to come into FIGHT! being the nice guy, everyone saw right through the facade. Saw right through your emo bullshit. Same cocky, self-centered asshole as the rest of us. But see the difference, people like this cocky, self-centered asshole a tad bit better. So the people, Raven’s people, want to see this story, our story ends like any good story ends. With Paul Montuori as Champion.


That Empire strap you proudly wear means we’ll forever be intertwined. As long as you hold that strap, our story isn’t over. The tale of our careers will be one in the same. We’re stuck together Dickie. Bruh, you’re the Pinky to my Brain.


Tom to my Jerry..


Stimpy to my Ren..


Unfortunately for you kid, our story isn’t over. As much as you thought it’d be after Ascension, not over. Can’t be over. Not with you only holding one win over me. AND YES, ONLY ONE WIN. OG Blood Money doesn’t count as a lo Not to you. And didn’t Rocky Balboa lose at first? He had to battle back to prove himself. Same with Creed’s kid. Battle back to prove themselves. Redemption win is worth way more anyway. Doper story. How dumb would it have been if Thor murked Thanos in Wakanda. End of story. Nah, everyone wants to see the good guy stumble and fall. Then get back up and come back swinging. And yeah, I’m the good guy in this story. I’m better looking, I have doper hair. And people actually like me better. Which is weird because no one really likes me. They just tolerate me because they know I’m better. Or they try and have sex with me. I don’t see the ladies lining up for you Dickie, which is weird because broads love gold. Broads love a successful Champion. Even doods. Forget it’s 2022, our society is getting to the point where everyone just gets naked and hops in a pile.


“Uhm.. What?”

“I’m trying to change with the times, bear with me..”


What’s there left to say? I’m better than standing here and declaring I’m going to win. That’s dumb. Everyone does that. Or everyone says they’re going to give their best performance. Try their darnest. Fuck that. I’m Paul Montuori, I don’t need to say any of that. I legit just have to show my face, my beautiful face. Just have to show up. Don’t get it twisted, Season Two saw a bitch ass Paul Montuori. But real talk, that’s not the everyday Paul Montuori. I’m bigger than that. I’m bigger than FIGHT!. I’m bigger than pro wrestling. 


Just admit it already.


I’m better than you.


Better than all of you.


Blood Money Dos..


Voy a ensenar a todos por que yo soy Paul Montuori.