It’s a Mad World

By: Allison Riggs-Preston

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 4th Mar 2022

After their “match” at Venom 16, the Prestons decided to call Allison’s parents and ask them if they would keep the kids until after Venom 17 and took off to Los Angeles ahead of FIGHT! Jenna Riggs, was more than happy to take the grandbabies; she’s been away filming her parts in Ghost Fighter Boone for Splat Network and was missing the hell out of them. The three of them had been staying at the Beverly Wilshire, spending their day shopping or lounging at one of the cabanas by the pool, a few times they didn’t even bother leaving the room. It’s what the throuple needed with everything that happened at Ascension, after what happened at Blood Money 2. When Allison woke up, she was laying on her right side, with one arm wrapped around her girlfriend, Bella Zanetti’s bare midsection; Allison always played the big spoon with her, unless she had her head on Dane’s chest and then Bella played the big spoon. Allison slowly rolled over and turned to face Dane. He was awake, the right side of his face hidden in the pillow, left eye open and staring at her as he played with a lock of her dark hair.

You know that’s creepy, right? Allison sighed as looked at Fix Preston, her husband’s not so silent passenger. I wouldn’t mind it so much if it was my husband, but you’re giving this a creepy factor that’s straight out of a horror movie.

We can see why he loves you. Fixer never took his eye from hers. You are very beautiful.

That’s very sweet of you, Fix. She smiled a little. She could only imagine how he must feel as the silent rider. Having to watch Dane live his life as if it was a tv series and each day was an episode.

We have to agree with him. A half smile came out across his face. You’ve got a very nice ass, we couldn’t help but rub it some while you were sleeping.

And there goes that creepiness factor again. Allison sat up and rolled over top of him to get out of the bed on his side. He rolled over to be able to catch her in all of her naked glory. I can only imagine how hard it must be for you.

If you reach under the sheet… He winked at her. You won’t have to imagine.

I can’t wait for Dane to wake up. She shook her head. I am going to go get a shower.

We can come and wash your back.

No the fuck we can’t. She turned and walked to the bathroom door before calling out over her shoulder. Don’t touch my girlfriend, I might have to share my husband with you but I don’t have to share my girlfriend.

It’s not your girlfriend that we want. Allison couldn’t help but smile a little over that one as she closed the door to the bathroom and if truth be told, she was kind of curious, if there was a “difference” between the two of them. Purely scientific, she chuckled to herself and turned on the shower to get the temperature right.

Man, what a ride that was at Disney. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and smiled. When I looked back on the replay and saw the look on JMont’s face when I came up out of the water and dragged him under, damned near priceless. Bet you all didn’t know a bitch could hold her breath that long, did ya? She snaps her fingers. Shame that underwater dive team showed up when it did. She smirks a little. Maybe next time, JMont, maybe next time and good chance ol’ Mia might be cheering for me.

She pulls the vanity chair out and takes a seat for a moment. Life has been a little on the weird side for me ever since Ascension, I have to admit I’ve been laying low and keeping quiet as I learn how to navigate through my husband’s… condition. I really don’t know how Toddy does it with Austin and his mighty 28, because I am having problems with Dane and his one. She pauses for a moment.

Is one of FIGHT’S requirements to work here that you’re a little bit crazy? Because I am starting to wonder about it, I mean first, we have all the people running around here with multiple personalities. You know, I used to be skeptical of Austin Ramsey and Ophelia Pain and roll my eyes as they talked about their personality disorders. But ever since Fixer came out, I know that bullshit isn’t bullshit, that bullshit is real. Hell, every time Dane touches me with his left hand, I wonder who’s in control. And hell, Anne Bolyn ain’t even pulling a split personality thing, I believe she actually thinks that she’s Anne. She gave me a bitching Christmas present, though, I got to give her that and that alcove it was sitting in actually protected it from the blast when the building came down. I had them move it over to the Velvet Rabbit for safe keeping, VooDoo says she can’t say it won’t be used down in Pandora’s Box, but hey, at least it’s being put to good use now.

She chuckles a little.

My opponent this week runs around in a Dino mask and thinks he’s a Dino. Or at least that’s what he tells everyone. Or that’s what everyone believes. She shrugs. I am not sure what to believe. Maybe he’s some sort of hybrid that evolved over the years? Or maybe he’s just off his meds. I am not really sure myself. What I do know is, he’s beaten a few people before. And he’s beaten them with ease, so I can’t really take anything away from him.

She paused for a moment. What I do know is I am going to do what I always do. I am going out there with one thought on my mind and that’s walking away with the three count. And I am going to do it the way I was trained, any way I can. I don’t know what to expect walking into this fight, because hell, what can’t you expect walking into any fight here in FIGHT? All I do know is it is my full intention to walk out of the ring as the winner. She nods for a moment. So Dave, when we step into that ring, know that whatever games you may think you’re going to play, I won’t play them. I am there to fight and I am there to win, so make sure you come planning to do the same. She shakes her head a little. Man, how will I tell my son, Luke, that I beat up the dinosaur? He actually likes you. Damn it, Dave. With nothing more to say and knowing the shower was definitely warmed up, she got up and slipped into the stall as she tilted her head back to get her hair wet, the bathroom door opened and Dane Preston walked in wearing just his smile. He walked over and quietly slid the door open and stepped inside and watched his wife as the water cascaded off her body. When she stepped out from under the water and opened her eyes she saw him standing there and her gut reflex was to punch him in the stomach. Get the fuck outta here, you asshole.

What the fuck, Princess! Dane yelled as he held his midsection. What the fuck did you hit me for? What the fuck did he do?

We touched her butt while she was sleeping.

Oh, fuck, babe. She said and reached out to him, he slapped her hands away.

Oh, no, no. The corners of his lips were turned into a smile that you could just barely see. You don’t get to beat me up over something he does.

Fine, ya big baby. Next time I will ask who’s in control. She rolled her eyes. Maybe next time he can ravage me before I figure it out.

We didn’t know that was an option.

That is NOT a FUCKIN option, Fix. He looked at Allison. Don’t give him any ideas.

No, Fix, that is not an option. She also felt the need to say it.

For better or worse, right? Dane asked his wife.

We are not the worst.

For better or worse. Allison smiled and walked over to Dane and slipped into his arms and they held each other tightly as the water poured down on them. They wouldn’t make it through this, all of them, even Fix.