It’s all for the greater good

By: Austin Ramsey

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 20th Jul 2021

Monday, July 19, 2021

06:00 a.m.

Austin and Todrickís home

Manhattan, NY

ďThis Day Started WrongĒ

The sun is shining through the window of Austin and Todrickís bedroom, and Austin rolls over, not ready to get up yet, and reaches for Todrick and feels an empty space. He immediately sits up and begins to freak out.

What the fuck? Where is he? He is never up this early. What day is this?

Austin throws the covers off, and Domino and Duke watch their father scramble. They look at one another and cover their faces with their paws and lie back down. Austin looks frazzled, and he puts on a pair of black basketball shorts and rushes downstairs. He sees a note under a magnet on the refrigerator and runs over and snatches it.

Good morning, my love,

You were sleeping so peacefully that I did not want to wake you, especially since you werenít feeling well last night. Austin, breathe, calm down.

Todrick knew his husband well. Austin stopped reading and closed his eyes, and he could hear Todrickís voice in the storm that was brewing in his head. He followed the sound until he could see the light and feel the warmth. He sat down at the island on one of the bar stools and continued reading.

Now, doesnít that feel better? Please donít be upset that I didnít wake you so you could say goodbye. I had such an early flight to Miami, plus once you are up, so are the babies. Remember, you will have to fend for yourself this week because Iím helping Akasha move to Atlanta. Sam says heís okay with it, but I noticed he conveniently went to LA with Whitney. I donít think heís okay right now, but Iíll see him another time, I suppose. Anyway, I went to the ďhealthy storeĒ and stocked the refrigerator for you with all the stuff you like. I also prepared some meals, and all you have to do is put them in the oven and follow the instructions I left in the recipe drawer.

I know that you donít like going to sleep without me there, so I bought a body pillow and put it in your closet, and you can FaceTime me every night until you fall asleep. This is the longest we will have been away from one another since we started dating, but I know you can do it. I trust you, Austin, donít mess that up because I donít know if you can recover from that. Alright, walk your boys, and Iíll text you when I land.

Love you,


Austin slumps in the chair and stares at the floor. The dogs have come downstairs with their leashes in their mouths, and they set them down at Austinís feet. He looks at them and comes back to the surface. He puts the leashes on their collars and grabs a red t-shirt out of the hamper. He wouldíve gotten yelled at for that normally, but he was safe for the next week. He puts his feet into his Nike slides, and they head outside. Fortunately, the dogs knew the route because Austin fell into his thoughts.

I donít know why I couldnít go to Miami. I bet that fucker Chatman is there, and Todrick just didnít want us to get into it. Sam is becoming a real problem. He is on this campaign to make me out to be a villain again. Fuck him; everything I do is for the greater good. Yeah, I hid his phone, but he didnít ask me to watch it when he left it on the table at the bar. He couldíve posted for Blood Money early, and I didnít tell him to wait until the last minute. If there is no Royal Anarchy, that is one more reason that Todrick doesnít have to be in a wrestling ring.

Samís crybaby ass made me have to be creative to get rid of Todrickís vlog for Venom #1. I didnít do it to hurt Todrick, but why would I want to see him face this ďCrimson QueenĒ chick who gets off on making her blond hair red with blood? His blood, now my blood because we share a heart. Fuck that noise. I had to crash the computer, and he thought it was posted. I donít like lying to him, but how can loving him and protecting him be wrong? I mean, isnít that my job now as his husband?

This can never get out because of my past. Iím trying to do what I think is correct, but Iím sure it wonít be popular with others. I donít fit their mold any fucking way, so why try? Sam is about to be on my fucking list again, but I canít go at him directly. Gah, I got 99 problems, and another bitch is number 100, but I donít gotta fight this one at all. Amari Kent and his mouthy and annoying ass bitch North. Not coming to the wedding did him in. For someone who claims Todrick is his favorite cousin, that was the ultimate bitch move. What makes it worse is that Alexis Hunter, who despises both of them, made travel and lodging arrangements for the two. I couldnít have planned his downfall with Todrick any better if I tried.

Itís sad, really, because I didnít do shit to that dude. Oh well, another fan for the Austin Ramsey fan club. Speaking of fans, Ken Felder has been riding my dick real hard on Twitter. Graham Clauson must not be putting that thang down in the bedroom. After Blood Money, that dude probably spends all his time hanging out at copier stores.

Austin winces as he feels the muscles in his face twitch at the thought of the copier lid that took him out at Blood Money at the hands of Clauson.

Fuck that dude as well, well I wouldnít fuck him with Quagmireís dick, but itís clear he needs some dick.

My balls itch.

I have to get my prescription filled. The doctor isnít listening when I tell him that medicine makes me sick. Then there is that whore nurse. I meant to tell Todrick about her. I kinda wanna see what will happen there. Plus, I really want to knock over the magazine rack and displays in that office. I hate it there.

I still have a lot of leftover thumbtacks.

Austin passes by a group of women, who smile and keep staring at the lower half of his body.

Why are they staring at me like that?

Austin looks down and immediately sees what they were staring at. He did not put on underwear, and nothing was left to the imagination. He is unbothered and shrugs.

Glad I gave them a show. Probably the best piece of meat theyíve seen in a while.

Iím hungry. I bet there are only dinners in the refrigerator, dammit, man. I donít like this.

Duke barks at Austin, who realizes they are back at the front door. He opens it, and they head inside. He takes their leashes off and fills their bowls with food and water. He heads upstairs and shuts the bedroom door. He throws his clothes on the floor as an act of rebellion and takes out his computer and pulls up a video, and hops on the bed with lust in his eyes.

Monday, July 19, 2021

1:00 p.m.

The Chrysler Building

New York, NY

ďI Hate It HereĒ

Here she go.

The nurse that Austin hates sees him, and she flashes a smile that screams of desperation. That was not a turn-on to him at all. He shoves his hands in his pockets and walks up to the window, and checks in. He goes to sit down and takes out his phone. Instagram is full of half-naked women, and he begins to get excited. The nurse comes to the door and calls out his name.


Austin begins to panic because he does not want to stand up. Too late, she sees it because the stupid look on her face says so.

I hate her so much!

Canít think about that now, man.

Wait, will that help? She has a stupid face.

Ah, thatís it, simmer down, big fella.

Austin stands up and shoves his hands back in his pockets. He walks to the back, and he can feel her behind him, undressing him with her eyes.

Toddy is gonna scratch her eyes out next time. Iím so telling.

Wonder how much of my time is gonna be wasted today? Dr. Ivanov does not listen to me. He just wants to get the hour over with and put me on meds.

CHRIST, why is she touching me? Are you even supposed to take someoneís vitals at the psychiatristís office? Why did you not look that up after the last time?

Bro, WTF? Her hand didnít slip. She just touched my junk. I need an ADULT.

Thatís it; Iím knocking something over when I leave here.

Austin sits there brooding. An hour later, he is in an even worse mood. Not only did he feel ignored, but the doctor upped the dosage of his meds. He was never coming back to this place. As he walks out, he ďaccidentallyĒ knocks over the magazine rack and crotch chops the nurse. For the first time of the day, he smiles.

Monday, July 19, 2021

5:30 p.m.

Spyglass Rooftop Bar, Archer Hotel New York

New York, NY

ďUnhealthy RelationshipĒ

Austin picked up his medicine but refused to take it. He wanted a different kind of medicine, so he stopped at the luxe rooftop bar. He changed his lock screen saver to a picture of him and Todrick on a yacht smiling and showing off their wedding rings. That way, if temptation happened, he had a layer of defense. He orders a drink called The Witty Retort, a drink perfect for him. The drink had 2 ounces rye whiskey, Ĺ ounce Amaro Averna, Ĺ fresh lemon juice, Ĺ ounce ginger simple syrup, and was garnished with an orange twist.

Austin looks around the bar and sees a lot of good-looking men and women. He sits at the bar and checks the notifications on his phone, and sees The Tag Wars: Toxic Tag Announcement from FIGHT! NYC.

Ha Ha, I already fixed that foolishness, no Royal Anarchy for your Tag Wars, take that copier nerds at FIGHT! NYC.

Wait, wait, wait, what ifÖ

No, no, no, stop that, Austin.

This plan will take a long time, but if you tag with Todrick, you can protect him that way until he sees the light and quits wrestling altogether. This will also take a lot of heat and suspicion off of you, man.

Austinís brow furrows as he realizes his glass is empty. He orders another drink.

Yes, this is the wisest plan.

Fuck, more lies. I hate lying to him. I genuinely love him, but this is for his own good. Iím still #niceAustin, right?

You better not make him cry, asshole. He is the best thing in your shitty life.

Why am I like this?

A man and woman walk up to the bar and sit down next to Austin. Austinís glass is empty again. The man orders drinks for himself and the woman and orders a refill for Austin. Austin is startled when the bartender sets another drink in front of him as he was deep in his head.

Austin Ramsey: Um, I didnít order this.

Bartender: That couple ordered it for you.

He points, and Austin looks over, and they hold their glasses up in the air. There it is, a bar without Todrick was a negative moment waiting to happen with his sex addiction. Something so small could result in something terrible. Given how he grew up and how his parents sold him for drugs and alcohol, a sex addiction is the last thing you would expect to happen to him. It was one of the things he saw the doctor about because he had always had an unhealthy relationship dealing with sex. It shaped a lot of what he did prior to meeting Todrick and while they dated. He had cheated and now was so afraid of losing the one person in the world that loved him unconditionally.

In truth, this is why he couldnít bear to see Todrick hurt in any way. This is why he didnít want him wrestling. The thought of losing the one thing that kept him grounded in reality was a scary thought. Austin had built so many barriers to protect himself, and Todrick had broken through all of them. He was going to accept the drink, but there was no way he was going home with them. He had too much to lose. He chatted with them for a while but was not overly flirtatious. He knew they would be disappointed shortly because he had to leave and get home. He had a FaceTime date that he was not going to miss.

Monday, July 19, 2021

9:20 p.m.

Hearst Tower

Manhattan, NY

“Live From New York”

After a while, he said goodbye and called an Uber to come to pick him up. As they were driving home, they were passing Hearst Tower when Austin asked the driver to stop. He stared at the building and wondered how a place could bring him equal amounts of joy and pain at the same time. He opened the car door and took out his phone, opened Instagram, and went live.

Austin Ramsey: Iím standing outside of Hearst Tower, home of FIGHT! NYC. Home of the rogue copiers and the brutes that have no office courtesy. A copier is used to make copies, but no at Blood Money, one Graham Clauson decided to break proper copier etiquette and use the lid to hit me in this gorgeous face that you all love. Audacity must have been in sale in bulk before that match.

Wait, can you even call that a match? I donít know what that was, but it was brutal. Thanks to Xerox, and the office ass munchers, I hate it here! Then everyone acts like I was not in the match at all in the mentions, nor does anyone praise Toddy for making it into the top five. Like no one saw that coming, but I want to go on record saying that I knew he had it in him. There is nothing he canít do. I have to thank Miss Michelle for taking out the trash on Venom #1, and there was no need for Toddy to face that psycho Sahara. He already kicked her ass once during Blood Money. No one wanted to see that again. Love you, Michelle.

But Blood Money is done; I earned 3,000 in Blood Money, and come Venom #2, Iím going to make more. Iím going to be facing Lisa Marie Ashton. I think she goes by ďThe Mafia Queen BitchĒ, clearly she doesnít know Iím the king of Mafia Wars on Facebook, so this should be an easy win. I know that her fiancť ďThunderstormĒ Josiah Black manages her now, and if he knows what is good for him, heíll stay out of my business. Maybe he wonít be as big of a bitch as Ken Felder is, but I already gave him his five seconds of fame on Twitter, and Iím over it at this point. Donít like it? Suck a big dick.

It could be worse; the most annoying manager here is North Wynters like damn bitch shut the fuck up and let Amari talk. I mean, we all know he is a one-line hoe, but you make all his features about you, and he gets like two minutes or less of air time. There is support, and there is desperation to be relevant. Your time is coming in October when you release that wig line at Party City. Then they want to play the donít come for a woman card on Twitter when she jumps into my shit. Let me tell you something, saweetie, when you step out of line and into my line of fire, you get what you get. I take shit from no one. Fuck all that noise about you being a woman; when you insert yourself into menís business like a man, thatís what the fuck you get treated like.

That brings me to you, Lisa; I hope you donít think that Iím going to take it easy on you in the ring because you are a pretty girl. My career means too much to me to let you come in and take away the Blood Money that I need to make myself a legend and household name here. Look, Iím really sorry about your Sam Savageís passing. It seems like you werenít over Frankís passing yet, so I feel for you. That wonít have any bearing on our match, though. This is where my sympathy ends. Now I know some of you will turn your nose up because you think what I just said is tacky. Behold the field of fucks I have, and it is barren. Iím just doing me, and you should do you.

LMA, bring everything you got because Austin ďMFĒ Ramsey is not coming to play at Venom #2. I heard that announcement about Toxic Tag, and perhaps that is something that Todrick and I can sink our teeth into. Oh, wait, Samuel Chatmanís broken and bitter ass thinks that Iím some evil genius trying to stop my husband from doing what he wants to do in the wrestling world. Go get a job and get rid of that bum bump on your lip. So, Iím going on record right now, Todrick Tabor-Ramsey, if you want to form a tag team, letís do this and win The Islands Championships. Who is better than us? Ken, if you and Graham are feeling frisky, jump bitch. See you all at Venom #2.

Monday, July 19, 2021

10:30 p.m.

Austin and Todrickís House

Manhattan, NY

ďThe Perfect Ending To This DayĒ

Austin gets out of the shower and wraps up in a towel. The dogs are upset because he wonít let them into the room. Domino has his fatherís personality and leaves a shit right outside of the bedroom door. Austin has candles lit, music playing, and is liquored up pretty good now. His phone begins to ring, and his face lights up like a Cheshire Cat. Todrickís face is on the phone, and he answers the FaceTime call.

Austin Ramsey: BABE! I missed you so much today. Iíve been a really good boy too.

Todrick giggles at how excited Austin is to see him.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: Thatís good honey. I know your day probably did not start off well, but hopefully, we can make the ending right.

Austin nods and stands up, and pulls off his towel.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: Damn baby, can we talk for a minute? I want to hear about your day.

Austin frowns and looks down at Mr. Giraffe, and puts his towel back on.

Austin Ramsey: What do you want to know? I mean, I woke up, and you werenít here. I didnít get to hug or kiss you goodbye. You took that from me.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: †Austin, settle your tea kettle. I simply said, wait a minute. You see what Iím wearing, right?

Austin Ramsey: Yes, yes I do. So can we please hurry this along? I havenít touched you all day, and you know how hard that is for me. I canít walk by any of your stuff without Mr. Giraffe getting long andÖ

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: Cut it out, Austin.

Austin visibly pouts, and Todrick can see the vein that signifies that he is about to blow his top. He sighs.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: Austin, look at me.

Austin looks away and shakes his head no.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: Austin, I said look at me.

Austin cuts his eyes at the camera.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: Iím sorry, I know how hard this is for you with me being away, and I know that you have certain needs that I cannot fulfill for you right now. I hear you, and I understand.

Did he just use the tools from relationship counseling on me? Ainít that a bitch. May as well act right now cause being aggy isnít going to make him shut up any faster so we can get to the good stuff. Still, itís cruel to make me wait, and he knows what I need. But Iím the bad guy, tuh.

Austin Ramsey: Well, I went back to the doctor, that was miserable, and a nurse touched my naughty parts. Donít worry; Iím not going back there unless you want to fight her. I did not encourage it in any way. The doctor didnít listen to anything I had to say and increased the dosage of that poison. Iím not taking it anymore, Toddy. I will go to a different doctor but not that one anymore.

Todrick nods and doesnít fight him on this. He said the magic phrase. He would go to a different doctor. He also said it without a prompt or suggestive hint.

Austin Ramsey: I went to a bar, met a couple, chatted for a while, and left ALONE. Then I went to Hearst Tower, went live, and now we are here.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: I saw it my love. Were you serious about us forming a tag team? You havenít really seemed too keen on me being in the ring.

Austin tenses up, and his voice lowers, and he is stern.

Austin Ramsey: I donít want to hear that shit, Todrick.

He said Todrick, which meant he was serious and getting angry. Todrick could tell that there was a storm brewing, and he needed to do some course correction.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: I didnít mean anything by that honey. I tell you what, letís talk about it when I get back on Friday. Hey, since Lisa has her manager, do you want me to manage you at Venom #2 since I donít have a match?

Austin pulls back into the present. He doesnít like the idea of Todrick at ringside and would prefer him in the audience, but if he says no, it might not end well.

Austin Ramsey: Letís talk about that when you get back. Címon, Toddy, you made me wait long enough. Can we PLEASE take these clothes off now?

Todrick rolls his eyes, smiles, and nods yes. An eager Austin rips the towel off, and the scene goes dark.