Itís All I Could Do

By: Mason Alexander Vanderbilt

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 30th Jul 2021

There comes a time in everyoneís life where a person must realize that they were wrong. Itís hard to admit, butÖ sometimes it is okay to lose. Sometimes itís okay to fall short of attaining a goal that you want. When I wrestled Amari Kent, I truly believed that I was the better man. I truly believed that I was going to destroy him that second time. I really believed that the first time was truly a fluke. I believed that on equal footing, I would be the better man. I was wrong, and even though I truly believe that I am the better athlete, obviously it wasnít my night. Amari Kent will make anÖ adequate Brooklyn Champion. Itís unfortunate, but somehow all of my life Iíve been the better personÖ but never the winner. Itís unfortunate but to me, I have always had the unfortunate flaw is my fierce belief in myself. I truly have always believed that I was the best, and it hurts me when I am not victorious in my endeavors. Now, I understand that in children it should be instilled in us that winning isnít everythingÖ but I was never that child. I was the one that excelled. I have always been able to achieve what I wanted. I was that overachiever who made sure that I was the best, and when I donít get the outcome that I want, itís personal. For the longest that I can remember, it became a personal mission to write my own wrongs. Even if I canít, I become hell bent on getting what I want. I get a hellacious fixation to get what I want, no matter what. Itís not healthy, but itís become part of me. Thereís something about not being able to get what you want, we all know that itís a pain. Iíve always had that experience, itís one I canít shapeÖ and wrestling has been no different. I canít change it, and one day it may be my undoing, but itís part of the Vanderbilt way.†


<<< It had been a few days since Masonís defeat against Amari Kent. He knew that he was wrong about Amari. He knew that he actually respected Amari, but he couldnít bring himself to admit that to anyone. Amari was a very gifted athlete, and the loss was a slice of humble pie, but Mason knew that he had unfinished business in Fight: New York. The sun had barely begun to peep into the windows of his condo, but Mason was already well awake. Sitting on his couch, his attention was steadfast on the table in front of him. On that table, the report that was sent to him in the mysterious box from the higher-ups at Fight. Those papers revealed something that Mason knew would blow up his relationship with his ex-wife. Staring down at her mugshot, Mason couldnít help but to take a deep, deep breath. Suddenly, a soft knock comes over the door. Mason stands up from his couch, he once again takes a deep breath before walking over to the door. Looking through the peephole, he grabs hold of the knob. Opening the door, he places a smile on his face as his mentor Cornelius Walker stands in front of him. Cornelius, dressed down from his usual flashy suits, is wearing a simple black tracksuit. Stepping into the loft, Cornelius looks at Mason with a confused look.†


“Son, you know I love you. I just donít know why you thought me coming here this early was a good idea.”†


Mason closes the door after Cornelius enters. Taking a few steps behind Corny, he walks back over to his couch, taking a seat next to Cornelius who has also made his way to the couch.†


“I know that itís early, but I need some advice. I normally would go to my parents, but this is bigger than the situation that their advice wouldnít warrant what I need. Corny, I need you to give me advice that only you could.”†


A quizzical expression befalls Corneliusí face. Looking down on the table, he is shocked to see a picture of Christina, Masonís exes mugshot. Letting out a gasp, he looks up at Mason obviously bewildered. He reaches over, and grabs the picture. Taking it up, he looks at the picture still in utter shock.†


“MasonÖ what in the fuck is this? This canít be real. This canít be Christina. Sheís miss prissy too-good for everything, why in the fuck did she get arrested?”†


Mason lets out a deep breath. He takes the picture from Cornelius, and looks it over once again. He places it back down at the table, making eye contact with Cornelius once again.†


“Well, this was sent to me by someone at Fight. I donít know how they went and got this, but Iím happy that I have it. Iíve been sitting with this for a few over a week now. I donít know what to do. I donít know how to talk to her about this or the arrest report. She somehow got this swept under the rug. I know her parentís have pull, but I didnít think that they would sweep her endangering my children under the rug like that.”†


Cornelius shakes his head.†


“It helps to know people in high places. I donít understand why someone would want to sweep that under the rug. She endangered your damn children. I would have her in the courts as soon as I could.”†


Nodding in approval, Mason places the papers back down onto the table.†


“Thatís exactly why I wanted to see you. I didnít know what I should do about this. I want to make her pay for everything that she has done for me. Yet, I canít do it. I canít do it for that reason. I need to do it to keep my children safe. I need to make sure that she doesnít endanger them anymore.”†


Cornelius looks back down at the documents on the table once again. Grabbing the arrest report, he reads over it quickly.†


“Son, I know that you donít want to subject your children to what I did with mine. Yet, you have to understand what she can potentially do to those girls. If she has an issue, she needs to be able to address that. Sheís a good mother, even you would admit that. Good mothers donít endanger their children. If I were you, I would definitely use this to help at least get the girls in a safer environment.”

Mason takes a deep breath. He looks over at Cornelius, then back down at the table where Christinaís mugshot sits. Placing his hands onto his knees, he pulls himself up to his feet.†


“I know that youíre right. I justÖ I donít want to drag her name through the mud. I know that sheís done some shitty things to me, butÖ this would be low.”†


Letting out a scof, Cornelius crosses his right leg over his left.†


“Sheís tried to destroy you and your credibility for as long as I can remember. She didnít support you following your dreams, and somehow made that the reasoning behind keeping your kids away from you. Sheís made decisions to destroy your life, but you donít see that. LIsten, I wonít sit here and tell you that you have to do, but I am telling you what you should do. Trust me, this is the only way to humble that little bitch. Now, I have to get to some training, see you son.”†


With that, Cornelius stands up from his seat. He looks over at Mason, patting him on the shoulder before placing the arrest report back down onto the table. He then walks over to the door. Looking back over at Mason, he sees him now holding the arrest report. Shaking his head, Cornelius opens the door and walks out of the loft. Mason continues to stare at the arrest report. He knew that if he did use this, it would open up a painful chapter in his life once again. Yet, he knew that it possibly was the only way that he would be able to gain the upper hand in getting some semblance of control over his family