It’s always something.

By: Ricky Rodriguez

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 31st Mar 2022

Almost in reverse of what happened before the match, Ricky Rodriguez and Big Ass Bobby emerged through that curtain following Ricky’s huge victory in the Blood Money Briefcase Match against Todrick and Jennie. As soon as he did, he was swarmed by a group of people embracing and congratulating him.


And in that single moment, Ricky felt something he hadn’t yet felt in Fight..he felt validated. He had vowed to stop putting everyone else before himself goddamn if he didn’t keep his word. Against two of the people he loved the most, Ricky was able to put himself first.


It felt..amazing. Beyond amazing. With all of the cheers and shakings and pats on the back, Ricky managed to look down at that Blood Money Briefcase he had just won. Sure, it wasn’t a championship but it was the first physical accomplishment he had actually won in Fight. 


Luckily for him, everyone dispersed, heading back to handle whatever it was they had to handle. With Bobby following behind him, Ricky began to make his way back towards the locker room area. Taking another look down at that briefcase he held onto, the surve of emotion came crashing down onto him like the biggest wave.


He managed to hold it in until that door closed behind them. And that was when the floodgates opened. All of the emotion he was feeling became overwhelming and this was really the only way he could properly express it. Tears flowed down his cheeks and fell freely down onto that briefcase.


Noticing this, Bobby walked over, giving his little brother a tight hug, even going as far as to ruffle his hair. Bobby let go of Ricky and took a single step back to look at him.


Big Ass Bobby: ‘Take the night. Enjoy it. Now you know you can do it. Dave and the Bronx Championship are next.’


All Ricky could do was look up from that briefcase at Bobby. He nodded his head before watching him take his leave. Hearing that door close, Ricky moved to take a seat on a metal folding chair. He didn’t even think about how he felt physically, but mentally was a whole different story. 


He stopped two of the people he was closest to from succeeding in order to push himself further. Yet..he didn’t feel selfish. When he stared down at the briefcase he won, Ricky felt proud. Proud of himself. Proud of what he had done out there. But above all else..Ricky felt..ready. Cause it was just like Bobby said. Dave’s next.



It was a rather nice day..wherever the filming of this piece took place. A cloudless blue sky. A light, gentle breeze occasionally blows through the surrounding area. In a place like this, the transition between winter and spring was as clear as the sky above.


Ricky Rodriguez was shown in the middle of a local park. While most people were there enjoying the day with their significant others or playing with their children or pets, Ricky was not. With the string of heavy matches he has coming up, Ricky was taking every opportunity to better himself and this was no exception.


Rather than enjoying the day, Ricky chose to use a picnic table for a makeshift workout routine. He jumped straight up, landing on one of the seats. From there, he leapt to the top of the table and then to the seat on the other side before jumping back to the ground.


Ricky continued this repetition, not having the slightest clue that he was being watched from across the park. That individual damn near blended in with their surroundings, thanks to the brush and shadow brought on by the surrounding trees.


It’s not gonna be like it was last time. Everythin was so..fucked last time. But it’s better this time..I’m better this time. Not gonna make the same mistakes I made before. Not approachin this like I did before. I know better now. I’ve learned. I’ve grown. I’m better.’[/i]


Ricky jumped up onto the edge of that picnic table’s seat only to just barely lose his footing and crashing to the grassy ground. It’d be easy to say it was just an accident but in reality, his head was fucked. It was always one thing after another and Ricky was damn tired of it.


He laid on his back, gazing up at the clear sky as he groaned out. Not cause it was super painful but it was more embarrassing than anything. The area he was in was a bit secluded but he still couldn’t help but to feel eyes on him.


‘With that win over Jennie and Toddy, it honestly feels like everythin’s fallin into place. I showed the world that I can put myself before anyone else. And now, it’s time to take it one step further. So far, I’ve lost every championship opportunity I’ve had in Fight. But every time..every time, I pick myself back up and I figure out what do I gotta do to make things work, y’know?


But now it’s Dave’s turn. It’s Dave’s turn to find out what it feels like to be layin on that mat and lookin up at someone celebratin with somethin you know should be yours. It’s Dave’s turn to find out whatta shot to the gut it is to find out what you’re doin just isn’t workin. It’s Dave’s turn to hafta sit the fuck down and have a long ass look in the mirror cause it’s just not good enough.’[/i]


Ricky closed his eyes for what felt like only a couple moments. When he opened them up, he saw the hand of Big Ass Bobby offering to help him up to his feet. Shaking his head a bit, Ricky took the hand and got up off of the ground. Brushing himself off a bit, he nodded his head firmly at Bobby.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘Always there, huh? How long you two been watchin?’


Alessa looked a bit confused as she looked up at Bobby and then back at Ricky. She shook her head and spoke up.


Alessa Holloway: ‘We just got here when you fell.’


There was a bit of concern on the features of Ricky as he glanced across the way. Bobby? He had Ricky’s one hundred percent. But Alessa? It wasn’t that easy. Luckily enough, Ricky was great at playing pretend. Shaking the feeling off, Ricky looked at Bobby and Alessa with a bright smile.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘Anyway, what’s up?’


Big Ass Bobby: ‘Heard you were here and we were in the area, so we just came through to see how you’re doing.’


A slight laugh slipped free from Ricky as he took a seat at that picnic table. He glanced back in the same direction as before, his brow lowering.


Big Ass Bobby: ‘Not so well, it looks like.’


Bobby took a seat at the table next to Ricky, patting his shoulder a bit.


Big Ass Bobby: ‘What’s going on?’


Ricky sighed softly, keeping his eyes locked to where they were.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘Jennie’s..late. Not like late to be somewhere but like..latelate.’


The eyes of Bobby and Alessa widened greatly after hearing Ricky’s confession. 


Big Ass Bobby: ‘And you’re..?’


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘Outta my fuckin mind, Bobby. I’m not ready for this. I got too much goin on. I’m still a fuckin kid myself. I’m workin three different promotions right now. I’m not ready for this. Twenty-Three Years Old, Bobby.’


Bobby took in a deep breath, sighing out softly. He began to give Ricky some advice but the mind of Ricky slipped away, as it often does.


‘Dave’s still..just Dave. He def seems no different than he did when we fought last time. No evolvin. No betterin himself. I’ve evolved. I’ve become better. In reality, it hasn’t even been that long since we fought and since then..I feel like a completely different person. But I look at Dave and all I see is the same fuckin guy Sahara threw off a boat.


That’s not me tho. I never stop movin. I never stop improvin on things. After every match I have..whether it be Fight, Liberty, Zion, or any of the side stuffs I got goin on..I always rewatch my match over and over. I pick it apart and find where I fucked up. I improve cause of that. And all these improvements..they’re gonna bite Dave in his big faux Dinosaur ass.


Now, I’m not sayin Dave’s not good. He is. He’s fuckin great. But I’ve become better..better than Dave. I’m ready for this match. I’ve never been more ready to break through just another of those glass ceilins above me. I’m ready to walk outta Venom as the new Bronx first professional Championship.


What I’m not ready for is to be a dad..’[/i]


Before Ricky could continue his thoughts, Bobby grabbed him by the shoulder and gave him a slight shake.


Big Ass Bobby: ‘You didn’t hear a word I just said, did you?’


Ricky laughed softly, shaking his head which caused Alessa to laugh aloud as well. All Bobby could do was sigh out, focusing on Ricky.


Big Ass Bobby: ‘Talk to me.’


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘We were just hangin out at the Rabbit and she starts droppin hints. I kept on and on on her bout it till she told me her period was late. Tried to get her to take a test so least we might could know. But she wouldn’t..and instead, she fuckin hauls ass to Texas.’


The look that had grew across the face of Ricky was one of pure defeat.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘Why’s she gotta keep haulin ass on me like this, man? She don’t think she can talk and confide in me like that? She don’t think I can understand what’s goin on with her? I might not be the fuckin smartest or most experienced but I can fuckin help too. It’s not fair that she just keeps fuckin runnin, Bobby.’


His voice cracking noticeably, Ricky went right for his pocket and pulled out that dab pen. He took a long drag off of it that resulted in some pretty heavy coughing that transitioned into Ricky sobbing. Bobby and Alessa both wrapped their arms around him, hugging him tightly as he broke down.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘I don’t understand it. I really don’t, Bobby. What’s wrong with me? Why do people do me so shitty like this? Why do I let them? Why do I constantly let myself get into these situations?’


Bobby let go and took a step back to look at Ricky.


Big Ass Bobby: ‘Ricky, you’re young. You still have so much more life to live. So many more experiences to experience.’


Alessa Holloway: ‘Look at you, Ricky. You’re Twenty-Three. You have a great career. You have a great personality. You’re hot. You could have the world in your hands if you wanted it.’


Big Ass Bobby: ‘But instead, you’re married. It’s possible you’re about to become a father. It’s too much for someone your age. You know I’m right, Ricky.’


Ricky stood there, his eyes locked onto Bobby. A soft sigh slipped from Ricky as he shook his head.


Big Ass Bobby: ‘What’re you going to do?’


Thinking about it for a moment, all Ricky could do was shrug his shoulders.


Ricky Rodriguez: ‘Drink..smoke..I don’t know. I don’t..wanna think. My head..y’know?’


Bobby nodded his head as he began leading Ricky away with Alessa following.


Big Ass Bobby: ‘I know just the place.’


Really, despite all the shit some people put him through, Ricky has those who are always there to level him out when things get to be too much. Lucky indeed.