It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.

By: Amari Kent

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 9th Aug 2021


Atlanta, Georgia

Amariís House

Almost doesn’t count. “Winning takes precedence over allÖ

The scene opens up inside of Amariís home, the scene spans through each room showing the unpleasant mess. The scene cuts to the living room where Dante Simmons is shown holding Amariís son in his arms while the nanny Dorinda Blue is shown sitting at the end of the couch with her face in her hands. The sounds of cries come from her mouth as she pleads with Dante to give her Amariís son back.†

DORINDA BLUE: Can you please give him to me, Amari is not here and I donít know when he is coming back, he said he might be gone all day.†

DANTE SIMMONS: Please! That nigga not that important, he win a little championship and think he hot shit. I donít like that heís been ducking my calls and this little boy is family, it sucks he has to be caught in the middle.†

DORINDA BLUE: Heís a baby, whatever issues you have with Amari should be addressed with him.†

DANTE SIMMONS: If you only knew, what is your name?

Dorinda hesitates to answer, she looks up at Dante and watches him closely as he paces back and forth rocking Amariís son in his arms.†

DANTE SIMMONS: Are you just going to sit there and stare at me? I asked you a fucking question you dumb bitch, what the fuck is your name?

DORINDA BLUE: It’s Dor-umm..Dorinda.†

DANTE SIMMONS: That shit is corny, I would slap my mother fresh out the womb if she named me some shit like that. Listen here Dorinda, I know you have a cell phone around here so what I need for you to do is call my cousin and tell him to get his fruity ass here so we can talk busy.†

DORINDA BLUE: I told you he has-

Dante walks up on Dorinda and presses up against her, she can feel the gun he has on his side hip which makes her even more uncomfortable.†

DANTE SIMMONS: Why are you making this difficult? Amari could have been here, we could have handled our business and then I would have been on my way.†

Dante walks around the house admiring the mess he caused, knocking over bookcases and ripping up couch covers. Dante was on a hunt for whatever he could find, his patience was wearing thin and his money was running dry. Dante was in over his head dealing with some debt he owed a couple people and with his life being in jeopardy, the only person and way he knew to get quick money was Amari but with the strained relationship they shared and the trauma Dante caused Amari, little did he know Amari wanted nothing to do with his cousin Dante. Dorinda has called Amari a few times and still no answer, this only frustrated Dante more.†

DANTE SIMMONS: Why the fuck is this clown not answering the phone?

Amariís son lets out a couple cries before finally exploding in tears.†

DORINDA BLUE: Please let me have him, he probably needs his diaper changed and you’re probably scaring him.†

DANTE SIMMONS: Look take the fucking baby but donít do anything stupid, Iíll knock you and that fucking baby into next week.†

DORINDA BLUE: You’re sick.

DANTE SIMMONS: Bitch shut up!

Before handing Amariís son over to Dorinda, Dante takes his right back hand and smashes it across her face causing her to fall back into the couch, she doesnít scream but she can feel the stinging pain in her face as she still reaches for Amariís son. Dorinda could tell Dante was under the influence, not only of alcohol but something a lot stronger so she didnít really want to do something that would only anger him or cause him to hurt her or Amariís son.†

DANTE SIMMONS: Here bitch!

Dante starts to hand Amariís son over but notices Dorindaís phone ringing, he sees Amariís name pop up on the screen and he gives off a devilish grin before answering.†


AMARI KENT: WAIT! WHAT! Why the fuck do you have Dorindaís phone and where is Dorinda at?†

DANTE SIMMONS: I suggest you get here quick before your little boy and nanny end up on the news.

Before Amari could respond Dante quickly disconnects the call, he tosses Dorindaís phone in the fish bowl on the table and he walks over to the window staring out of it hoping to see Amari arriving.†

DORINDA BLUE: You do know this little boy is your family too.†

DANTE SIMMONS: That little bastard ainít no kin to me, mind your business bitch and do your job, stop talking to me.†

Dorinda is able to calm Amariís son down, she looks over at Dante who right now is puffing on a cigarette, he blows the smoke out of the window and starts smiling as he notices a black camaro racing up the block.†

DANTE SIMMONS: Ah looks like my cousin is finally here, fucking pussy.†

Dante plucks the cigarette out of the window which almost lands on top of Amariís car, Amari jumps out of the car almost forgetting to put it in park and races up the staircase and into the house.††


Amari races into the living room where Dante, his son and Dorinda are shown. Amari runs up on Dante tackling him down to the ground, and in the beginning Amari was getting the best of Dante but Dante pulls the gun from his side and knocks Amari in the head forcing him to fall to the ground. Amari screams out in pain while Dante takes a second to catch his breath, he lets out a few coughs before climbing to his feet. Amari starts to get up but Dante kicks him in the face knocking him back down to the floor, he then pulls his gun out and points it directly at Amari.†


AMARI KENT: So you’re just going to shoot- (Amari coughs but this time a little blood comes up and splashes to the floor.) in front of my fucking son and a witness bruh, you that cold hearted that you donít even give a fuck anymore.

DANTE SIMMONS: The way I see it is if I left then I would leave with three dead bodies.

AMARI KENT: Youíre not that stupid, itís cameras all over this fucking place and neighborhood, you would be caught immediately. But what the fuck do you want D? Why are you here messing with my family?

DANTE SIMMONS: Everybody know Diamond a hoe, how do you even know that little nigga is yours?†

AMARI KENT: I did a DNA TEST FUCK BOY! Thatís your blood.

DANTE SIMMONS: First, watch who are you talking to and secondly like I told that bitch, he ainít no kin to me. But that doesnít matter, I need $20k and I need that shit now.

AMARI KENT: I donít have it.

DANTE SIMMONS: You fucking lying, how are you a reality tv star and a wrestler but donít have no money? Stop fucking playing with me Amari or Iíll lay a fucking bullet in your dome.


A knock is heard at the door, both Amari and Dante fight back and forth about opening the door and finally Dante does. Standing on the other side is the neighborhood security who expresses his concerns over a distress call he received from the app the community has.

SECURITY OFFICER: I received an alert stating that this home needed security, Iím checking in to make sure everything is ok.

DANTE SIMMONS: Everything is fine bruh.

The security leans a little to the left trying to peek inside the home but Dante steps in front of him.

DANTE SIMMONS: I said everything is fine bruh, you can go.

SECURITY OFFICER: I just need to confirm with Mr. Kent that everything is fine before I leave, is he around?

Dante looks at the security office annoyed by all the questioning, he turns and looks at Amari motioning him to acknowledge that everything is “ok” with the security guard. While brandishing the gun behind his back Amari agrees and yells out everything is ok.

SECURITY OFFICER: Thank you sir and may I have your na-?

Before the security guard could finish Dante slams the door in his face and puts his attention back on Amari.

AMARI KENT: Look Dante if you need some help then you should have just asked instead of doing all this shit.†

DANTE SIMMONS: Donít tell me how I should conduct business nigga, you werenít taking my calls so I felt like I needed to do something to grab your attention. I need my fucking money, you lucky I have to be somewhere because this could have went a different way.

AMARI KENT: You are really trippin cuz.

DANTE SIMMONS: Nah Iím just desperate, Iím going to hit your phone later today and I hope you have some answers for me.†

Dante opens the door back up but before he exits he turns and looks at Amari again.

DANTE SIMMONS: You probably should put some ice on that cut, ya face starting to bleed.

Dante chuckles as he walks out the door, Amari turns and checks on his son and Dorinda to make sure the two are ok. The scene fades to black!


Undisclosed Location


NORTH WYNTERS: Baby we gotta really let them know this time around because I swear the clowns in the back are having a hard time understanding the assignment. People need to understand that you are and have proven to be FIGHTS NEXT BIGGEST SUPERSTAR but yet these fools still wonít give you the respect you deserve.†

The scene opens up with North and Amari in what appears to be a warehouse that’s for sale. Amari is shown walking down the long hallway with North standing in front of him holding up her Pro Max and recording.†

NORTH WYNTERS: The lighting in this hallway is fucking excellent, I love it.†

AMARI KENT: I already know I look fly with or without good lighting, but back to what you were saying baby. At this point I donít care who respects me or donít, if anyone has an issue with me then step in the ring and let’s fight it out. My talent has already proven that I got what it takes to be a star and Iím already headed in the right direction. So as you all know I was missing this last Venom, match wise and I know the people were hurt, but the good thing is I was filming for #theLIFEATL while working on some other business ventures which Iíll address later but my focus is what went down these last two Venomís.†

Amari pauses for a second, licking his lips and staring into the camera.

AMARI KENT: Apathy. I knew I was going to come out victorious in our match only because I had so much built up anger from how you ruined my chance at winning the Blood Money match, so you had it coming to you. But what I will do is show you respect because you put up one hell of a fight. I knew in the back of my head that our match wasnít going to be easy but I knew in my soul that the only outcome would be me on top. There’s reasons behind my success and holding the Brooklyn Championship is one of them!


AMARI KENT: I only wish our match could have just been us though, unfortunately we were joined by a bunch of backstage hooligans who couldnít wait for us to finish killing each other. Look I respect doing what you need to do to get your message across but damn did it have to happen in my match? I swear you got these hittas in the back trying to stop the Amari reign, the Amari shine already but listen it’s only begun.†

NORTH WYNTERS: What do they say baby?

AMARI KENT: That Amari reign wonít stop.†

North giggles in the background while blowing a kiss at Amari which is her way of showing him how proud she is of him.†

AMARI KENT: Thatís probably why FIGHT has me teaming with Dickie, I guess since they all got involved in my match, maybe the big heads backstage to find a way for Dickie and Paul to go at it while throwing me in the mix to take little Ricky out. Ha, this is going to be fun!

NORTH WYNTERS: Awe I know Paulís probably got a hard on right now, we all know heís one of your biggest fans, I mean he did go after your dusty sloppy seconds and now he has to worry about her bad weave and odor. PEW!

North laughs.†

AMARI KENT: We all know Paul loves some Amari and itís cool, I donít have anything against my male fans, heís a superfan is what I call it or used to be, since him and Alexis are rolling around in the pig farm Paul act like he donít know me no more, he not sliding in my DMís asking me to hang out with me. Now he wants to talk slick on social media because he got bad breath Lexi melting the hairs on the back of his neck and feeding him bullshit. Hey Paul, tell Lexi to slide them corns in those knock off Louis Vís and accompany you and Ricky to the ring. She can sit front and center and watch the best thing she ever had in her life beat the shit out of her man who is basically a carbon copy of me.


AMARI KENT: Bae youíll probably get a chance to see her face to face, she talks a big game like her dude so in reality they both can get their ass kicked in front of the world and then we can laugh about it after.†

NORTH WYNTERS: She a scared hoe, she probably wonít be ringside because sheís scared Iíll drag her but unfortunately with her type of hair once I grab a piece Iím sure the whole thing will fall off and again sheíll be embarrassed in front of the world of being a bald headed skeezer.†

AMARI KENT: Not skeezer though.†

NORTH WYNTERS: Ha baby stop, stay focused.†

AMARI KENT: Iím focused, more focused than you think. My win against Apathy just made me want to fight even harder and I just canít accept losing, not against Paul or Ricky.†

NORTH WYNTERS: Speaking of Ricky isnít that Todrickís friend? I hope you donít let that stand in the way of you winning the match.†

AMARI KENT: Man if Todrick was in the match I wouldnít hold back on him either, that little fucker is a firecracker and I mean that with all respect but friends or not that shit doesn’t have anything to do with what’s about to go down in that ring. Friend or foe heís just another target on my growing list of wins and trust me that shit is growing!


AMARI KENT: Iím a hot commodity now, everyone wants a piece of amari, i see fight some new secret wrestler challenging me for my title at venom 5, but the problem is I wonít find out until the fucking show.


AMARI KENT: Itís a challenge just to see if I can handle it, a lot of people didnít believe I would make it this far, the first fight Brooklyn champion and it was what my fourth match in. Iím not playing around at all, yíall can bring up the fact Iím a reality star but Paul is on the same damn show just in a different city but you have these delusional ass clowns out here worshiping him like heís some sort of god. Iím better than him!

NORTH WYNTERS: FACTS BABE, Iím not impressed. He gives me homeless vibes like he hasnít bathed in ages.

AMARI KENT: Then both him and Alexis will work well together.

NORTH WYNTERS: You did say that hoe had an odor, stank pussy hoe, yup I said if again.

AMARI KENT: Throw whoever you want at me, whatever match yíall put me in just know Iím coming out on top regardless. I donít know dickie that well but I do know dickie better have my back throughout this whole fight because I know Paul and his butt buddy Ricky probably have something of their sleeves, yíall thought yíall was going to throw me off my game by getting involved in my match on venom 3 but Iím with all the shit.†

NORTH WYNTERS: Talk that shit baby, you know that turns me the hell on.

AMARI KENT: I probably got a lot of these chicks out here wet off my swag, especially Alexis she canít help but miss the kid. But you know I only got eyes for you baby!

NORTH WYNTERS: You better, fuck that hoe. If she even thinks about getting involved or stepping in my face I will rearrange her whole face and send her back to her surgeon for a touch up.

AMARI KENT: Damn straight like that?

North winks, reminding Amari about “how she gets down.”†

AMARI KENT: VENOM 5 is mine!†

North And Amari finishes up the promo shoot and the two share a long kiss before sneaking off in one of the stairwells of the warehouse. The scene fades to black!

Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.


Dominican Republic

Amanera Hotel

The scene opens up in the beautiful dominican Republic where Amari, North, and Gianni escaped for a two day trip. North is shown exiting out of the hotel suite she shares with Gianni and heads toward the main bar close to the lobby, inside the room the sounds of “K Campís – Whatís On Your Mind” plays through the Bose bluetooth speakers. Gianni is shown leaving the bathroom pulling up his versace underwear while Amari is shown lying across the bed with only a sheet covering the bottom half of his body. Inside Amariís mouth he puffs on his vape pen which is laced with some marijuana and he enjoys the high feeling while watching gianni from afar.†

GIANNI AVANT: I can see you enjoyed yourself. (Gianni winks while plopping down on the bed beside Amari, gianni takes his hand and slides it under the sheet grabbing ahold of amariís dick causing him to jump). Damn I was hoping he was ready for another round.†

AMARI KENT: Damn yíall just got three out of me, i didnít think we would be in the hotel room fucking the whole time, i do want to sit out on the beach and enjoy myself before we go back to atlanta, you know I got this match coming up and I canít lose, i know it’s a tag match but I canít let Paul or Ricky have this one.†

GIANNI AVANT: Daddi, they should be more scared of you than anything. Stop stressing yourself out over these matches, iím not going to lie it is good for me because you take all that aggression out on me.†

Gianni blushes.†

GIANNI AVANT: But you always do this, I know you’re going to win Amari, youíve been on a roll so I donít see these results going any different, well unless you injured one of them then thatís a different story.†

AMARI KENT: If i have to do that to win then so be it, fight got medical personnel on deck if some shit goes down.†

GIANNI AVANT: Listen as much as i want to sit here and talk about your dreams of being the top rated superstar in the business, my needs need met before north walks back in her, i feel like she gets to have more of the fun then i do.†

AMARI KENT: you already know how i feel about th-

Before Amari could finish his sentence, Gianni lifts the sheet up and places his head underneath it, at first amari tries to move his head off of him but the pleasure felt so good that amari let him continue, a couple seconds go by and amariís phone starts to ring, he looks down and notices that his mother has been blowing his phone up back to back. Amari sends the call to voicemail and places his head back down on the pillow. Gianni continues pleasuring Amari before being interrupted again but this time North is making her way into the room. Gianni removes his head from underneath the cover and positions himself as if he was just sitting on the side of the bed. North walks down the long hallway before entering the bedroom and in her hand she has food. North motions for amari to follow her in the bedroom and she precedes to tell him about his younger brother being in the hospital. Amariís reaction on his face quickly turns to sadness as he begins to panic wondering if his brother is ok. Amari rushes back into the bedroom and grabs his phone dialing his motherís number but the call goes straight to voicemail, he then calls Todrick who is closest to Amariís brother also and Todrick picks up on the first ring. Amari could hear the sad tone in Todrickís voice as he said his “weak Hello”.

TODRICK TABOR: Hello Amari. (Todrickís voice cracks a little.)

AMARI KENT: What the hell is going on? North just told me that mommy called her saying Ahmed is not doing well.

TODRICK TABOR: That’s what I’m hearing right now, she said she tried to call you but she couldnít get through so she called my mom.†

AMARI KENT: What the hell is wrong?

TODRICK TABOR: I donít know all the details amari, all I know is he collapsed and someone found him on the side of this building, I heard it isnít looking well.†

AMARI KENT: man what the hell?!

The frustration and the pain in amariís voice said it all, his brother ahmed was a few years younger than him and ahmed also dealt with substance abuse. From a young age ahmed stayed in the streets, he allowed the wrong influences steer him down the wrong path and since the beginning of his path to destruction, he never bounced back. The story amari heard was that ahmed was messing with a female who turned him into heroin. Amariís parents tried their hardest to help ahmed get back on his feet and sober but the power of the drug and the female he was dealing with only further into destruction. Now this same female who helped bring her brother down also left her brother to die in a field after overdosing, what’s the verdict now? Well amari didnít know, the only thing he could do was hope and pray his brother turned out fine.

TODRICK TABOR: Iím handling some business right now but I was going to meet my mom and yours at the hospital, i think we should all be there to show support and to show ahmed that we care.†

AMARI KENT: Iím in DR right now but Iíll leave.

TODRICK TABOR: Stay in DR Amari, we can handle this, I promise i will text and call with all the updates.†

AMARI KENT: please!

Amari disconnects the call and places the phone back in his pocket, North starts rubbing his back trying to cheer him up even though she knows heís emotional right now.†

NORTH WYNTERS: Let’s go home Amari, it’s fine. This is more important and we can always come back!

North grabs ahold of amariís hand and the two walk back into the suite, north starts packing both their items and the scene fades to black.

Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.”

It’s never too late. “Call the helpline and put yourself on the road to recovery. Get private and confidential help from our trusted professionals day and night.” Call 844-289-0879 if you or someone you know that is struggling with alcohol or drug abuse and is scared to reach out and talk to someone.