It’s in the DNA…

By: VooDoo

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 19th Jul 2021

The scene fades in as it usually does and we find ourselves in the weekend home of the Femme Fatale and her charming little brood.  The kids had their bags packed and ready by the door to catch a flight and to make sure the kids were back home for school Monday morning in Parts Unknown.  This past week she had listened to the sound of the hammer and saw as Roger Wright kept his promise to the girls and sat down and designed a bedroom for them and again the girls all insisted that she stayed out until it was done before she saw their masterpiece.  She had convinced her little monkey boy into crashing on the couch for the time being, there really was no reason for Roger to build him a place to sleep, not when they would eventually be going back home to Texas.  There would however always be a need for a third bed in the girls’ room for when Marie visited; which she was going to let them both know they were always welcome in her home and if he ever needed a babysitter not to think twice about asking; and if he did think twice she’d fight him.  

VooDoo was sitting at the small table by the window that overlooked Central Park drinking a cup of coffee.  It was almost lunchtime and she was still dressed in pajamas, pink ones with little white bunnies on them.  Don’t laugh, when your kids buy you shit, you wear it.

ProTip out there for you new parents and parents to be,
It makes them feel special.
…And in our line of work, they need to feel special…

She looked at the enormous masked man standing at the kitchen counter preparing lunch for the kids; they were leaving for the airport after they ate lunch to make the trip home in time for dinner and bedtime.  There was a man who’s loyalty to her was absolute, she knew what he looked like under the mask; he was so hot that Ophelia Pain would be knocking on her door.  Plus, he knows how to give a helluva massage.  It was very tempting to work out a friends with benefits arrangement with him; but she wasn’t ready to change their dynamic… yet.

She went back to checking her email and came across an email from the DNA testing lab and she sat there looking at it for a moment.  She had no idea why her heart started to race just slightly.  When the kids got their results in, it raised questions about her and the father of her children, Vincent Black’s backgrounds; more specifically, hers since Le’Andra Black’s mother did an extensive background check on Xavier’s family including DNA when she found out they were married, as Le’ said, her mother wanted to see what kind of mongrel her daughter had married.  All VooDoo knew was what the man who raised her, her grandfather, told her and that wasn’t much except for Irish and Cherokee but isn’t that what half the women in the US claim to be?  Or is that Irish and Cherokee princess?  Growing up for her, it was never about where she came from, it was always about where she was going.  

She double clicked on the email and read over it; her face showing no signs of what she was reading.  She reread the email a couple of times as well as looked at the graphs and charts before she finally sat back.

Well, I’ll be damned..

What did you say, Voo?

Nothing, just thinking aloud.

He nodded his head and went back to making lunch as she picked up her cell phone and quickly shot a text to Vincent letting him know that the results had come back and as they had guessed, it had been her.  She leaned back in the chair and thought to herself, wow… Granddad, why didn’t you say something?  Why the secret?  But then again, maybe he didn’t know himself.  He didn’t talk much about her father.  The only thing she knew was what she read in the newspaper clippings and they didn’t give much, except he had killed her mother and then himself.




Aunt Voo!

She was brought out of her thoughts with the sound of both her names being called at once and the pounding of bare feet heading her way.  All four kids burst into the great room and looked around until they spotted her and made a b-line towards her.  All of them excitedly talking at once.  She’s heard this every day this week, about how they can’t wait until she sees it, it’s so great, she’s going to be so surprised, etc, etc; but this day was different, this day it was done.  

Oh my God, Mom…

You’re being too slow.

Come on, Aunt Voo.  Marie just walked up and grabbed her hand and started tugging.  Wait until you see what Daddy did.

Maybe Roger and I can share a room?  He can build me a loft bed or something.  VooDoo cast her eyes towards her son and yes indeed her kids were getting a little too used to Roger being around.  They were seeing him as a permanent fixture in the household, much like One is.  

Close your eyes, Mom.

As they neared the closed bedroom door, VooDoo did as she was told and just like the last time back in Parts Unknown, the twins led her into the room and after a few minutes they figured out where to put her for the best view.

Okay, open them, Aunt Voo.

VooDoo opened her eyes and an audible gasp slipped from her lips.  The place was immaculate, it looked like professionals had come in and did the job instead of a country boy from Texas.  A country boy who was leaning against the bathroom door jamb, with a smile on his face that screamed that he was quite proud of himself with this one.

My bed’s up there, Aunt Voo.  Marie pointed to the loft area that had been built over the bathroom.  Right now there’s a bunch of pillows up there, my footon…

Futon..  Ciara corrected her.

Futon.. She corrected herself with a sigh, she had been corrected a half dozen times already.  It’ll be here Tuesday.  Ani’s going to have someone put it up for us. 

Wow, Roger… if I thought I was impressed with the ones back home, I am blown away right now.  You really, really outdid yourself this time.

Thank’s, Red.  I had to make it so extra to fit in with the rest of this place.  He smiled; as he pushed himself off the door frame finally.  The girls told me what they wanted, I just followed orders.

This is definitely extra.  She teased him then smiled.  Thank you, Roger, this is absolutely beautiful.  I’m not sure I could have paid someone to do a better job.  I know you’re still riding the fence about wrestling, but have you thought about interior design?

Actually thought about woodworking a few years back while I was out with an injury.

I think you’d do extremely well with itShe looked at her watch.  Crap, is everyone really packed?  There was a chorus of Yes Ma’ams from the kids.  Good, cause we’re officially running late.  One has lunch ready so we need to wolf it down, I’m going to go get changed.  

VooDoo quickly changed from her pajamas to something more suitable for a plane trip and as she sat there lacing up her chucks, she thought about how she was going to tell her children?  There was literally nothing to be ashamed about, but were they old enough to understand?  Would it change how they felt about themselves and who they were?  She has spent her whole life protecting these kids and their cousins from certain things in the world. The family bought a whole zip code just to ensure their safety, but how did you protect from this?  How do you protect them from hate and harmful words that might be thrown their way?  

She sat there for a moment as she looked out the window at Central Park below; she pretty well caught hell about being a mother by some of her peers; ridiculed and made fun of; that was before all these secret kids started coming out of the woodwork and women getting pregnant; welcome to Motherhood, Le’ and Michelle, need some advice just let me know.  She had always wanted kids and it almost destroyed her when she was told there was a good chance that she’d never be able to conceive again.  But Vincent changed that, he did something that no other had managed to do, go deep enough to get her pregnant.  The twins were not the first time she had conceived, just the first she had successfully carried them to term.  Callan was a bonus baby.

She grieved every December 3rd.  Vincent knew about it and on those days he made sure to occupy the kids time while she did her thing.  She made sure to tell him the truth about it when they got serious with each other, she had never told another soul and Vincent kept it that way.  It’s probably the reason why she was the way she was when it came to kids.

When Stellar left Damon and Allison, she stepped in as a mother figure until Damon met Jenna.  When Roger fell apart and Marie needed someone, she was there.  Hell, Paul Montuori could probably swing by with Madison and be like Hey, Voo heard on the downlow you were ol’ Mother Hubbard can you finish raising this one for me and I would open my front door.  It was her, it was just the way she was.  

Don’t even think about it, PMont.  She mumbled to no one but herself as she stood up.

She was just going to tell the kids.  She wasn’t going to hide it; it was better coming from her than for them possibly finding out some other way, especially with the way the dirty laundry is being aired on twitter including her own.  She walked around and grabbed the few things she brought and needed to return with her and shoved them in her bag and turned out the light.  She walked through the main hall, dropping her bag off with the rest, counting the bags there and finding an extra one.  Damn it girls, she thought, they weren’t supposed to be out shopping with Roger.  They were going to have to stop that shit; hell, Roger was going to have to stop it, too.  As soon as she hit the kitchen, One handed her a plate with a cream cheese bagel with cucumbers and went back to cleaning as she took her seat at the table again. 

So, I got the results back from the DNA test today.  She started as she looked up at the kids eating at the breakfast bar.


Turns out it’s me.  

Should Marie and I..  you know..?  He felt this was a family thing and that maybe they should leave.

Oh, no.  No need for that Roger.  I’ve got no plans on keeping it a secret.  Secrets can be used to cause harm and that’s the last thing I want for my children.   

So it’s true then?  The results weren’t a mistake?  VooDoo shook her head.  Holy shit!  This is huge!

Ciara!  Language!

For someone who says I have a potty mouth, yours is kind of dirty right now.

Woooww..  Callan looked down at his arm and hand.  You mean to tell me we’re black?

No, you idiot.  Rose sighed from beside him.  We’re African.

Rose, stop calling your brother that.  Remember, words hurt.

Not as much as my fists do.

Violence is not the answer to problems, Rose.

I’m sorry, but have you met my parents?

Roger choked a little on the bite of the sandwich he was chewing and turned away from the kids so they couldn’t see him smiling; he couldn’t help it.  VooDoo sat there and stared at her daughter, she was trying hard to keep a straight face.  She had to admit, that one was gold.  The twins could be savage at times.

Yes, I have and they’re both assholes and I am trying to break you from being assholes, too.  Now eat your lunch, we’re going to be late.

Rose looked over at Ciara.  I knew she’d mom-up on me with that one.

VooDoo watched as Ciara just nodded her head and took a bite of her sandwich and all she could think of, if they are like this now, what’s it going to be like when they hit puberty?  

Will they survive to adulthood?  

Will she survive?  

Shit, will we make the plane?