It’s Jinxie.

By: Jennie Fenix

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 24th Jan 2022



It’s what I am…


The front door swung open, albeit rather weakly; the little girl ran into the house with tears streaming from her eyes and she did her best to wipe them away by covering her face with both of her hands. Her muffled sobs came uncontrollably from behind her hands as her feet stamped against the hardwood floor and all she could manage to repeat was, “I didn’t mean to!” but the explanation fell on deaf ears. 

Arianna, the mother of the young girl, walked out from the kitchen with a cup in her hand, and a damp rag inside of it. She looked in the direction that the young girl was running and could hear her slam the door shut with both of her hands as hard as she could.

“Jennifer!” the mother called out, but to no avail. She turned her attention toward the front door that was still open and could see the next person walking through it; a young boy, who looked absolutely furious as he stomped his way into the house but closed the door behind him.

“Jennie!” he shouted.

“Christopher, tell me what happened.” The mother said in a commanding tone. Chris, the older brother to Jennie, was visibly angry, almost fuming by what he had felt.

“She ruined it, Mom! She ruins everything!” he answered with his little hands balled up into fists that were still shaking. 

Arianna set the cup down on a counter before walking over to Chris and knelt down in front of him, placing both of her hands on his shoulders.

“What did she do?” she asked in a calm and soothing tone. 

Chris was heaving still, and fumbled over the words; he wouldn’t make eye contact with her while trying to explain what happened. “My bike, Mom– she– she ruined it.” Chris answered.

“I am sure she didn’t mean to…” Arianna answered.

“She never means to,” Chris snapped back, “but she always does. She always ruins everything.”


It’s what I’ve been…


Every time something had happened during her childhood in Scotland, Chris would always find a way to put the blame on her. He did not intend for it to hurt her, and she knew that; he was still a good big brother to her, he was always trying to defend her from the other kids at school that would find similar things to blame her for… They would call her names; they would call her the jinx and he could not help but feel frustration when they called her such things; when any of them were mean to her. She was still her sister, and he was protective of her. However, Chris still had a life to live and a dream that he had wanted to accomplish. He could not be responsible for her her entire life, and he knew it; she knew it, but because of the life that he pursued there was another revelation unveiled to them: they had an older sister.

“Damn it, Jennie, I told you that you need to make sure the door is shut!” Tara shouted as she stormed through the house in an absolute fit of rage. She went straight for the door and poked her head out to survey the immediate grounds. “Morgan! MORGAN!” Tara shouted out several times in an attempt to beckon.

Jennie had her face buried back into her hands; an escape from the reality around her as she began to sob… “I thought– I thought that I closed the door. I didn’t mean to!”

“You never mean to, but you always do this!” Tara snapped back at her. “I tell you to make sure you hear it click, but you never do. How about you do something useful–” Tara said while gesturing toward Jennie who was still covering her face, “–and help me search for her?”

“Mama–” a voice called out as a young Sabin walked toward her and began tugging on the end of her shirt. “Where’s Morgan?” he asked.

“I–” Tara bit down on her lip and tried to calm herself for the sake of her son, but the glare she shot toward Jennie told a different story. “We’ll find her.” 


My whole life…


Jennie was able to get her foot in the door in the same way that her sister was: as a valet. The world had already known her and recognized her as being the younger sister of the great Tara Fenix, and they had welcomed her to the business with open arms; Tara did not generally like people going down to the ring with her, but after much pleading from Jennie, she agreed. The rules were simple: stay out of the way, and do not do anything to distract her… And Jennie was listening. Jennie was doing good with not getting involved. She merely stood at ringside and played the cheerleader that she was for Tara.

“You’ve got this!” Jennie shouted while pounding her fist against the apron in an attempt to rally Tara and get the crowd behind her. However, doing so did gain the attention from someone else; the tag team partner for Tara’s opponent this evening…he marched down to ringside and began taunting Jennie, who did her best to get away, but she was stalked and eventually cornered. The man grabbed her by the hair and began to snarl in her face.

This gained the attention of my big sister.

Tara was able to connect with a baseball slide to connect with the man who had been attacking Jennie! Jennie stumbled and was able to catch herself on the barricade. Shock had set in, and Jennie had found herself unable to move and unable to focus.

“Jennie!” Tara shouted from inside the ring. She leaned over the ropes while trying to gain her attention. “Jennie! Jennie!” The third time her name was called finally gained her attention, and Jennie looked up to see Tara saying something more to her. “Go to the back, now!” She instructed her while pointing toward the ramp.

Jennie nodded.

Before Tara could return her attention back to her opponent, the opponent had rolled her up and taken a handful of tights without the referee noticing, and earned a three-count.

“Your winner! AND NEW!” were the words that haunted Jennie when she looked back toward her sister, who shot a glare at her. Had she not been at ringside that night…




This business has become a bit of what I guess you could call…a family business.

You all know my sister.

You’ve probably heard me talk about my brother.

My nephew.

Both of my former brother-in-laws.

Their kids.

Even my first love…I met him because of this business.

It seemed like it was something I should do. Most people don’t know this, but this isn’t my first time trying my hand at this business… Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s really the first time that I got into this business and was really wanting to take it seriously! It was the first time that I got into this business and believed in myself– the first time I believed that I could turn this into a career that I would be proud to have, but this is not my first time in the ring. There are people who doubt me. There are people who don’t think that I’m cut out to be in this line of business… (Scoffs.) I guess it’s my job to show them why I do.


… New Year’s Day …

After the Velvet Rabbit.


There was a sea of people that were being held back by security as they tried to get into the Velvet Rabbit despite having missed the main attraction of the evening. The doors to the Velvet Rabbit had flung open, and Jennie was the first one to stumble her way out of the establishment… She had the hand belonging to Ricky Rodriguez clasped in her own hand, and both of them were grinning from ear to ear while struggling to catch their balance. A couple of the security guards acted as a wall for Jennie and Ricky and prevented them from collapsing on their ground while they still laughed amongst themselves, and as they were straightening themselves out, Jennie had her arms wrapped around Ricky’s neck while drawing him in for a long, passionate kiss. He had his hands around her waist before finally being able to drag himself away.

“I thought you wanted to keep it a secret?” Ricky said while still laughing. It was easy to tell that he didn’t mind Jennie blurting it out as she did, both inside of the establishment as well as all over social media.

“I– I couldn’t help it,” Jennie was able to finally say with a stutter, as she continued to kiss Ricky along the corner of the lips and even bit down, “I don’t care who knows! And you know what…” She shouted and seemed to get her balance back. She took Ricky’s hand and walked toward the crowd that was still amassed, “Can I– can I have your attention? PLEASE! Everyone! SHUT UP!” Jennie said before finally causing an eerie silence amongst everyone. 

She struggled to maintain her balance which caused Ricky to step forward and help keep her on her feet. She patted his arm with her free hand before resuming with her statement, “Me and Ricardo–” she was sure to roll the R and paused for only a brief moment as if to regather her bearings, “–have started dating. DENZEL! Breaking news!” Jennie said before taking a full bow.

Many of the people did join a round of applause, while others resumed their beckoning to try to enter the Velvet Rabbit. Jennie almost fell over but was still held up by Ricky who now wrapped both of his arms around her and hugged her tight. The two were lost in the moment for only a moment until a limousine screeched to a halt at the entranceway to the Velvet Rabbit. The chauffeur had gotten out of the car and circled around to the back of the limousine and held the door open.

“Mister Rodriguez, and Miss Docherty?” the chauffeur asked as he laid his eyes on the couple. They were unfamiliar with the individual, and were not expecting a driver, so both of them had blinked at the driver a few times without any audible answer. “Courtesy of Thaddeus Leander Duke the second.” 

They glanced at each other and finally shrugged their shoulders before heading for the door. Jennie was the first one in, and almost face planted on the leather interior; she began feeling everything inside of the limousine. “So fancy!” she exclaimed as Ricky got in right after her. The chauffeur closed the door behind Ricky, and Jennie didn’t hesitate in sitting closer to Ricky and taking his hand again. Her bright eyes looked dreamily up at Ricky in the same fashion that Atara might stare at James Raven. 



Life’s fickle…don’t you think?

It will give with one hand, but then take with the other.


I was given a second chance in this business when Dru came to Glasgow and went through quite a lot to find me. She found me, and wanted me to be a surprise for my sister’s birthday. That was life giving to me! And I just– I don’t know what happened, but I felt something click inside of my head when I was talking with Dru, and when she introduced me to everyone! I knew that FIGHT! was calling my name. It was my calling. That was life– giving to me.

It was giving me another chance at reconnecting with my sister after we hadn’t spoken in six years.

It was kind of nerve-wracking when Tara came after me…when she wanted me to end my career just because she felt that I was an embarrassment. An embarrassment to what? An embarrassment to who?

It was…what’s the word? Exhilarating! Bet you didn’t know I knew that word, huh? Anyways, it was exhilarating to beat her to the punch for a change…or rather…kick…I knew that if she got me first, she was going to end my career. One way or another, she was going to end my career. 

That’s part of the problem that I’m having: people are looking at me and my sister, and they are coming to some strange conclusion that I don’t belong in this business because…and I’m going to admit this…there’s no denying it: I am not my sister. I am not as skilled as my sister. Like…I’m confident in what I can do, but I’m not stupid. Tara is something else. Tara is someone else. But as good as she is, she’s also not without her own flaws, and guess what? I know those flaws.

Just like I took her down at Countdown…

I can take her down at Blood Money.

But the problem is that I can’t stop there… That’s not my goal, that’s not my focus!

I want to shock the world.

I want to shock everyone who has ever doubted me in this business, and I want to win.

I want to walk out of Blood Money 2 as the winner! 

I want to be able to hold that over everybody else. 



… January 03, 2022 …



Jennie and Ricky strolled along the sidewalk in Tokyo, with Jennie hanging onto Ricky’s arm while laying her head against his shoulder. She was beaming; filled with happiness for the love that she seemed to find with Ricky…a love that she had not shared with anyone in a long time. Her eyes would look up toward Ricky, and despite him not having a clue of where they were going, he had a confidence about him that alleviated any doubt in her mind. She would follow him, even blindly, and felt confident that they would be fine especially if they were together. 

However, despite everything that Jennie had felt, she couldn’t help but feel that the two of them were being watched; she would take periodic moments to glance around at all of the people and see if anyone had looked familiar from a previous location, but she would do so in such a way so as not to draw attention from Ricky. While glancing around, she bit down on her bottom lip giving off a nervous expression.

I know that Tara has people here… But she can’t really be going this crazy over it, can she? Jennie thought to herself while Ricky played a mini-game in an attempt to win her a prize that she would be proud of, but just having him was all that mattered. She was able to shake off the feeling long enough to enjoy the moment as Ricky had succeeded in his conquest. Jennie pointed to a giant Charmander which was handed over, first, to Ricky, and then over to Jennie as she clinged to it.

It was about two o’clock in the afternoon for the local time when Jennie and Ricky were finally able to sit down for lunch. The two talked about everything they could while just enjoying their time together. 

Jennie cleared her throat while pushing her seat out, “I have to use the restroom,” she said before looking around. Her survey of the surroundings had found her what she was looking for. The restroom, of course! Jennie was careful in navigating through the crowd. She did not want to show any form of disrespect… but out of the corner of her eye, she could see the same person following who had been eyeing them from the beginning of lunch; the same person who looked familiar when they were playing mini games.

Who is she? Jennie thought in an inner panic as she neared the restroom, and began fumbling through the names that she had heard Tara say in the past…known acquaintances, and just as she walked into the restroom she stepped to the side only for the door to open right behind her. The person walked past Jennie and began to look for any sign of where Jennie could have gone, which led to Jennie calling out a name to her, “Akame?” Jennie asked with her head cocked to the side. 

The woman raised her head toward Jennie, and was even able to feign a smile. She was on the phone with someone, and Jennie could hear the voice saying something, “Jennifer– hi!” Akame replied, but Jennie didn’t have the kind look that she was known to have; she hissed at Akame before charging forward and putting a hand to her throat while pushing her back against the wall. A voice on the phone was speaking Japanese; Jennie was unfamiliar with the language, but only knew a few key terms that she had picked up from Tara.

“Tell Tara to stop–” Jennie pushed Akame back against the wall with a bit more force, and took a handful of her hair which caused Akame to cringe as every nerve began racing to the top of her head when Jennie pulled, “–trying to control me.” Someone had come out of one of the stalls and was confused; Akame and Jennie both stared at her momentarily before Jennie snapped at her, “Bitch, you got a starin’ problem? Get movin’!” Jennie shouted at the innocent bystander before turning her attention back to Akame. The phone was on the ground, and Jennie looked down at it before stomping her foot over it, crushing it in the process. “Stop following us, and…tell her it’s Jinxie now.” Jennie said one more time then shoved Akame back while slowly retreating.

Akame is a Japanese student that Tara had trained, and so Jennie knew that she would be a formidable fight but Jennie had truly not wanted to fight… She loved being in the industry, and the company, because of the friends that she had made; she loved the competition that it brought, but at the end of each match, she was one of the few people who never enjoyed bringing the bad blood home with her. To her, it started and ended in the ring; once outside, she had hoped that she could stay friends with everybody. She did what she did to Tara as a means to bring control back to her own life… Tara was out of line. She knew it, Ricky knew it, Sabin knew it; there were few people that would come to bat to defend Tara for what she had demanded of Jennie, and so Jennie did what she had to do.

Jennie kept an eye on Akame while going for the door. Akame just slumped down knowing that she was defeated; Jennie got out of the restroom and hurried back over to Ricky who was tapping his fingers against the table while awaiting her return… She ran and leaned against him, wrapping her arms around him in an attempt to startle him, she even came in with a growl, “Give me all your money!”

“I don’t have any!” Ricky put his hands up to protest innocence and play along. Jennie couldn’t resist giving a nibble on his earlobe but knew she had to stay focused.

“Baby, we should go…I miss my cat. Are you okay with going home early?” Jennie asked in a whining tone.

Ricky shrugged his shoulders in turn, “Yeah, whatever you want!” Ricky insisted.

“Yeah! We’ll have another trip soon…I promise. I’ll make it up to you.” She continued with a need to almost defend herself, although she knew that Ricky had not asked her to do any such thing. When he got up, she kissed him again before holding his hand with one hand, and taking the Charmander with her other; she glanced toward the restrooms to see Akame now standing with a group of four that are surveying the whole crowd. She pulls her hood up slightly more as an attempt to cover her brightly colored hair, while dipping low. “We need to get Pandabear!”

“Alright, yeah. Let’s go.” Ricky said while slinging the backpack over his shoulder but is almost dragged away as Jennie is trying to hurry them along. “What’s the rush?” Ricky asked.

“Oh, no rush…” Jennie said in a dismissive tone. She glanced over her shoulder to make sure that they weren’t being followed, but it seemed like they were in the clear.

The rest of the walk back to their hotel was more relaxed with them exchanging a more casual conversation; they held hands for much of the way but Jennie couldn’t help but glance over her shoulder here and there which didn’t go completely unnoticed by Ricky…but he opted not to raise any questions to it. He was just happy to be here with her.




Jennie had been offered a place to live rent-free at the end of 2021, and going into 2022. She was hesitant in accepting the offer as she did not want to impose on the privacy of Thaddeus Duke, but she ultimately agreed for a few reasons: the apartment that was granted to her by FIGHT! was not the largest living space, and she felt like the walls were already beginning to close in on her…secondly, at Countdown, she had angered her older sister by rewarding her with a Genocide Kick and the Queens Championship along with it. Thaddeus had more space than he knew what to do with, and so Ricky and Jennie had moved in.

Leading up to Blood Money, Jennie’s focus was all over the place. She had been training to take the stage with Atara Themis at The Velvet Rabbit; she had still been worried that her sister may go through extreme lengths to get her hands on her…although with Blood Money coming up, she also knew that there was not going to be many places for her to be able to hide from her sister; she knew that their paths were likely to cross, and she knew that she had to be ready.

She had gone to the home gym for that reason. Her hair was pulled back into a messy bun and most of her clothes were now damp with sweat as she had already finished the excessive part of her routine; she was onto yoga now to stretch everything out. She sat in the Balasana or Child’s Pose position when she heard the door open. She tried to glance up but it was out of her angle so she just tried to keep herself focused on the task at hand.

“Hey, I was looking for you!” exclaimed the person who walked in. She took a second glance and gave a genuine courtesy smile to Thaddeus as he entered the room. He was dressed in his own exercise gear, seemingly ready to join her for a workout.

“Hey, Thaddy!” Jennie exclaimed while then falling backward and into a Baddha Konasana position. “What can I do for ya?” she said with the usual joyous tone.

“I was just thinking that we haven’t talked much since everything happened.” Thad answered.

Jennie couldn’t restrain from getting a puzzled look on her face. Visible confusion. She sat still in the pose for just a moment longer before finally shrugging both of her shoulders then returning to the pose, “What do you mean?”

“I just– we just haven’t talked much since the whole thing between me and Tara…” Thad further explained almost as a way to refresh Jennie’s mind.

“Oh…” Jennie answered. She did give another slight shrug before continuing, “I’ve just been super busy! Y’know? I was so busy getting ready for the show with Atara, an’ now I just feel like I should get ready for Blood Money… Especially so I can be ready for Tara.”

“That– that makes sense.” Thad said with a nod of his head. “Why are you so concerned about Tara? You know she loves you, right?”

Jennie pursed her lips together and lost her focus away from Thad momentarily. She nodded her head in understanding; she knew that Tara did love her, and she knew that Tara was speaking truthfully; she wanted to protect her. The problem was that to protect her meant taking her away from something that Jennie had loved. She may have not been the best at it…it may have not always been her greatest passion, but she always did love it. It did bring Tara into her life, and for better or worse, Tara is family.

“Yeah…yeah. I know she does, but Thad–” Jennie rolled her blue eyes up toward him, “–she would absolutely kill me!” Jennie exclaimed.

Thad scrunched his face up with visible confusion, and looked shocked by the mere thought of it. There was no denying the accolades that differentiated the two sisters, and there were many people that knew Tara’s skill inside of the ring and would likely agree with Jennie in saying that Tara would in fact kill her…Ricky had argued otherwise, but where would Thad lie on the matter?

“You know her, Jennie.” Thad said and took a step forward before sitting down in front of her; he hunched himself forward, “Now, I’m not going to lie to you, okay? Tara is good inside of the ring. She would probably do circles against you, but…y’know…I can work with you!” Thad sounded quite encouraging, and Jennie tapped her finger against her chin to contemplate what Thad had suggested; she did have an upstanding invitation from Dickie Watson to train with him at Wolfslair.

“The more you know, right?” Jennie said with enthusiasm as she also contemplated accepting Thaddeus’s offer.

“The thing is that you– well, you Jennie– you’re unorthodox, and that– that I think is something that you need to use to your advantage. You’re not going to beat her by trying to outclass her. That’s definite, but you have to think of a different plan of attack. You know, hiding away from her isn’t going to be your answer forever; she’s going to eventually get to you, and we can’t protect you.” Thad continued with reasoning.

Protect me? That was exactly what I wanted to get away from…I wanted to get away from someone feeling that they had to protect me. Maybe he was right. Maybe I just needed to look at things from a different angle.

“We can start now!” Jennie said as she leaned forward, pressing her hands against Thad’s thighs then began getting to her feet; she got a little bit too close for wear and accidentally brushed another member of Thad which caused him to cross his legs in the most peculiar way while Jennie jumped back with her eyes wide. “On second thought– umm…you should get rid of that.”

“Oh, shhh– that’s a little embarrassing.” Thad answered, but his face did not share the same reflection of his offer. He still looked rather perplexed. 

“I– umm– I’m flattered! I should go, though!” Jennie said while heading for the door.

Thad rolled onto his back and then onto his side but watched Jennie heading for the door. “Send Lauren!”

… Magic Kingdom …

January 26, 2022

There were clouds scattered across the sky! It was just enough to give some relief from the heat of the day, but still bright enough to bring awe to those that laid their eyes on the sight of Cinderella’s Castle in the center of the Magic Kingdom.

Jennie had her arms out like a soaring eagle. She had a backpack on that was loosely attached bouncing slightly with every step she took; she had a skip in her step while moving toward the center of Main Street despite the crowded park and she turned back around where Ricky was also taking in the sights although his eyes were primarily locked on the woman that stole his heart. Jennie had a smile on her face from ear to ear, and when Ricky had taken too long to catch up, she couldn’t contain herself.

“Hurry up, silly!” Jennie shouted at him. She launched herself forward and took Ricky by the hand and almost dragged him forward with her.

“I’m hurrying!” Ricky insisted and wrapped his arm around her shoulder before giving a gentle squeeze while the two persisted forward.

“Alright, so I think that we should start with Splash Mountain!” Jennie said with her arms wrapped around Ricky, “That line gets super long super fast, but I think we’ll be fine! We can do a fast pass for the Snow White mine train, and umm– oh! Let’s start at the Pirates ride, and we definitely, DEFINITELY have to get a Dole Whip…” Jennie seemed to be plotting out the entire day inside of the park while still walking forward and Ricky was just nodding in agreement; he knew that there were times that she would get going and it would be damn near impossible for him to get a word in.

While walking, Jennie was still checking out her surroundings and did eventually glance up. “Crap…” She muttered to herself, and Ricky had no choice but to question it.

“What?” He asked with a hint of concern.

Jennie lowered her head, and tried to pull her hood over her head to cover her face. She gave a subtle point with both her finger and her eyes before Ricky could see what had earned Jennie’s concern: Tara. She was leaning on a balcony on Cinderella’s Castle as if she were just enjoying the view, but Jennie’s hair was something that would typically stand out so Jennie kept her head low and her head covered, but she took Ricky’s arm and began dragging him to their left toward Adventureland where the Pirates of the Caribbean ride is located. 

After getting far enough away, Jennie did pick out her phone and began searching through social media…her expression displayed a hint of excitement, but she continued her scrolling.

“I didn’t expect to see her here, much less up there! How’d she get up there?” Ricky asked.

“There–” Jennie said, but soon hesitated. She threw her arm into the air as if she had already won Blood Money with visible excitement, and even audible excitement, “YES!” she said before looking back at Ricky who was still awaiting the answer. “Oh, there is a secret hotel inside the castle. Very few people ever actually get to stay there, but my speculation is correct! She has Eddy and Damien with her!” Jennie said while holding the phone out to see Tara’s post on Twitter indicating that both Tara’s son and grandson were with her in the park. 

Ricky clicked his tongue. He wanted to be excited for Jennie, but at the same time he couldn’t help but grasp the reality of the situation…the odds of Jennie actually seeing the two children was already a longshot.

“I can’t believe how much of a bitch Tara is being–” Ricky began, which earned him a pop on the arm from Jennie along with a wide-eyed glare from her. “I just don’t get it. I can understand her wantin’ what’s best for you but she needs to realize that you’re sooo much better than she wants to acknowledge. I don’t know why she can’t open her eyes up enough and see you how I see you. You’re so much more than just a lil’ girl who needs her hand held just to go across the street. You heard the things she said ‘bout you and it’s taken everythin’ I got not to go after her. She’s bein’ such a bitch ‘bout all of this. She’s an absolute overbearing bitch.”

Jennie fired another shot to Ricky’s arm with a little more force behind it! Ricky begins to rub his arm afterward but is still confused. “What?”

Jennie took a couple steps away from Ricky and pulled a bit at her hair as if she didn’t even know why she was defensive over her sister after all she had done, but she began fumbling over the words momentarily before finally beginning to jumble them out, “I– well– y’see–” were the only words that she could say before turning back toward Ricky, “Babe, I know you mean well, but Tara really is…she is sweet. She means well! I know she does!”

Ricky couldn’t help but roll his eyes, and Jennie closed the gap between them and held his arms with her hands.

“She’s been through a lot… She’s saved me from a lot. I know that it’s not easy for you to understand, but– y’know…okay, I guess– maybe you’ll see it my way if I just tell you. But you can’t tell her I told you!” Jennie said while holding her pinky out toward Ricky; Ricky accepted the pinky promise and stood there while Jennie took Ricky to one of the nearby benches. She proceeded to give Ricky the whole rundown.



Here to give you all the rundown is Olaf! A bunch of people begin shuffling in and sitting on the floor around Olaf. Among them include Austin Ramsey, Todrick Tabor-Ramsey, Seth Evans, Lewis Chad Pinkston, Ophelia Pain-Pinkston. James Raven, Atara Themis, and Sahara. Just as Olaf is about to start speaking, Vhodka Black suddenly shuffles into the scene holding a Dole Whip and plops down between Atara and James Raven. She holds the Dole Whip out for James Raven, who declines, then Atara, who accepts. 

“Hi! I’m Olaf!”

You gasp.

“Oh, sorry! Yeah, I just find clothes restricting. Bet you’re wondering who we are and why we’re here. It’s really quite simple! It BEGAN– with two sisters. One given up for adoption! One…not. Their love for snowmen: infinite. SISTERS TORN APART! Tara was walking home with her boyfriend and his friends. STAY WITH YOUR FRIENDS, TARA! MOOSE IN THE ROAD! MOOSE IN THE ROAD! NOOO! The ultimate betrayal.”

Austin is huddled up and sobbing, while wiping a tear away, “Tara, no!” 

Olaf resumes the story, “Grief stricken! Blamed herself! I LIVE ALONE! I’M A BIG STAR! …until! TARA HAS A BROTHER! OH! TARA HAS A SISTER!”

You gasp!

“How the fuck is this snowman talking?” LCP asked.

James Raven took a slurp from a drink, “I don’t know. Just shut up and listen.” Atara is reaching over Vhodka for the drink, and James is handing it over.

“I can’t see!” Vhodka says while trying to see around both of their arms.

“They were brought together by chance YEEEEAAAARRRRSSS later! Tara found Jennie in a similar predicament. GET IN THE CAR, JENNIE! But I don’t want to! DO AS I SAY IF YOU WANT TO LIVE! She listened. Live with me and I’ll take care of you, I’m your legal guardian, I’m your sister, I love you! They were happy! Tara re-marries! But they divorce! And she’s pregnant! Tara has a second son! …”


Cue to Olaf looking in absolute dismay.



“He’s taken away.”

Cue over to the audience with trembling lips. Back to happy Olaf.

I can’t be here, Tara! You are a drag! Jennie leaves. YEEEEAAAAARRRRRSSSS later! I’M COMING FOR MY SON! Dru finds and convinces Jennie to come back to the realm of the living, Jennie agrees. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TARA! MOVE IN WITH ME, JENNIE!

You cheer!


You don’t know what to do anymore!

YOU NEED TO STOP LOSING! YOU LOSE! YOU DON’T BELONG! I WANT YOU TO RETIRE! I’M TRYING TO PROTECT YOU! Then Jennie kicked her in the face, shamed her further by making her a former Queen’s Champion, and Tara swore revenge. Jennie’s been staying with Thaddeus Duke, and he ended up hooking up with Tara, so now Jennie doesn’t know if she can trust him. Any questions?”

Olaf looks back and forth. The whole audience is blinking, and LCP finally answers, “So many.”



Back to Ricky and Jennie sitting on the bench. Ricky is teary eyed. Ricky is staring a little bit off and nodding his head as he comes to an understanding of why Jennie had continued to give her sister the benefit of the doubt for as long as she has… That was one of the things that he loved about her; her forgiving nature. It mimicked that of Anna to Elsa: how Anna would forgive her sister despite pushing her away, Jennie would do the same for Tara despite pushing her further. He did raise his voice back up but immediately stuttered before finding the words to say, “But she is still doing this– like…you’re clearly not happy with what she’s said, or what she’s done.”

“I know, I know,” Jennie answered dismissively. “But I’ll be fine. I can handle this. I can handle her. She just– she just needs a little more time to breathe, I think.” Jennie sounded unsure. But just then, she reached into her phone and began typing into it.

“Who is it?” Ricky asked.

“It’s Eddy! I’m going to try to sneak some time in…” Jennie said.

Ricky couldn’t hide the worry on his face. “Are you sure that’s a good idea?” He finally asked.

“I really don’t care…” Jennie answered. Ricky just shrugged to go along with it, knowing it would be pointless to try and argue.



Tap tap tap tap tap. Tap tap tap tap tap. 


JINXIE:: Is this thing on?


Tap tap tap tap tap. The camera does suddenly turn on with the awkward angle that nobody ever likes to have…an upward angle shooting right up the nose. Luckily, there were no bats in the attic at this time when Jinxie pushed the camera back a bit and gained a grin from ear to ear as her braided blue hair was pulled over her shoulder. She cocked her head to the side and held up the two fingers in the symbol of the peace sign.

JINXIE:: ‘Sup! It seems that we have something important coming up on the thirty-first of this month when FIGHT! FINALLY returns for its SEASON THREE opener! It’s going to be great– a lot of great stuff, let me tell ya. An all out battle– you might even say war– taking place on the most magical place on Earth, the happiest place on Earth…hmm…it does make a girl wonder what she is to do! ‘Cause I’m not stupid, okay? I’m not. I know what people see when they think of me: they see the baby sister, the baby phoenix, the sister that can’t do anything right!

She said while mocking the people talking with her hand, and grumbling continuously now under her breath until it became fully inaudible. 

JINXIE: BLAH to all of you! BLAH to everyone that has counted me out, and that’s all people seem to do to me…they count me out. They think that they’re going to get an easy win, but y’know what…I look at what I’ve done…I look at who I’ve fought…and I– I…

She shrugged her shoulders.

JINXIE: I don’t feel ashamed. I know that I went out to fight Miss Michelle early on–

She couldn’t help but get a glazed look over her eyes; she pressed her hands over her heart and muttered a few words to herself before re-focusing.

JINXIE: –and I fought her pretty hard! I did my best…and…y’know…I feel like I could’ve won. I wanted to dial it back against her because I really do know that I could’ve won! And then people counted me out against Shawn Warstein before the match even started and there were people taking bets on how long I was going to last, but y’know…I surprised everyone. I lasted longer than anyone else would’ve thought! And y’know something else? I think I could’ve won.

She couldn’t contain the smile from crossing her again, but she looked away and pursed her lips just a moment together while pacing back and forth.

JINXIE: It’s fine, though. Everything is fine. Y’see, because I don’t need anyone to believe in me…I don’t need anyone to tell me what I can or can’t do, I don’t need anyone to be in my corner! I don’t need anyone! Okay? All I need is me…all I need is myself…to believe that I can go out there and do what everybody else is surely already counting me out on. Michelle told me a long time ago– that I was a loser…I can make her pay. Shawnzie told me a long time ago– that we aren’t friends…I can make him pay. Tara took it a step further by telling me that I should quit! And I can make! HER! PAY!

Her face constricted momentarily as she let the frustration come out of her; she had so much that she was feeling, and so much that she wanted to say. She began muttering to herself as if sharing into her own conversation.

JINXIE: People like…Lauren…Lauren is another person who has liked to discredit everything that I could do! Sure, she tells me the potential, but that’s just it: potential. That means that she looks at me at Blood Money and doesn’t think that I stand a chance at winning it. I’m one of those people that she’s going to overlook, and as much as we try to toot everyone’s horn and say how gifted we all are, and how anyone could win on any given night…please…don’t bullshit us. We know that you look down on us. Ricky an’ me– we know. We know that you don’t believe in us. But that’s fine. There are so many people that are looking at someone like me and don’t think that I have a chance at winning this thing…don’t try to lie, don’t kid yourselves: you see someone like me and you think that I’m a joke…but I know what I can do. But it’s going to be different now– it’s going to be. The beautiful thing about Blood Money 2 is: it’s a reset. It’s changing the game! It’s flipping the script! We have a chance to change the way the game is played…again… But I have to change the way that I’m playing the game. I have to accept what I am. I have to play my role, and I have to let it work for me. When I step into the ring, I am not Jennie anymore… Jennie is gone. Jennie Fenix is gone. You are now left with: Jinxie. The Family Jinx.