It’s the Final Countdown

By: Anicka Swan

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 27th Dec 2021

Outside the Velvet Rabbit, the line to get in the main public entrance to the Red Room and the Hive Hookah lounge was wrapped around both sides of the building. Two men were at each door, checking IDs of everyone making sure that they were 18+ years old, on the inside stationed at all four of the elevators and stairs going to the upper levels were two more men; they were making sure everyone going up was 21+. Right now, here at the end of 2021, the Rabbit seemed to be the place everyone wanted to be. A black sedan slowed down at the valet entrance and turned in and drove in and kept left of the two fountains and pulled up to the entrance of the Empire Room, the exclusive VIP club at the Rabbit, that you needed a membership to even step foot in. One of the valet’s ran over and opened the rear door and a long caramel colored leg emerged from it with a white heel encrusted in diamonds and slowly Anicka Swan emerged from the car dressed in an outfit clearly not made for the New York City weather, a white skirt that you could see the top of her tattoo on her lower region and so short of she was to bend over, everyone would know if she was wearing panties underneath and a white shirt that was nothing more than a fancy tube top. The outfit was finished off with a white ankle length mink coat. As she made her way up the steps to the Empire Room entrance, the valet quickly closed the door and then quickly ran ahead of her and grabbed the door and opened it. They hadn’t expected any of the members to actually show up, since most were family members and they were busy with the holidays, but Swan was still in town and she heard that VooDoo was in town as well and gave her a call and asked her… “Where you at?” Anicka walked in and a smile came to her lips, VooDoo and the color red. It had been her signature trademark color since Ani can remember; red, black and gold and it clearly showed in the decor at the Velvet Rabbit. The main floor was circular in design with not so private booths in the center of the room and along the outer wall were more private booths with curtains for privacy. VooDoo was the only person sitting in the room with a bartender over at the bar wiping it down. In front of her was a plate of chili and cheese fries and a mt Dew, as well as her laptop. She was doing what she seemed to always be doing these days and that was work. Ani needs a drink. What would you like Ms. Swan?

Get Ani a MF’er. She said as she made her way over to VooDoo’s table and took a seat. VooDoo had said nothing to her as she watched her walk over, pull one of the red chairs out at the table and take a seat. Damn Voo, this place looks awesome as hell. Look at that chandelier, jeez.

Thank you, Ani. She still hadn’t taken her eyes off her friend. Where are your clothes?

Ani’s got clothes on. She reached across the table and grabbed a fry off the plate.

My Does are wearing more clothes than you. But do your Does have a date?

Oh? Ani on a date? VooDoo looked at her skeptically. Who is your victim tonight?

Ani’s meeting Bam here. She smirked a little. He’s on his way.

You whore.

Ani knows. She pouted out her bottom lip a little and hung her head. She didn’t mean to.

I’m sorry, Ani. The bartender walked over and placed Ani’s drink in front of her, he turned around to leave. But you don’t accidentally fuck someone. A half laugh slipped from his lips as he walked back over to the bar and started cleaning, making sure not to look in the direction of the two women. How did this happen?

You’ve got three kids, Voo. Ani’s sure she doesn’t have to explain.

That’s not what I mean! Smartassed Ani was not the Ani she wanted to deal with right now. Don’t make me tear my pretty new room up with your body.

It is pretty. Anicka looked around before looking back at VooDoo, who had the official “I’m waiting” look on her face. Okay, okay, remember when Ani and him went on that bike ride?

*˚͙ ͙˚*  *˚͙ ͙˚*  *˚͙ ͙˚*  *˚͙ ͙˚*

It all started when Anicka saw a tweet that Bam had put out saying he had a lot on his mind and Ani suggested a bike ride. It was one of the things that she did sometimes when she needed to think and within a couple more tweets back and forth, they were going on a ride. It started out innocently enough; they hit the highway and tore some asphalt up and every hour on the hour, they’d find some dive bar and have a few drinks or something to eat. It was that last bar that they had shots of voquilla, which for you non-drinkers is a mix of vodka and tequila and decided that it was time for them to head back to the city. They literally made it to the next rest stop before they were pulling over; neither of them were fit enough to be balancing on two wheels. They grabbed a couple of sodas from one vending machine and chips from the other and went for a walk on one of the trails by a creek in an effort to walk off the alcohol, the trail itself coming out at a picnic area with a small pond with a rope swing.

Ani’s going swimming. She began to peel off her leather jacket and tossed it onto the picnic table beside Bam as he sat on the table top. Water is cold. It’s gonna sober her up. Come swim with Ani.

I don’t have a bathing suit.

Neither does Ani. Bam watched as she kicked off her boots one by one as she unbuttoned her pants. She dropped her pants and put them on the table beside him and pulled off her shirt. She was wearing a plain red sports bra and matching thong; nothing fancy, no frills. But it was enough that Bam hoped that his face wasn’t’ revealing what his lower half was feeling. But this should work. She looked at him as he sat there. Serious, come swim.

Anicka turned and ran down to the small pond, leaving Bam where he stood; if he ever did question why she was nicknamed the “Lass with the Ass”, he no longer wondered. He watched as she ran and jumped on the rope and slid down it’s end and began to swing herself back and forth to catch a good speed as she got ready to hurl herself into the water. She came up out of the water laughing.

Come on, Bam! She yelled again.

After a moment, Bam slid from the table with a smile and shook his head, he was almost completely sure that Ani might be crazy. He couldn’t believe what he was about to do. He took off his jacket and put it on the table beside hers and pulled his shirt up over his head. He kicked off his boots and dropped his jeans and stood there in black boxers before he started towards the pond. Some cold water would do him some good. Bam did as Ani had done, jumped on the rope, swung himself to catch air and then launched himself in the air and was soon disappearing beneath the water. He came back up with a yell.

Jesus Christ, Ani! Bam felt like he had jumped in a glass of ice water. You could have warned me how cold it was.

What, so you could have chickened out. She swam around him. And Ani be the only one freezing her ass off? Nope.

That was mean Ani. Bam splashed water at her.

Ani knows. She laughed and splashed him back and then swam to the edge of the water and got out and took another swing on the rope and landed behind Bam. When she came up out of the water, she launched herself onto his back and wrapped her arms around his neck and wrapped her legs around his waist. Like a spider monkey!

What… the… Bam started laughing and fought against her and despite the death grip she had on him, he managed to pull her around in front of him and after a few moments of struggling, both of them became aware of the fact that the cold water had done nothing to keep his lower region in check. And Ani being Ani couldn’t keep hers in check, almost at the same time, they leaned in and kissed.

*˚͙ ͙˚*  *˚͙ ͙˚*  *˚͙ ͙˚*  *˚͙ ͙˚*

And afterwards, we grabbed our bikes and went a little further into the woods until he found a spot to pitch his tent. Anicka took another fry off VooDoo’s plate and shoved it in her mouth and stared at VooDoo, who sat with her back against the chair and arms crossed over her chest. No pun intended.

So, you banged Bam Miller, in his tent, in the woods? She finally uncrossed her arms and leaned forward on the table. He had a girlfriend, Ani.

Ani’s almost pretty sure he didn’t have a girlfriend that night. Ani, if you were half naked and grinding on my crotch I’d fuck you, too.

Ani didn’t know that was EVER an option. Ani cocked an eyebrow and a sly smile at VooDoo. Had she known..

Can I get a heads up so I can pull my cell out and record? The bartender mumbled softly enough to where VooDoo snapped her head in his direction with a stern look, but with a slight smile letting him know he really wasn’t in trouble. He looked intently at a glass in his hand and started cleaning it. Man, look at the spots on this glass.

If you try to give me a lap dance, it will be the last lap you try to dance on.

Speaking of.. She smirked and pulled another fry from the plate and scooped it though the chili and cheese. Have you been giving any lap dances lately?

No, I haven’t. Will you be giving lap dances? Oh for fuck’s sake, Ani, stop beating around the bush, what are you getting at? Ani thinks you know.

Page and I have been discussing business, nothing more, nothing less. Anicka kept looking at VooDoo, a slight smile on her face. Seriously, business. The two women continued to stare back and forth at one another. We’ve been discussing an event at the Rabbit. Anicka wasn’t letting up. But I did wonder what it would be like wrapping his hair around my wrist and giving it a pull.

And you called Ani whore.

Shouldn’t Ani be more worried about her business than my business? Her turn to eat a fry.

But your business is so much more funner than Ani’s business. She smirked. Plus it’s making you uncomfortable so that’s a win for Ani.

What a shame you’re not investing that much energy on making Enforcer uncomfortable.

Au contraire, mon frère. Ani’s been doing that. She smiled. As a matter of fact, Ani and Trixie both have been doing that. A little tag team action.

Do I really want to know? Did you know that Enforcer has a 20 yr old daughter? Damn it, Ani, please tell me you didn’t fuck her.

Not yet. Ani’s trying to get him to bring her here so Ani can eat her. Anicka smiled a wicked little smile. Ani means meet her.

I think Ani needs to worry less about eating her and more about beating her father. She told her matter of factly. I also think you should keep an eye out on Ashlynn Cassidy.

Ani knows. She was miffed over what Ani did. She nodded her head. She’s got to understand, Big Man E and Ani got history; good and bad. Shit, Ani thought her and him were tight after OpW. Ani thought we moved past all the issues we had with each other when we were partying in the Syndicate. Anicka paused for a moment. Ani trusted him and what did he do? He basically told her… fuck you.

It happens, Ani. It’s a nasty part of this business.

Hell… Anicka nodded her head. Technically, Ani did it to you last year.

What the hell is it with people and contracts? First you and that stupid one with Xavier and Johnny…

In Ani’s defense… She paused for a moment and then slowly shook her head. Ani’s got nothing there. Could’ve been worse, Ani could have fucked JMont.

Fuckin’ Allison almost fucked up her marriage. She shook her head. They say two wrongs don’t make a right but I’ll be damned if it didn’t work out for them.

From outside in the inner courtyard came the unmistakable purr of a Harley Davidson, causing Ani’s lips to curl into a smile. The sound came to a stop just outside the entrance of the Empire Room and then the bike shut off.

Looks like Ani’s date is here. She stood up and pulled the fur coat up around her. Ani told him he could park outside.

I hope Ani told Ani that there was no sex at the Rabbit.

Ani sure did tell her. She chuckled. Ani told her that VooDoo would be so damned disappointed in her. Now, we just have to keep our fingers crossed that she listens. She turned around and walked back over to the door.

I’d prefer you to keep your legs crossed. VooDoo called after her as Anicka watched her walk over to where Bam stood at the end of the steps and right before she got to him, she jumped up and wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. I’ve never been so thankful that she’s wearing that coat, the last thing I want to see is her bare ass.

The bartender mumbled something about he sure wouldn’t have minded seeing it, before adding in that when the Empire Room was really really open that he’d make sure to live by the “be seen and not heard” rule in this portion of the Rabbit.

*˚͙ ͙˚*  *˚͙ ͙˚*  *˚͙ ͙˚*  *˚͙ ͙˚*

It is almost 12 hours later and we are back in the penthouse suite of Swan Imports, Anicka and Bam had spent the whole night at the Velvet Rabbit. They bounced from stage to stage and then from floor to floor and finally finished off the night in one of the VIP burrows where it seemed every 15 minutes they were swapping out an old Doe for a new Doe until closing time. Anicka was in the bathroom of the master suite, in a jacuzzi tub that overlooked central park, her head was back against the tub as she listened to the soft music in the background, blunt in one hand. Ani wants to take a moment to tell Ashlynn that she’s sorry. She was just so mad at Enforcer. Goes much further than Doritos and all that shit. Was a whole bunch a shit that went down that you don’t even know about, that no one here really knows about, if you weren’t in OpW to see. She paused for a moment. Back in the day, when Ani first started, no one took her seriously. How could a struggling newcomer be taken seriously when you had VooDoo around. She was the one everyone wanted to fight in their arenas, she was the one that the westler’s all wanted to try their luck against, she was the one who had the name and the following. Ani was just Ani, the chick VooDoo trained. Everyone saw Ani as the lesser of the two. She took a hit from the blunt. When we all came back to the business about three years ago, Ani had never been more happy that VooDoo decided not to get back in the ring. She had her family, she was living that retired life. That meant it was going to be time for Ani to shine. Or at least she thought, Ani and ARP hit aW. They saw Ani as ARP’s sidekick. Like seriously, what the fuck? Ani went from the spotlight being blocked out by a giant red cloud to a giant blonde one. But that’s okay, because ARP struggled with the same shit, too. Another hit. It wasn’t until Ani hit OpW that she was actually taken seriously. She was the first Immortal Champion, she held that belt for almost nine months. It was there, Enforcer, where we battled it out a few times, before Johnny finally wised up and got us under the same banner. Ani, she was willing to let all the things that we had done to each go, because she wanted the group as whole to thrive. She paused. Ani thought, coming into FNYC we would do the same thing, but when you turned on Ani, she found out otherwise. You said that you were offered a better deal. Tell Ani, Enforcer… was it a better deal afterall? Did you get all that you were promised? Ani hopes you did, because Countdown… Ani’s coming for some payback. And she’s taking it out of your ass. Anicka inhaled deeply on the blunt as the door to the bathroom opened and Bam Miller walked in, he was naked except for the fifth of Jack Daniels in one hand and over to the tub and handed Ani the bottle before he slipped in with her at the other end. I figured that we’ve swapped enough bodily fluids over the course of the night that we didn’t need glasses.

Seems Bam is wise. She smiled a little as she took a drink from the bottle and passed it over.

Bam has been known to be that sometimes.

Some would say that what happened with Diamond wasn’t wise. She said as she watched him take a drink.

Probably and I am cool with that. He handed the bottle back to her. I just didn’t… feel what she was feeling for me. Didn’t feel like I was myself.

Ani’s been there before. She took a drink but instead of handing it back across to him, she brought the bottle and the blunt as well. She’s learned that sometimes, no matter how much you want something, it’s just not meant to be. She took another drink from the bottle and handed it to him as she crawled up his legs and straddled his lap, causing a soft moan to come from his throat as he took a drink.

I don’t know if you’re trying to kill me. He watched as she took a hit of the blunt while she rubbed herself up against him. But there’s nothing wrong with my heart.

Good thing. She smiled a sly little smile as she handed him the blunt. Cause Ani’s about to put it to the test.

Anicka reached down under the water and grabbed a hold of him before she raised herself up and then slowly slid down. He admits, he’s done some things wrong in his life and over the past few months, but right now with the view he had things just felt way too good and he was just going to sit back and relax and let Anicka do one of the things that she does so good.