It’s time.

By: Jennie Fenix

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 3rd Feb 2022

It was time. Jennie thought to herself as she stood beside her hospital bed; the blankets were pulled back from where she had previously laid, and she had a backpack there that she had already had packed.

“You shouldn’t be here! You don’t belong! You screw everything up!”

I could hear my sister screaming those words at me continuously, but it wasn’t only her. It was my brother. It was Lauren. Shawn Warstein. It was everyone. There were some that would not say it to me, but I could sense it…I could feel it off of their energy: they felt the same as everybody else. They knew I was nothing more than a jinx. Nobody thought I was good enough.

Jennie gritted her teeth while pulling the zipper on the backpack closed; she did it with a little more force than intended while her mind continued to torment her with delusional thoughts. She glanced over her shoulder where Ricky had been sleeping. He did not look particularly comfortable in that position which was why she could not help but get flushed when I thought about him. She bit down on her lip and took a deep breath.

He’s going to be upset… Jennie thought; Jennie knew. She knew that Ricky would follow her, and stay with her for as long as he could to ensure that nothing would happen to her, but she couldn’t help but let the next thought intrude her mind. He has CCPE, though. Not me…not I…I have no one, and y’know what? I think I like it better that way. 

Jennie walked to the end of the hospital and took out the clipboard; she looked at her charts and made a few audible sounds. “Hmm. Ah! Oh! …What?” she rolled her eyes, “None of this makes sense to me!” she said just a little louder than intended then took the pen from the top of the clipboard and then threw the clipboard down on the bed beside the backpack. She began digging through a drawer where her personal belongings would typically go, and inside found a little notepad… What to write? She thought to herself and took a seat back on the bed.

My dearest Ricky! she began. There is a brief hesitation before she nods her head in contempt with how she began.

I am sorry that you are having to find out this way, but I am going to be taking some time for myself. Things have just felt overwhelming for the last couple of weeks, at no fault to you, but this is something that I have to do. Something that I need to do. Please do not try to reach me! Please do not follow me! You are better where you are, and as soon as I am settled wherever I end up, I will reach out to you.

Something else that I realized I never like told you, at least not in a way that I felt made it seem like it mattered. I love you

P.S. take care of Purrseus and Pandabear! They’re better off with you right now.

Love, your Jinx!

Jennie finished with an exaggerated final period at the end. She re-read the letter a couple times and just as she seemed satisfied with it, she could hear Ricky groaning; she lowered the letter and watched him for a really long moment but Ricky was soon back asleep.

She didn’t waste anymore time and sat the letter where she had once laid for the last couple of days following Blood Money. She gave one final tug on the backpack before strapping it onto her shoulder, and picking up her charts while walking out the door…she was careful not to open the door too fast, or to let it slam, as she did not want to have Ricky talking her out of her decision, and more importantly; she did not want him to give up everything he had for her.

She did not want to be found.

Later in the evening, Thaddeus Duke is laying in his bed in Aspen when he suddenly feels a vibration; he takes his phone out to see an alert message there. He tapped the message which instantly opened his security footage from his home in New York City. The phone even notified him that his LoJack ignition had come on. He rewinded the footage slightly.

It was crystal clear what he was seeing…who he was seeing…Jennie was the one that was walking through the garage with a pep in her step as she swayed her head back and forth without a care in the world for anything around her. She got to the LoJack and it didn’t take her long to get the car back on.

“What are you doing?” Thaddeus asked himself. His finger itched as he looked ready to dial Jennie’s number, but he instead watched for as long as he could until his phone finally did ring. He hit the button to put it on speaker so that he could continue watching the scene unfolding in front of him, and before he could answer, Ricky was already screaming.

“Have you seen her?!” Ricky asked.

“Huh? What?” Thaddeus asked. He had found it hard to focus between paying attention to what Jennie was up to and listening to Ricky.

“Jennie! Jennie’s gone! The nurse said she checked out, and she left a note saying that she was going to be leaving, and I just– I don’t know where she is! Has she talked to you? Do you know where she is?” Ricky was frantic with trying to get an answer.

Thad hesitated momentarily, and took a deep breath to keep his own focus. He had the ability to stop her right here and right now, but he didn’t. Instead, he answered, “I’m in Aspen, Ricky.” He said while forcing a smile to himself as if Ricky could see it from standing right in front of him.

“We have to find her…” Ricky insisted.

“We will. Just trust her, and trust that she will be fine.” Thad answered.

Ricky stutters on the other end momentarily before the line cuts off. Thad focuses his full attention to the screen as the vehicle begins to reverse, and he quickly types a text message into the phone:

> Be careful.

> We love you.

Were the first messages that he had sent in rapid succession; the vehicle stalled during this time, and Thad took the opportunity to send another text.

> If you need anything, don’t hesitate to call ME.

He watched the messages for a moment as a check mark appeared on the screen indicating that it had been read. The vehicle began moving on the screen again and exited the garage.