J Mont- A Child Star in the Making/ His THOUGHTZ

By: Joe Montuori

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 3rd Sep 2021

October 8th, 1980

[That was the day that the world was blessed with J Mont himself. Born in New York City, the home of FIGHT NYC. Legendary Hall of Famer and retired wrestler, and the father of J Mont himself—-George The Animal Steele was quoted after his son J Mont was born.]

“He is going to be the biggest star in wrestling. I can feel it.”

[When you think of childhood, the first thing everyone thinks about is the stories. That was one of the most popular things for the young ones. Back in the 80’s, there were no Play Stations, I Phones, Tablets, Laptops. You had Tonka trucks, Nintendo, Discman with Headphones and basic sport items. But childhood stories are what the kids love. Think about the popular stories there were.]

The Blue Jackal-

A famous tale of this jackal who turns blue when he falls into a bucket of dye.

The Hare And The Tortoise-

The story revolves around an over confident hare and a hard working tortoise who decide to have a race.

Beauty And The Beast-

A story of a young girl who falls in love with a prince who is disguised as a beast.


A Wooden Toy who is cursed by a fairy that his nose would grow every time he told a lie.


Story of a young pretty girl who is tortured by her stepmother and step sisters, where she attends a ball, and loses her glass slipper. The prince is left with the glass slipper, and finds her and they live happily ever after.

Goldilocks And The 3 Bears-

She makes her way into the house of the bears and sees 3 bowls of porridge, 3 beds and 3 chairs. She eats the porridge, makes herself comfortable on the bed and also breaks one of the chairs. When the bears come back, she runs away and never returns.

Hansel And Gretel-

Their step mother who tries to get rid of them, leaves them in the forest where they come across a house made of candies and sweets. The house is owned by a witch who takes Hansel as she intends to eat him. Gretel Kills the witch and they move on to live a happy life.

Jack And The Beanstalk-

Jack trades his cow Bess for 3 magical beans.The beans grow huge and lead to a castle in the clouds where there is a monster and a wife.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf-

A Young shepherd who is extremely naughty. He fools the villagers by crying out that a wolf has come out at him, and the villagers come to his aid and he starts laughing.

The Pied Piper Of Hamlin-

A City in Hamlin which was a rats paradise. A stranger walks in and offers to free the city of rats. The Mayor refuses to pay and the strangers play the flute, this time enacting the children and disappearing with them into the mountains.

The Goose That Laid Golden Eggs-

A man owned a magical hen. It laid golden eggs. After not being happy with the money, he killed the hen so he could get all the eggs together. However, after killing the hen, he found nothing. There were no golden eggs inside. As a result of his greed, he lost his fortune.

Charlotte’s Web-

A girl and a talking spider join forces to save a pig from slaughter.

[No Childhood story is bigger and better than J Mont’s. Fade into the childhood of J Mont.]

The Cathedral School-Pre Kindergarten

[This is where the start of J Mont began. With a class of young children under the age of 5, J Mont stood out compared to them all. Very outgoing, energetic, talkative and wanted to be the center of attention. He would always make sure everyone in the class knew he was the BIG DOG. From projects, to discussions, to sports, he was the man of his class.]

Fast Forward

Trinity School- Grade 1 to 6

[J Mont is now entering the minor leagues of school. With so many students and teachers, it was going to be a challenge. But he was always up for a challenge thanks to his family and how he was raised. 1st Grade was a breeze. Homework was easy. Sport games were easy. Making friends was easy. And the same happened with grades 2 through 5. And finally here comes the big grade level. Grade 6. The one right before Junior High. This is where you prepare yourself for the big move up. This is where you get ready to step your game and maturity up. J Mont already had a chance at the Junior Varsity basketball team even though he was only in 6th grade. He was that good and the coaches knew that because they saw him on the court after school beating down JV and Varsity players. Grade 6 was a big success which set him up for Junior High.]

Fast Forward

Success Academy Bronx 2- Grade 7 to 8

[A lot of the kids are envious of J Mont at this time. He is the talk of his class. The top athlete. Best dressed. Best looking. Best body. All the cheerleaders want him and even the young female teachers too. He is on his way to greatness. Captain of the JV football basketball and baseball teams to go along with a 3.4 GPA. Sky and future is the limit for him.]

Fast Forward

William Howard Taft High School Grade 9 to 12

[The big time is here. High School. The land where the kids think they are adults but have no bills or responsibilities really unless you’re some whore female who gets knocked up when they are 16 years old. But J Mont was FOCUSED. He saw the big picture. A Full academic scholarship and a way to get out of the hood and away from the family business even though it has been very good to him. Year after year after year after year…. The headlines were all about J Mont. 4 passing TD’s 3 rushing TD’s in 1 game. 48 points 15 assists in a game. 4 for 5 with 2 Hrs in a game. He was stuffing the stat sheet like he was with all the cheerleaders. There was nothing that could stop him until his senior season and that 1 deadly game vs his arch nemesis.]

Drew Nicholas

[This is what ruined the childhood hope for J Mont. That one fight that turned away all the schools and scholarships. The few punches that cost him a chance to in the NFL or NBA or MLB. That was the last straw and what ended his High School Career in sports and education.]

Game Over? Or Is It?

[Let’s sit back and digest this childhood of J Mont for a moment. It was off to a great start and things were going great. Every year, he was getting bigger and stronger and more popular and the top man of the school. Only thing that could destroy all of this would be HIMSELF.]

Fast Forward

[The Child Version of J Mont thinks a few things about what is going on now.]

ChildHood version of J Mont: I am very disappointed in the path that I have traveled. After blowing chances at my scholarships and getting kicked out of school, I went with the family business of dealing drugs and beating up people to get the money owed. But when I finally ran into an old friend named All Hannan, I thought things were getting better. I walked away from the family business and got into the wrestling world. No experience at all, just knew how to fight and talk. Hannan brought me into the Elite and those boys showed me the ropes. How to do things the right way in the wrestling world. They trained me and taught me all I needed to know. I was with the most dominant stable in wrestling at that time. All Hannan, Chris Cage, Blade, Bonz Williams and Johnny Extreme. We had all the gold, all the spotlight and all the attention on us. But the time came when all these men did all they wanted to do in the wrestling world. They all retired and went into the Hall of Fame. That left me alone and not ready to walk away. Boy, I should have walked away. But instead, I made a decision that would haunt me for a long time. I aligned myself with FOCUS and Shawn Stevens and Jason Jarrett. 2 of the most hated men in all of America and the wrestling world. And why did I do it? Well it’s simple. Money, Power and Respect. It’s the key to life. And fast forward a little after damaging many federations and careers and lives of people. I finally walked away from the wrestling world only to one day get that phone call from HBO telling me that they needed me. They needed ratings, something ruthless and something to shock the world. So I went about my business and reinvented FOCUS with some new blood and old blood. Brandon Moore, Miss Michelle, Cam Vincent, Steven Stratford and brother P MONT. Together we would be the most dominant stable ever created. We were unleashed and did the damn thing. We won the titles and made people’s lives a living hell. The ratings and the money were pouring in. I was on the top of the world, living a life like a rock star with no worries. Then I decided to make a real power move and go after the wife of Dane Preston and the daughter of Damon Riggs. Boy talked about a ballsy move only J Mont could do. No one else would even try that. And you know what happened with that. No reason to go into detail at this time, but spoiler alert if you are behind in your current events. J Mont got that ass and will always have the one up now on Dane and Damon.

[Overall, the childhood version J Mont is very happy with the success he has endeared with the wrestling world, the stocks,the investments and business with real estate. He is very disappointed in how he has treated certain people in this world.]

[Will J Mont change his ways or keep disappointing his childhood version of himself?]

Stay Tuned for what’s about to happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!