[J Mont] Have a baby by me baby, be a millionaire!!! [CCPE/J Mont]

By: Joe Montuori

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 4th Mar 2022

[Everyone loves to live in the past, and forget about the present and future. But the past is something Brandon Moore won’t bring up around me because I am one of the few men who beat him TWICE. He won’t admit it, but the proof and stats are there. NCW was the place and not only did he lose to me TWICE, he also lost his title to me.]


[And guess what? It’s going to happen again which is going to fuck up his present and future. He is already on the downward spiral of his life. His head is so messed up. And to think, I thought I was bad with all the voices in my head. This guy is even more fucked up then me. He seems to be going into the pattern that happened to me many months ago. But the difference is, I knew what I was getting myself into and the consequences of my plan. Brandon has no idea what his plan of attack will be. Yes, he is the Bare Knuckle champion for the moment, but that’s coming to an end, Just like his marriage to Michelle. Oh yeah, that reminds me. A Montuori took your wife last Venom, and this time around on this Venom, a Montuori is going to take your title. Sucks to be you.]

MAYBE 3rd time’s a charm?


Velvet Rabbit
1 West 72nd St
New York, NY

[A typical Thursday Night at the Velvet Rabbit. Still pissed about not having his Empire Membership hasn’t stopped J Mont from spending some serious coin in this place. Some nights he is here with Mia, other nights he is solo. But tonight, he is here with his future wife Mia. And of course, money is no object as he rented out the whole VIP 3 Section for himself and Mia. It’s equipped with its own private bar, luxury wrap-around leather couch and private stage. They have NOVA showing her moves off on the pole and Carmen as their personal waitress who has been tipped very well already.]

[While J Mont and Mia are enjoying their $49,000 bottle of Dom Perignon Rose Gold Methuselah and toasting to great things to come, there is some commotion up front. J Mont takes a sip of his Dom Perignon while Mia smiles and sips her water. Once again, not drinking tonight. Mia and J Mont both turn around then and see Shaun is having a difficult time with a well dressed blonde woman who looks to be conducting some kind of business.]

Woman: I’m telling you, I am on the guest list of J Mont.

Shaun: Mr. Montuori has no guestlist tonight. He has the private VIP 3 room to himself and his fiancee.

Woman: I am an old friend of his and wanted to surprise him.

Shaun: But how did you know he would be here tonight?

Woman: It’s a Thursday night. Everyone knows J Mont loves the night life and the Rabbit.

Shaun: Good Point. Let me just check with Mr. Montuori and make sure everything is good to go.

[The woman at this point does not know what to do til another member of security makes it way over to Shaun.]

Security: Hey Shaun, you are needed right now over at Stage 4.

[Shaun being distracted by the other member of the security team, and forgetting about the young lady at the front door makes a b-line over towards Stage 4.]

Security: Was he helping you ma’am?

Woman: I was just about to walk in when you came over. Everything is well.

[The young woman just caught a break with Shaun being distracted at the front door. She then proceeds to make her way to the VIP 3 room. She is carrying a manila envelope in her hand as well as a small clipboard with a piece of paper on it but nothing can be seen as to what’s on it. She gets to the point where she sees J Mont and Mia and stops. She takes a deep breath and all of a sudden, she goes from a young business woman to a big fan.]

Woman: Oh my God….. it’s the one and only J Mont!

[J Mont and Mia look at one another.]

Mia: Do you know her?

J Mont: Probably another crazy ass fan here at the rabbit.

Woman: You are my favorite wrestler of all time. With your battles all the way back in the day with Johnny Extreme to today with Dane Preston. Just Wow, I can’t believe it’s really you.

[The woman grows a set of balls and just walks into the VIP section like she owns the place. Security for some reason is missing in action, but Carmen stops her in her tracks.]

Carmen: You are not allowed in here. I am asking you nicely to please leave.

[J Mont is laughing and looks over to Carmen and waves the young lady over.]

J Mont: You have a pen? I know you just want an autograph and anyone that makes much of an effort to get one, deserves one.

[The Woman makes her way over and J Mont stands up. She immediately gives him a big hug which prompts Mia to get up.]

J Mont: Ladies, let’s settle down here. Mia, it’s OK.

Mia: Let her put her hands on you again and both you and her will find out it’s not okay.

[The woman looks over at Mia with a concerned look on her face.]

Woman: I did not mean anything by that hug. I’m just so excited to meet my favorite wrestler of all time.

Mia: Let’s hope so.

[Mia crossed her arms over her chest and then one leg over the other and looked at her with a side eye. J Mont puts his arm around Mia so she knows that she is the one and only for him. He looks over at the young woman who is smiling like a fat kid at the candy store.]

Woman: Will you sign this for me please?

[The woman lifts up the clipboard she had in her hand which had a piece of paper attached to it. Before J Mont could even see what it was, the woman sees NOVA dancing on the pole.]

Woman: Now that is one of the best asses i ever seen before. A lot better than Ashlynn Cassidys of course.

[J Mont looks over and starts laughing. Mia finds no humor in the comment at all. J Mont knows he needs to get this woman out of here now before he is divorced before even being married.]

J Mont: There ya go. Have a great night too.

[J Mont signed the paper for the lady and just as she was about to leave, she turned around and looked right into J Mont’s eyes.]

Woman: I hope you get what you deserve.

J Mont: What are you talking about?

Woman: This is for you.

[The woman hands J Mont the manila envelope she had in her hands the whole time.]

Woman: You have been served Mr Montuori. Have a great night and future marriage.

[The woman speed walks as fast as she can because she doesn’t know how J Mont will react to this. Before you know it, she is long gone and J Mont is holding the envelope looking over at Mia.]

Mia: What is that?

J Mont: Probably another asshole trying to sue me as usual. God, this world is so soft and weak.

[J Mont and Mia sit down while NOVA continues to dance in the background. Mia grabs the envelope out of her man’s hands and slowly opens it up. As she gets the papers out of the envelope, J Mont is sitting there calm, cool and collected. He has been through this before.]


[Mia starts to read the papers and even sees 2 pictures in there as well. And within moments, tears start to form in her eyes. J Mont sees this and attempts to put his arm around Mia. She swipes his arm away from him and stands up.]

Mia: What the fuck, Joe? How could you do this?

J Mont: What are you talking about babe?

[Mia throws the papers and pictures at J Mont. He examines them real quickly and his face lights up like a christmas tree on the 25th.]

J Mont: Mia, this is not true.

Mia: Well, it’s looking pretty true to me, Mr. I’ve always worn condoms because I didn’t want to have kids with some random bitch.

J Mont: So, you are telling me that you believe these stupid papers and pictures over me? Are you fuckin kidding me?

Mia: Joe, they are court papers. These are real pictures of a kid. Looks like it’s pretty real to me. [She tosses the papers and pictures down on the table.]

J Mont: What is real is me and you, not these bull shit court papers. I’ll take a piss on these and not give a shit. She is lying and just probably took some random picture off the internet and gave it to some 10 dollar an hour attorney. I am being set up.

Mia: Joe… [Mia picks up the picture of the little girl who is about 2 years old and looks back and forth between the picture and him.] The little girl looks like she has your eyes.

J Mont: EYES??? Really Mia? Do you really believe this? After all we have been through and the plans we have set for the future. You are going to let this fake picture and bull shit paper work play with your head? You’re either with me or against me.

Mia: Oh really!?! [Mia stands up.] Just like fucking that? With you or against you? What the fuck, Joe.

J Mont: You are acting like her attorney right now. Her eyes look like yours. Look at the picture. Fuck all of that. She is trying to break us up and get some money cause her career is shot and im on top of the world. And you are falling for it. I know you are smarter than that. [J Mont stands up.]

Mia: I am suddenly wondering how many more kids you’ve got running around out there and how many more women are going to start coming out of the woodwork.

J Mont: You really went there? [J Mont looks Mia dead in her eyes.] So I can see now what’s really been on your mind this whole time. But 2 can play this game. And it’s a game that you don’t want to play babe. That kid is not mine. I don’t have any kids running around the United States anywhere. For christ sakes, i was the spokesman for Magnum XL Condoms.

Mia: Don’t have any kids running around? I would have thought not yet a few moments about, but not so much now. I guess this is as good a time as any. [She picks up her pocket book and removes a few pictures and looks at them with a sad look on her face. What she thought was going to be a happy moment, had turned before it even happened.] Congrats, Joe… you’re about to become a father. … Again.

J Mont: [J Mont looks at Mia, and sees the tears in her eyes. What he finally wanted to happen, has happened, but the timing couldn’t be any shittier.] Baby, I’m so happy for US….this is my first child and i’m so glad it’s with you. [J Mont leans in to give his fiancee a big hug over the fact he just found out he was going to be a father, forgetting all about the paperwork and pictures being served to him.]

Mia: I’m not feeling very loveable right now, Joe. [She leans away from him.] The whole fiance having a 2 yr old kid with another woman, just kinda dampened the mood. I think I want to go home. [She paused and thought for a moment, his home was her home.] Maybe I should stay at a motel or something tonight?

J Mont: You’re not staying alone tonight. I do not have a 2-year-old. We are going to leave together and talk about this and figure this out. I will get Chris Page on the phone and all this legal bullshit will be over before we know it. [J Mont reaches to grab his fiance’s hand so they can leave together.]

Mia: Don’t. [Was all she said as she pulled her hand away from him.] I don’t think I feel like being touched tonight. At. All.

J Mont: I guess you misunderstood me then. We are leaving together. No if, and or buts about it. You’re coming with me and we are going to talk about this.

Mia: I am? [She looked at him her face clearly asking him who in the fuck he thought he was.] I didn’t know you were my daddy… and even he doesn’t tell me what to do anymore.

J Mont: Well, you have called me DADDY before and I guess I’m gonna be daddy again. Mia, you are coming with me right now. We are leaving.

Mia: Oh yeah, we are leaving. [She picks her pocket book up and slings it over one of her shoulders.] But we’re damned sure not leaving together. [She pushes her way past him and starts heading to the door.]

J Mont: MIA!!!!!! Get your ass back here right now!

[Mia stops in her tracks and turns around and smiles at Joe as she raises her right hand and flips him off, before turning on her heels and heading back to the door. You can hear her voice even over the music.]

Mia: Fuck you, Joe.

J Mont: [J Mont raises his voice.] Fuck me? Fuck you and the pole you used to dance on.

[Mia looks back over her shoulder but doesn’t stop walking.]

Mia: How about you shove that pole up your ass?

J Mont: I already stuck my POLE up your ass numerous times. So try again.

[Just as J Mont finishes his last word, Mia is out the door and gone. J Mont swipes his arm across the table taking out a bottle and some glasses, leaving some small cuts on his arm. Obviously this whole court battle and finding out Mia is pregnant has really emotionally fucked him up.]

J Mont: Fuck. [He takes a deep breath.] I must really love that woman if she’s making me crazy. Isn’t that what my father always told me, Son, if she drives you crazy, she’s the one for you.

[He makes his way to the VIP Room door and looks to see if he can find the direction Mia went into, but she was gone. J Mont is so enraged right now that not even New York City’s Finest can hold him back if they are called upon. Pacing around the club like a mad man. Bumping into people, spilling drinks, talking to himself. But finally, he stops in front of an empty stage. He looks over to his right and grabs a bar stool. BATTER UP! J Mont smashes the bar stool off the corner of the stage. Pieces fly everywhere. Thank god no one was hurt but the poor bar stool.]

J Mont: Someone better go find Mia before things get even worse.

[From out of nowhere Miss Michelle appears. Probably the last person J Mont expected to see at this moment. She looks at J Mont with a look like “Calm the Fuck Down.”]

Miss Michelle: Jesus Christ Joe, is this what you do now? Something happens, doesn’t go your way so you destroy Voo’s property?

J Mont: I am being framed and no one gives a shit. Someone is out to ruin my relationship with Mia. And by the way, its a fuckin barstool. I already bought a bunch last time. I will just replace them again but that’s not important right now. I need to find Mia.

Miss Michelle: I don’t know what the issue is, but if Mia hasn’t learned to take things with a grain of salt around here then I don’t know what to tell you. Maybe you should smoke a blunt and relax before you run off after her and make an ass of yourself?

J Mont: I’m not saying anything until I call Page. But just know, when I find out who did this or is helping this woman out. THEY ARE DEAD. BURIED ALIVE. Just like in the movie Casino. Mark my words. [J Mont shakes his head at Miss Michelle. The look on his face was one like he expected more from her but it didn’t happen.] Have fun with Paul.

[J Mont walks away from Miss Michelle without even a goodbye or thank you. His heart is racing as fast as Jeff Gordon during the Daytona 500. J Mont doesnt know which direction to go in. So much on his mind currently. Right now would be a great time to stop, take a deep breathe and figure out just what the fuck is going on. But before he could do that, here comes Austin Ramsey. He could be one of the few people to calm down J Mont right now. But Austin is not coming alone. In his hands is that envelope with the paperwork and pictures.]

J Mont: Austin, I swear man. It’s not what it looks like. I am being set up.

Austin Ramsey: Hey man, calm down. I got your back. Are you good?

J Mont: I don’t know if you heard all the shit talking between me and Mia over this. But she left here crying, and I think she even broke up with me but i couldn’t tell. And she is pregnant with MY BABY…. I don’t know who this little girl is in this picture.

[Austin looks at the picture and back at J Mont.]

Austin Ramsey: Well shit. I didn’t hear much but this ain’t good bro. Before Mia you were kinda out there, but the real question is why is all this coming up now.

J Mont: I can’t believe you didn’t hear any of that. It got loud and nasty and not in the way how you like it with Toddy. But brother, my past is history. I’m a changed man. Yes, I did a lot of partying and was out of control before Mia. [J Mont grabs the papers out of Austin’s hands.] This is just total bull shit.

Austin Ramsey: Alright I heard it but I didn’t want you to think about what I heard. She’s hella pissed right now but I’ll get Toddy to smooth it over. We got you. Now let’s talk about these papers.

J Mont: [Finally takes a moment to clear his head and really look at the papers, when suddenly, his eyes light up in shock.] This BITCH…….there is no way her daughter is mine….it can’t be…..

Austin Ramsey: Well fuck, I told #16 not to accept envelopes from strangers. Is that blackmail? Cause the #Austins know how to make bodies disappear.

J Mont: Dumb ass Shaun let some woman who pretended to be fan in and she served me with the papers and pictures. Now I have to deal with all the bull shit and lies from Yanne Bisi. Yes she is a Brazilian model who has been down many runways and won many awards. But it was just a weekend in Miami about 3 years or so ago……well maybe a few more times…..but why now Austin?

Austin Ramsey: Cause you on top of the world. You got everything and she got nothing. Haters come out of the cracks when you are happy. That hoe doesn’t want you to be great. She also sees Mia living the life she feels like she should have. Why else would she wait for years? Bitter bum bump lip ass hoe. Fuck her.

[Austin’s face is red and his green eyes are dark. J Mont was like family and you don’t fuck with the few people all the Austin’s like.]

Austin Ramsey: Still you gotta see if there is any validity to this.

J Mont: I’m gonna get out of here brother before I do anymore damage to Voo’s Club. She is probably gonna ban me once she hears about all the words i called Mia, and the damaged stools. I’ll keep in touch brother.

Austin Ramsey: Alright brother. I meant what I said, whatever you need. I know that you know that. Hit me up.

[J Mont pats Austin on the shoulder and walks away. But, like when Austin came over, he is not alone. He has the paperwork and pictures in his hands. As he approaches the front door to leave, he stops and turns around. He examines all around the room. Still in shock that a night of fun was turned into HELL. And what a coincidence. The DEVIL Brandon Moore is next on tap for J Mont. He sees the broken bar stool, the broken glass on the floor, the people looking at him and talking to their partners. Once again, the world of J Mont is turned upside down. With that said, he gets ready to leave and sees Shaun at the front door.]

J Mont: I won’t forget what you did tonight. Payback’s a bitch, and you’re the bitch and I’m Payback.

[J Mont pushes his way by Shaun and is finally out of the Velvet Rabbit. And the first thing he does is grab his cell phone and you see the name CCPE PAGE appear. He holds the phone up to his ear as it starts to ring. Not too long after that, you can hear Chris Page on the other end.]

J Mont: Page, we got a problem.

Chris Page: Do we? What’s up?

[Chris asks with a hint of speculation within the tone of his voice.]

J Mont: Kinda had some drama tonight at the Rabbit. I guess you can say VooDoo will not be happy.

Chris Page: Jesus Christ, Joe. What did you do now?

J Mont: I was enjoying my night in the VIP with Mia alone. It was a great night until some well dressed blonde woman who I thought was a fan handed me an envelope after I signed what I thought was an autograph for her. She served me and Mia opened it up. It was papers about a 2 year old daughter I SUPPOSEDLY have from some fling in Miami 3 years ago.

Chris Page: I don’t see where there is a problem. I feel like there’s more to this story, especially if Voodoo isn’t going to be happy? Tell me everything that transpired so I can help navigate the waters. Don’t tell me you snapped, broke shit, and got tossed from the Rabbit.

J Mont: Well, truth be told. Once Mia read that, she got up and I tried to calm her down but we got into a verbal war. I can’t tell if we are together or not anymore. And the craziest part is, she wanted tonight to be special, because after she read the papers, she came out and announced she is pregnant with OUR child.

Chris Page: First question; I don’t usually dive into people’s personal affairs… but I know how much Mia means to you, I won’t tell you what to do here but I will start by asking if you and Mia were even together when this alleged child was conceived?

J Mont: Me and Mia have been planning to have a baby. We kept it under the radar because of all the assholes out there today.

Chris Page: Right, I get that… but the question is, how long have you and Mia been a couple?

J Mont: We have been together for like 6 months or so now but I know she is the one. I just don’t understand why this is happening now. I know she wants MONEY and that is why she served me. She is jealous because she sees me and Mia all over the spotlight.

Chris Page: By she I’m assuming the baby mama. So listen, here’s what I’m hearing, and I just want to make sure I have the facts straight. Mia finds out you “might” have a two year old daughter, you and Mia have been together for roughly six or so months, correct?

J Mont: Yeah.

Chris Page: Call me a prick but uh… what you did, or didn’t do before Mia has nothing to do with Mia. The facts are; you don’t even know if this child is even yours.

J Mont: I agree with you on that statement and I told her that. I even told her that the baby girl isn’t mine. She doesn’t look like me. But I think by me snapping the way I did really pushed her to the limits. The words got real heated and personal with us.

Chris Page: Joe, you’ve always been hot headed… It’s one of your downsides. I’m not only your agent, I’m your friend. I’ll always call it down the middle even if what I have to say isn’t the popular opinion.

J Mont: That is why I called you first before I did anything ELSE. Good or bad you hit me straight between the eyes.

Chris Page: What I first think needs to happen is a paternity test to determine that the child is yours. Best case scenario this is just some ring rat looking for a quick payday that you can cut off.

J Mont: I agree and wanted to see who you think is best suited to help me work this case.

Chris Page: I think we need to reach out to your attorney and file for a paternity test so we know what you’re dealing with.

J Mont: I can call David Krappisnschitz who handles all my stuff and cases.

Chris Page: Once we get those results we can figure out the next play on that front. When it comes to Mia, if you went overboard and lost your cool only you can fix that. I’d suggest maybe giving her some time to cool down before having the conversation as to why you got so upset about it. Hopefully by then if this test gets done you’ll have the answers and if it’s not yours that will immediately ease her mind.

J Mont: That was my plan. To just get to LA and focus on my match. But she is all over my mind. I will make sure David jumps right on this in the morning too. And there is one more thing I need to mention to you that I will need your help with and I will handle any costs that occur from the damage.

Chris Page: What’s that?

J Mont: I kind of cut my arm when I swung it across a table and broke a bunch of glasses and a bottle. But that’s not the worst part. I broke a stool off the side of the stage and it shattered everywhere.

Chris Page: Why the fuck didn’t you lead off with that?!?!

[Chris lets out a deep sigh.]

J Mont: Cause i love Mia and i really need to fix this. I snapped. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean anything by it.

Chris Page: Bro- Mia versus Property Damage? Listen, and I really do hope that I have your undivided attention because we’re about to be on what I call the “serious shit” level. You understand that we’re about to start negotiating your next contract within FIGHT, do you really think that it’s going to help me get you a better deal if you’re a public relations nightmare?

J Mont: That has truly crossed my mind and I let my emotions take over. I felt my life crumble right before my eyes and I let it get to me. I know I was wrong and I will admit that. I know I’m making things hard on you and I guess what I need to do is go beat Brandon Moore and win that title so FIGHT knows they have one of the best in the business as a title holder and they wouldn’t want to lose that.

Chris Page: Joe, you’re a grown ass man. It’s not about knowing that you are wrong, it’s about getting that anger and that attitude in check because this kind of nonsense is exactly what will make any federation of merit refuse to do business with you. You are responsible for your actions, and let’s not even get into the fact that this happened at Voo’s establishment! The same goddamn place that you practically salivate to be involved with, that’s how you treat it?

J Mont: I will send her a heartfelt apology in person and handle any damages out of my pocket. And Chris, with your help and guidance, maybe after Venom, I can sign up for some Anger Management classes to help show everyone I’m working on changing for the better. That will also show FIGHT i’m trying and serious about being a better person.

Chris Page: If you want my help in this situation, we do this my way. There isn’t another way, do you understand? Because you’re putting me in a really bad spot. This is exactly how this is going to play; first, contact the attorney, get the process rolling on the paternity test. The sooner this happens the better. Second, give Mia a little space because you lost your shit and if I was her I wouldn’t want to speak to you right now either. Third, you don’t have to worry about finding Anger Management classes because I’m going to handle that myself. Fourth, and for the LOVE OF GOD if you press me on this one I will walk… keep your goddamn nose clean. Not one slip up; you are costing yourself money. That’s unacceptable, but very correctable.

J Mont: I’m on board with you. We will do it your way. I will listen to what you have to say and call you before I do anything I feel is wrong or over the top.

Chris Page: You need to take a step back and really think about you. You can be your best friend or your own worst enemy. I’ll talk to Candice, I can’t guarantee anything because as you know she’s her own person who handles her own business.

J Mont: She is gonna be pissed at how i talked to Mia, i know that. She will be more pissed about then the bar stools. I heard her on the talk show. She told me I better never hurt Mia. And BAM! I did it.

Chris Page: I’ll tell you something that I once told Sebastian Bryce; it’s not how you lose, it’s how you handle the loss that matters. That can be used within any situation, including this one. You lost your shit; all you can do is own it, fix it, and ask for forgiveness. It’s either going to be accepted or it’s not.

J Mont: I’m on the same page as you with this Chris. I own the mistake I made, now we are gonna get it fixed and ask for the forgiveness everyone deserves. Whatever happens after that, I’m going to have to live with it. I love Mia, and I’m going to get her the space she deserves. I’m so happy she is pregnant but sad where I am right now with her.

Chris Page: You gotta learn how to conduct yourself. You’re not a child, acting like one doesn’t help your case. Let me know what the lawyer says as soon as you speak to him. I’ve just gotten to the Bahamas with Vaughn and Lux for some TPW business tonight, I’ll be free if you need to reach me. I got a busy weekend tonight, tomorrow in Reno but I’ll see you Monday for Fight.

J Mont: I appreciate you Chris and I’m sorry again. I’ll get together with my attorney tomo. I’m gonna take a drive to clear my head and then get ready to leave for LA. I got a Bareknuckle to win for me, my family and the CCPE.

Chris Page: Start getting yourself clocked in on Brandon Moore and that Bare Knuckles strap… the last thing you can afford to do is walk into this not fully checked in.

J Mont: I got this. Brandon is truly in for a rude awakening because I’m going to use all of this to make sure when this FIGHT is over, he not only loses his title to me, he doesn’t even get back up.

Chris Page: Hope so… Give me a shout when you hear something.

J Mont: Thanks again brother. Have a great night and I promise I’m staying out of trouble for now on.

Chris Page: Later.

[After hanging up the phone, J Mont makes his way towards his 2022 Mercedes Benz G Wagon. He opens the driver’s door and enters the vehicle. Right away, you can tell he is upset.]

J Mont: Now I gotta drive to a hotel or wherever while this vehicle smells of Mia.

[J Mont might have a heart after all. You can see a small tear come down the side of his right eye. He wipes it away and cannot believe this is all happening to him. Maybe Dane Preston was right all along.]


[What J Mont did to Dane and Allison almost ruined their marriage. Now fast forward and J Mont is in a situation, not like theirs but going through the hoops and issues. So much is at stake now. Is that little girl his daughter? Is Mia, who is pregnant, going to forgive J Mont? Are they even together anymore? Is J Mont allowed back in the Velvet Rabbit? So many questions but we cannot forget about one of the biggest questions right now.]

Can J Mont beat Brandon Moore AGAIN for the BAREKNUCKLE TITLE?

[It seems whenever there is DRAMA around J Mont with a title involved it never works in his favor. Defending the Manhattan title against Toddy, he had Allison all over his mind and one little slip up cost him that title. Then the Islands titles were lost thanks to Allison and her 57 yard field goal to the NUTS of J Mont. So, if you are a betting person, go to Vegas and bet on Brandon Moore because J Mont is fucked up in the head and his record in title matches like this in FIGHT is winless. But, WAIT! Brandon Moore is also in a situation of his own with his wife leaving and his best friend fucking her BRAINS out. May the best man WIN?]


[J Mont finally starts the G Wagon and he is on his way. Tired of hearing his thoughts, he turns on the radio with the bluetooth hooked up. Pandora is playing and the first song that comes on is Unbreak my heart by Toni Braxton. J Mont switches off the R n B channel and selects Hip Hop. The break up song by Wale starts. J Mont cannot believe the bad luck in songs right now.]

J Mont: Damn it……let me guess.. What’s next….. A Justin Bieber song?

[Lonely by Justin Bieber plays…..]

J Mont: How the fuck is this a rap song. How much worse can this night get?


[The sound was loud and the G Wagon started to veer to the right. J Mont gets control of the vehicle but can feel one of the tires is flat. He puts on his flashers and puts the vehicle in park. He gets out and doesn’t see anything till he walks around. The passenger side front tire is flat and the rim is bent.]

J Mont: Smite me O mighty smiter.

[J Mont kicks the side of the G Wagon and can’t do anything but take out his phone again. He is sending out a text message to an unknown person at this time.]

35 Minutes Later

[You see a stretch black Bentley Limo pull up. What else would you expect from J Mont? The driver’s door opens and HE IS BACK!]

J Mont: Of all the people in NY to pick me up, it’s YOU!

Shaquille Oatmeal: The one and only. No wife tonight?

J Mont: You going to open the back door for me?

Shaquille Oatmeal: You are truly the definition of a total ASSHOLE!

J Mont: And back in the day when your mom dropped you off at school, she got a fine for littering.

Shaquille Oatmeal: Just get in the limo already.

J Mont: I’ll have to leave you a good tip so you can pay your mother back for all those fines she got because of you.

[J Mont finally gets into the back of the limo and Shaquille slams the door shut. J Mont can hear the driver’s door finally closing. He pushes the button so the window in the front closes and Shaquille cannot see him.]

J Mont: Finally, some peace and quiet for a minute. I just need to try to FOCUS for a minute but it’s hard. Mia is god knows where. I hope Vhodka finds her and calms her down. I think it was best that i didn’t go home tonight because of the heated battle we just had but damn it i need to be there for her too. She is pregnant with my baby but she told me to leave her alone and it’s over. I’m so confused about what to do right now. I know Page told me he was gonna handle it in the morning with the lawyers and see what we can get resolved but I don’t wanna lose Mia. But at the same time, she needs her space.


J Mont: It’s going to hurt but I think it’s best if I let her be here in NY for a few days while I head to Los Angeles for this big grudge match I have. Vhodka will be a lifesaver if she can calm down Mia and talk to her. Maybe a few days away from me, she will think about things and wanna talk. And I can come back from Venom to see her with the Bareknuckle Title and show her that we can overcome anything. Who the fuck really knows, but there is one thing that is certain. One person I really feel bad for right now.


J Mont: You know B. There was a time that we were cool, collected and united. But you got jealous and from there, things were never the same. You wanted to be in my shoes so bad back in the day. I was at the top of the mountain and everytime you got close, I knocked you down. But I saw a lot of potential in you and when I decided to keep FOCUS going, I brought you in. But after a while, you just couldn’t stand being in my shadow and decided to go your separate ways. I’m sorry that you couldn’t hold my jock strap back then. I even gave you a chance to take the reins when I walked away from wrestling but you couldn’t even do that. Damon Riggs and others got in your way. It’s OK Brandon. I give you an “A” for effort but that’s about the only good mark you will get. You failed at everything else. You had 2 chances versus me to prove to the world you could knock down the TWIZTED one. Fail 1, Fail 2…and Fail 3 was when you couldn’t hack it in Focus…i know the past is the past and everyone loves to talk about it. I just wanted to remind you that you are stepping into the ring with a man that knows how to beat you and deal with you.


J Mont: Enough about the past Brandon. We all know I was the man back then and I ran circles around you. Let’s FOCUS on the NOW and what’s going on. And I can already see the shit you’re going to spew out at me. That’s if i can understand any of the blah, blah, blah, blah you speak of me. You’re going to bring up the OPW and how you wasted your time in FOCUS there but in reality, you were only in the group thanks to Michelle begging me to have you in. Then you’re gonna brag about winning those Tag War Tournaments but everyone knows Paul carried you. Wrecked and Worthless. You are surely the Worthless one. And if you wanna bring up Tag Wars, what happened when Toxic Tag was brought to Fight NYC? Shake your head so that one peanut in your brain can function for a minute and remind you that myself and Preston beat you and Warstein. So actually, that’s 3 times I beat you now.


J Mont: And you want to feel another strikeout? No Problem.

Strike 1: Your best friend Paul fucked your wife doggy style.

Strike 2: Your wife left you.

Strike 3: I stand tall over you holding the Bareknuckle title.

J Mont: Just gonna add another title to the collection I started here in FIGHT. Manhattan, Islands, Queens and next the Bareknuckle.

[The movie Bare Knuckle Brawler just ran across the mind of J Mont. The quote that stands out from that movie is “When all that’s left is revenge, there are no rules.”]

J Mont: And I have revenge on my mind Brandon. You may have had something to do with me getting served to fuck with my mind, but i don’t think you are smart enough to go back 3 years and do the research. But now you’re going to pay for that. And I’m going to leave a TIP for you too.

TIP: Amazon is hiring drivers right now and they have full medical benefits and 401k. Also paid vacations and double pay for holidays.

J Mont: I can get you the hook up because when I’m done with you, you are going to realize that it’s time to hang it up and get a real 9 to 5 job. And that’s ok. You need to do something because Michelle is going to take your head off with alimony and child support.

[Just then, J Mont starts to think about his situation. He’s not married but a baby is on the way and it could get costly.]

J Mont: Maybe it could happen to me too, Brandon, but the difference is, I can see myself and Mia working things out once we let things cool down. You on the other hand had to latch on to my good friend Druscilla. Now, I’m not going to question Dru on her decisions and I may not like it, but she’s a grown woman. She can do what she wants. But if you hurt her, i can promise you that i will find you at a gas station pumping gas into the Amazon truck wearing their name brand attire. I will take the gas nozzle and hit you on the side of the head then shove it so far up your ass that you will never be empty again. Try me Brandon. I dare you.


J Mont: We can play games B, but the problem with that is I’m the best at it. I’m a Game Changer! I know how to play games better than anyone and I already know I’m in your head. Living rent free of course. You can come try to collect rent, but it’s going to cost you your title when you do. Thanks for playing. Game Over. J Mont Wins. I can see the headlines for FIGHT NYC the next day. MOORE GOLD FOR J MONT. Pretty catchy isn’t it? And if you’re smart enough to realize it, your name was used as a backhanded insult and once again to prove you’re stuck in my shadow.

KAGE means Shadow- learn your Japanese

J Mont: Right there proves I’m going to outsmart you. And what’s that game show? Are you smarter than a 5th grader? You’re not Brandon. You can use all the big words you want when you try to speak about me, but that doesn’t prove anything. Anyone can open up a dictionary and learn words. As a matter of fact, I got a game we can play. Have you ever heard of Scrabble? I’m sure you have.

Brandon’s Letters: J N T N S M O W I

J Mont’s Letters: M R E W N O O D O


Brandon’s Letters= J M O N T W I N S

J Mont’s Letters= M O O R E D O W N

J Mont: You just need to give up B. Any letter, word, punch, kick, weapon, insult you throw at me will not be enough to stop this train. CHOO CHOO. The J MONT EXPRESS is back on track and you’re standing on the tracks about to get run over. As a matter of fact, it kinda reminds me of another image. Of course I’ll be Ray Lewis, all pro, hall of fame linebacker. And you can be little Maurice Jones Drew, a small running back who did ok. The comparisons make sense too. But, to get back on track. Here is a highlight I want you to think about and remember. Jones Drew up the middle and BAM! Lewis hits him head on and Drew drops back 3 yards for a loss and doesn’t get up. That’s gonna be you when you come at me Brandon. Click, Clack, Pow, Moore is down.

[Thinking about being down, J Mont starts to think about Mia again and gets out his phone. He makes the attempt to call her but it goes right to voicemail.]

J Mont: All i can do right now is take all this rage out on Brandon and get myself a new title. After I win that title in LA, I’m going to party with the Rams and Cooper Kupp. We are the champions my friends. Remember when the Mighty Ducks were sitting around the campfire singing that song Brandon? Well that is going to be myself and the LA Rams at a nightclub in LA in the VIP singing that song while you fly back to NY gold less and wife less.

[J Mont must have been in the zone because the back door opens up and there stands Shaquille Oatmeal.]

Shaquille Oatmeal: We have arrived sir.

[J Mont gets out of the vehicle and he sees his private jet on the runway.]

J Mont: Damn, you got to the Teterboro Airport that fast?

Shaquille Oatmeal: When you got a size 22 shoe holding down the gas pedal and a EZ PASS, nothing gets in the way.

J Mont: And let me guess, you’re the pilot again too?

Shaquille Oatmeal: I’m doing it all tonight. This is a very expensive night for you. Do you have any bags?

J Mont: I just came straight from a strip club where my fiance walked out on me and I got served papers. What do you think?

Shaquille Oatmeal: That you’re not gonna be flying private jets or driving Bentleys anymore with these women after you.

J Mont: Just get me on this fuckin plane before you join Brandon looking for a job with Amazon.

[Shaquille leads the way towards the private jet of J Mont’s. He is the first one up the stairs leading to the private jet. J Mont is not far behind but he stops at the top before entering the plane. He looks up at the sky……….]

J Mont: I’m coming home soon Mia. I hope we can work through all this shit that someone started. And I’m not coming alone. I’m bringing back that title for US and getting this woman out of our lives.

[J Mont slaps the side of the jet as he enters. The doors start to close as you hear the engine starting up. J Mont is flying solo to LA this time but he is coming back with a guest and it’s called the BareKnuckle Championship.]